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  1. Haha, I finished the finale at long last... I am surprised i am not one bit disappointed. With all the comments I thot i won't like the ending too. In fact, i like it better this way. Although i'd said i do not like the writer to put a time jump on the story 'cos it might showed a shappy ending. The writer, true to form, made it not just believable but also exceptable. She did not end with the usual & more popular makjang ending. With wedding bells & lots of kisses which most viewers would prefered to boost up ratings. In fact, she gave the real facts of what life is all about. You can't have everything you want, and neither does it goes the way you want. Believable as everyone played their role well. As each character shown here, be they the villian or the victim. The good as well as the bad. I like it becos the writer summed it well. The Chois: Grandpa when near death-bed realized that money, power, prestige are not everything, Those that stayed by your side are more important. The sisters made their peace, though still bickered but not vicious. Husband & wife are communicating & more tolerant of each other. SH knows what she want & worked hard to attain it. The Seos: Though it start with a death, Papa Seo's demise adds authenticity to the following story. At least he opened up the way for the two OTP to get back together. Knowing they loved each other deeply. To free JA DK of any guilt that remain. They got his blessings. Mama Seo & the rest of the family members are peaceful & enjoying family togetherness. JSoo Hyuk create their own little haven. Now the OTP: I enjoyed most in this episode is the two main leads, especially their 'chance' meetings. I can't help laughing, how DK with Myung Shin's help staged their chance meeting. The blind date, never realized DK with his 'stony-face' can played it off so well. For once JA was dumbfounded. (i laughed out loud) To believe him or not ! And there he goes again, trying to irk her to some response. As usual, she took on her condescending tone, but he seemed not to mind at all. I enjoyed thoroughly this part. The other part, when he introduced her to Yubi afresh. What i am ticklish about was, he played along. But in the end he apologised, he said he followed what the boss said. On the whole, the story ends pretty well. A bittersweet ending. More sweet than bitter ! That's my take for the finale. After all said & done I think I like best is this platform whereby i can come by to share my views & read so many interesting comments. Thank you ! Kamsamida ! @amisyka77 I applaud your fanfic.
  2. @stroppyse I too am of the same opinion as you. If two characters are too strong-willed they may crashed. I like that DK is more mild mannered so he can accommodate JA's more quick temperament. JA is more prideful in a way, as she can accomplished anything she wants to do without any help from anyone. And DK is more accommodating, due to his upbringing. Not weak in any sense, considering his background he is not the aggressive type. But i would said he has a soft heart. Though some may take that as a weakness. JA need someone to moderate her fiery nature & sense of pride. I would prefer her character be written a little more softer that what she is now. At least toward her romantic encounters with DK. She is too hard & strong-willed for my liking. A little unforgiving if i may add. I like to see a little gentleness & warmth in her relation with DK. At least that will appease my disappointment in this OTP love relationship. Oh, forgot to add this, I am sure JA want to be love & cherish by a man. (thought DK can be that man with his doggedness & persistent pursuit) ( i dun like to use the word 'stalk' it mean harm when you stalk a person} As she told the father wait for her to become a mother before he leaves them. She too yearns to marry & have a family.
  3. Haven't watch episode 52 yet, but reading all the comments & views aired here, roughly knows what is it all about. Waiting for the sub. before i watch the finale. Might do a little summary of the drama later. Love reading all of your views & thoughts about the whole drama, as like @stroppyse & a few others wrapped & summed up so well their own thoughts & feelings . This is indeed a great thread to come to, thought provoking & good read !
  4. Nay, no, i am just curious how she is going to end this drama. Will she surprised us with an exceptionally good one or.... Waiting.
  5. Yes, indeed, a cheap shot. Saying, 'I don’t want any memory of me to remain for you'. So cold n heartless ! She didn't want even one last shred of memory of him to remain ! I'd meant to question what she said to what she do. It seemed contradictory to me most time. She always said i didn't do it for you, we are housemate, my family owe you, you have to meet your clients, etc, etc. but never admit i care for you. Each time jumped to his defend (even the father noticed it) when he was in trouble. One thing i don't like, this last conversation when she pointed out, i helped you, i helped you. Come on, you helped him of your own accord, he didn't ask of it. He even questioned each time, but she will always gave a tirade of excuses, becos of this, becos of that, but never what was in her heart. And this last parting, questioned him what have you done for me ? Did she expect to be helped before she rendered any help? I dun blame her, i just dun understand what the writer is trying to do. Or rather what is she going to do with this couple now. If she gave a time jump that means their relationship is not resolved. (shabby) To start afresh as new when meet again some eons years later. (no meaning) So best is end it here n now. Finished.
  6. This conversation pulled at my heart string more than the first one. Admittedly sad the final break-up. I am trying to figure out in what way can he help her. Short of leaving her well alone and not come chasing after her I can't think of any. Maybe it's for the best like she said don't meet again. Even if do so be like strangrs meeting for the first time.
  7. In another episode when MH found out JSung released the 'thieves' & sent them away. And JSung said to her, you knew all along it was them who sent the letter. Manager Min is not involved in this. One thing i find it difficult to accept is when she told MH she knew all along who took ES. She saw the whole incident yet kept quiet for 25 years. No one in their right mind will do that. Even if you are carrying out your duty, and told only do what i told you to do. This involve a child, how can that be an excuse. This is criminal act of some sort ! And why disclosed it now? This is the part i don't understand.
  8. After watching the previews, many are of the opinion that DK ought not be the one to kneel before Seo Tae Soo. But i thot its appropriate n fitting he did it. He owed it to STS, though not directly the cause of their pain but on the family's behalf. And also to thank him for helping in the family's predicaments. Will this put him in a better light with JA? I think not. After their last encounter he knew if JA come back to him, she will accept him as who he is, the man Choi Do Kyung. (We will know tonight whether its Goodbye or Good-life ! This drama is interesting is that it has a Hero versus a Hitler, a Villain to a Victim. Let's see will we have a Golden couple or a sadden couple ending ! BTW, the thieves, (i won't called them kidnappers, that was not their intentions at all) was the ones who sent the letter to Jae Sung, MH verified their hand-writing but lied to JSung when asked in one of the earlier episode. Oh, one more point regarding the OTP, why they did not share what each are doing, reason was they are not in any relationship in the first place like a normal couple. And they already told their families they are not involved, yet they (the families) chose not to believe them. That's the cause of all these unnecessary 'sufferings'. DK as he told his friend he hope he can have JA to share his future. On the other hand, its evident JA's love for him is growing by the day, but she is trying not to let it show. (the cold front each time she see him) And fear the implications n consequences when involved with a Chaebol. As shown, the Grandpa did all that hurtful things. So how will this pair resolve all these. Well, wait for the writer to tell us tonight. Though i really dislike a time lapse, but what else if i want to see this couple get together again.
  9. Wow, the review looked positive ! I like that DK kneeled in front of Seo Tae Soo to ask for forgiveness on behalf of the family. He cried... his eyes were all red. So writer-nim is not that cruel afterall ! Look like the Gramps still felt no remorse whatever. P/S: Thanks @golden19 for pointing all that out. Mainly I felt more frustrated with the writer's storyline than anything else. She didn't leave room for us viewers to fantasize about a happy ending, instead gave us the real facts of what life is all about. And she wrote a death sentence on STS. PP/S: When I have time maybe I'll do an analyze on our OTP relationship.
  10. I wanted to refrain from commenting as i was disgruntled with the storyline of the OTP couple. But i couldn't help when i read some of the comments regarding the male lead. I thot it was a little unfair to put all the blame on him. Whenever the Seos got hurt he got the brunt of it. And that he is selfish, only think of himself when he did not tell JA when the Grandpa humiliated her father. And also he did not do anything for her but cause her more pain. By loving her or for being CDK? (i wondered what she expect him to do other than stop loving her) When we take a look at how their relationship started, it was not one sided. When CDK first left the Chois household he wanted independence for himself, maybe partly could be due to JA too. He did initially pursued her not knowing what she went through. He stopped when he knew her fear & accepted they cannot be together. He started to work relentlessly for his own independent but couldnt progress becos of his grandfather. This was where JA stepped in, & it is also where i find this OTP loveline frustrating. She can turned her love on & off like a tap. Showed her indifference in front of him, but got so worked up when he is in trouble. Its frustrating to watch this again & again. I love you but i am not doing anything about it. Agreed to date, but only for a week. Its always the girl who called the shot, the man has no say. Now the last straw was i won't forgive you for making me love you ! So is this the end for them? I hope not, I would love to see JA stand up for her love for DK. It never was his fault what the family did to them. Did he not help to alleviate her pain? I believe he did. You can see his pain throughout when he knew about her suicide other than the 1 week of dating her you heard his laughter. Ending: i hope to see their love for each other can withstand whatever their families have brought into their lives & overcome them together. You can still pursue you dream n career n have a family n love to come back to.
  11. Yes, i have the same feeling like you do as i watched these 2 episodes. To distance himself so all of them won't get hurt further on account of him. He must have thought thru long n hard the night in the hospital to come up with this. The way he answered Hyuk, that he will take responsibility of JA, he asked him (Hyuk) why he didn't stop him. All these would not come about if he did. If he did not pursue JA, and Hyuk is with JA instead, then all these could have been avoided. Or so he thought maybe. Well, i didn't see him smile at all since he stepped into HS, not even once (poor thing). You are right in saying he seemed to be carrying the whole world upon his shoulders. No longer his jovial n playful self, he used to be quite upbeat about everything, but not anymore. As regard to Yubi, i dun think he will abandon him, i am sure he will support him, financially at least. Yes, an idea to come clean with the Chaebol wives, garner as much support as possible. Another possible way JA can help out is get JA to head the Marketing team n make $ for the company. Now that DK is President he can hire her back. They cant get rid of him if he make HS works under his supervision. Hopefully everything will turn out well, especially for Papa Seo.
  12. From preview: I dun want Seo TS to die. Hope he will be cured n survive. Look like the parents are still in HS, and Gramps is compliant n listen to what DK say ? JA got her award n attended the prize giving ceremony. Maybe preparing to go to Finland soon. DK knew about JA's Finland trip? Stop her ? Hope not. JA is ignoring DK again. Looks like OTP not going to be together at all !
  13. While we wait for the preview to be out , i like to focus a little on CDKs character. While most of us feel that he is arrogant, pompous, not understanding (to JiAn). But I view him differently. He is quite mild mannered n gentlemanly for a 3rd Gen. Chaebol . Not using his power to tread on those under him. He has leadership qualities, but his potential were not put to play, they were hampered by his Haraboeji & parents. He was not given a chance to excel. Frankly i would like him to stay put in HS, not ousted like that. To prove to them he can make it work given a free hand to do so. As for his relationship with JiAn, i find he was being misunderstood most times. Just like when he chickened out n did not come to her aid, he was trying to grasp n understand this new feelings & attractions for her. So he did what he did, to some we think its his rejections of her. When everybody hated him for 'stalking' JA, i want to say this, he doesn't know how to handle this kind of love attractions. To the point of denying it n can't help himself even when JA time n again asked him to stop. As for JA part, though i would like her be a little more understanding too. He can't help being CDK n the fact that he is born into that family does not make him incapable of pursuing his own love i think. A man first must have a career before he think of love. Now that he is back to HS, he knew he cannot have JA anymore. Well, so be it then if JA reject him, reject him then. And this last episode showed him back to his old setting. Does that mean he is that 'old him' altogether again? No, he has changed, more street-wised. (taught by JA) Cold, ignorant? No, he learned not to wear his feelings for all to see , meaning he can hide it now. Whether he can salvage all these misunderstandings on the part of the 2 families n make them to be normal back. we will have to wait n see. And as for some feel these last 2 ep lack lustre n dragging is understandble. The OTP has sort of settled, we dun anticipate that much actions from there n also in any drama when towards the ending it has to wrap up, tie up all the lose ends so to speak. Does that mean its going to be boring from now on? Not necessary so, depend on what you look out for. I will still await catch up on this drama n for the writer to surprise me. P/S: Yes, @golden19 thanks, i read that too, i thot it was very well written. Title- MGL - Do Kyung & Jian ...The meaning of Bag & Bread in episode 47 Link- http://www.parksihoosonofbuyeo.blogspot.com