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  1. I'm Russian Korean and I read Russian recaps of Come and hug me and recaper always found beautiful details like this one: Literally angel with wings-NaMu.... Spectacular job by director and operator. That last caption where Na Mu and his reflections in the mirror walls-breathtakingly beautiful and terrifying. I think he dressed in black bcs he went to the cemetery hall where ashes of Nak Won parents are kept.
  2. In the end he said that for Nak Won he'll become the monster :(. NOOO NAMU-YAAAA!!
  3. @supergal99 Hyun Moo said that Namu is right-Father never cared abt them but this Ajumma cared abt them, thinking abt them for 12 years. Father is a piece of richard simmons said that he sent them together in that case T__T
  4. When Na Mu went down this hall all that I can say-Moshitta! He is so cool! And musowooo-He scared richard simmons out of me T__T This family breakfast scene broke my heart to 1000 pieces T__T
  5. Namu is off the rails now T___T. But Ki Yong-aaaaa? Why so handsome???? I cried so much today. I knew ajossi will die for sure but sooo saaad and Ki Yong is superb in acting. As all actors and actresses~!
  6. I really like when we jumped in crazy conclusions and then show gives us flashback that makes sense~! But seriously only 2 guards? And this crazy biNch
  7. I think this psycho looking woman is a delusional fan of him... Mb she gave him clothes and money oO
  8. OMG Korea really is the safest country in the world oO How he managed to escape???
  9. Her brother :(. He has his reasons and I partly understands him but.... Don't tell me this woman is a fan of the father? She's in love with him???
  10. NW: This is my boyfriend I'm DEAD! My cute puppies! My little boy quickly start to enjoy kisses xDD
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