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  1. First of all, the EN team should realise that some fans of this show watch this for SYR. I don't know about others, but if they are going to change her for the end part which is important, I LL drop this show at that point itself. Already I know the ending which I have imagined reading CFY and SYR as NQ and SS in my imaginary world. So I hope they don't change her and use CGI effects for that part.
  2. Awwww, @arcchidus, thank you so much for the summaries. . But, anyway one question what all soompiers ask who want to watch a C-drama - is it a HEA ending for the OTP? Thanks once again.
  3. I cannot contain my curiosity and watched yesterday's episodes. What a sadist NJT is? he was the one who asked XL to do the pregnancy test. But even after knowing she is pregnant, how can he kidnap her? *A crazy jerk*. After giving us so much sweet scenes, we are deprived of them in these episodes and more angst to come in the finale 3 episodes. Hope the writer give exclusive lovely doves scenes to our OTP in the last episode. Jaiyou!!!!!
  4. Awww, @angelangie, TU so much for the bts translation. You have posted 2 types of pics, one a serious one and the other one is super love pic, I don't know what reaction button to press even though u mentioned me for the1st 2 pics. I took the last pic into a/c. U. @chubbz, thank you for the bts translation. Yes, i wanted that one, as he suddenly pulled her and started to kiss her. He is so cute. now, I got the full translation of the bts. Oh, the FL is then, an experienced actress. Wahhhhh!!!!! Maybe these characters will be the break through for these two and recognized well after this drama. Wow!!!! If they are pass out from the same year then they should be same age. Awwww, their chemistry is so good, my screen is hot during the love scenes.
  5. I did not see yesterday's 2 episodes. I don't want to spoil MY mood for angsty scenes. But my curiosity did not allow me. Just saw some videos on instagram. again a kidnapping scenario. I am posting a bts here. She is rehearsing for a kiss scene, when he suddenly pulled her towards him and told something. Can someone tell me what's he saying? Thanks. They are so cute. I suppose the FL is relatively new and is shy. Even in the bts, he is playing and teasing her. cr: as tagged
  6. Yeah, best scene in EP.6. From this fighting onwards there is no turning back for this show. Both their fighting moves synced so well and the duration was also long compared to that last fight with xia hou.
  7. I will go for the second one, the PA - even though he is not as handsome as his boss. But he is not over-bearing and got super cute attitude, like he gives respect to the girls emotions, not taking things for granted.
  8. Omo, it looks like NQ is fighting with a dragon to me. CMIIW? when does this happen? In which chapter?
  9. Yeah, now I am on EP.20. I super liked EP.19. they both talk with each other and understand things. Their love is very soft and slow. since she is also into voice acting, she understands and connects with him nicely. This premise is so different from the book and a good idea by the script writer. . Sometimes BDF acts as a Cupid between these two.cute. Why is that CEO guy jealous when Lisa and the white guy drink? "Man, you missed the bus already, you gotta regret pushing Lisa like girl". You deserve it. This show is so pleasant to watch.
  10. Oh wow!!!! @jayyepeee thank you so much for the detailed translation.. So, these 2 conversations between them seems to be important in the show and also show how SW has changed his attitude towards ED. Not only ED, his cold/alienating personality has also relatively reduced. Reg.the gif, yeah "you go girl- it's very hard" BTW, I am watching tonite's episodes. I am on EP.18. I really request him not to do any historical character. He is looking awful meh in those costumes.. oh well, his English fluency and pronounciation is very good. He has started making his moves on ED already in EP.17. Sweet.
  11. Yeah, she married a Caucasian, right? He was so loving towards her and I am happy for her decision to leave that CEO of the entertainment co. He was flirting with that new girl.
  12. What!!! So 2 episodes will air tomorrow and on Thursday with the finale episodes. Thank you for the super good news. But all the cute ones I am watching now will get over by this week.
  13. Yeah, there was a scene in the last trailer, when he tried to force her on the bed and wanted to sleep with her. But I think he was drunk. @angelangie joining hands with you for happy ending. Jaiyou!!!!! But where is your spoiler dear u told will post for us?
  14. Yeah, right . A hot kiss is coming up for this couple after the teasing of boss his PA.a big challenge to his manliness