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  1. Thank you @ferily! I will check my iti later, but I wont die die must see PHS. Hahaha. Let destiny play its course, which is pretty obvious... Thank you for keeping us updated with their news, especially PBY. She's super adorable. I have never been so impressed and fell so hard for an actress like this before but she got me in her corner. Will always support and love her.
  2. I am torn. I'd like to see PHS doing another drama, but I'm still feeling the joy of seeing him with PBY that I dont want to see him paired of with someone else, not that soon anyway. Lets see where his new agency will plan his career. I still hope that by end of the holiday, when PBY is refreshed, she would do V Live in Bali though by then, no more PHS - he'll be in Korea for Primera event, right? Will he return to Bali or stay in Korea and later fly to Sg on 28? Hmm.... Does anyone know where his Primera event will be held? I'll be in Seoul that day, it'll be nice if I can suddenly 'bump' into him somewhere. Wakakaa .. as if its thaaat easy to bump into PHS!
  3. @lingx2 Wooww.. thanks for the holiday pics. Seems it's free time for them? And they are divided into smaller groups. I wonder if PBY is okay now. Not to stalk but kinda worried for her.
  4. I'm not sure what's JTBC's motive for bombarding us with Oh-My-God-I'm-Dying-But-Please-Keep-Them-Coming stills! Is it because PHS's interview bring so much memories from JTBC team and their shipping impulse just kicks in or is it because they truly understand us fans' feeling since its Friday and no more SWDBS. Whatever it is... please throw us more more stills, even better Making Films please!! Love all the OTP moments, there's no difference between on screen or off screen. Can you still feel the heat coming out from both of their stares? Kyaaaa... The love is strong!
  5. I guess JTBC is a big shipper of PHS-PBY seeing that they release these stills on the same day PHS said "Park Bo Young's Do Bong Soon - I love you"
  6. OMG... the kisses!! It filled me with butterflies! And to think! that PHS got teary during this kisses. It must have been a very emotional scene for him.
  7. Yeah.. I'd like to think it's Nusa Dua. Lux hotel with private beaches. They will definitely can relax there.. but for 6 days, cant be at the hotel all day. It'll be nice for them to visit amazing places in Bali.
  8. It's BKK, so bigger airport has more budget and I guess they've experienced the hassle of too many visits from celebs, that's why even that is regulated. I think this one is o-kay compare to Banda Aceh's airport when team Law of the Jungle came. It was.... horrifying.
  9. Agree! But barriers cost too much. I guess airport management don't see the need for it.
  10. Oh nooo!! It must hurt a lot then. Hiks. I hope she can reaally rest well during the holiday.
  11. How did PBY hurt her leg again? Was it ever discussed in one of the interviews?
  12. Hahahaa.. I guess distance makes it okay? I'm cringing the whole time watching them mobbed by the fans. I really don't want to be there even if I can.
  13. Oh, he's still inside.. imagine the chaos once he's OUTSIDE! Yes.. I watched her V Live and she did mention that... but not sure if it's going to happen. I feel really bad for her. Yees..
  14. Oh noooo..!! I wish people wouldnt bother her so much.