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  1. I'm actually kind of disappointed about the romance that ensues between LDI and JYW. I was hoping she would see detective Park on a different light...but after that hug and LDI brushing her hair off her face I guess not :/ It's a different drama so it would be interesting for that to happen. Kind of sick and tired of the second lead syndrome to be honest hahaha Anyway, I can't wait for next week!!! It's amazing me that the dramas that I'm into this year are actually the ones that are achieving lower rating back at Korea (Are you human too, Risky Romance....)
  2. Hey guys! I'm a bit behind on this drama since I only started watching it this week. I'm on episode 3 (or 5) and something I found interesting. Da-Il was able to touch Yeo-Wool's sister hearing aid and when Yeo-Wool used it (because she could only hear the pitching sound) she started to hallucinate (due to the woman in red). I'm guessing her sister didn't use the hearing aid not because she was ashamed but because every time she used it she would ear/hallucinate as well. That's why, after she was caught and threatened by her manager she wore it at work, what ultimately led to her death. My question is: why the hearing aid? Why can Da-Il touch it? Was it because it was the vehicle that enabled the woman in red to cause hallucinations to the girl? I don't know if this was discussed before in the thread, sorry :/ EDIT: Nevermind. I'm starting the second part hahahaha
  3. Omg! Loving her will end up killing him! Whyyyyyyyyy do I always like dramas that tear up my heart? XD He's suffering all my himself: hiding his disease and SeRa's secret
  4. Episode 3 (5 and 6... I don't understand why they split one episode into two xD) was soooo good! Yoon-Ah definitely has something to do with Ra-Yeon's death and with that guy that murdered Eun-Young. Well, supposedly, because there isn't a body and they have yet to confirm the blood was hers. It could be that other girl that was attacked by him. Also, we have to remember, Eun-Young answered the door to a woman wearing a white dress and hat - probably Yoon-Ah. But that preview completely threw me off: This drama is going pretty well. It's intriguing and makes you hooked. But I hope with all these twists and turns the explanation towards the end makes sense, instead of becoming those dramas that wrap up everything in a hurry without making much logic.
  5. I've just watched the last episode. I have to say: I've been pleasantly surprised by this drama in every new episode. At first, I thought by the name and synopsis that this would be a silly story but because of the great cast, I was curious. This drama has so many layers. You could be laughing silly in one scene and in the next shedding a tear from sadness. After "Are you human too" I was wondering what drama I should be watching next. I guess I found one of them (along with Horribly Lovely") P.S. from the looks of the preview Cha Jae Hwan is going to change for the worst. You can tell by the hair makeover (in K-dramas they always change the hairstyle when they go dark XD)
  6. Hi everyone! First time posting here :) I don't understand how did Phillip carry that amulet for so many years and yet failed to make the connection between it and Eul-Soon. I mean her friggin name was written there XD
  7. Not gonna lie. For a minute there I thought NS and SB were going to kick it Anyway, just like some of you, I felt the ending was a bit rushed. At least one more episode was needed to tie some loose ends. - I don't understand how come Seo's sidekick wasn't in jail as well. - How did David fix NS3/NS3 2.0 (have no idea if it was an upgrade, granted he mentioned that NS spent some resources trying to retrieve NS3, so it makes sense that even though he is intelligent, he isn't a genius like Dr. Oh thus the loss of some of NS3 capabilities) - Did the "Three Musketeers" (David, NS, and YH - yes they have become a singles men squad ) were all in on it regarding NS3 repairing during that all year? (bastards letting SB suffer) - And that open ending----> how/why/when did he start to cry? Did David install like a fluids system in NS3 that triggered by a certain emotion/collection of data processed he produced tears? (remember when Dr. Oh died he wished terribly that he was able to cry). Overall, I did enjoy this drama. Okay, let me say it: I LOVED IT! The acting SKJ (NS/NS3) and KSY (SB) were brilliant. Actually, there wasn't a single actor that I felt could be replaced. All amazing!!! I take my hat off for the production crew: CGI, the soundtrack, the locations were they shot. And some of the scenes were just beautiful to watch (that back hug in the snow everyone??? Oh it melted me!). I'm eager to see future works from our couple! Specially KSY It was a great ride, everyone! Bumpy but super worth it Enjoyed all of your comments/jokes/opinions and specially the recaps (damn lagging internet connection) ! Thanks so much and hope to mingle in another drama thread! Btw, any suggestions? Kiss kiss from Portugal!!!
  8. First?!?!?!? Does that mean there will be more dying? Somebody hold me EDIT: sorry @bebebisous33 and thank you for editing my post!
  9. Honestly at this point I'm hoping this NS3 creation was all a NS dream. A battle between who he was and who he was supposed to be. And he wakes up redeems himself from his past behaviour, reconciles with Dr. Oh and meets SB again
  10. Me at the end of the episode: And then I watched the preview, with NS holding the kill switch
  11. This plot is getting so dark and twisted that my happy ending sucker self would be eager for an happy resolve so I would probably take that ending gladly (after a period of time venting haha).
  12. Side note: I just hope this twist and turns won't end being just a dream from NS while in a coma from an accident of sorts there will be riot ! On another side note: we won't have a second lead syndrome from Seo Kang Joon in this drama
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