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  1. Love Ep 12! It's so lovey dovey! The saddest scene in this ep is the scene where MS-GD visited the wife of victim Moon Byeong Ho. I feel for her. She never gets closure. Life goes on but it's not really living for her. She's just enduring and pretending to be fine. On the bed scene (I wish )..... did GD get turn on seeing MS's ahem... butt? Love the kisses! Can I assume that it's GD's first kisses (which he initiated)? He's a grown man now!
  2. Aaah.. so the letter that GD holds. It's a list of things to do for Grandma. That's why I see some lines being crossed, except of the last one in one of youtube clips. Last line would be for GD to be happy, I assume.
  3. I guess we should be prepared for emotional ride for EP 11. Too much sad scenes... and GD insisting to grieve alone. Buuut.. Ep 12 should be really good, all lovey dovey and stuff. Don't want to think about the blue pill. Preview for Ep12:
  4. I havent managed to back-read, so not sure if you guys have discussed this before: Regarding the preview, I think it talks about both ep 11 and 12. Ep 11 is about grandma dying, while Ep 12 is about after grandma's death. Time jump? or perhaps several months after grandma's death since GD and MS seem to be fine. Seeing that GD bought SM's fancy clothes.. he is the heir of grandma's wealth? which means.. he also owns the land that YT needs to build the mall. If it's true.. then things are getting interesting And what's more interesting is.. if it's true that he has become wealthy, the fact that GD still stays at that motel, means that he's not letting wealth get into his head, stay grounded, and be more appreciative to the people who loves the real him. Of course, this is just giaaant assumption.
  5. Oh wow.. her husband died when he was 30 yo? That makes her around 30yo too or younger. And she has never been married and stay faithful to her husband's memory? Whoaaaa... #respect
  6. Cr to IG owner Aaah.. I adore these two
  7. I'm SO GLAAAD MS finally remembers!! Now the real healing is about to begin!
  8. Best scene indeed! I got goosebumps. Thank you @carolinedl and @aiwa9 @stroppyse for the recap and translation! Can't wait for the subtitles, but it's pretty clear what happened today. GD being GD thinks that he's not worthy and he's trying to save everyone from unhappiness, even if that means he's going to be miserable and unhappy himself. This guy really doesn't realize what a great guy he is.. or that many people truly care for him, even YJ! And MS, she is really refreshing. I've never seen a female Kdrama who is strong, outspoken, and confident with herself. She knows what she wants (being with GD) and who she wants (GD) and doesn't care what people say. Bravo! We need more female characters like her.
  9. I only watched Secret Love - and agree, eventhough Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum were great.. I cannot finish it. It's too melodramatic, too makjang! I skip most scenes because it's just tooo much! *shudder I haven't watched Innocent Man, heard it's good but since it's melo - I avoid it, but I have watched Hello Monster and love it! I love JNR so I maybe bias and I think the ending is a happy one for both leads... so I'm good. JBL for sure cannot be compared with Secret Love or Innocent Man (I trusted your opinion on its makjang level). Yes, it's melodrama but it's not the typical melodrama. It has so much essence, so rich in their story-telling, even the characters are unique. Right now, I'm enjoying every second of the drama, but I secretly root for everyone to have a positive ending (even YT). They have all suffer so much and if in the end, they are still suffering.. that's it! I will pack my bag and leave for Narnia! But for now... I'm ready, whatever the anguish and suffering they have to go through .. bring it on.
  10. I'm loving the portrayal of girl power in this drama! MS driving a truck. MS fixing the boiler. The truck driving is what amazed me. When did that happen and why would she have a license if she's not planning to be a truck driver. The things the drama did just to show how able MS is. I can sympathize with what she said though about being a superwoman; to be able to do everything so well makes people have high expectation of you - nobody is a superwoman (man). It's like she's living the lives of 2 persons, be the best daughter, the best person, to fill the void. Another girl power example: YJ's displaying authority over YT. She did everything right for this project. Dots the i's and crosses the t's. She should have been the director. YT is too much. He only complained but didn't do the hardwork. He may have good intention like what YJ said, but without the action, it's meaningless. I'm laughing so hard at this. GD's dry comment is too funny. This scene is too sweet. Grandma is sharing her precious thing with GD and her advice on how not to wait for better things to come, but to just accept it and create his own better things for the future.. is just precious. Oh and the scene where she dragged MS and found out that GD and MS knew each other, and she suddenly said: .. matchmaker in the making. One thing I realized in this drama, is that all the leads are atoning for what their parents did. So much burden from the past and it's not even their faults, yet they're paying it. MS: live to carry her mom's guilt over her sis' death which later doubles on her own guilt GD: paying back all those debts that his parents made, carrying his father's wrongdoing JW: restoring dad's reputation, the pressure to be and do everything right YJ: as the one who claim to be 'not the guilty' party, she has to maintain the record and sacrifice her heart I'm really sad for GD. Once again he feels unworthy, that he doesn't deserve happiness.
  11. Thank you @stroppyse for the translation! You're a gem! I hope Grandma is really talking to MS about understanding GD. She could be talking to his sister when she found out that GD's gone.
  12. Hmm.. I'm not sure. YT is bad, but he's not that evil. He wouldn't purposely substituting good materials with cheaper ones when his reputation is on the line just to save money. His only fault so far, is to trust everything to that Project Manager, his brother-in-law. YT agreed for JW to take care of the supplies as long as it keeps the schedule - which is being boycott cowardly by THAT project manager (making no supplier companies want to deal with JW and refusing workers to work). Like what YJ found in the previous episode: a lot of things that are supposedly done is not done properly. I don't remember all, but one of them is the construction permit; and YT got mad at his bro-in-law for making him look bad in front of YJ.
  13. The project manager bought cheaper items with the same price of the expensive ones, meaning..corruption. I don't think YT is aware of this though, he trusted everything to that slimy coward. JW found out about it after GD showed him the photo he took of the content of the truck - cheaper goods, not good enough for the construction. Another part that was alarming is that the underground is not strong enough to support the construction above it - like what the 2 workers said before and what JW found out during his visit. Edit: I do wonder, what power does the Project Manager aka slimy coward has towards the supplier companies. So much that ALL OF THEM refuse to sell to JW - it doesnt make any sense. Also, regarding the workers not being able to work - it's that Project Manager undoing. He was being childish, proving a point and sulking like a kid.
  14. Is it just me or does anybody else feels the lack of interest on YJ-JW's story. Perhaps it's the portrayal of these two characters, somewhat 2 dimensional, too stagnant with little growth. I said before that I like YJ's character. Yes, here in the drama, she's so stiff, always serious and confrontational, but she's a strong woman. I admire her ability to defend herself from JW's advance. And the scene where she confronted the project manager, I like that she didn't back down or easily intimidated by that bully. Together with GD, these two make a great strike team. JW, with his background, his social status, his decency and righteousness, is too gentle for YJ. Perhaps that's why MS is so attractive to him, because she represents someone he can protect, whereas YJ is too strong for him to bear. I love GD and MS together! OMG.. these two are too cute! Lots of love will definitely be posted about GD-MS, so I wont go into detail. MS is herself and her best when she's with GD, and vice versa. Oh, and GD... I love that he's not even aware he's the 'rare good man' that WJ mentioned. But poor GD, to have SJ in his subconscious or actually it is guilt for surviving in the form of SJ. I hope MS can quickly realize GD's pain and help him confront his guilt and his past; and he her.
  15. Aaaah.. thank you ladies @carolinedl @piekeboeboe @Amulya Kolusu for the updates! Can't wait to watch with Eng sub, but knowing it's still holiday season.. I think it's unlikely that it'll be subbed tomorrow.