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  1. One more review for ep.3 & 4 NOT REALLY JUST A ONE-NIGHT STAND AFTER ALL… April 25, 2017 Cinderella left her glass slipper while Yoo Mi left her boob pads. I’m utterly charmed by My Secret Romance, its OTP, and Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun. I don’t care how cheesy or been there-done that the plot is, the main point is how the characters are being written, and how the actors are portraying their parts. What attracts me most of the drama is the lovely, emotional nuances that punctuate the critical moments. The shift of mood and emotion in those split seconds really get me and heightens my appreciation for this cute little drama. That, and the fact that Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun are full-on entertaining and beguiling, and simmering with physical awareness despite the idealistic, campy loveline. I’ll try my best to review the episodes every week, depending on my real-life commitments…reality bites!!! Anyone else squealed or melted at the fact that Jin Wook was infuriated and wounded that Yoo Mi ran away that morning after three years ago because she thought all that was between them was “just a one-night stand’’? I love how outraged and disturbed he was because he obviously slept with her hoping for the start of something deeper and well, more long-term. I liked how that insight was revealed through how Jin Wook was so crestfallen at Yoo Mi’s confession that he was nothing to her other than a fling. To me, that was the single, biggest moment of this week’s episodes. But let’s chat about the hilarity. It all started with the big reveal of Jin Wook’s identity… only for Yoo Mi to blink in horror, feign ignorance, and pretend that she does NOT recognise Jin Wook. I genuinely cracked up at that, more so because of Song Ji Eun’s guileless play of expressions across her face, and the abrupt manner she tore out of Jin Wook’s office. Jin Wook is so stunned and confused by her reaction that he wonders out loud whether his face has no “impact” – meaning it is so unmemorable that Yoo Mi can’t recall him. HA. When they bump into each other later and he asks her to get into the car, she blurts out indignantly that she isn’t that sort of woman who would just get into a car of a man she doesn’t know. That is the height of irony since she DID have have a roll in the hay – in her case, front seat of car on beach – in his car and at that point, they were little more than strangers. Jin Wook too snorts at the incredulity of her words. So we know that Yoo Mi hiccups when she is lying, or when Jin Wook is within heart-racing proximity to her. She is extremely comfortable with Hyun Tae, who was Yoo Mi’s high school friend who defended her when she was being bullied in school because of the nature of her mother’s job. Jin Wook looks as if he has figured out when and why she gets the hiccups. Anyway, Jin Wook is a scream too himself, trying various ways to “jolt” her memory by driving past her in his white convertible, displaying pictures of the hotel bathroom where she “fainted”, and beckoning her with a bottle of wine. He attempts to return her the money he owes her from three years back and ends up being in kissable space… damn the effortlessly chemistry between Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun…but he isn’t in the mood for romance, railing that he doesn’t trust her one bit, thus doesn’t trust the meals she prepare for him. Jin Wook goes on with his juvenile ways until Yoo Mi flares up at him in frustration. He finally asks the burning question: why did she leave without a word that day three years ago? Yoo Mi is flustered and snaps at him, wondering why he is so curious about that. But the camera pans back to Jin Wook and we see it is more than curiosity – he is needs to know why she left him high and dry. The vulnerability in his eyes crushes me and I think besides his mother, Yoo Mi is the only other person that makes him second-guess himself, his self-worth. Yoo Mi obviously has affected him beyond the pure physical. Yoo Mi answers that what happened between them was purely a one-night stand – inferring that nothing special happened between them. She is obviously lying, but Jin Wook is too bewildered and hurt to see her true feelings. Yoo Mi narrates forlornly that she was frightened because she had never such a thing before and it was her first time. She thought she could forget about it… but keeps feeling worried. Poor Jin Wook looks as if he is waiting for her to take back her words… and declare that night meant something to her…like it certainly did to him. But Yoo Mi walks off, leaving him staggered, not knowing how to respond. When she is alone, Yoo Mi collapses, admitting to herself that she hasn’t completely wiped him off her mind and heart.
  2. I am curious as well......I have some points in mind which i would like to point out. 1.Why did the writer did not show any events relating to Yu Mi in the past 3 years? 2. Its mom's 3rd marriage, is it not? when she did not go for a child in her second marriage, did she plan one with that ahjusshi in third marriage? 3.will Yumi's mom be fertile enough at that old age to give birth? 4. When the cutie dong goo answered the phone of CJW when yu mi came out from bathroom, he told the word "omma". It may be the only word he talks but so far, we have not seen him call YM's mom "omma". 5. If it is really YM's son, is she so smart enough to hide the fact/expressions that he is her son? So, i also have a doubt if that little cutie is LYM-CJW baby.
  3. OMG, anybody interested, the episode 4 is live streaming now on YOUTUBE just now. the link i dont know what happening but how come its live streaming now with the chinese subtitles?
  4. @bebebisous33 Appreciate the tagging & as always i enjoy reading your insights. Finished reading all the posts after a very busy week-end. Glad this cute rom-com caught so many soompiers here. I have not watched ep.3 with subs yet, but could interpret what was happening. I like CJW character since its refreshing to see the male lead kinda different from the usual ones. Even though the story looks like a cliche, something is different that it attracts you to it. as @MiAmour still no sign of the ratings from the OCN's side too. some posts from the blog i read. SINGING THE SAME TUNE April 25, 2017 My Secret Romance is my new crack since it makes me laugh and smile every other moment. Anyway, we have the BTS video of the duet, Same, between Song Ji Eun and Sung Hoon, and their comfy, engaging rapport echoes that of their onscreen characters. After watching the clip, I’m mystified as to why Sung Hoon sounds like a mouse in the real MV when his volume and resonance were perfectly audible during the recording. Anyway, I enjoyed Episode 3 so much and I can’t wait for Episode 4. KNIGHT IN BLUISH ARMOUR April 22, 2017 Song Ji Eun tripped and stumbled out of her sky-high heels during the press conference of My Secret Romance, and Sung Hoon caught her with swift calmness. He showed his gentlemanly side when he immediately stepped in front of her, shielding from the audience proper so that she could slip her shoe back on without having all eyes on her. It was such a sweet, swoony gesture… they are just so cute and adorable together.
  5. I think he is giving her back the gas money, "as promised". if you see the extended 6-min preview, he is pissed with her answer. OMO, she hurt his male pride more with her answer, really looking forward to ep. 3. also, can anybody make sense of the epilogues in both the episodes. They show 2 diff. circumstances in a epilogue and i dont understand as i am not quick witted. maybe @bebebisous33 help me. thank you in advance.
  6. I just posted the above analysis from a usual blog i read everyday. I like all posts in her blog. Trying visiting her blog, if you have time. She has posted another one on the ost "same" of this cute drama. How adorable is the fact that the first OST released for My Secret Romance, named Same, is a duet between Song Ji Eun and Sung Hoon. I can barely hear Sung Hoon, who seems to be straddling between whispering and murmuring throughout the song. Anyway, the lyrics are fluffy cute, and the way I see it, those feelings between Yoo Mi and Jin Wook are totally the same three years later… but hotter maybe? Heh. Let’s hope so!
  7. I am really looking forward to this drama for PHJ after the failure of his Yoo Jung character towards the end of the y-k-w series. I saw the trailer in the overseas location and was quite impressed and his caucasian girl friend was really pretty. I liked PSW in Remember-war of son with YSH. I expect a good bromance between these two. After massive ratings for SWDBS, hope MxM also continue to air with huge ratings. fighting!!!!!
  8. Annyeong everyone, now we are having more soompiers in this drama thread. Another analysis from the so far episodes. EMBRACING THE SWEET + SEXY SECRET ROMANCE… April 18, 2017 I watched the first two episodes of My Secret Romance back-to-back…and I love it!!!It’s amazing what great chemistry can make up for and I’ll share four moments in the hasty-but-sexy tumble-in-the-car scene that won my heart instantly. The drama is refreshingly unpolished, cheesy but well-done cheesy, peppered with lovely, swoony moments of sincerity and vulnerablility. Even a little slapstick humour can’t and won’t deter me from this cute, charming little gem. Sung Hoon I always never minded, but I really like Song Ji Eun. There’s a sweet, spunky, relatable warmth to her that reminds me of Kim Ji Won. I find her watchable and she has an effortless, easy rapport with Sung Hoon. I like this newbie gal. Check this drama out if you are yearning for somethin’ fluffy yet enjoyable. Before I go on about what I absolutely adored about the car scene, I would like to say I already like the two lead characters : Jin Wook and Yoo Mi. Jin Wook isn’t your predictable standard, uncaring richard simmons chaebol heir who forces his way with the female lead. Yoo Mi isn’t your usual annoying, starched Candy Girl who jumps a mile into the sky and gets affronted by the tiniest of touch by the male lead. The OTP is spontaneous, wonderfully hot-blooded and plain likeable. Both have touchy parental issues, but there is a unfiltered openess about the way they interact that I really appreciate. So the OTP meet under cheesy circumstances and comical disaster strikes each time they meet. Somehow, they end up stranded on the beach with a bottle of wine and a really convenient convertible. Car is out of gas so they can’t head back. Yoo Mi grumpily muses nothing ever goes right for her no matter how hard she tries and confesses she was bizarrely touched and even cried when Jin Wook asked whether she was all right. Jin Wook, on the other hand, is fascinated by her artless honesty and admits that it isn’t the first time he has made a girl cry, but it is the first time he has asked a girl whether she was all right. Also, it is the first time he has thought a total stranger pretty before. Rattled by his directness and growing interest in her, Yoo Mi tries to escape and slips. Jin Wook catches her in time and swoops in to kiss her with a knowing grin… AND this is where I really love the PD and writer. The sprinkling fairy dust of emotional connection and unpractised spontaneity is precious between the characters. And makes the scene so much more enjoyable and stirring. cr:
  9. anyone got the link for the live streaming. i found the link but its not working for me. good luck for whoever gets the link working. fighting!!!!!!!
  10. omo, of course it is jeon so min. since her last project with the godinmedia was a success, i suppose she accepted to do a cameo in this one. just my guess.
  11. got this kiss scene video from the oksusu app uploaded on YT, nice ost sung by ji eun herself. she has a great husky voice!!!!! cr: uploader
  12. Has the episodes been uploaded in the app yet? I searched/googled but could not find them?
  13. MY SECRET ROMANCE HOLDS PRESS CONFERENCE April 13, 2017 Wished Sung Hoon paired that sexy, open-collar white shirt with that awful suit. Not a huge fan of pastel and lace but Song Ji Eun looked so saccharine sweet that I found her girlishly appealing overall. The actors may not be as top billing as some would prefer but they have such cute chemistry that I don’t really care. Just give me something addictive and fun. The drama starts its run on OCN next week. photo credits as stated cr: