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  1. Congratulations and Best Wishes!!! can't contain my happiness and excitement!
  2. or head over heels in love...crazy in love... ...voted for DOTS @ soompi
  3. chance upon this video...looks like a very lengthy and detailed discussions about songsong...please...came someone help translate?...thank you...
  4. if i may add to the list of talents developed by the shippers to unlock songsongcouple's secret..is our ability to lip read...now that tidbits of info is slowly coming out in the open...we are right all along that he calls her "Ja-gi-ya"...the very first one was during their HK promotion/press con and second was last KBS year end award...when he approached her to remind her to thank her mother in her acceptance speech now more stories and info please..heehehe...LOOK we're not a bunch of "DELULU" shippers after all...all our observations/analysis is so on point!!!
  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! 1st to SJK n SHK for their up coming wedding, 2nd to all SSCshippers...this just proved that we're not delulu as they call us after all...am still shocked!!!I know it's coming but still shocked just the same... so happy to read and hear from our veteran comrades...still remember the ups and down that I've experienced on this thread...thanks for the roller coaster ride...it was mostly fun...especially those Sherlock Holmes days...everybody became an expert in weather, became a botanist, a fortune teller etc...boy that was fun!!!