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  1. @kdramaaddict212 Thank you SO much for the directions and clearing up the confusion! Will get on it right now! Btw, I read in an IG post promoting the DC Blu Ray, and they said that after purchasing it off YesAsia, that you need to send a message on the Naver (?) TSHLFY forum indicating that you already bought so they can tally up the number of orders. is that something you did or know if you have to do?
  2. Thanks so much for the translation @dobbying! With my super limited Korean, here are other general things I could pick up on: -The first 30 minutes of program was really just a mix of music, ads, and JSM reading out comments left by listeners (For example, one listener ask her what she normally does at this hour if not DJ'ing and JSM just said 'eating dinner'.JSM's house is in Bundang, etc.) -JSM asked them both what they're doing now that filming TSHLYE is over, and Soo-hyun replied "Play. Everyday playing. Meeting up with SIG, eating and drinking together." Eun-soo said that she already finished filming Top Management and it's broadcasting now. She is either already working on her next project or preparing for it (?) And it seems that Soo-hyun is in the same project with her so they have a chance to work together again (<-- unsure about translation) -Eun-soo said that the actor who plays Woo-sang is actually very funny in real life, very different from his character in the show. Same goes for PSW who jokes around alot -Eun-soo said that when she first met JSM at the table read, she was surprised at how pretty JSM is and how she has such a small face. She also complimented Soo-hyun and said she thought he was handsome. -Eun-soo is reading off questions from listeners and one of them asked what she & Soo-hyun thought of JSM and Soo-hyun said that she's very lovable. -They were each asked to pick a song that reflected what they thought of JSM, and Soo-hyun picked that famous song "I Believe" (not sure of exact title), but I think he said he chose that song mainly because it's what he would've picked for Jin-kang, like he imagined that's a song he would play for JK -They get on the topic of fashion and Eun-soo comments how Soo-hyun & his character Cho-rong wears pink alot (Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that!) My apologies for butchering any of the translations above, feel free to correct me! It seemed like a lighthearted, casual interview overall with not a lot of new information coming out of, aside from the new 'couple' MooRong, lol. But it was fun to see them three together again, all who looked a bit nervous and excited at their first radio show!
  3. I believe this is the link to listen to the first radio broadcast: I'll be checking it out later after work to see if I can put my 5% of Korean into use In the meantime, for anyone who understands Korean well, let us know if they reveal any interesting tidbits related to the show, especially of our MooKang couple!^^
  4. Since there is a lack of new news on our lovely MooKang, just thought I'd share some old goodies that I've found in other places to start off the new week! Anyone know where the video clip is of this interview from way back is when they were shooting the poster for the drama? And here's a before and after pic of MooKang: Both of their hairs got a lot poofier and longer afterwards, lol. Yeah, the pic above only solidifies that JSM was not her usual self in the wrap-up interview. I hope it was only because she was real sad that the drama was over and not because of some other personal reasons... And lastly, I love the cover art for each OST track. Minimalistic yet beautiful!
  5. I can't even....seriously?! What do I have to do have JSM & SIG in the same room again?! For cryin' out loud, I'm flipping tables now I'm not saying that JSM & SIG should be best friends in real life or anything, but sheesh, as colleagues I just want them to get together to give a commentary on their drama so I can get more insight into what I consider a very well-written and produced show. (& no, I don't have a patience to wait for a Director's Blu Ray DVD which may or may not even happen...) Nevertheless, thanks for the news @alivingparadox24
  6. In case y'all haven't seen, here are two Viki clips of interviews that SIG, JSM, & PSW did after the press conference about two months ago: https://www.viki.com/videos/1141206v-exclusive-interview-with-the-cast-part-1 and https://www.viki.com/videos/1141207v-exclusive-interview-with-the-cast-part-2 (Gah, it was so funny when JSM is describing working with the kitty for awhile and PSW had the most bored expression on his face as if thinking to himself, "There was a cat in the drama? Since when?" Lol)
  7. I won't stop you, in fact I'd like to persuade you to get that plaid trench coat just for that one day out of the year when it's actually cool enough to wear it, trust me, you won't regret it! So doooo it! (I live in a warm city as well so I don't get many chances to wear coats and blazers so I know how you feel, BUT you only live once, so do it!Haha) Man, we're on the same wavelength because I thought of the exact same thing in terms of JSM's fashion! From what I see of JSM's pics and what she's said in interviews in the past, her personal style veers more towards the comfy loose, bohemian/vintage fashion like what she wore in BTLIMF, but I really liked what she wore as JK because it looked both casual and sophisticated, stuff that I could actually picture myself wearing to the office. Tell me about it! They did a lot of random PPL for that Dyson vacuum JK kept using , but the time could've totally been better spent on more scenes for MooKang! And yes, SIG & JSM could totally do a shabu shabu commercial together, or like a toilet paper ad, whatever, I don't care because I'd buy whatever they tried to sell me I'll try my best to listen to JSM's radio program in the upcoming week to see if she mentions anything TSHLFE related and hopefully someone else will report back on how SIG's upcoming fan meeting/concert goes, that way we can piece together some news and see if there's any mention of their drama or experience on set together. Oh boy, it's like being a detective trying to just find tidbits of information *sheesh* Ha. Oh well, it's all in good fun!
  8. I thought I was the only one influenced by JK's wardrobe! Haha. Glad I'm not the only one! I went out and got more work blouses similar to what JK wore earlier on in the drama when they showed her as an ad designer and I even got the brown backpack that she wore on her trip to Haesan with MY. #noregrets I figured as much that it was related to his military incident. I just think it's a shame because I don't know SIG and his real life persona that well so I wanted to see it at the press conference, but he was so subdued that I think it unintentionally kind of dampened the mood of the conference. Luckily he seemed alot more jovial in the smaller interview (as shown on Viki) afterwards, but it was just way too short for my liking The thing is I feel like him and JSM both like to really analyze their respective characters and I can tell they have alot to comment on certain scenes and dialogues, especially SIG, so it's unfortunate that interview was so short and the host wasted alot of time asking very generalized, introductory questions when I'd much rather hear SIG & JSM get to the meat of things. I tried looking up the radio show JSM will be hosting soon (SBS Youngstreet) to see what kind of program it is and the likelihood of her having guest stars like SIG on it, lol. But my Korean is limited and all I could gather from Insta is that there are alot of younger Kpop singers that have previously been on it so...my hopes died a bit...*sigh* SIG seems to be laying low since the show ended or maybe he's just preparing for his fan meeting coming up soon. But I'm so, so hoping him and JSM make an appearance or interview together soon (I'm not counting the recent Japanese one since it was so short and done way back during the press conference days, ha). Heck, I wouldn't even mind if reporters just took photos of them walking to McDonald's together Yep, I'm that desperate....
  9. Here you go: https://www.viki.com/videos/1141206v-exclusive-interview-with-the-cast-part-1?locale=en Enjoy! Funny how SIG made a blooper on the very first take, haha
  10. THANK YOU for sharing this! Though it's just three minutes long and it was filmed awhile ago, it made my day to see new clips of them together! Seeing BTS scenes and interviews of PSW makes me love him even more, he's just hilarious and seems like so much fun to work with! I like when he was asked to describe his character, he literally said like 4 words "I am JinKan's brother." whereas JSM goes on length to describe her role, lol. And thanks for making that gif of SIG & JSM!! Honestly, I thought they looked quite awkward together during the press conference, as SIG seemed to want to keep it to a more serious and somber tone (perhaps to match the feel of the drama?) whereas JSM wanted to keep things light, so they were at odds. But good thing PSW showed up and everyone was all smiles again and on the same wavelength. @alivingparadox24 LOVE your wallpaper! It's too cute! And yes, I think I'm going to also need to go out and buy a white turtleneck and a black one just so I can match JK & MY and wear it while I'm re-watching their drama and simultaneously eating shabu shabu at the same time. Lol. @teachermok I don't have any friends or family watching this drama now so this is only place that I can gush and go a bit crazy, so I feel like I need to keep my obsession on check. But so glad there's others like me here on this forum! Woot!
  11. Thanks to everyone for sharing the FMV's! I especially like bpwinces for her choice in songs. Oh wow, kudos to you for getting your male friend to judge the scene, and glad to know he approved of it as well so at least we know we're not totally delusional I'm dying to know how the director, SIG, & JSM discussed filming that bed scene and how many takes it took to shoot it. Not for pervy reasons, I swear! Ha. I'm curious to know how mature, talented actors think and prepare for those kinds of scenes and how much of it is actual improv. I remember one of the first BTS clips I saw for this drama, they were showing SIG & Eun-soo filming their kiss scene outside of SA's house, and Eun-soo looked quite embarrassed and had to do re-takes so I'm wondering if it was the same for SIG & JSM.... Coping? What's that? Ha. More like this show has made me do things that I don't normally do...like buy flowers for myself for the first time! I recently bought some potted bright yellow chrysanthemums similar to the flowers seen when MY & JK first date and are strolling in the neighborhood at night and see that cute, small flower shop. So whenever I see my yellow mums, it reminds me of MooKang.^^ And I'm not even a big fan of hot pot, but after seeing them enjoy it so much in the show, I've gone out and ate shabu shabu a number of times despite the 90F degree whether outside. Lol. Ok, I'll stop there because I am sounding a bit delusional....
  12. @dobbying Thanks for the link to the interview! Good grief though, so many articles on Cho-rong, people might come to think he's the main star of the show! Haha. It's good for the actor though and he did appear to be quite close with In-guk behind the scenes, but...really?? No news of SIG & JSM? Really? I'm about to start flipping tables. A part of me thinks that there really wasn't alot of promotion and marketing while the drama was airing from both tvN and the individual actors (on their on social medias, in magazines, newspapers, etc.) because the production team probably wanted to keep alot of things under wraps so no secrets or hints would be leaked...which makes sense from their stand point, but also backfired in a way because they did it too well to where they couldn't drum up enough interest for the show. But now that the drama is finished, I was hoping for at least one magazine photoshoot between SIG & JSM as consolation, but goshdarnit, apparently that's too much to even ask for. And then I got even more despondent after seeing that the special director's cut edition will need a minimum of 1000 pre-orders before being produced. That's both a hefty number and a hefty price tag to ask for *sigh* I loved that episode of Black Mirror and so glad you brought it up! San Junipero was such a fascinating watch and so creatively penned. I think I'll go back and rewatch Chief Kim because Nam Goong-min's crazy antics in it are about the only thing that can cure me from my current sadness/frustration over TSHLYE.....
  13. Aaaah, it's the first week w/o TSHLYE, JK & MY's "deaths" are sinking in and feel little more real for me now Haha. Found this lucky fan (extra?) who was able to watch the filming way back when they did the scene of JK riding her bike around the neighborhood and unconsciously arriving at the police station, bumping into Cho-rong: I'm constantly scouring around the web for any updates or interviews about TSHLYE so I'm in both withdrawal and denial mood now *sigh* Still don't feel like watching anything new as of now.... @teachermok Did you glean any new information off of watching the press conference? I'll probably understand 5% of what they're saying so wondering if it's worth a watch!
  14. THANK YOU @teachermok and @alivingparadox24 for taking the initiative of creating this thread where i can continue my gushing!!! I agree with all your points above, especially with having the same facial features (youthful, round face and pouty lips) helps the compatibility alot! I've only seen mainly JSM's works so I can only speak for her, but she does tend to have good, friendly chemistry with all her previous co-stars, and she does the aegyo look well without going annoyingly overboard. And who knew they could hug each other so well! #goals Frankly, when I saw the initial news that both were cast in TSMHLYE, I wasn't that excited simply because I was never a fan of the original work, neither do I like melodramas. But thank you drama gods for proving me wrong and giving us the MooKang couple out of all the (good) misery! Like I said before, having watched alot of JSM in BTS clips in her other dramas and her interviews in general, I'm almost positive she was about to cry in the post-filming interview either because she's super sad that the drama was over or because she had other personal issues going on because I've never, ever seen her look so down in an interview before. So when SIG looks at her during the clip, I see that as more of a "Are you going to be ok?" look more than anything else. I didn't find the interview awkward at all, the tone just seemed quite despondent (I did not appreciate how their interview was cut and spliced together so much though compared to the other actors'. Again, I hate you tvN.)
  15. Finally some more pics of JSM at the Wrap-up party!! (I'm guessing she had to leave early...) Oh man, SIG sure has some crazy facial expressions up his sleeves, lol