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  1. What happened in sunny again tomorrow for this to become part I don't know I have to note it is not the place for this but I have to explain. Sorry. Every divorce in the world comes with alimony and it is not high because it depends on the husband income and it is only for the first 3 month of the divorce and not for the rest of her life unless if you're speaking about the rest of her money gift that is another book, when I said books are written about the conditions I meant for example if he divorced when she is on her period it is invalid, if they were having a very heated argument and sometimes when you're angry words are exchanged and he might end up saying the world without realizing it and he will regret it and this divorce is invalid, also let say he went to the doctors and the doctor told him he has only a few months to live and he decided to divorce her so she wouldn't inherit him invalid. Or he was under the influence or under anesthesia and he divorced her it is invalid, or maybe someone has a gun to his head to divorce her invalid, you have to look for the circumstances the way he said it what words he said, did he mean divorce because vocabulary is unlimited .....etc. That's why I said books were written about divorce and its conditions, sometimes you will have even to go to judge and he will ask what you said and how you said it ...etc does the word you used means you divorced her because there are many words for it, never said anything about money because it is a reason to divorce or not to divorce, not a condition.
  2. No, it is not as simple as that there are books are written about the subject regarding the conditions and so on and it's not the place for this.
  3. I think she knows about the hit on her so she wants them to stop or they are trying to bend what happened to HN on her if the writers decided to put her in a coma to fill up the next 11 episodes, also HN already has the pictures and the thugs run off without taking the phone, so if YR has the phone maybe she is just playing JE and pretending.
  4. I'm trying my best not to pull my hair out, really the writers had to give SH an opportunity to lie about it instead of getting caught red-handed, I'm not lying if I said I have my hand on the back of my neck and my blood pressure is rooftop high. Really Really couldn't they just gave us the satisfaction of watching JH taking the mask off her sister they had to help her Why?.
  5. You will find it on youtube "Don't Let Go of My Hand", for me it is hard to watch because I already watched the Korean so I don't like to rewatched and because of the way that the rich boy and the poor girl meet it is always the same in every drama wither it is original or not. They insult each other and then meet accidentally again start off as enemies and then end up falling for each other.
  6. @mamanijared JE started everything but the one who took it so far was SH, even JE wanted to come clean in some point so she could be with DG, but SH became calculative she will lose everything to HN that's why she was pushing JH to adopt JE .
  7. It's called "Elimi birakma" and it is currently airing, Turkish drama is very popular in the Arab countries and some of them are taken from Koreans.
  8. So does it mean that SH might get caught with her hand in the cookie jar?. Stealing from her sister to get rid of her daughter!
  9. @UnniSarah with DG she did everything she could to win his love and she wasn't ashamed to let everyone know how she feels about him and it was just from her side, with HG she plays push all the time, yes she tried to win his family over and yes she broke up with him for her mom because HG mother treated her mother like trash, but HG stood by her side when she needed him the most, so at least she should take it to the end for their love.
  10. Did you watch the shining inheritance aka Brilliant Legacy? Go Eun Sung lost her brother and she was looking for him everywhere and she lived with Sunwoo Hwan, who fall in love with her and he saw her brother almost every day at his friend bar playing the piano, but never not even once occurred in his mind to see his picture just in case, she would have met her brother before the last episode. I only remembered this point now that they are airing the Turkish version.
  11. You're doing your own investigation that is very impressive for real? if only those writers have had the half detection you have they would have written better. But they always write with the half heart without covering all the angles.
  12. The police already did and they checked the CCTV and YR was smart enough to pay off a little boy to drop it off at the delivery office, so it is a dead end. It not like they can trace down a little boy and ask him for the description of the person who asked him to do so.
  13. One of the things that the writers are not good at making the good people being able to make the connection, but that is not the case when it comes to the evil ones. For example, YR made the connections in a few days and managed to get what she wants too fast.
  14. Shouldn't AE the adoptive mother now make the connection between the dress and the missing daughter now that she is found alive or it's part of her lost memory?