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  1. Just finished ep 5 and 6! Was watching it while eating and forgot to eat because it was THAT intense. Hi @bebebisous33, @LyraYoo, @UnniSarah, @carolinedl, @stroppyse - we meet again! I'm not sure if I want to take a jab at guessing the murderer or the whole conspiracy here since the show feels like a labyrinth; every time we turn into a corner something else is going on. It doesn't help that they have so many characters who may or may not muck their hands in dirt. It's raining suspects! However, my impression on some of the potential suspects: LCJ - Lee Chang Joon: Definitely plays an important role in the conspiracy but not sure how dirty he is. He's being driven by his father-in-law that's for sure, but I also believe that he didnt kill Ga Young and Young Il-Jae's speech on "how everyone's born with a certain sets of personality traits" makes sense. SDJ - Seo Dong-Jae: Gosh, I hate his evil grins. He's dirty alright but I don't think he's smart enough as master-mind. He's like a loose canon now and like any loose canon, he's bound to hit the wrong target. @Nymeria289 I'll join you slapping SDJ - I have the feeling that he has been doing richard simmons-kissing bootlicking for all of his life, he's so good at it. YES - Young Eun-Soo: She's naive and full of vengeance and can only see the tips of the iceberg. But I'm still curious about that boyfriend of hers. KWK - Kim Woo Kyun: Not much is known but if there's a level of dirtiness, I would put him above LCJ. KSC - Kim Soo Chan: Meh.. mini SDJ. LKY - Lee Kyong Young: It will be too easy to pinpoint him as the Master Mind seeing that the whole thing didn't turn out well. But too early too tell. LYJ - Lee Yoon Jae: At first, I had her pegged as a trophy wife buuuut... her chilling performance when asked LCJ on Ga Young gave me a second thought. To be able to deduce things based on words exchanges between her husband and her dad is quite impressive. Besides, hell hath no furies like a woman's scorned no? The breezy part from ep 6: HSM's almost smile, it's so awkward it's adorable YJ - HSM's interaction, I was screaming "Nooooo.. not you tooo!!" when she had her suspicions on HSM. But I'm glad that she cleared up any misunderstanding about him. Them together is super adorable. I wish HSM will open up more to her. Sigh.
  2. Why do I feel uneasy about this weekend's eps? Somehow I feel that Si Mok is going to be accused of killing Kwon Min Ah since she was murdered with the knife from the kitchen, the knife that he held for mock murder. I hate a set-up.
  3. Hi guys, Dropping by this forum to tell how much I'm liking this drama! Great writing, acting, and directing. All around A+. Just marathon 4 eps and boy, I shouldnt have done that since now, I'm on my edge waiting for the next eps. Dang... Question: which one is Hyun Cheol that Young Eun-Soo's mom talked about in ep4. The ex boyfriend? I must have missed that part.
  4. She's soo cute! She's sooo skinny here tho! I think this is her skinniest ever I've seen. Btw, if you havent seen this IG, you can check it out. Her clips on Law of the Jungle: New Zealand! (cr to IG boovely_park). She's so so cute!! Oh, and this one, me likey (credit to anya_loves_pby) :
  5. Thanks ladies. It's too bad that we dont get to see the office scene right after. Hopefully it's on the DVD.
  6. @lingx2 Thank you for the update! I dont remember her wearing the pink/white blouse. Hmm... which eps is that?
  7. @briseis Hahaha.. nice to know you're still very into the drama despite the thesis and exams! I will have to take your words on this since I don't watch that many Kdramas yet... but I like the fact that AMH since very early on has set his eyes on DBS despite the fact that he's not yet sure of his feeling to her. And that Mom plays active matchmaker for AMH and DBS. She basically went with her guts when deciding that AMH should be with DBS.
  8. OMG... @briseis you're still here?
  9. Agree about her dress.. I like the top part but the bottom with fringe is a little weird. She's reaaally pretty and her skin is awesome! So healthy and glowy. My only concern is that her heels are waaay high. I think she's wearing heels because she's concern of negative views of the public - her being shorter than other stars. I hope that's not the case, but even then, she shouldnt be wearing those shoes. It's really not healthy for her - or for any girls to wear heels that high.
  10. @karikarin @mei1209 Oh right.. PBG is 1993. Well, they'll make cute couple but I'm not sure if we can take anymore cuteness overload after PBY-PHS. Hahaha. Yeon Jin Goo is def too young for her tho he looks so mature and intense. But I cant picture her with him tho. Not sure. Another one that I cant picture her with is Kim Young Kwang (her co-star in Hot Young Bloods). I watched the movie and kept thinking how weird it is to see PBY and KYK together even though they look great in pic. Other possibilities are:
  11. KHN rejected the offer? Oh.. that's too bad. Okay.. moving on. For rom-com pairing, I think she will be great with someone with similar image - fresh, energetic, likeable with a dash of innocent vibe like her previous co-stars: SJK, JJS, PHS, and JCW her partner in Speed's MV. I read somewhere some fans want to see her act with PBG even. That would be too much tho since he's too young.
  12. Hmm.. in one of her V Live or interviews, she did mention that because of her petite stature, not many dramas/movies are suitable for her. But, despite of that, I think she still got quite a number of offers and she chose them carefully, whichever script that suits her the most. And she tends to take long break between projects and only do CFs.
  13. Yes, I wonder if she's in touch with them as well. I want to know what happen with the kids especially Oh Yeon Joon who sang Color of the Winds, I got teary eyed listening to it. So so beautiful. I hope K entertainment industry dont milk them for profit. I hope they grow well like normal kids. Whatever her next project is, I'm okay with whatever. I just hope it won't be long. I tried to find similar theme in all her projects and female empowerment is probably the most obvious theme; from Hot Young Bloods, The Silenced, You Call It Passion, SWDBS. The only movies of her that I havent watched is Dont Click since its horror - me no horror please and Collective Invention (giant fish on the land?... eerr). Btw, does anybody know what happen with her supposed movie Your Wedding with Kang Ha Neul? By now I figured the project is pretty much gone at the bottom of the sea, but whhhyyyy?!?! She and Kang Ha Neul would make a great onscreen couple! @mei1209 I hope so too!! If not 1D2N, RM or HT please!
  14. PBY is wonderful in WE KIDS! If any of you havent watched it, I strongly encourage you to watch it soon, though no sub so you have to guess what they say. She loves kids and the kids love her back. You can always tell a person's character by seeing him/her around kids and she's simply amazing! Note: Yo Yeon Seok and Tiger JK were there too and these guys surprisingly wonderful with kids. *respect.