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  1. I think one reason she keeps her distance from Ethan is of course he is a single guy and probably trying hard not to get too passionate during kissing scene to avoid jealousy lol jk. Also he is freaking hot.
  2. Well if Fuyao is not going to give it her all, like I say let me teach her and let me kiss Wuji ...I will volunteer
  3. It is Monday tomorrow peeps! I cannot wait to see the next episode. How did everyone hold up during the weekend?
  4. I hope so because I am ready to set this one as my ring tone.
  5. Can someone please please help me find this background music!
  6. Okay I lied. Couldn't stay away. My thoughts on episode 39
  7. I am about to do that too. Of ya'll I think I am leaving until Thursday. I will be back and binge watch everything on Thursday night. So for now time to go workout. Cannot be looking like this if Fuyao and Wuji look that good.
  8. I am not even a actress and if he come on to me you bet we will get those kiss in action and who knows what will happen ahhahashhahahahahaha Le Let me teach Fuyao how to kiss Wuji lol I can be her mentor and she can just watch hahahaha
  9. I don't need to catch their attention. All I want is to be the staff around them and especially be the person to feed him water hahahahaha.
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