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  1. I watched the remaining 3 episodes from 8-10, omg i love it so much. I really like the upfront attitude of both the leads and their characters are really matured. Even Yibo acting is good. The rest of the characters are also very good. Thank god the despicable aunt did not appear in ep.10 at all. The scenes were full of our OTP's. Ms.Ding is also cute. I am really looking forward to the upcoming episodes and i am so addicted to this drama especially for Tong Da Wei who is very very good.
  2. I watched all the 7 episodes and so far i like it. Yibo-wow!!!!! I actually love joe chen from her Fated to love you drama with Ethan. Tong Da Wei - this is the first time i am watching him in a drama. I like his acting also. So far So good. I like the comical acting by all the actors. Actually it says 45 episodes starting on aug 15th, do they air 2 episodes a day. On what days it is aired and at what time? any idea on live streaming? thanks for the info
  3. @lolly84thanks for the FB link. Waaahhh!!!!! Seoul traffic ftw!!!!! He left the car there itself as soon as he saw YM's mssg and started running to the Daebok office. Super reunion!!!! JW told his dad he dont want the president or chairman's post and i dont want to loose YM for that. Wow!!! She called him Cha Jin Wook!!!!!dropped the honorifics. The hug really looked natural and i suppose she spoke to him in banmal. Wow!!!!! Actually i did not see the previous episode which will make me angst after their sweet scenes till ep.10, rather i'd say ep.9. I will now wait for their Wedding!!!! NIce acting by SH while at his mom's restaurant. It was the usual conversation. She told him that i was expecting to see you everytime after you kept the flower bouquet for my b'day. He asks her if she did found out that it was him. She told him that she met the girl(LYM) and dined in her restaurant. (audio was not clear). She tells him that it will make her happy to see him live with the girl he loves. He tells him he will be back another time and leaves. The climax is YM's mother interview with the tv channel. She tells something that make YM realise her love for JW. (again the audio was not clear in this part) The bts videos are so cute. beautiful rapport between SH and SJE. Hwaiting!!!!
  4. [Drama 2016] 1% of Anything 1%의 어떤것

    Oh wow!!!! thanks for the news. Its great to know that it is doing well in japan also. I was kinda sad to see HSJ just play in an office role in RO, so to boost myself up, i used to tune into 1% drama and also Problematic man esp. with Yoon so hee. These two were the ones among the brainiest in the show. Both HSJ and YSH also did a reality drama called After the show ends. It also had some best kisses and close hanging out time between them.
  5. Just now saw the extended preview. YM left daebok and seems to get assigned at some other place. The chairman is asking JW to get prepared for something. I dont understand what he is talking about, whether its the engagement with HR or some company related issues. The reason why JW getting angry at HT is because he is asking where did YM leave/go? I think she vacated HT's first floor and moved somewhere else. OMO, YM's mom, she is agains creating trouble in the usual cooking program in which she takes part. YM's mom is asking if she has still feelings for JW? HR says that she is really worried abt. JW. Hope YM's mom realise how her daughter is suffering becoz of her and come to senses. Hope this helps. edit: YES, HT did confess to YM that he likes her. Maybe he thought this is the chance for him to confess. but i dont think she accepted it. Hugging HT seem to me like it is the final hug before leaving his place telling him that she will somehow overcome everything.
  6. wasnt the pool scene taken during the sub-zero temperatures?????? how come he is so relaxed in the pool in bare body. is he a polar bear or what?????? @supergal99, OMG that was a class angle!!!!!!!!!
  7. OMG, i saw bits and pieces of videos of ep.10 and i really feel for YM. I will just write the gist whatever i saw. i will post it in spoilers.
  8. The song above was when he cat walked at the playground with DG among the ahjummahs. @diane90 and @Gitakawaii The last part of the ep.9 song is LYN- SONG FOR LOVE. This song was at the end of the family date
  9. OMG, the teaser with the green fields is the best. i think the photography is going to be awesome. PMY!!!!! what a beauty she is!!!!! The costumes look beautiful. Is that YWJ up on the tree n the pics!!!! LOL. I did not watch YWJ's IB coz i heard they messed it up. I am a big fran of him from Marriage not Dating. I am scared of too much melo in the later parts and giving us fun in the first. looking forward to this drama Hwaiting!!!!! thanks for all the pics and promo teasers.
  10. I also expected that he asked her relationship directly to YM with DG. But i think he was scared. Everytime he told her abt his feelings 3 years ago, she seemed to reject it and told that she regretted it. It happened more than 3 times. 1. When she first saw him as the President of Daebok group 2.I think during the lift scene, she told him that she want to forget the past with him 3.Third time, again in the resort when he thought of confessing to her. 4. at the swimming pool, she did not tell how she felt even when asked her not to regret what happened 3 years ago. She kind of keep on pushing him on that matter. He asked her abt. DG when he came with the presents to the party. She avoided the question and ran upstairs taking DG and her mom away. The second time was when he took care of DG, at that time also she just answered abt. DG vaguely. Third time was after he got a bulb from the ahjummahs and his dad, that DG may be his son, he asked her what happened exactly to her 3 years ago, that time she did not answer anything abt. DG. So he just left, coz YM seemed to be very sensitive abt that night and did not pursue deeply abt. DG. He wants to gain her trust. maybe it will be cleared in ep.10 during their break up. I am not so coherent in writing any post, i just write whatever comes to my mind. So be mindful while reading my long post. thanks. ABT YM: Its really refreshing seeing YM character which is different unlike the usual K-dramas. I can feel the character of YM and thats what a girl who had a bad past becoz of her parent and became conservative, act in the real life also. She will be very cautious and try not to mingle with others and live in a nutshell unless she knows a person very well. She do have some friends from her nutrition classes, but she joins them very rarely. YM gained confidence after she started moving with JW. We saw her how she walked in the resort confidently dressing, when usually she dresses up buttoning upto her neck. She starting to open up with JW more personally than HT nowadays. She wants to move on so along as her feelings towards JW goes. Even after they had a passionate time during the swimming pool scene, she was kinda surprised when he kissed her at HT's cafe. She goes into a nutshell and always afraid, when she thinks what somebody will think of her when they come to know abt. her mom. She loses her confidence once she is back at her home with her mom. i think it will be difficult to revive her back if they had to break up in ep.10. Hope JW gets back with her without any major problems. But I know JW can do it smoothly since he understand very well and will be very smart in his every move to gain her in his life. ABT JW: I like he continuously pursued YM even when she kept pushing him away. Not in a violent manner, he was very smart in each and every way getting to know her and making her confess how she felt abt him. But it was a very hard process from JW's POV. JW character is a breath of fresh air. I really hope the break up problems are over in ep.10 itself. really looking forward to the final 3 episodes. hwaiting!!!!! I saw a MV with the stills from their interview for MILK. These two are really sweet. The BGM is a chinese song, i dont know if its from any drama OST. its very catchy. If someone knows what song it is, please post it here. thanks. Seems both SH and SJE are really becoming very popular becoz of MSR. As @gladys57 mentioned SH seemed to be already popular in Chinese media. He is gaining more becoz of MSR. Hope he does so in Korea as well. Hwaiting!!!!! cr:as tagged
  11. Their FB live interview for the chinese media i suppose. cr: as tagged i think at last, when SH is saying bye, the interviewer just wanted to add the APPETISER KISS at the end, but i think he says her to add the ONE-NIGHT STAND scene. WAAAHHHHH!!! thats why the interviewer was kinda surprised. EDIT: i cannot translate the whole interview. But i can give a gist of what the conversation was all about. the first question posted by the interviewer to our ONE-NIGHT STAND COUPLE is how was the feeling when the swimming pool scene was filmed. They hesitate. SJE told that they start to film it very funnily. SH then starts telling that the PD requested them to film it comfortably. But SH is teasing SJE (during the filming of the swimming pool scene) and she asks him if he want to die, "CHUGULEYO?" CUTE. Then want to change the angle of the camera in front of them. SH starts to cough and SJE says that he is coughing too much today. They are asked to sing the SAME OST. They also talk abt. the recording of that song. Final greetings in the end by SH.
  12. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    i like OYS very much. really looking forward to this drama. Joo-won's character also seems to be light one. Hope this drama is fun. Is this drama fully pre-produced? http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/05/more-couple-cuteness-and-character-stills-for-my-sassy-girl/
  13. @amisyka77, thanks for the link for ep.9 epiilogues. 1.Aigoo,, he decieved YM 2 times like feeding her icecream, finally third time he gave her. He tells her that "you are not alone anymore" after she refuses a family ice-cream set. AWWWWWW 2.Actually after talking so much which YM cannot understand, DG is asking her when is that ahjusshi coming back again? How cute 3."Opp, opp, OPPA" i like that song at the background for a tired JW. finally he came sliding down the slide with the children. hahaha!!!!
  14. Omg!!!! YM's mom left DG with JW to look after him. when YM returns, she asks if he has not left yet. and he says that her mother left DG with him, so he is still there. He being smart, would have understood ym's mom by now without YM explaining abt. her So for looking after DG, a kiss to YM. I like how the kid nods when JW tells that he is leaving. So sweeet!!!!! really looking forward to the their date in ep.9.
  15. @morokot, thanks for the video. where can i watch the full show? OMG, they are really sweet, especially SH. He seems to be a really witty person. I think the first question posted by the interviewer is (not 100% sure) i heard some scandal between you two, is it true? JW says, is it? I think the scandal started when we went to the mart by linking our hands. to SJE: You sit comfortably....... i dont understand the 2nd question to them. I hope Dramafever sub this show fast. Sung hoon FTW. I really really hope for a better role in one of the prime time dramas by a good PD.