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  1. I don't know but in 'A Wife's Credentials', the couple actually had a happy ending. In 'Secret Love Affair' though, they actually end up together, but still Oh Hae Won must yet to pay her crimes and Seo Yeon Jae still need to build up his career, so it's still a good ending. But I forgot, this is written by another scriptwriter, still hard to predict. hahaha
  3. BECAUSE THE DIRECTOR OF A WIFE'S CREDENTIALS AND PRETTY NOONA WHO BUYS ME FOOD IS THE SAME PERSON! IT'S AHN PAN SEOK! Sorry for the caps, I'm just happy that someone here actually watches A Wife's Credentials, my all time favorite korean drama. The music, the style, the sweet moments.. ahhh~ It's A Wife's Credentials once more.
  4. Opps. The writer of Secret Love Affair is Jung Sung Joo and she's not the writer of this upcoming drama, it's a new writer named Kim Eun.
  5. Son Ye Jin cast as female lead in 'Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food' + Jung Hae In considering male lead The plot sounds like 2006 MBC drama, What's Up Fox. Am I the only one thinking about that? But, it's AHN PAN SEOK! IT'S A ROMANCE! THAT ROMANCE IN A WIFE'S CREDENTIALS IS CERTAINLY ONE OF THE BEST ROMANCES IN THE KOREAN DRAMA INDUSTRY! I'm so excited with this!
  6. If you compare the directing and editing to Goblin, Goblin might be better, but story wise and script wise, Hwayugi is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Goblin, so for now, HWAYUGI is..... 햅~격!!!!!!!! (Haep~Kyeok! / PASS!!)
  7. Why do people always compare it to Goblin? And always implying that Goblin is the greatest kdrama of all time like duh? IT'S THE WORST KDRAMA LAST YEAR, I dozed off while watching it, it was very childish, the plot seems didn't move. I really don't get it why people are loving it. Anyway, I've already watched the 2 episodes of Hwayugi with english subs this time, I can say that it was very Hong Sisters, the way they created the world (Yes. I've watched all the Hong Sisters drama, just didn't finish Warm and Cozy), it's so much like a manga-like world. They are the best at making the premise like who would've thought about a woman seeing ghosts and when he touch that man, the ghosts will disappear (Yea, it's Master's sun. haha) very interesting. As an avid watcher of Hong Sisters' drama, I am more like excited on the plot development because you know, that's their weakest point as they will just recycle every plot from their past dramas. As also from my observation, I am just a little sad because the comedic style of hong sisters are changing. You know, in their past dramas they used the situation to become comical (He's Beautiful, My Girl and The Greatest Love) with the comedic timing of the actors, but in here and Master's Sun, they rely much on the actor's comedic timing and not much about their writing. But, anyway, the 2 episodes, premise is interesting, acting is kinda over the top, the script might be witty but the execution failed this time. I hope the Hong Sisters should partner with the PD of He's Beautiful next time.
  8. I actually am familiar with Journey To The West because I watched Saiyuki when I was a child, it's an anime series and also happened to watch an old Journey to the west film from China trough local tv. That bracelet (in hwayugi but headband (?) in the anime series and movie) is the reason why the monk can control Son Goku (in the anime series hahaha, if he will take it, he became a powerful demon).
  9. A cheap copy of Goblin? Where in fact I actually slept while watching that series. Lol
  10. Is it really true that they will be re-airing episode 2 tonight at 6:20PM KST? Then, what's the rating for last night's messed episode?
  11. I think they will not air Episode 2 tonight as on the NEXT show will be a variety show or I think that's sitcom And I think, we should sleep now. Good night everyone and Merry Christmas! It was a bad night for us :'(
  12. Don't you worry, I called Son Oh Gong, he is now battling with those black demons and tvn will now be okay. Hahahaha
  13. I think tvN needs help, maybe they were possessed by the demons.. Should we call the help of the monkey king? Okay, here we go... SON! OH! GOOOONNGGG!!!