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  1. @stroppyse This is great. Thank you for the detail translations! "... the ending is not meant to be an open ending leading to Season 2" - sigh. Well... I'm a big believer in "never say never", so I'm crossing fingers for season 2 despite the writer's comment. #hopelesslyhopeful
  2. I feel you. After marathoning FoS, I don't feel like watching other similar Kdrama. But I'm now rewatching CM the US version from S1 (currently at S2! ) and waiting for recaps for Save Me (that's one creepy drama... ). Life goes on....
  3. @annagriss8 Love the manga, it's super duper cute! To commemorate the weekend WITHOUT FoS, here I am.. marathoning the show from Ep 1. *have equipped myself with snacks, drinks, blanket, and cold spoons. Long Live FoS!
  4. Has this been posted before? Any idea what's the story behind the 'old' Yoon btw, since no older Yoon in the drama. I guess this is part of the special features in DVD/Bluray.
  5. I'm actually quite surprise to read the 'antagonist' description.. in other article/comments, I even read 'villain'. To me, LCJ is not a villain. You don't shed tears for the death of a villain, you celebrate! LCJ is very much a victim who acts like a villain, but he's not one, not entirely. The true villain in the story? Greedy narcissistic LYB.
  6. Thank you for the article on Bae Doona. Despite the lack of background, she has made YJ an amazing character. I love the part where she said, ".... But when she interacted with another person, she was just honest.... So, when Hwang Si Mok, who had a major flaw like that, [encountering] another person like her who was so fierce with her emotion, he was disarmed"
  7. @towrite Oh, you haven't watched the eng sub yet? I won't ruin it for you. Let's just say, she did what any annoying brat would typically do, loudmouth and giving attitude. Later when you watched it, you will say the same.. she's an annoying brat. You can say that she does break the stereotype of prostitute, though not all prostitute are victims. In a way, it's an occupation. GY worked as prostitute (and remember she did it willingly) but she is far from a victim. Yoon had it right when he said PMS used money, GY used her body. She may be young, but she is too greedy too arrogant for her own good. She doesn't deserve our pity. Actually I half-blamed her mother or parents of what GY had become. They say 'monsters are not born, they are made', GY's growing up with lack of guidances, discipline, education, and perhaps love may have made her the way she is now. Sorry for getting long-winded. @littleloony Oh, I haven't watched that anime (not that I watched many ) but will check it out later. For now, I'll rewatch FoS from Ep 1 to Finale. Congraaats!! It should have gone up so much earlier tho. Though the drama has ended, I would probably still be lurking here for a while. I'm sure you guys do too. Hahaha.. So, no goodbye yet. ES said (and Lenny Kravitz), "It ain't over until it's over"?
  8. I love Ep 16. I love the Finale. Yes, not everything is tied up prettily, but it's okay.. in fiction it never is anyway. LCJ and Yoon: Both men were on a mission. However, LCJ chose death. Yoon, despite his saying "I gave up on my future", chose life. Was LCJ a hero or a coward? As a righteous man, isn't he supposed to own who he is and what he does. Be responsible for his own action. He finger-pointing the rotten system, the corrupt people, the prosecutors. Yet, he was nowhere to be held accountable. If you make a claim on something, you should proudly own that claim. He jumped because he didn't want to be shackled, to be paraded, to be treated like a criminal. But he WAS a criminal. However, in a way, he was right. His death as a "corporate riches' spy" gave him credibility. His message was even louder with his death. So mission accomplished. So what is he? Yoon said he gave up his future - yet he chose life, chose punishment, and received so much hate for what he did. Is this the message that the writer wants to give? Two shades of grey (please.. this is not related to that raunchy book which I personally detest ). LCJ is not all good all hero. Yoon is not all bad all evil. I feel so sorry for Yoon. LCJ at least made his escape. Yoon would never be happy. He would forever be haunted by what he did eventhough he did it willingly. Even if he did release from prison, the past would still dragging him down. I feel so so sorry for him. Confucius said, "Before you embark on a journey of a revenge, dig two graves". I guess, nobody came out alive in this mission. LYB: Well.. there you go. I really cannot believe this man. His claim of Hanjo's 30% contribution of the country's GDP is a laughingstock. He feigned illness added another layer of drama. If there's one thing that I want the drama to close is LYB. How did they deal with that giant narcissist buffoon? I think the writer left it open because such thing is too close to real life (re: Samsung case, Sewol ferry, etc), defining the punishment when reality speaks otherwise may be too idealistic. GY: Seriously... what an annoying brat. I'm really glad YJ told her off. That's it, no more energy wasted on her. SDJ: Once a snake, always a snake? He can shed skin but whatever comes back, it's always the same. "I'll never do anything stupid again" ? SM-YJ: Aaaah.. the brightest part of the drama, ever! I love how he quoted YJ's in his interview ... he quoted YIJ's too. It means YJ holds high in his eyes, perhaps even higher than YIJ. Their street food date is adorable. And to imagine! SM crashing at YJ's apt while he's in Seoul. He would probably comment on her drawings with knitted eyebrows and sigh, "Aigoo". Wakakakaa.. so cute. SM has grown a lot from Ep 1 to the Finale and that's thanks to YJ. I'm a hopeful person. I hope there will be happiness for these two together. _/\_ Season 2? Yes pleaseee. More SM and YJ??? Count me in! I also want to see the Special Investigation team back solving the Prime Minister Kim's case, though I think it'll be harder now since KJB is out and Yoon is behind bar. But I'm sure, whatever the case is, it'll be another one hella ride!
  9. @triplem Thaaank you for this. A new light. At least Woo is caught. Not sure if he's going to rat out LYB tho. Edit: there you go. The narcissism the writer mentioned. This grand idea of self importance.
  10. Well.. translating the book version is not the same as the drama version. Eng sub in the drama is only the conversation. Book is more detailed. I wish there's a die hard fan out there who will translate the book and post it online, if there's no official translator and publisher for the Eng version of the book. Longer is a-o-kaay! Yeeess. Give us more pleaase!
  11. If they released the book in English, I'd very much like to buy it.
  12. If I'm not mistaken in the preview, SM did mention something about alerting interpol. So perhaps ES case against LYB-Woo IS finalized. We just don't know it. Even if interpol failed to catch Woo, he is a wanted man. With LYB in prison, Woo has to survive on his own, in a strange country, alone, and miserable.
  13. Or he could be in prison. Nobody can run business while being imprisoned. His son is in prison too. So that's only left LYJ to run it.
  14. Me too!!!! A justice fighting duo! SM is not in Seoul? The office doesn't look like WOP and the building lobby too. SM ditched the tie. I guess the tie is the symbol of liberation and symbol of new beginning.
  15. OMG.. SM's smile! Can an adult male be thaaat gorgeously cute! Heck, forget YJ... I want to have a street food date with SM. Bad ramen and all.