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  1. Joy's waiting for you will be released today 6 pm. Aww. This hug looks so tender.
  2. Doesnt Yeo Jin Goo have his own soompi forum?
  3. Hello. Here to say that Yoo Seung Ho is one of fav actor. Enjoying Lee Hyun Woo and Joy, next is Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun. 2017 is great year with fav actors coming to dramaland.
  4. Episode 12 recap with 605+ comments http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/04/the-liar-and-his-lover-episode-12/
  5. Long trailer of The Liar and his lover. felt like i watched earlier episodes in short time.
  6. how i wish. They should complete the romance they started and built throughout the drama.
  7. @mimi9899 awww. hope we get a kiss. It is long overdue, already episode 13.
  8. Ouch what is this? Dont tell me HK sees their hug...picture is here, him looking with tears. http://post.phinf.naver.net/MjAxNzA0MjhfNTUg/MDAxNDkzMzY0Nzk0ODky.2rt8yYh8pjzx0XbimqPS37OyLFwrgitQMB8QwAgM0uIg.IT8k2PYOWoFq1jdbjoIbT-tUhKdOFx9WIGSvM2Z2oe8g.JPEG/image_3048823391493364607206.jpg?type=w1200
  9. Daily dose of Lee Hyun Woo
  10. I hate open endings. Yes better solve all problems and three kisses please. At least 1 deep and 1 light kiss would be fine.