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  1. They say.. in long-married couples, husbands are more likely to die after being recently widowed. Wives, on the other hand, can still survive after their husbands passing. I guess this is because wives are the caregiver so they can survive better than the husbands who are the ones being cared for. Once husbands lost the caregiver, someone who cares for them physically and emotionally, it can takes a toll on their health. It has been highlighted in the drama that men don't communicate so much. Not JJ's dad, BD's dad, NG's dad.. even BD and DJ also don't say much about what they're feeling. If JJ's dad said "I miss your mother so much and life has been very lonely without her", JJ might see his idea of remarrying differently. Perhaps, she can ask dad to live closer so that he can visit everyday.
  2. What a satisfying ending...! I cried the most during JJ-Mom's goodbye. Mom said you can live without parents, but you can't live without your kids.. Having to let JJ go also means she's losing her child - this version of JJ - who's so thankful so appreciative so loving. It also means she's accepting the fact that she won't live for long and won't be able to see her grandson. It's so sad. My heart feels so heavy just thinking of that. As always the case with time travel, questions "what has changed" is always there. Like what happened between 1999 and 2017, it can't be the same since JJ and BD made changes in 1999 and touched other people's lives... as proven by Sul and BD's parents. Did BD manage to get a better job or be better at that than before? Did JJ finally get the chance to say goodbye to mom? Aiyoo.. too many questions. I'll just pretend all's well ends well. NG on a date is so cute. I guess they met in a hug and ended in a hug. NG first saved JJ in that hug, and now JJ saved NG by giving him the hug. Sigh... I wonder what kind of a person NG's wife is. If his standard for life partner is the adult JJ back in 1999 (pretty, wise, kindhearted, and caring), then whoever his wife is, must be exceptional. JJ was wise and mature because she had 18 years of life experiences. So, to find someone around his age with temperament and personalities like adult JJ is a rare gem. The ending is silly and I'm not sure if it's necessary. Divine gods are having marital spat and threw rings on earth to be picked up by human on a jewelry store? Oh and do they live on Laputa? Oh welll... I guess it's for the sake of comedy. Thanks guys for being in this thread. See you on the next amazing drama!
  3. Okay.. if we're talking about lame before.. this could top the lamest scene in the drama. I got goosebumps just watching the .gif Live happily ever after according to Kdrama. According to reality, their life would be back with ups and downs. Hopefully, after learning life lessons the hard way, regardless whatever problems they have, they'd be able to deal with it .. TOGETHER.
  4. Whoaaa....everything is concluded neatly! No stones left unturned. Did we miss anything? Can't wait for the eng sub. So NG has a son? He should have a daughter, for the next timeline in the future with SJ and NG's daughter. Thanks @supergal99 @Kasmic @V for screencaps and recaps!
  5. I want to know what's in the letter... Gosh... writer-nim is tying everything up nicely... almost.
  6. That's what I thought too... and the flash is NOT helping. Crikey!
  7. Well.. I guess with ep 11, everything is laid up nicely for the climax in ep 12. Almost every problem has been sorted out. Sul back to school? Checked JJ expressing her love to mom - the one that she didn't get the chance when mom's dying? Checked First love realized and surpassed? Checked BD - JJ finally understood their mistakes and (almost) talked things through? Checked JJ would have talked things through with BD more about this had the accident didn't occurred. Without the preview, I guess we are left hanging and guessing what would happen tonight. The rings must have carried a significant meaning. After all, the rings brought them back to the past, the ring mark is still fresh like it'd just been removed recently, and now the rings at the ending scene.. laid out nicely side by side, bring them back to future? What's left is dad's remarrying - which I think will be sort out in 2017; and JW-BR's breakup - but honestly, I'm not really invested much in this couple. I do wonder what is the significance of NG's presence in the last scene. He must have been placed there for a purpose by the writer.... as a witness? Someone who understood what happened in the past when they're all back in the future?
  8. Weeeell... the idea of going back to the past with ring spontaneously combust and imaginary earthquake is already lame. If this time, that what will happen.. I take it.
  9. Could it be that with the accident, somehow they both return to 2017?
  10. Thank you @V for the recap and @supergal99 @Kasmic for the screencaps... so.. what's with the ending? it's cliffhanger alright
  11. @Kasmic My fave is Nakta Choi's Confession. His voice reminds me of Kings of Convenience. Because of this one song, I ended up purchasing his other songs.
  12. Whoaaa... I cant believe how much the pages have jumped to! This post is going to be long. I apologized _/\_ I have mixed feeling about this ep. By the end of the ep, I know I should be kyaa kyaa with SH's proposition to 'sleep with JH', instead I was sighing heavily. As much as I love JH and I do love her, if she's a real person, I'd love to be besties with her; but I feel she is too naive in love. I guess that's because she has never experienced love. Perhaps she was never interested on being in love because she idolized the idea of love, being fated to love. WIth SH, somehow things are perfect. All circumstances lead to her idea of Love. So yes, the pandora box is out alright; it's not just the physical needs but also all the lovey dovey feelings. She falls hard and she expects too much. I notice that in earlier eps, every time she has expectation and when it doesnt happen, she becomes cold and distant. The after-wedding-we-scene, the defender-scene, and from the look of next ep, it's going to fit this pattern. I'd like to think this is because she speaks more with her heart. SH, on the contrary, think with his head, even on the matter of the heart. The beach scene woke him up, giving him the idea that "yes, I have been unhappy for too long, I should live happily with this pretty person who seems to love me". That word "pretty" keeps being repeated again and again. Is that how he sees JH, that she's pretty? I want him to acknowledge JH's other best traits than just being pretty. I'm just feeling heavy that these two enter the relationship with different motives. JH for the Love and SH for being happy. WS-HR: I can only say this to the couple, relationships are like glass.. sometimes its better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together. I guess the moment the couch entered the apt, their relationship started to crack. I remember one scene in US series Dexter, when he asked a murderous couple on their secret of happy marriage, the couple said because they shared the same dream, the same outlook in life. WS and HR have different dreams and sadly those dreams don't meet in the middle. My big regret is that HR should be the one who let go first, not WS. The moment the realization comes, it will be healthier for her to admit it first and let go. SG-SJ: The only couple that makes me breathe easier in this ep. Trouble is still brewing of course, but somehow whatever problem this couple have, I can still take it and say "bring it on". I love SJ's finding something fun to do - which later on, I can bet on it, becomes her startup - her real business. Oh, does SJ mother's suffered from polio? Thank youu for reading this. Off to backread.
  13. @Kasmic Aaah.. got it. Will update my Chrome. Well.. I trust the whole team (PD and writer) to give the best ending as possible. I'll just relive the happy and hilarious moments by rewatching all of 12 eps this Sunday! Oh, and rewatch JNR's hello monster (the good parts only) @supergal99 Does this mean that NG will have his own happy ending later? A mother's love!!
  14. Thank youuu! I can sleep easy tonight, knowing there's the sub version of the preview! The article is in Korean. They're still filming until 16/17 Nov? Whoaa.. editing team would go sleepless rushing for the deadline.