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  1. The way SY eats is annoying, she took a good bit then she started nibbling, if she doesn't want to eat just film her back, it annoys me seeing her being so cautious around food, just eat and consider it your lunch or dinner for that day. She kept on chewing the same piece like forever. That piece of chicken remains on the plat whishing if she was never been slaughtered for the sake of people who do not appreciate her sacrifice, rest in peace piece of chicken you have died in vain. SY said a lot of stupid things that even SJ knew she wasn't being sincere and he chose his friendship over her, but she did the right thing asking SH to move on. Actually, I really feel sorry for SH, nothing in his life was his choice but SY. His mother planned everything for him even his friendship with SJ was his mother plan, working in the company and getting a promotion. Every aspect of his life is planned the only thing that he actually earned was SY friendship and love, that kept him going and made him happy and now he has to give her up to SJ like he always did I presume. I'm sure his mother made him a servant for SJ and not a friend, seeing him devastated like that makes me for sorry for him. I think he believes he lost his mother to SJ and not that his mother is trying to give him everything that belongs to SJ and she thinks what is she doing the best for her son not knowing she is actually hurting him. Ms. Hong has no right getting all worked up over her son being devastated it what she did to him made him that way, searching for real love and affection that he never got from his mother and not money and power that he never wanted. When she found out why he was like that she didn't care about his feelings, she only cares about how will he look at her if he found her truth. Ms. Hong wanting to know what Ms.Ko did with her money or who she gave it to is none of her business, but for her to meet her match is a good thing, someone who hates her as much as the hate she is spreading is great, but for Ms. KO to revile herself early in the game is not great or a smart move, if she just waited a little bit it would have been better. Sk husband will regret treating her like this if her aunt gave her everything, he acts as if he is the perfect husband and all he is is a piece of garbage. Mi-Ri deserves better she could find someone her age or younger with money and no stupid family and who will love her, she is the whole package. SJ wouldn't mind if his remarried and Bulldozer is now all grown up and lives with her husband and child, so for her to let her dad live a lonely life is unfair.
  2. I don't know what degree of burn she might have caused him, but what she did should keep her away from him if she has some sense. But she will never feel any sort of guilt because her main target was SY, so it is friendly fire. life goes on.
  3. For her SJ never liked JY and the only reason he is getting engaged to her t because he knows how desperately YS needs this job to save her mom, 5000$ a month for her mothers treatment is not easy to come by just by doing a part-time job, she already told SJ that she wants to make drama with him and he knows money is important to her so he might not get hurt that much, SY after Ms. Hong offer is sure that she will never agree or accept her to marry SH, so taking the offer to ruin the engagement and not seducing SJ will only hurt her and SH since SJ acknowledge that SY and SH belong together. So for her to take the money will save her mothers life and that is her priority, SJ wouldn't marry JY to save her job and SH will never find out what a terrible human his mother is, she is the one who will suffer the most.
  4. Ms. Hong getting angry and for what? what did she expect to happen once SY ends thing with SH, isn't that what she wanted?.
  5. So the highlight of episode 38 was the mysteries Ms.Ko I hope she becomes the fairy Godmother for SY. @marrez1 I think SY said to Ms. Hong she is not going to seduce him but she will make sure the engagement never happens and that's all that Ms. Hong cares for and the relationship between SY and SH is over.
  6. SY already told Ms. Hong she is not going to seduce him but she will stop the engagement to go through. I don't understand the secrecy of buying SY new outfits from SH if she told her son that SJ asked her to take SY shopping that will make them drift apart, what's wrong with it for her to keep a distance and for her minions to act suspicious while escorting SY will only draw attention. It stupid the whole buying cloth as stupid every piece as uglier than the one before it or after it. So SD finally doing something, JY is so clingy asking people if SJ likes when she actually knows he doesn't.
  7. For Ms. Hong to be choked for what YS said was like a thief reaction for being called a thief, or maybe it was because she was already hiding that side of her and to be told that was crossing the red line then she has no right since she crossed all the lines first. But now SY will never doubt who Ms. Hong is or her actual nature because she knows now what is she capable of doing to win it all, but what SY planning to do is not as bad compared to what she was asked to do. I was eating a crumble strawberry bun while watching the following scene I cut it to the parts that made it so sweet, watching everything from the moment SY called SH to the part Ms. Hong made the phone call was amusing especially how she was hiding like the filthy rat that she actually is. Mi-Ri deserves better and for the brother-in-law to use his sister-in-law crazy Godzilla mode is gonna bite him one day I hope so, she always runs off without taking a minute to think about it, her daughter is more of a handbag she needed to have and never wanted to look after or care about. Today I know for sure that SY was planning a future with SH but it wasn't clear for her. They had a lovely moment that I totally forgot that SJ only appeared at the end of the episode for one minute I just remembered while writing the last part.
  8. Ms. Hong is running her office like a gangster group! All her minions look like thugs and act like one too, from matchmaking to tailing there is nothing they won't do, where did she find this group of misfits. All the minion act exactly like her who loves to sit on her chair and act copy her in everything she does. As if she has her own mini Hong running around.
  9. When I watched the preview of episode 34 of Ms. Hong I was thinking to myself what a stupid move of her to drag YS and make kneel in front of SJ and then his whole family, then when I watched the episode I was starting to think what an evil woman, she wanted to play the righteous and a hero in front of them. But the way SY looked at her was like what are you doing? Then I started to find how things went against her plan, she wanted to get SY fired and to ruin the engagement and to keep SY away from SH and she planned that for days and then destiny had other plans since her plan backfired on her without even knowing SJ gave a call to SH to ask him to look after SY ( a lot of s-s in this show). See destiny plans smoothly it gives the chance for things to fall into its right place perfectly and without effort, while Ms. Hong plans always fails. Now SJ has to be engaged to save SY job so what did she do exactly with her minions in the war room? Mi-Ri oh Mi-Ri you did a good job, you deserve to get your happy ending more than anyone "You go girl". Now I really think the real plot where SY pretend to like SJ to save her mother is starting and I hate that. But SY always feels anxious in front of Ms. Hong, she is always tense but now I hope she knows for sure who is Ms. Hong for real for what she is about to ask her to do for money, Ms Hong treats SY as a gold digger even though she knows the real story, the real gold digger and the thief is no one but her.
  10. So-Dumb needs to move on since she has no legal ground, Mi-Ri snapping off on the two adultresses was cute especially calling SY orphan candy and her manager correcting her, the Eun father is selfish good for nothing, I think his mistress had daddies issue to have an affair with someone like him! For SH to be insulted and humiliated like this by someone like YT is his mother fault for interfering with his job just to match SJ and SY, for her to play the worried mother is disgusting. The maid is weird but what it is her agenda?.
  11. So-Dumb said something stupid and made things worst she is giving TMI, then she dares to be angry at her mother?. She could have said she wanted to check if she is debuting as her mother said and not she was checking on the rumors, what a dumb girl. Then she goes off on her sister. What is So-Yu doing exactly doing nibbling on the bread sucking the fat out of it or licking it but she is not eating it for sure, I imagine what is going on in everyone mind "Just eat it " she could just take a bit and then throw it with a napkin if she doesn't want to ruin her diet, but the way she is treating that piece of bread it a crime, before watching this episode I thought I was weird for eating choco pies without taking a bit as if I was devouring it. Ms. Hong treats her minions as maids again just throw away your college degree. Mi-Ri I find her cute but for her to go around running with rumors is an attractive look on her. For SJ not to know about his engagement to that brat is overstepping the boundaries. It is not a surprise birthday party.
  12. In episode 31 when the mistress came in throwing a fit I was wondering who is she to say what she said?. You have nothing to do with the any of the parties involved, your not So-Dam mother or Mo mother or even know him But the sound that her head made was music to my ears. The Choi father knows how to show affection only to his son if he only gave his daughter SK third of that she would be happy. I really enjoy how much Ms. Hong always gets ahead of herself and then she gets hit by reality. If she focused on stealing the company as much she focused on being a matchmaker she would have succeeded long time ago. She knows JY is interested SJ and for her to be angry about the father plan to have her as her daughter-in-law is stupid, JY didn't ask her father to buy those share if it wasn't to get closer to SJ. If she put half the effort and the time she spends on matching SJ and SY to match SH and JY it would be time spent well. She and her minion working so hard on matchmaking instead of company work, wast of college degree and money and time. Just start a matchmaking company it is much better.
  13. She was just a surrogate and for SH to be the father it would be only in one case his mother stole his
  14. Episode 30 wasn't that much the same things Hongs getting ahead of themselves, the Chois getting jealous or ignore others, Mi-Ri is a better writer than an actress telling the Eun father and his mistress about rumors with no ground but her imagination and for the mistress thinking they are not better than me is stupid of her to run the Eun mother with baseless rumors to satisfy her anger. She has that stupid look I got something. .
  15. I'm very disappointed at SH is he a teenager to do that?. Or a bad person to ask that of her just to assure himself?. What next if I can't have you no one will. Ms. Hong is the one who pushed the course of the event to this point, so why is she angry?. It is her doing so deal with it. Ms. Choi trusting her and saying that she is loyal is stupid, you don't even trust your own family. Did the minion lie and said a Motel instead of a Hotel I know not a big difference but motel makes it sound cheap relationship, the minion looked more of jealousy than someone who just follows orders maybe that's why she said motel! The little girl is the worst I don't like to hate children but come on enough is enough, the second daughter can't have a break, a horrible father, a terrible husband, a leech for sister-in-law and now a cunning stepdaughter.
  16. For SJ to get a promotion over job never done it must be a great thing, he did a lot of reading magazines, having lunch, teasing his assistant creating a mess in his office and anything but actual work. His father chasing after Mi-Ri instead of teaching his son and letting Ms. Hong do whatever she wants, what a great father and boss! For Ms. Hong to use a lot of her energy and her minions' degrees to chase one little girl it shows how her priorities are mixed up. Hey, Ms. Hong did you hire these idiots to steal a company or to ruin a one girl life? Minions did you go to college and got your degree for nothing?. Did your parent raise you for nothing? I like how So-YU talks back and never back down and I wish if she could be freer, Ms. Hong is stupid she wants So-Yu to kneel down to whom exactly if she doesn't even know who is after her?. If she told her I'm against you marrying my son it is not like she will go runing to him telling him that your mother is against us!. She keeps telling her she doesn't want to marry her son but the mother is wasting her time and money. Now I understand where is SH coming from, his insecurity is because of his inferiority complex and the reason for that is his mother when she made him became friends with SJ and she made him suffer. Why will she steal a company and give it to her son it is as if she is saying her son is incompetent to make a name for himself.
  17. @dramaninja SJ teasing SY and the last scene made SH suspicious of his intention. SJ knows that they like each other, yes they are not dating but they had the idea of getting married regardless of SH not asking SY but she thought about it. SJ going around missing with SY is him trying to get closer to her without knowing or acknowledging his feeling. SH is getting ahead of himself acting like a jealous boyfriend and SJ stepping over his friend crush and showing interest and some jealousy is wrong. SH unrequited feeling is SY fault if she doesn't think of him as a boyfriend and just as a brother, she should tell him clearly. " Yo I don't like you, your just a friend so move on". then she should sing the friendzone song.
  18. Ms. Hong getting angry because of her son it is uncalled for, she is the one who dragged So-YU, what was she expecting? .But the look though is priceless it made me smile big time. Seo-Joon and Se-Hyun friendship are tested but Seo-Joon is the one who is going after his brother girl, he likes her but that doesn't give him the right to do anything about her knowing that his brother asked her to marry him, Ji-Yoon asking him to fire her was stepping her boundaries and complaining to everyone. Mr. Choi running after Mi-Ri and acting all cute and adorable. Man, they plotting against you so wake up and manage your company, his son in la is greedy and bad ut at least is protecting hat he is planning to take over. It a first where the evil people sit and work together to create a scandal and leave the real work for the rest of the company. Ms. Hong is ruining her son lives and she doesn't care.
  19. Their fight was epic. They could have had a bromance and a great friendship.
  20. The new addition is trouble she is only 12 Ye-Jin managed what anyone in her family couldn't do, she is under progress project for an evil woman in the future a mini Ms. Hong. Mr. Choi, I really love how you always surprise me with your killing lines that show the warmth of his heart. and the best parent award goes to.......................No body. So-Dumb she holds the cards but she is the one who gets pushed around no wonder dummy dum-dum. Miss. Minion confused me here I really thought for a second that I was looking at Ms. Hong and not her. She is a clon for her master that is so crazy, she took on her masters action and became her.
  21. So-Dam turns out is not only dumb she is selfish too. Ms.Hong is a sneaky snake she is planning to stick So-Yu and Seo-Jun together while his sister and his delusional friend trying to plan So-Yu it's not a birthday party weirdos. Mr. Choi and the way people manipulate him easily makes you wonder if he even good at running the company, Mi-Ri assistant is a man with dignity, he wanted to be acknowledged and not to be paid off. Ms. Hong and her minions plotting against their master.
  22. I think that too, he is the kind of a person as they said will cut off anyone from his life if they did him wrong and I think he will keep a grudge and his mother will feed him so she could take over the company and give it to him. But he might not cross completely to the dark side and join forces with the evil witch for long. I believe that she has more than two faces for different occasions and people.
  23. Sadly I can't find the best friend real name she does a lot for the Eun family more than anyone and she is not on any wiki, she is important for Mi-Ri, Eun sister, the mother, and Se-Hyun. She is the one who helps everyone? So-Yoo if she was a bit stronger, aggressive and outspoken it could be great but she is not. Seo-Joon seems smitten by her but keeping his distance because of his bromance with Se-Hyun. Se-Hyun he is not even doing much in the show as a 2nd lead give him some story other than the evil witch son and the man who loses the girl at the end, Ji-Yoon girl he is not your man so stop bothering everyone and do something by yourself without the support of Ms. Hong or the giraffe Seo-Hyung I just realized when I started with name calling! she is dressed as one today. The father he doesn't deserve to be called a father for mistreating Seo-Kyung who is doing this because she hopes one day he will treat her right I wish if he could grow a heart and a brain and to stop leaving everything for the witch to deal with. The two idiot husbands Tae-Woong I never saw him doing anything productive but complaining and posting on Instagram is he even in the show business, the other one Yoon-Tae telling his wife to be nice I hope they will win it all, is he serious if she divorced him it is over for him so he should be nicer if she only understands that she is the one that is holding all the cards it would e great. I feel bad for the Eun sisters mom she wants to help them, but her disease makes it hard for her to get a job and help her daughters. So-Dam logic is stupid and dumb as she goes on in her life she loses more brain cells.
  24. The most things I hate about the show is Ms. Hong and how the relevant people are clueless about her evilness especially her dear son Se Hyun. Also, the way that Mr. Choi treats his daughter badly because of his own mistake she didn't ask him to bring her into this world. Se-Hyun characters seem more of someone who makes a decision without asking the people who are related and important to the matter. So-Dam or so dumb.
  25. Not a single normal person exist in this show, this girl Myung Ji-Yoon can't stop acting like a jealous girlfriend. Just because she is an announcer that doesn't mean she can keep yapping the whole time, take a break and let everyone eat in peace. The baby is the only normal one in the entire show and she is the one who is stuck with two bad parents, she can't even leave or walk away Like mother like son, they do things so irrationally when it is about their private life. He decided to marry SoYu and his mom decided to ruin her life and yet she has all time in the world to steal the company. Her minion is weird for playing her part I mean isn't she suppose to be professional?. If it was two men or one of them they wouldn't have done that I presume. I hate the fact that the show is at the beginning which means there is a lot of things that So-Yu has to go through, that's why daily dramas are the worst.