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  1. @kyonimthanks a lot...keep it coming
  2. Gosh...thanks @khxy @utkim for the it's it!!! thanks also to @hclover96 @twtb @gigivillaceran @Ahpheng and the rest of our comrades (you know who you are) for keeping our page alive and sailing @sigang/sullein please come back...we need your inputs!!!
  3. @bblee29yeah...but the MC say something like"your wish for the country" something along that you I wish for the latter also...but I have faith on the "I believe?" statement that ended the statement..if that is meaning...she's not sure...that's her belief, not even sure..that's why there's a question mark...or maybe to deflect the direct question on her or to put an end
  4. maybe...just maybe because it's no longer a fantasy...but a reality soon? (delulu mode on)
  5. @hclover96hmmmm...what could that be? it personal? or will SJK be joining in endorsing Shilla Duty Free?...either way am happy but will be happiest with the former OMG @hclover96my heart is "putong-putong", am trembling while reading the meaning...chinchaa?
  6. @faithcorvak and it is...from youtube... part 1: part 2: ...more fancams upload please!
  7. thanks @hermioneangel...I tried it but I cannot log I re-register...and be waiting again for the confirmation
  8. what should I do? i need to register anew?
  9. guys...just a quick question...have you received your confirmation from KBS?...It's been a week..still I haven't receive mine
  10. @heartSJK same with me...still waiting for the approval
  11. thanks @restudewi and to @convalescent for the translation...nice reading again and again accounts from last SHK's FM because we were not able to experienced it first hand...more or less we have an idea or to my mind envisioning of what really transpired and the feelings then...we welcome accounts from different fan who were there...thanks again...I wish Hyebaragi could share the full videos taken during fanmeet and share to all SHK fans all over the world...waiting for more
  12. Happy...Happy Birthday Hye Kyo!!! I wish you good health, happiness and success
  13. Happy...Happy Birthday Hye Kyo!!! I wish you good health, happiness and success
  14. here's an account on SJK's visit at TWTWB set... Classic Bromance: Song Joong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo and Jo In Sung by Blog Author on Wed, Feb 27, 2013 0 0 Share on Facebook0 Recently Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang Soo, who is also friends with Jo In Sung, went down to Kyung Kido where the shooting of That Winter, the Wind Blows took place. Joong Ki brought a food truck, and served the staff and cast of That Winter, the Wind Blows. Jo In Sung is a veteran actor that Song Joong Ki trusts and follows. An acquaintance of Song Joong Ki said, "While Song Joong Ki is resting after his last project, he wanted to support Jo In sung who is filming in the cold winter with a warm food truck, and even went to the filming set himself." The last time Song Joong Ki visited the set of That Winter, the Wind Blows was late January, and while he was leaving he promised to make more visits. Not even a month later, Song Joong Ki kept his promise by visiting the set yet again with Lee Kwang Soo, displaying his deep loyalty towards Jo In Sung. It sure must have been a eye-purifying moment for the people on set! What do you think about their heartwarming bromance? (Source: and.. Song Joong Ki Visits The Set Of Wind Blows In Winter Actor Song Joong Ki recently visited the set of the drama series Wind Blows in Winter to encourage actor Jo In Sung. On February 5, a spokesperson for SBS TVs new drama series Wind Blows in Winter reported, Song Joong Ki visited the set of Wind Blows in Winterwith Kim Beom at the end of January. The shooting was done at the Dosan Park. It wasnt an official visit. He just visited the set on his way to somewhere. When Song Joong Ki and Kim Beom visited the set, Jo In Sung welcomed them and spent some time with them. The three actors looked really nice together. Song and Kim became friends when they were represented by the same agency, Sidus HQ. Songs debut film, A Frozen Flower, was the last project that Jo did before he started doing his military service. Wind Blows in Winter is a melodrama, written by Noh Hee Kyung and directed by Kim Gyu Tae. It tells a story about humanity and the real value of love. It stars Jo In Sung, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Beom, and A Pinks Eunji and will start airing on February 13. Source: TV Report