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    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    I still think that CR is the daughter. Likely the father is the chemist who sold the formula to that evil grandmother. Miss Kim is protecting the chemist by not showing the photos to the Nari co. or the police. Chemist probably “disappeared” by orders of evil grandma. Miss Kim once told CR that Makepacific rightly belonged to her. Makepacific flourished with the formula by the chemist. Writer nim really making fools of the characters or maybe assume viewers can accept all nonsense. CEH has another abode. Why he can’t keep the important stuff there? He hates his biological father yet he don’t bother to change the locks or have an alarm. There are others too like when MSA accused her of asking her to kneel for spilling the red wine on her. The adopted dad was annoyed at CEH. I am sure a cctv would have recorded what actually happened.
  2. vienvien

    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    Can’t be the love child of the adoptive father. They had genetic test done by the Moons before the marriage.
  3. vienvien

    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    She was talking to the shaman in the gardens. The shaman asked when she will acknowledge her owm daughter Chae-Rin.