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  1. Ok, i saw the trailers for the upcoming episodes. EP.44 is the fight between NQ and SS at her parents home. EP.45 he meets the buddhist monk Daoshi with CPP. EP.46 he bids goodbye to MSS. I ll just post the EP.45 trailer as I already posted for the other two. CR:uploader There is a new bts uploaded. It's between eldest brother Manman and the teacher Fuzi. CR: uploader
  2. Ah, now I remember, wasn't there a bts video where the director ask NQ to beat her with a stick below her butt??? Isn't it too much?? I think SS was in this pink dress in that bts scene. So, will he be beating her in the drama? . Then can we blame the director or the screenwriter for this exaggerated scenes??? And indeed NQ looks sad bidding goodbye to MSS in that video. In later chapters also, NQ seems to have some regret abt MSS and SS also tell him that he seem to regret abt it.
  3. Yes, it's her biological parents. I skipped the portion how they found her in the novel. BTW there is the translation done for the video by @ningsangcpp in page 66. @thartie I agree with you. Both their hairstyle with high pony-tail is so cute. It's different from the usual c-dramas. Me too likey
  4. The fight between SS and NQ looks intense. I didn't have a chance to see the full, but he is even manhandling her by hitting her in the forehead and pulling her soft ears so strongly. Now, I hate NQ. Here's the video. Her father is calling her yuer, what is her birth name? The parents of SS seems to me so sweet and naive. CR: uploader EDIT: I am posting some more videos from this uploader NQ bids goodbye to MSS SS meets MSS. @satanghaesolim translated this for us CR:uploader
  5. Goodbye My Princess (2018) posted by Abby on December 08, 2018 Leave a comment Goodbye My Princess 东宫 is a Chinese drama based on a novel by Fei Wo Si Cun 匪我思存 that runs for 55 episodes. Hopefully, that will be enough to satisfy us drama addicts because the few shots of the main couple are very captivating. Goodbye My Princess follows the story of the ninth princess of the Xi Liang country, who despite being spoiled, is well loved by her people. She is arranged to be married to a prince of the Central Plains. However, they are dragged into a world of politics, intrigue, betrayal and the struggle for power. Will they be able to weather the trials set before them and find each other again? It features a mixed cast of veteran actors as well as some newcomers. Chen Xingxu (Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017) plays the mild-tempered prince whilePeng Xiaoran (Legend of Ba Qing) will give life to the role of the princess from Xi Liang. They are joined by Wei Qianxiang, Si Qin Gao Wa, Gallen Lo, Wang Zhifei, Zhang Dinghan and more. Release Date: December 12, 2018 Youku CR:dramapanda I am looking forward to this drama. Seems interesting premise
  6. @stuckedthe IG video you posted is by @pangia. She is also a visitor of this thread. She makes beautiful m/v's on YT with username silverpaj5. That was one funny video. This is a beautiful m/v by her on our OTP CR:PANJIA Last nite episodes were ok. Ep.41 was heartbreaking as the masters are gone and in EP.42 there were hardly any scenes of SS. Looking forward tonite's episodes.
  7. If you go to page 1, you have two links for the book in english translations chapterwise. Please check it.
  8. @littlemissmiss I don't think there's going to be reunion of SS and NQ before episode 50+. Coz a soompier posted preview for EP.50 in which NQ was flirting with MSS even after coming back home leaving SS alone. Awwwww, my . So, she may leave home at the end of EP.50 and EP.51-52 may be NQ will realise his love for SS and reunion of our OTP. just my guess.
  9. Oh ok. May be I misunderstood your point since @UnniSarah had particularly asked when did he proposed to her?
  10. @rhaps, I don't think he proposed to her anytime. He will get a hint that SS did not like him liking other girls. So he asked her to come back home with him. She will not go with him. He will vent his frustrations towards the lake valley when she did not go with him. Later when she comes to know that he got hurt, she will go home to take care of him. In the meantime he will kinda tell MSS that he cannot accept her love.
  11. @UnniSarah NQ was leaving for another trip to lanke temple for some festival with SS. But he did not have any intention to propose at all. SS's father told him that he will not allow her daughter as his handmaiden to accompany him in the trip. So he asked him to marry him. But NQ was shocked and it he did not expect it at all. Seeing his expression, his dad suggested at least to get engaged with SS and take her with him anywhere. It's in chapter 497: Another dream.
  12. No huanyan, he is the next shameless je** second to NQ. Actually there's a bts video of SS and JM, the pic is from that. Love them too. Here's that bts video of SS and JM
  13. Wow!!!! Thank u so much @angelangie for the translation. You r really an angel!!!! From the translation, she has been repeatedly asking him (please don't open unless u want to be spoiled)
  14. The bts. They r cute Cr: uploader