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  1. currently i'm unable to make it to the VIP show but i will be buying the movie ticket and watch it with another friend and come back with some of my point of views and no i won't ruin the movie details for you all, so i'll be back
  2. hello everyone, i'm back with another concert update and that is everyone's beloved Hatsune Miku is finally coming back to Hong Kong!! Information shared from the original facebook page 「MIKU EXPO」踏入第 5 週年,我地好開心宣佈今年終於登陸香港啦! 香港站將於 2019 年 7 月 27 日在 STAR HALL 舉辦!MIKU EXPO 將設有 VIP 門票,並會以實名抽 籤形式進行,2 月 22 號下午2:00開始接受登記。其他門票售票日期將會另外公佈, 請大家再 耐心等候! MIKU EXPO has come to its 5th anniversary celebration this year and we are excited to announce Miku is coming to Hong Kong for her live concert at Star Hall on 27th July. We will offer VIP package for the show and the application will start on 22 Feb tentatively. (On lottery basis) 購票程序 1. 到 Timable 報名 網址 :https://timable.com/event/1761071 開始時間:2 月 22 日 14:00 截止時間:2 月 28 日 23:59 2. 於上述網頁按 "報名",並填妥個人資料,選擇場次及付款方式 個人資料:姓名 (須與身份證明文件上的姓名相同)、 身份證/護照號碼頭 5 個字母 (包括英文及數字)、 電話號碼、電郵 (電話及電郵將用作聯絡及接收確認電郵,請確保資料無誤) 場次 : 7 月 27 日下午場 - VIP 區門票及初音未來禮物包 $980 + $20 手續費 7 月 27 日夜晚場 - VIP 區門票及初音未來禮物包 $980 + $20 手續費 數量 :每場最多兩張 付款方式:信用咭、ATM 轉帳 (付款將於中籤後進行) 3. 截止後將會進行抽籤,結果於 3 月 4 日至 3 月 8 日 期間透過電郵通知 申請 者 (請仔細檢查收件箱及垃圾郵件箱) 4. 申請者收到「中籤確認電郵」或「payment request」電郵,必須於指 定限期 內完成付款 (詳情會於電郵內列明) 5. 如申請者未能於付款期限內完成付款並提供付款證明,主辦單位有權取 消其 購票資格,並開放給其他候補申請者 (候補申請者將獲主辦單位另 行通知) 取票方式 1. 完成付款後,申請者將於 2-3 星期後收到「購票確認電郵」 (請仔細檢 查收件 箱及垃圾郵件箱) 2. 於演唱會當天,攜同電郵內的電子憑證 (每票一個 QR 碼,電子版或列 印版) 及申請者身份證明文件,到現場領取門票及禮物包 (如未能出示 QR 碼及身份 證明文件,恕不能領取門票及禮物包) 條款及細則 1. 是次 VIP 門票抽籤購票採用實名制。 2. 每人每場最多可申請兩張 VIP 門票。 3. 重複申請者將會被取消資格。 4. 確認中籤後,必須於指定期限內付款。 5. 門票確認後不可退款,更換或轉讓他人。 6. 領取門票時須出示確認電郵內的電子憑證及身份證明文件。 7. VIP 區座位為隨機挑選。 8. 主辦單位有權更改條款及細則而不作另行通知。如有任何爭議,主辦單位將 保留最終決定權。
  3. hey everyone, HYDE WORLD TOUR 2019 ASIA dates has been confirmed! and i'm sorry for the slow updates like normal and that everyone is waiting for the C3HK event updates too, don't worry that would be coming somewhere sometime this coming week i promise you that after writing on that event for so long as who i am, i won't stop lol. March 27, 2019 (Wed) Shanghai March 29, 2019 (Fri) Beijing March 31, 2019 (Sun) Chengdu April 2, 2019 (Tue) Hong Kong April 4, 2019 (Thu) Taipei Current introduction is the original Hong Kong promotion one, so please don't worry about destination as I will be posting information on how to get to the concert hall as well soon. HYDE WORLD TOUR 2019 ASIA in HONGKONG Date: Tue 02 Apr 2019 8:15PM Venue: Star Hall, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Kowloon Ticket Pricing: *VIP: $1480 Adult: $1280 / $1080 / $780 Wheelchair: $1080 about HYDE: HYDE:日本音樂人,日本殿堂級搖滾樂隊L'Arc~en~Ciel(彩虹樂隊)主唱、VAMPS樂隊的主唱。近年來,HYDE更多以個人solo的形式發行專輯及舉辦巡演。繼2018年黑彌撒亞洲巡演後,2018年12月30日HYDE宣佈2019年的世界巡演計劃,將以亞洲作為起點,今次公佈的亞洲城市包括上海、北京、成都、香港及台北。不同於黑彌撒安靜優雅的不插電形式,2019年的巡演HYDE將以樂隊的形式帶來躁動的搖滾現場。強節奏的選曲,更加狂野的現場,完全的熱血,完全的Heavy。HYDE將用現場的不
  4. i wouldn't mind asking when the movie will be aired in USA. do you mind sending me a message by facebook i can update you there, this is my facebook page name. ミク白雪 i'll update you with information
  5. some of you might know that Fate / Stay Night - Heaven's Feel Lost Butterfly movie is about to air, or some of you might not know. the first part of the movie was released in 2017. so right now i am going to share the current movie poster and the one that was released in 2017 so everyone can compare the different and as you can see the date of airing time is different, but i have to say it was awesome. now i am not going to spoil the first movie and give people my point of view as you might be able to find it on my profile lol and it might be a little messy, but anyway i have to say is that i was so looking forward for the second part of the movie and i though the second part was releasing last year, i was a bit wrong. right now i am going to say that everyone gather up for this movie and make sure the tickets are sold out in day one to support this anime and make it burst. i will come back soon with my review and some pictures will be posted on my instagram as well as some short live on my facebook page. so look forward to some short spoiling clips if you want to see lol
  6. i went to the final concert of gun and rose and i have to say the concert was awesome and i have to thank you christina and her team - live nation, thank you for all your hard work and the wonderful organization of the concert it was great! i had a wonderful time at the concert, the singer was awesome i didn't know slash would be so cool when his solo was played and i have to say that no matter how old a band can be their music will always rock the world, now let me explain what happen to me on my way and please laugh at my stupidness.... i hear the voice saying the concert is about to start at the arena please move to the concert hall as the concert is about to start in the arena soon. look, i arrived at 7.45pm, feeling that i was late, i started running screaming on where is the staff was held of course some of them didn't know and it was normal and i started running and my head started to ache because i was low on sugar and i have very bad low blood pressure and i was like "i'm late, again i'm late... shoot me" and thank god i saw christina took me less than a few minutes breathless, and of course i'm not in a mess, no messy hair nothing... just noticed there was a lot of fans still gathering to the arena so i knew i still had time to get a drink... finished in one go... and moved into the hall and had my bag open for checking. now after entering i was high as a monkey and of course there was beer and other drinks and everyone at the concert gave me the highness that i enjoy and i have to say 45 minutes into the concert someone fainted behind me and the staff and security had to help her out, oh yeah someone had to smoke behind me through the concert and because there was no smoke i knew pretty well it was a heated capsule.... could have been a small vape tank as it smells nicer... but never mind, but i did enjoy the concert and it was awesome. during the encore someone threw their beer and i have to say was a good choice it was awesome!! oh about the mic that was thrown off stage ANYONE WHO PICKED IT UP!! KEEP IT WELL HONEY!! KEEP IT WELL!!
  7. i promised i would post information on how to get to AsiaWorld Expo and because of safe reason on not posting wrong information I have posted the link below, please remember the cost are different from bus to train!!! Getting To AsiaWorld Expo
  8. i'm back for a temporary time due to some things are happening and i don't want to let people miss some awesome concert to one of the most wonderful and famous bands in the world, that's right Gun N Roses are coming to Hong Kong live, and the following concert information are given to me by the Live Nation and their agency! Live Nation Gun and Roses Live Information A two day Live Tour!! Starting November 20th to 21st 2018 - Gun N Roses In This Lifetime Tour - Hong Kong At the AsiaWorld - Expo Arena Starting time: 20.00PM I'll later update the map to the concert hall don't worry! - EVENT DETAILS Doors: TBD One of rock music’s greatest icons, Guns N' Roses will bring their Not In This Lifetime Tour to Hong Kong in a 2-night electrifying performance on 20 and 21 November 2018 at the AsiaWorld-Expo Arena. Outstanding reviews from around the world crashed in from the start with Rolling Stone dubbing the “Not In This Lifetime Tour" as the triumphant return of one of the most important bands of rock music history." LA WEEKLY notes it's "everything fans could hope for" while The Washington Times says the show delivers a set of "inspired surprises." Ticket Prices: Seated – HKD 2,488 / 1,688 / 1,288 / 988 / 688; Standing – HKD 1,688 / 1,288. Tickets will be available for public on 13 June (Wednesday) starting 10am Citi and Live Nation together deliver special access to live music events for Citi cardholders in select Asia markets. Citi credit cardholders have access to pre-sale tickets beginning 7 June 2018 (Thursday) 10am through 8 June 2018 (Friday) 11:59pm. For complete pre-sale details, please visit citibank.hk. Live Nation members have access to pre-sale tickets from 11 June 2018 (Monday) 10am through 12 June 2018 (Tuesday) 11:59pm.
  9. I’m back after a day of sugar free food and I almost forgot about the moon cakes, now I must let you know that tomorrow is the last day of the food and tea expo although the tea and international food trade was over around three days ago, I am going to finish what I almost missed out and that is moon cake! First of all Wing Wah moon cakes are on discount and at the same they released a new lava moon cake that is sold for a discount price! Next is the the new released frizzed ice mochi based moon cake that contains green tea and red bean, Japanese peaches and Japanese honey dew melons as I forgot the other green tea filling one... so I’m going to say sorry! I’m going to come back on that one! Third one is my childhood favourite and that is Kee Wah moon cake that has released a soft salted egg yolk lava moon cake and the final one is from one of the most popular restaurant brand super star group is their famous white lotus paste with double salted egg yolk, this is a traditional moon cake that is best eaten when it’s lightly heated in the over for 90 seconds just slightly warm up for a soft delicious fresh baked out of the oven taste! If I forgot anything I ate, I might have to go asking my agency on what I got... as I swallowed a little bit too much of food
  10. Currently I’ve eaten myself into a food coma so for that reason let’s continue with the review! Now about the main call I would recommend going to catalo and preorder all their upcoming green propolis products and other honey based goods as it’s mainly some good New Zealand products! Then it’s the wonderful coppa maga ice cream that has no egg, gluten or sugar so the sweetness comes from natural flavours, now I would recommend pistachio and grapefruit bergamot ice cream, now everyone’s taste is different what I like is everyone choice to choose, if your wondering where are the pictures? I ate them and took a picture so I’ll upload them later! Naked noodles are also in the same wholesalers company so I would highly recommend the Thai coconut lemongrass as it’s flavour is bloat, yes not bold it’s bloated like a balloon and the lemongrass is strong so all I get is a delicious lemongrass broth mixed fish sauce and a light amount of coconut water! I’m loving it! I finally found my beloved milk their wonderful strawberry jam company after waiting for a good five years and I have to say that company Kobe and they released a reward winning white wine which I would recommend trying as it has a crisp apple and lemon scent covered by a light delicious apple taste that has a soft dry finish, hint of lemon and dried green white grapes on the after taste. Almost forgot about the pickle vegetables I got from one of the Japanese company that has made a wonderful pickled miso and chilli based mackerel that is good, I have to be honest I might have the fish breed wrong! No clue but it’s good!!! I think that’s all until I remember again...moon cakes!!? I’ll come back about that tomorrow!!
  11. so yesterday was the first day of the food and tea expo and some of you might know that last year i didn't go due to some personal reason and let's leave it like that, first of all the first company i am going to mention in this post is the Hokkaido milk that is from Japan its so smooth and creamy and has a very rich feeling, this place would be open on the third day as it's a buyer and trade expo on the 5rh floor. their milk and cream cheese is so soft and creamy with that hint of tartness, it's like your eating the finest cream with that small hint of lemon juice similar to that feeling! now about pictures and what the event hall looks like, i might not be able to take so much photo on my own as i am busy eating my way down to everything i am given right now so there might not be pictures to everything, but i did take some samples home to take pictures so those will be coming soon! eating my way through everything needs hours and as your reading this i am already on chocolate this company is called Hokkaido Dairy who has a distribute in hong kong sold in log on / city super if your wondering where to buy it. you use their cream cheese second my hometown snacks - finn's fine fudge / mary gray this company is from new zealand and they make the finest chocolate and yes this company also yes honey so this all my point of view and my own review so do not take things too deeply, this company has the finest chocolate fudge that i have ever eaten! sweet, soft and very tasty and i have to say their kiwifruit fudge and manuka honey fudge is a 100% awesome product! here are the links to their websites! page: http://finnsfudge.co.nz page: http://www.marygray.co.nz new zealand manuka honey drop is a very soft gentle throat lozenges that contains menthol, eucalyptus and other natural ingredients which i find is very smoothing and relaxing! manuka honey is a very soft smoothing healing property that is good for our body and health. their manuka honey drops has natural, ginger and echinacea a natural flower agency as well as lemon. i would recommend ginger and echinacea as it has a soft warming feeling and a relaxing taste to it. as every i said on the opening post i am eating everything on my own currently there are cups of different soup and noodle i need to get through within these hours so i'm going to keep things simple. page: http://nzglobalfoods.co.nz the next is the wonderful wagyu beef from japan, first of all the meat i tasted was tender flank the back leg of their most famous black cow. first of all there are some people would not eat raw meat so some of you might already hear of blue rare that is similar to what i ate, which means not fully cooked and its raw, i had yuzu pepper on the first one and it brought out a very soft natural sweetness. the second i was given was roasted and very well roasted which was rare, that was lightly season with salt and it brought out the meats original sweetness.
  12. so day 1 of ACGHK 2018, someone here wasn't feeling too well and into be very honest the help that I needed wasn't really supportive so in the end after feeling a lot better on day 2, which is today I when to get some things clear up and interviewed only two stores due to the fact i wasn't prepared this time due to my mind and health was not in place! secondly i end up helping two cosplayers who lost their tickets and to be honest the event holders should be aware due to so many people there is a chance that you might lose tickets and as mention before the ticket can only be entered once. currently i just arrived back home and writing all this up so everything might seem random and raw so bare with me, Manga Store / Animate this year had a full pop up store of Neon Genesis Evangelion and to those who wondered why did I do the interview on day 2 and not day 1 is because I was sick and asking someone to help doing the interview on day 1 some reason / some how my partner said there was no such appointment for the interview and their staff had no idea from what i hear but when i got there, the staff was nice enough to allow me to do the word to word interview and we managed to order a special limited edition event based octopus set x2 set a and set b, we'll come back with some pictures once we get it. currently this is all i'm going to update as i'm going to get some rest, about the bandai premium online store for Asia is that there is a Hunter x Hunter special earring and necklace that has just been released, a new set of Digivice 1999 has been released there is a freezing system within the game that will stop the digimon to stop growing and evolving along stop them from dying since we adults don't have as much time as we did as kids so its something we can enjoy as a treat or free time enjoyment. also a kamen rider complete selection modification v buckle & dragvisor has been put on demo within the event this year and the design is beautifully made, there might be some slight changes before the main release, i will keep you updated once i get more information. also a sailor moon card collection box that is for /
  13. tomorrow is the concert and of course i disappeared for a bit so i'm back lol. anyway update you the song list tomorrow!!! and i'm going to enjoy myself xD
  14. usagi-ayumi

    ACGHK 2018

    due to some big changes for ACGHK 2018, everything that is explained in this post is the entrance for the main event inside ACGHK 2018 main event and CREATIVE PARADISE 05 [CP05] event hall that would last for 3 days only. there are some big changes for ACGHK 2018 this year due to the fact that the entrance fee has not changed which will still be $30 HKD, but there is one thing you can only enter once for this main event hall and slowly will be allowed to go into CP05 for free if you are done walking inside the main event, but please note if you want to return to the main event hall you have to either have a "COSPLAYER STAMP" which is only connected to the main event on the first floor. as for CP05 event that would last for 3 days, you will have to understand that if you have no interest on staying on the first floor's main event and want to be hanging out on 3rd floor mainly, they will have a second ticket booth that would be selling CP05 main entrance tickets for $35 HKD, which along side you will be stamped with a proof for full entrance anytime you leave the third floor, but please note cosplayers might need to have their arms stamped for the second time if they wish to hang out mainly on the first and third floor. CP05 - first time event opening time would start around 12PM to 8PM for special reason, but for the second and third day, the event would open normally around 10.30AM to 8PM now this might be shocking to a lot of people who has been going to this event for a long due to my post or other people telling you about it and that is as long as you have a ticket of the day and you suddenly had to go out of the event hall, as long as you have the ticket with you, there is a second chance for entrance only, but the orginzes that changed this kind of rules might have made a stubborn choice due to the fact that Hong Kong "kids / parents and adults" love to complain about no second entrance return although it's understandable that they wish to keep the line moving so there is no wait up while people who brought the ticket can enter the event more quickly instead of standing outside for two hours. guest that would be appearing in CP05 this year is listed below. 香港動漫電玩節1樓主會場舞台 [CP05 - STAGE PERFORMANCE GUEST LIST]mikitoP 7月27日(星期五)17:15~17:45 Sayuri 7月27日(星期五)18:00~18:30高橋洋子 7月29日(星期日)15:30~16:00nano 7月30日(星期一)15:45~16:15松澤由美 7月30日(星期一)16:30~17:00Machico 7月31日(星期二)16:15~16:45 創天綜合同人祭會場Anmi、いずみべる、富樫美鈴、Rita(offical webisite has not released the date and time the guest would be arriving at the event!)
  15. some of you might remember the fact that i have this weird issue that i can never make it into the anime concert and not once did i make it in alive, some reason i cannot figure out still but this time we're going to make sure i make it into this wonderful Egoist Live Hong Kong Tour 2018 because it's going to be awesome as we can guess as well as I'm looking forward to seeing them live this year, right now I just got information on the fact that they are coming, so I am going to give credit to my man who messaged me before hand so that I knew about this live. please note that currently I have no information or concert poster that is released yet so I am looking forward to their poster and song list. Thank you / Credit Forward Music HK and G-Music HK for the poster update and information update. 士別三年,點止刮目相看! 新世代音樂制作人ryo(supercell)監製的虛擬歌手 EGOIST 載譽歸來! 2018年6月23日在九龍灣國際展貿中心STARHALL再度來港演出! 比三年前更新的科技帶來疑幻疑真的超高清全息虛擬歌手,配合實時動態技術捕捉真人歌手動作,由日本製作團隊及主音為您足本呈獻!2月9-11日會展C3AFAHK場內優先預售$880門票連主音chelly親筆海報,切勿錯過! G Music(HK)Ltd The Virtual Artist “EGOIST” produced by new generation music producer - ryo(supercell) is coming back in 23th June, 2018, STARHALL, KITEC. Upgraded Advance Technology brings you an optical illusionary ultra high definition Holographic Virtual Artist, with real-time motion capture system reveal the real artist movement at once, brought to you by Full Japanese production team and vocal. Advanced ticket HK$880 with vocal-“chelly” autograph Concert poster, only in C3AFAHK 2018!
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