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  1. here text liverecaps https://www.bah-doo.com/radio-romance-live-recap-episode-7/ clips ep7-8
  2. Love × Doc Details: Movie: Love × Doc Romaji: Rabu×Dokku Japanese: ラブ×ドック Director and Writer: Osamu Suzuki Producer: Masako Yamada Cinematographer: Release Date: May 11, 2018 Runtime: 113 min. Distributor: Asmik Ace Entertainment Plot Asuka Godais a 40-year-old pastry chef who runs a sweets store. She works with pastry chef Seiya Hanada, who is younger than her, and Kenichi Gonda, who wants to become a pastry chef. One day, Seiya Hanada confesses to Asuka Goda about his feelings for her. Her situation brings back bad memories to what happened 5 years earlier. At that time, Asuka Goda was in an affair with store owner Junji Awai and also in a relationship with gym trainer Shunsuke Nomura. Asuka Goda decides to go to mysterious "Clinic Love Doc." The clinic lets people know everything about love with a gene test. Notes Filming begins April, 2017. Cast: Yo Yoshida Shuhei Nomura Kayoko Okubo source: asianwiki teaser: