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  1. Bts of kiss scene is fun and cute. It looks she was comfortable with it. Drama is getting interesting.
  2. I think that early departure from WGM would be they confirmed their feelings and started dating. So no need to stay on WGM since they finished all WGM couple can do for a year in just 6 months.
  3. I felt many instances that Ondal's words felt like Jong Hyun in WGM.
  4. Interesting episode so far, is she gonna be the queen when real Lee Sun comes back to the throne?
  5. Hi chingu. I have been absent from all the politics but been watching it. Now it is getting interesting. Still watching The Liar and his lover whenever i miss it.
  6. Missing Lee Hyun Woo and Joy.
  7. I didnt catch this drama while it was airing just becoz i thought it might be boring becoz it is about old people and since my beloved Jo In Sung is just a cameo. It proves me wrong. This drama is amazing. I fell in love with this drama and story. Reminded me how Jo In Sung is so great and why he is my top korean actor since What happened in bali. Go Hyun Jung is amazing as usual. I loved this couple in Spring days too. Happy for their reunion. Wish i watched it during its run and spazzed here.
  8. Kiss scene is so beautiful even she didnt open her lips. Given Kim So Hyun's age, i am satisfied, very much suitable for saguek. I loved that reaching their forehead and embracing and finally kissing.
  9. All their interactions resemble their WGM life so much... Jong Hyun giving flowers, getting jealous while rubbing her ear and sometimes he says in his WGM married tone... I feel like this is their WGM life is continuing in saguek clothes kk. It really feels like they have kissed many times. Usually when drama couple kiss for the first time, first reach is always awkward and position looks funny. But their lips locked just like puzzle pieces. She didnt even have many kisses in other dramas but having deep kisses here speaks volume about her feeling for Lee Jong Hyun i think.
  10. Song Su Jeong and Sam Young friendship is so cute too...
  11. Ok finished. Their kisses feels like they have practiced hundreds time. Like you know how to kiss your lover and your lips knows what do to. Is Jong Hyun's 2nd sister's wedding? Aww sisters are married and having kids, yet Jong Hyun is still single or dating secretly i hope.
  12. Where can i get GongLee2 under my avatar picture?