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  1. Palace people official bts pixs DO's bts pics cr: as tagged EDIT: Happy ending evidence found!!!!! from DC GALL From the photo essay book, the right hand corner pics shows the couple in the wedding attire. I think the ending may close with their wedding. LOL at the DC gall fans, from the preview of ep.13, how did Yul found out that HS is hiding, coz the ears can be seen outside the wall, LOL!!!!!! dc gall
  2. Wow!!!! so many pics. Thanks The close up pic Is this pic the latest one from cebu? But i cannot see any other cast with him.
  3. tvN explaining about production team.. such as filming, place, art, lighting, digital color compensation, and clothes difference between songjoo village and palace.. and about soundtrack(music) & editing too~(from one of the comments on this instagram) My comment: Why do they even try to explain about editing??? it was a big big minus/sloppy editing
  4. SY is looking so beautiful. Wow!!!!!! Their full size picture dc gall
  5. OMG!!!!! Heartbreak for uri GMS!! he figured out that his aunt and Dr. yoon was behind his accident @hainan. Is his illness getting worse. I am scared if it will get worse and worse and in the end......................No, i dont want to think abt it at all. Cheabal!!!! We want a happy ending, please!!!!!!!!!!!! GMS!!!!!The ending is big heartbreak!!!!! edit: How can his aunt behave like that towards him????? Her attitude towards him....... nappuen ahjumma!!!!!! The preview is very sad!!!! Is noble idiocy coming in the future?????
  6. I have listed the following things to be solved/closed in the next 3 episodes. 1. LY to recover his memories, if not. ( the writer may take more time in the next 3 episodes) 2. If he has recovered, but acting amnesic, he has to reveal it. this will take less time than the (1) above. 3.To prove HS family has not committed any treason against the king 16 yrs ago. Who was the witness unless KCO confesses to his crime on this. 4.Yul has to recognize that HS is YYS (his first love) before bringing HS aka YYS to palace. This can be done by stopping her at the border from leaving the hanyang and bring her to the palace (like TMTETS) 5.To prove the princess baby is not Yul's. So, this has to be done by Eunuch Yang. So he has to recover from his injuries and keep him safe from KCO's assassins 6.To find the real baby daddy and punish accordingly. The three scenario's for (6) above: 7a. If My is the baby daddy, get pardoned since he is HS's bro and he will die in the end after exposing KCO's bad deeds to Yul b. If minister Jung is the baby daddy, may be he will be beheaded for the treason c. If Prince Seowon is the baby daddy, then he will be deposed and exiled along with the queen. d.There will also be chance (somebody mentioned this earlier) of princess's miscarriage. She is in so much stress, so often she is suffering from pain. So the princess may be deposed / exiled. i dont know if she will be beheaded for this. 8.If P.Seowon is not the baby daddy and Yul wants to live a noble commoner's life with YYS, give up the throne to him 9.Then the villagers. They may have a good future on Yul's recommendation. Maybe GD and the Magistrate official will be given the govt. job. The village may be reformed. 10. To depose Queen/princess and last but not he least to punish the Vice premier KCO. Give him the death penalty. These are some of the points that came to my mind. And i dont think we have any time for any romance between our OTP. So far what we got from the previous episodes, that's it. Maybe we will get a kiss bet. our OTP. If i missed any thing from the above, feel free to correct/add.
  7. Yeah, i tried to uninstall it and downloaded the app again just now. when i started to vote, its showing the message "your device's time is set incorrectly" Does the time have to be KST only???
  8. Me too. I am trying my best. the app is showing some or the other error.
  9. hahaha!!!!!! KIM BUM SOO, you fool!!! he dig his own grave by starting the reinvestigation. GMS regained all memories and he overheard all the conversation between KBS and MHJ when he did his tatoo 8 years ago. The chinese who did his tatoo supplied the drugs to these two jerks. Yes, finally!!!!!! Its going to be HEA!!!!!!. The kiss was so sweet!!!!! It does not look vulgar at all even if its a deep kiss. It looks like 2 teddy bears are cozy in love. edit: OMO, its his aunt and the dr.fellow who fixed his hit and run at Hainan. He is recovering his memory reg. his accident at Hainan, now. hwaiting GMS!!!!!! if he recovers from this, then the only thing he has to overcome is his flash light trauma which started happening during his parents death.
  10. Can you not vote in the AAA site itself? the app is showing lot of errors. Please help!!!!!! thanks.
  11. My hunch is that Yul has already recovered his memories and its only a matter of time he is going to reveal it public. He is just acting amnesic. We have only 3 episodes to go, for bringing back his memories, they have to flashback the scenes, show dramatically that he has regained his memories. I dont think its plausible in just 3 episodes. We have much more plots to finish off. I hv not seen the episode with ST's. But it seems prince Seowon is coming strongly saying that whatever he wished for is being taken by Yul. So, is he the baby daddy? But we didnt see any interactions between the prince and the princess so far. There was a scene in the preview of one of the previous episode showing P.Seowon giving some gift to the princess which was edited and did not show up in any of the episode. {Again this is the third round of me doubting that prince seowon is the baby daddy } So because of this P.Seowon will be charged with treason, there goes the princess too and then the vice premier. The queen will also be charged. The route is clear for our OTP. MY will surely be charged since he tried to kill the prince. EDIT 1: BTB: IS YOU TUBE ALSO DOWN????
  12. who is this new character? dc gall edit: OK, she is from ming dynasty. From the written preview, it says that " Yul is attending a banquet meeting with Ming Dynasty in order to try his testimony.........." (google translation) So, he seems to gather support from Ming in order to oust the Vice premier.
  13. awwww, i missed the episode live. RL interruptions............. Seems from the comments above it was an angst episode. My heart for the OTP. waiting for the raw. preview for ep.13 Ok, from the preview, both HS and her adopted father request yul to just forget her. I This is my guess: I think HS is asking Yul if she can enter palace, and he replies nothing is impossible). Yul is giving orders to JJY to find HS and protect her. In the meanwhile JJY is asking her to change her name to either Jong shim or Yong shim, whichever name she does not regret. The vice minister kidnaps HS and LY is asking (must be VM) where is that person? Edit: written preview for ep.13