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  1. happily waiting for today's episode. Reactions after the kiss is so funny like they got drunk from their very first kiss.
  2. OMG. kiss, dating and i am over the moon. Hope next kiss is close shot.
  3. so glad u enjoyed. as mom of 3, i loved this drama dearly.
  4. MJ seems nice guy and i'd root for this kind of second lead any day. Only that problem is Jung Won and Hae Sung's love for each other feels like one in million. She could feel safe and comforted with MJ but will never feel what she has with HS. That is why i am not really in second lead ship even HS disappears.
  5. Their friendship is amazing. Also i am liking something going on between Young In and Tae Hoon.
  6. teasing a kiss twice in a episode? They look so cute and lovely together. Seems she is completely in love with Hae Sung and good bye to love triangle. Only worry is that if Hae Sung leaves, can she be at peace?
  7. I am a shipper. Hope they kiss today. Hope Hae Sung doesnt go back ever.
  8. Hello. I have been watching. But School 2017 sucks. Boring story line, boring characters, no proper love line and even Eun Ho's cheerfulness isnt saving this drama. X has lost its charm. I am only interested in what is gonna happen with Dae Hwi and if he is gonna get the girl somehow.
  9. My favorite couple of all time. I am totally rest assured becoz of their locked lips on My only love song. They are kisses of lovers not actors for me.
  10. @shanzay01 r u Ahn Jae Hyun fan? I loved his romance with Hye Ji in Cinderella 4 Knights. Only interesting thing that was interesting was their relationship.
  11. me too. still miss The Liar&his lover though. the drama is good too. giving so many feels.
  12. Just watched the episode. Romance is still not full on. We learnt Haechul has a daughter, and Haesung's another sister works at department store i think.
  13. i am loving this drama. Every drama doesnt have to be suspenseful, mysteries and comedic etc... I actually dont like over done comedies in serious drama like Goblin. All those dramas with murder suspense lost me half way: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon & Suspicious partner. Why do u think 31 years old woman is an ajumma? Ajumma means a woman who had a baby right? Love has no age boundary. i think romance part is coming. I love this drama becoz drama has little heart, little comedy and little romance and amazing friendship.