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  1. i don't think there will be Season 2 for this drama..unless writernim has another brilliant idea to repair the damage that she has done for the ending LOL.. seriously there's no point to do season 2 for this..
  2. what do you mean?? are you saying that JW is now an addicted to the game? I seriously don't understand how the whole game is functioning... I'm so confused..and i think the writer also confused about the drama that she write..LOL Writernim completely lost and didn't know how to solve the issue and problem that she created in the storyline.. If she make JW alive, police will investigate and he will accused murdered 3 people! That's the most big problem that writernim unable to solve.. Writernim should know that if she gonna write a drama, she should know how to write a begining and the ending of the drama.. this drama is a pre production drama and writer has a lot of time writing and thinking the best ending for a drama..Writernim should have know what is the expectation from viewers especially they know that the big name like Hyun Bin & Park Shin Hye involved in the drama.. Writernim should know how both actor's fans gonna react if they know about the bad ending like this gonna happen..i'm sure 99% viewers wanted a clear happy ending with a passionate kiss and not an open ending like this with HJ scene is on her way to look after JW at the park but they only show JW silhouette.. totally absurd!
  3. in Ep 16, they wasting the budget and time to make the ex wives scenes!! if they can cut the damn ex wives scene to HJ and JW scenes, fans won't be too angry!! I'm not sure whether i gonna watch ep 16 with subtitles or not... I understand a bit of Korean when watching it live but i still need subs to fully understand the whole episode.. The ending break my heart too much! I had rated "thumbs down" in the Netflix for this drama..LOL I watch this drama because of Hyun Bin and I am so so sad.. dunno when will be his next drama as we all know that he probably gonna accept next drama 2-5 years after this.. that time Hyun Bin already an ahjushi and i already an ahjumma..LOL
  4. I totally agree with you.. writternim need help..she is such a psycho writer!! What is really in her head and mind??? She has a brilliant idea but I think she needs a partner to help her to write the ending for her!! LOL Watching W and MOA is like torturing my heart twice.. i can't watch this kind of dramas ..gonna stop watching this writer's drama..LOL
  5. I'm off to watch W drama again after this..i need to heal my heart..huhuhu i really can't accept the fact that after they only show JW silhouette shooting the NPC and that's the ending!! WTF..I need to see more of his handsome face you knowww!!! I patiently waited and thought they will show HJ gonna meet JW at the park and it didn't happened.. this is the worst weekend I've spent in my whole life watching kdrama! Huwaaaa
  6. It's an open ending! I'm so disappointed with the ending scene!! richard simmons writernim!!!! Seriously I'm sure this open ending will make viewers leave more hate comments than the positive comments!! I wanna see more JW and HJ scenes!!!! huwaaaaaaaa The staff who shared the pic of PSH & HB walking together for the ending of this drama and said it will be a happy ending..My Foot!! LOL I want Hyun Bin & Park Shin Hye to work together again in other drama!! This drama really break my heart!!! I'm crying!!
  7. so many flashback and repeated scene from previous episode... without those flashback..the drama probably 12 episodes only LOL Prof Cha is dead and i cannot imagine what is the ending to JW's life?? Police will probably suspect him as a murderer for 3 person!! This drama is making me crazy!! so maybe in final episode he need to get stab again by Emma and he need to wait until 100% to finished the game?? i seriously couldn't understand without subtitles.. I hope we will get more PSH & HB scene together in final episode!!! Chebal!!
  8. I've been a silent reader since Ep 1 in this thread..thank you for sharing all your review for each episode.. Just wanna say these: I like this drama.. it's totally different from other drama... I like the storyline..but so confusing..but I still can continue watching this drama until today... I love this magic couple..their chemistry is no joke!! I read that their horoscope is so compatible to each other! I wanna ship this two for real! haha I really love the way JW talk with HJ and her sister.. melting with his voice talking like that! HB is seriously a really good actor! What i don't like most about this drama is they keep on showing flashback and same scene over and over again.. wasting the air time for each episode... I'm a bit disappointed with the writer / director/ editor for allowing those same scene being repeatedly shown.. I think only SJ can help JW to clear up his name because SJ is the creator of this game and he should come out and tell the truth about the the bugs so that public will know the truth...at the same time can clear JW's name..
  9. Hi all..this is the first time i post in this thread.. May I know which terminal they filming this drama?? Terminal 2 isn't it? I'm going to Seoul on this 10th November and was hoping to bump into them while filming the drama..huhuhuhu..but unfortunately, my flight will touch down at Terminal 1
  10. I know I'm a bit late to comment about the rumours that CEW is in a relationship with JWR?? If they really in a relationship, he won't be doing this in front of his gf. Concerned about his co star during the press conference by open and close the bottle lid for her while his gf sitting next to him?? nahhh
  11. I can't help myself from making this gif. This is LOVE ..these two lead successfully made my heart dugeun dugeun with these scene..can't wait to watch next episode!!!! Arghhh
  12. I hope scriptwriter gonna skip a lot of Soo Ah story in this drama..the webtoon show a lot of her story and I hated it..I want more KS and MR scene..wuahaha
  13. The live streaming link that I used to watch didn't work tonight..can anyone here DM me the link?
  14. I'm so shocked to see this fan youtube account has more views that the official tvn channel for this scene.. 10 Million views? Can someone double confirm how many views is that? Omoo LOL
  15. @snowpearlxl thanks for making and sharing that beautiful MV..please continue making more MV for next 2 episodes..I really love the way you edit the MV.. Ohhh thank goodnes so all the issue is just a false rumours?? now I can watch this drama without any hesitation.. like seriously I have been replaying so many times this preview ..can't wait to watch those KS and MR scenes at minute 5.00 onwards..