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  1. I need next 2 episodes so bad haha. My next crack drama is this after last year Liar& his lover and Go Back couple. I dont mind 12 episodes. It means no unnecessary dramas. I love this couple and i could actually root for them in real life.
  2. This is what i call lips locked. And with 2 people wanting each other and kissing. That feeling is missing out of many dramas lately. I totally rooting for Yoo Seung Ho& Chae Soo Bin. They totally compliment each other.
  3. [Drama 2017] Andante, 안단테

    i just watched this drama. I love it. Only there were some kisses. Kai definitely got better in acting. Jin Kyung is so beautiful and she is pretty good in acting. Looks beautiful and suitable for melodrama.
  4. OMG> just watched episode 13.14. Yoo Seung Ho's acting is daebak. I always tell he is made for melodrama. he is killing it. When camera zoom in, he is so handsome. We are lucky he has already finished the army and we are just starting to be spoiled forever with his amazing dramas& roles. Lucky us. Chae Soo Bin is a beautiful and amazing too. Hope he wins awards.
  5. Totally fan girling over Yoo Seung Ho here. He is so dreamy and handsome.
  6. Poor Young In and Hae Sung. Also poor Jung Won. How is she gonna cope after losing her loved one twice in a lifetime?
  7. it is just becoz they have big age gap and people would say bad about Jung Won if she likes the kisses too much. Writer is just being careful. JJW even said that he is her bf, back off to Soo Ji.
  8. happily waiting for today's episode. Reactions after the kiss is so funny like they got drunk from their very first kiss.
  9. OMG. kiss, dating and i am over the moon. Hope next kiss is close shot.
  10. so glad u enjoyed. as mom of 3, i loved this drama dearly.
  11. MJ seems nice guy and i'd root for this kind of second lead any day. Only that problem is Jung Won and Hae Sung's love for each other feels like one in million. She could feel safe and comforted with MJ but will never feel what she has with HS. That is why i am not really in second lead ship even HS disappears.
  12. Their friendship is amazing. Also i am liking something going on between Young In and Tae Hoon.
  13. teasing a kiss twice in a episode? They look so cute and lovely together. Seems she is completely in love with Hae Sung and good bye to love triangle. Only worry is that if Hae Sung leaves, can she be at peace?
  14. aww cuties. Hope we get a kiss tomorrow haha