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  1. Ahn Jae Hyun 안재현

    I think his character is written that way by the writer. Also, the writer had so many side characters with various issues to start, that, at the end, the writer had to tie all the loose ends that ChaMJ was not as necessary. Also, Cha became friends to both JW and HS that he cannot be a big role. His character is a lovable character that he also could not be a bad guy either. Also, the writer did not have the space or the time to build up all these characters fully, esp ChaMJ. I was hoping that Cha and his family's portion would be developed more but writer dealt with it very superficially. It is a light and warm drama....not much noise, violence or too much immaturity. I did not mind that...actually. Actually, I would not mind a drama story that has a Cha MJ-like character as lead or co-lead and go further into the story. I really feel sad and upset that his character and issues around him were not as fully developed by the writer. The whole issue of growing up abandoned by one of the parents which is co-shared by JW and ChaMJ were only slightly touched on. Somehow the depth was missing in the drama...at least for me. Why the father had such dislike for his first son in the first place?? Cha family was forgotten somehow. So, today was the last episode. HS resolved everything and the dark cloud over his siblings and friends are all lifted. He also helped Cha keep his dream and also helped JW to realize her dream. Murderer is captured. And HS left the same way he came. It was somewhat awkward and strange that the two main stood in such a mechanical/rigid way at the end to say godbye...weird at least to me. Anyway,,,all is well. I was hoping that at the end, JW would be pregnant with HS"s child as a great ending. kekeke. But, I don't think that is allowed in Korean TV??? kekek don't mind me. Have a good day.
  2. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    Thank you @Rain Song for the 2 articles. I was confused as to what Koo's role is in the variety show, but your posting of the 2 articles clarified the issue perfectly. I am going to summarize the 2 articles. ( cannot say I understood everything about the show itself perfectly) A new "variety" show is about to start at JTBC, starting October 15 at 10:30 PM. It will be called "All Audience". Articles do not say who the MC's are, but the picture shows the three people; I don't recognize the lady MC. (Anyone?) It does not sound like a regular "variety" show as I know of variety shows. It says that 10 very famous movie directors are actually going to make short films for this JTBC program. These short films will be broadcast to all audience "through live channels" in order to receive feedbacks from the audience. The program will also talk about the way short films are made and produced as well. The first short film will be made by Director Jung YoonChul who became famous through his movies called "?Opposition Group" (2017) and "?Malaton"(2005) (maybe Marathon?). Director Jung reached out to GHS for his short film. He also reached out to actor Lee HeeJoon (I like this actor too!!). Also appearing in the short film are a rapper JO Woo Chan who came out in Show Me The Money and child actor Lee HyoJae who appeared in a movied called "SaDo"(?Apostle) as So JiSub's childhood role. Director Jung states that he asked GHS because not only is she an actress, but she is also a recognized director herself. Plus, GHS agreed to appear in the short film with NO Guarantee. On September 21 all day, she will be working on the short film. This new JTBC program will be donating all the funds (?I am not sure how it is collected) to benefit productions of short films. (As I say, SOOOOOOO good to hear about Koo!!! For a while, I thought that Koo might actually be the mc or at least regular contributor for the JTBC program. keke ) Looking forward to Oct 15th!!!! FIGHTING!!!! I hope we will be able to watch the short film...it sounds like it will be shown separately "through live channels" and not at the time of the variety program??? This is what is not clear to me.
  3. Ahn Jae Hyun 안재현

    Yes, it was a wonderful interview to translate...I loved it that, albeit very nicely, he told the reporter that he did not like his question. I love it that he is slowly letting go of so much pressure that he put on himself to be perfect "even unconsciously". I love it that he can do that with a partner who understands. I love it that his answer to the reporter's question of what else do you want is probably unexpected by the reporter. Although reporter says that it is ok to change and to show that change to audience,,,,the reporter is not the entertainer/actor, etc. Netizens can be aggressively punitive and judgmental. All the respect and power to AJH. ----------- re RW~~ I am losing a bit of interest in it as I hardly see Chef Cha in the drama. I heard that this particular drama writer rarely gives big space for the sub-male leads. Wow...tomorrow is the end. Suzi is getting a transplant through the doctor-brother..he is the only match among all siblings. Doctor brother came clean to his fiance and his future mother-in-law about his past and he let his fiance go. If what is revealed in Korean drama is real about its societal values, then it reminds me of the old British society----I am thinking about Jane Austen books. keke Chef Cha expresses his upset at HS for trying to tie JW and him together to prepare for HS's second demise. The few days later, Chef Cha tells JW and HS that he decides to work at a Paris restaurant. (so typical of Korean drama to do that!! One always leaves. I know that chef cha orignally meant to leave for Paris at the beginning of the drama..but feels typical.) Gongju the little girl is kidnapped by the muder suspect Attorney Park. And HS was about to disappear...today is the last episode. Is HS really going to disappear? How will the murder suspect be captured?
  4. Ahn Jae Hyun 안재현

    AJH at ARENA’s Homme's July 2017 issue: Q. Can I ask something from the past? A. Of course. I hope it is a past that I remember. Q. The time people started to talk widely about AJH was 2013, due to your CF for “Vegaracer (?) cell phone”. A. That is right! Wow, you remember that? I only had 3 lines: “Camera, Film, Upload.” Q. At that time, you made quite an issue. First of all, you voice was good. A. I had fun working on that CF. But, my friends teased and made fun of me a great deal. They would point out, how can you say “upNoad” when it is “upload”. Around that time, it was hard for me laugh off or just let go of mistakes or faults that I made. I did get hurt a little. HaHa. Now, I laugh about it with my friends. There are numerous times when I just die laughing at all the imperfect/broken things I do. Q. Is that an ability that your found through doing variety shows? A. I think so. Ever since I started modeling, I strongly felt that I have to look and act perfectly even unconsciously and that I must not relax or mess up. Q. Journey To The West 4 just started its first episode. A. 5 minutes ago. This season is a continuation of the last season. Only the location is changed to Vietnam. Compared to other variety programs, J2W does not have a lot of aggressive/active elements. I really like that kind of gag/comedy. However, as always, J2W is a difficult work for me. Q. I thought you would say it is NOT difficult. The AJH who is discovered in J2W is down to earth, with great momentary concentration and very resourceful. A. Maybe I was a bit like that during games. But it is due to the ability of the producers. PD’s are able to put life into and magnify even the minutest things. They don’t miss a thing. They are able to enlarge the character of the cast members and it is an amazing talent. Q. The other team members of the J2W may act instinctively and without restraint. On the other hand, AJH seems to be moving calmly, slowly after understanding. A. I can move only after I understood completely. Before I decide to act, I think about and calculate from top to bottom. You probably see me make “uhh” expression in J2W frequently. That is my expression when I cannot move instinctively like my teammates. Even with the morning missions, I need to wake up early to prepare and think about things. But, ‘hyungs’ (veteran members) just sleep. When they are asked how they woke up, they would say, “something was ??ssae.” What could that “ssae” possibly mean? HaHa. Q. But you AJH is relentless and ferocious. You would abandon sleep in order to win the morning mission. How can you not sleep even for a minute after filming all day long. A. At that time, I just grit my teeth and told myself that I will sleep after 10 days. I felt I must contribute my part since I cannot be funny like ‘hyungs’. I might as well do my best on the morning missions. Q But that became a character. A. Yes. I feel relieved by that. I am thankful to ‘hyungs’ and to the staff. If I carry out a morning mission and it seems interesting to ‘hyungs’, they really give me a lot of reaction. Then I realize that it is good and right the way I carried out the mission to make things more interesting. Q. How have you spent your time after returning from Vietnam? A. I relocated. To Yong-In. I now live right in between Seoul and the countryside. At first I wondered if it is too far, but now I like it there. It is a bit difficult for my Mananger-hyung who has to plan 3 hours of driving back and forth. I feel really sorry about that. When he comes to our house, traffic may be heavy. I give him a tip to ‘make complaint/ or play hookie’ (my translation might be off with this sentence.), but he is such a good guy that he acts according to “FM”(?). Q. Did you dream about the suburban life? A. Actually I never thought about it. City life was just too comfortable. My wife loves the nature. So, we decided to go half and half and the location became Yong-In. From the house, I can see the mountains. Q. You have made movies and dramas. You even have experience as an MC and also have done variety shows. Through all these, did you find what is your particular strength? A. I cannot say I am using my strengths. I feel like I have been doing my work through absorbing/integrating things here and there. One of my strengths is listening. I listen well. Q. You are saying you are open-minded. A. Of course. I am very open to good pointers/directions. Throughout my life, there have been many times when what I truly believed turned out to be wrong. Looking back, there have been times when the outcome turned out positive because I was stubborn and persistent, but there are times when the result turned out mediocre because I did not heed to quality pointers. I find that often what others tell me become beneficial. So I listen carefully and then make what I hear into mine. Q What do you think is your main job? A. When I was a model, I gave my all to it because it was my first career. Now? Somehow, I feel my current job is acting. I made the first step through <He Who Came From The Star> and feel an enormous responsibility for the step that I took. I want to give my all to it too. Q. Are there a moments when you feel like an actor? A. When we all sit and watch together what we have created together. Also when I feel satisfied with a scene. In terms of drama projects, I had that feeling from <Cinderella and 4 Knights>. Q. AJH definitely did look much more comfortable as an actor in C4K. Why do you think so? A. Perhaps the way I was acting and the way the audience viewed me as more comfortable were in sync with each other? As I gain more experience little by little, I may become more comfortable. And as I get better, I won’t even get this kind of question either. Later, I want to hear, “ I feel like you are an actor in that scene…” I want to do well. I want to be acknowledged. When you constantly want to be acknowledged for that work, I think that is your main job. Q. Then what type of project does AJH need? A. Even if it may not be a DAEBOK project, a project where I can act my character well. It does not matter whether it is the lead or not. No matter what project I do, I will gain something. If I am to do a project well, I feel that a missing puzzle piece inside of me may become filled. Q. Before this interview, I read all your previous interviews. A. Really? Q. I was most impressed by an interview about your student days. You said that if one has to hide to smoke, it is not worth the effort. You may not have had a big interest in studying but you did all the homework well because you did not like to stand out or be reprimanded. It did not mean much to you to advance to college, but that your GPA was pretty good. You also said that even if you may fall asleep in a math class, you felt that you will not be caught if you sit in front of the class and so you always did. You seem like a very different kind of a student. A. First of all, at that time, I had no curiosity about smoking or drinking. So, actually I had no reason to hide and do that. With that money, I preferred to buy something delicious or go to PC Room. That is the way I was. I did not like to hurt or burden anybody. I did not want to stand in the way of the class moving forward with the lessons just because I did not do the homework. I did not want to stand out. I guess I wanted to do what is universally right to do. Or, maybe, I just did not want to get scolded. HaHa. Q. In many of your interviews, you said that your life motto is Peace. Is that still the case now? A. The same. I think it is hardest and most difficult to live peacefully. I feel that one has to really try hard to live with peace. Because my job uses up so much of my emotions, I try hard to maintain composure at other times. Q. Besides Peace, is there anything else that you want to attain? A. I want to let go of many things. In my 20’s, I had so much desires/greed/wants. I had so much that I even lied once that I have no greed. I guess I must have wanted to be a person without so much wants. Actually now I feel that I am able to release these wants little by little. That is why, I speak even less than before. In the past, I felt I had to appeal/promote myself. I felt that if I don’t appeal/promote me, I don’t exist. Now, I feel that I am a person who does certain type of work and that I just show who I am by my actions. Q. When did you start to think that way? A. After a year of marriage, I changed a lot. I also became aware how scary words can be. What we say remain in record. I think I tend to avoid talking about things that give impression that I was like this in the past and now I am different. Q. But, isn’t that part of life? The way we see and view things can change over time and that can also change our goals and outlooks. Just because one is in the entertainment business, I don’t think it means that you should hide your changed self. Everybody lives like a leaf in the wind. A. I do not know a way to just naturally reveal the changed self to the public. I just listen to various things. Rather than just talking about it, I think I am just more comfortable with just listening. I also listen to podcasts but without being selective. I just listen to it all. I listen to the classics. Recently, I listened to <Damien>. I read that book in my 20’s. When I heard it again, my reactions were totally different from before. I felt a bit of similarity to the main character Sinclair too. Q. Perhaps you felt some identification to him to your current self. A. Maybe. Sinclair continues to move towards new worlds. He may become confused, afraid and hurt. I also feel as if I am living like that repeatedly. I tend to be afraid of making a new step, but recently I felt that I want to learn and listen and gain more courage. Q. Is there anyone who influences you the most now? A. Goo HyeSun? Q. HaHa. Great. What kind of influence? A. She is cool/great. I think she is just great. The recent influence she had on me is related to relocating to Yong-In. That she would let go of the convenience of a city, that she would even think that, that she is a person who can let go of everything is just so cool..that she wants to move into the nature…even when she says, “I can live on just one set of cloth”.
  5. Ahn Jae Hyun 안재현

    Thanks @rose Ann!! I will work on it.
  6. Ahn Jae Hyun 안재현

    I have some time this week so I was going to translate his magazine article and cannot find it. Figures....If anyone has quick access, I will try my best. Arena magazine...I think?? Thanks in advance.
  7. Ahn Jae Hyun 안재현

    I cannot verify the truth, but few dc posters...posted that they saw AJH at various restaurants. They don't say who he was with.. http://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=cubedaejang&no=19896 one poster says s/he saw him at a bar...at that time, he was getting ready to leave, but that his skin was amazing. Although he is really skinny, his long legs also amazed the poster that s/he just stared at him. Another one responded in the same page that he also saw him at a restuarant that specializes in lamb shishikebab.
  8. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    It is SOOOOO good to see Koo again. I love her look--very comforting and yet so lovely. I heard somewhere that her hat is popular in Japan. She has one for the summer and darker color for the winter (as seen in Newlywed Diary. keke) Have a good day Sunnies!!! ps...dc fans also posted that Koo will be not only showing her film at the museum but also revealing the process of making her film. What a creative and wise idea...to show a film inside a museum!! Film is an art too. I know nothing about film business, but I would bet it is cheaper to showcase a film this way...cozier and intimate too..such an analog feel to it...Koo said once she prefers Analog to mechanical. .I am thinking she will be at the museum while her work is shown. She is also showing her art pieces....last time it was Dark Yellow....now it is Pink. ..keke She is creating a great relationship with Museum,,Yeseul of JunDang...same place she exhibited Dark Yellow. She is also developing a good relationshiop with Yes Production who also worked with her in DAUDER. Fighting!!!!
  9. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    Sorry Soompi and Sunnies....about the post above--I dont know how to fix that. Anyway, Koo is in the news, credt to dc http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201709150909430710 http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201709160100132410009660&servicedate=20170915 http://www.sedaily.com/NewsView/1OL1CB2CTO Many articles but same content...a news that YG gave to various media companies. But, I am a bit confused by the article. Koo has made a short film but I am not sure what the title is...but it is a mix of experiemntal, horror, mellow, thriller all at the same time. The themes are: "destructive mystery" and "is that your self-portrait"? But it seems like the title of her short is Mystery Pink and she is doing something very different. She is going to share her film of 10 min at the Art Center where she held her Dark Yellow Exhibition come this January. Today, she supposedly finished her short film at the nature center. She has teamed up and working with same staff who worked with her on DAUDER and even some of the actors are the same. Her steady actress Seo HyunJin, Yang DongGeun (I remember she once said that she really likes this actor). The other actors are Park Jung Sook (wow, I believe she is a veteran actress) and two other actress who appeared in her movie, DAUDER: Yoon DaGyung and Hyun SeungMin. It appears that she will also display some of her art works at that time--something about color project,,,that is why I was confused...whether the movie is Mystery PInk or her exhibition title in Jan. 2018. She is doing this project on her own as GHSFilms along with YES Production whom I believe also worked with her on DAUDER and maybe another project too. It is her way of wanting to share and communicate with others. DAEBOK!!!! I knew she was working/creating. Stay healthy and happy and I wish I could be there.
  10. Ahn Jae Hyun 안재현

    Another episode...I cannot describe too much today...it was just too full of emotions of the inevitable loss. At this time only the three main know about HS's potential to disappear anytime... When JW could not see HS for a few minute, the shock and horror on her face was a tear jerking moment for me... Chef Cha is trying to be there for his friends...he brings food and drinks. When JW and HS had an argument because JW turned down the opportunity to work at publishing company who wants to publish her cartoons...Chef Cha provides the cushion for them...he tells JW that yes HS may be stubborn because he misses JW and would like to spend more than 24 hours a day with her but he als wants to see her future...when she is a published author and living as she wants to live. He also tells HS that he was a bit too pig-headed in talking with JW. HS also tells JW that he wants her to be happy after he leaves...that Chef Cha has always loved her from the moment he saw her 3 years ago and even kept her drawing that she gave him by mistake. Of course, it only made JW mad and made her walk out. HS is trying to make sure that his siblings get along and live well even if he leaves. That is why he is oepnig up the restaurant. But he is also trying to take care of JW and even Chef Cha. Still many loose ends..Park is a sly dog and will be hard to catch...but they found the proof through finger prints. Doctor-brother knows that his half sister needs kidney transplant but wants her to go to another hospital. WHAT!!!! He got a slap on the face. (I don't like the way Korean dramas have so much face slapping...but this time he really deserves it. kekeke) JW is creating a chartoon story of a dog who died and then comes back to his owner again..but the owner does not know...she says it is like how HS returned to her life...(but it reminds me of the movie in America..LIfe of a Dog....very good and heartwarming movie!! But that dog returns to life many, many times!!! ) Heechul still has to work out the custody issue, HS does not know about Suzie needing a transplant....who will be the right donor??? thats it... Tune in next week to RW. Fighting!!!
  11. Ahn Jae Hyun 안재현

    Just watched today's Epi of RW. AJH's acting was great--the scene with his father was the tops!!! His scene with HS as they looked at the new potential restaurant for HS and his family also was so natural and sweet and just SOOO good. Now, it is definite who the killer is....the kid named Park with arm cast as high schooler and now the attorney from USA who completely changed his identity in America~(forgot his character name). The question is how he will be caught...detective does not know yet. Even if you watched the epi without sub, you probably got that. HS really is like a guardian angel who came down to earth not only to set his name straight, but also to lift the heavy and false guilt that his friends and family members have been carrying for 12 years. JW is better and TaeHoon (chairman's second son) is also better for it. I don't know how the writer and director will put the remaining stray ends together when the drama ends next week. I am sure we will see more of HS and JW's time as they need to say goodbye---JW found out that HS may suddenly disappear any time. Rep Do (the elderly rich lady) told Chef Cha that she knew that her husband will leave in one month and they spend that one month as if it is a lifetime. HS"s younger brother agreed to open up HS"s restaurant together. HS asks TaeHoon to continue to help his family and to love his sister well. After today's epi, I am guessing that Chef Cha and his step brother will not really get to connect?? Maybe??And Chef Cha may never really have a relationship with his fathter. They never had it and he was treated badly by his father...and nothing will change. I feel most sad for Chef Cha--but glad that he has the back of Rep Do where he has his restaurant---she is like a mother/father/boss figure. But, he will lose HS and I dont think he will ever reach out to JW again because of his loyalty and love for them. He really has nobody else in his life after HS leaves. That is what I feel so bad for Chef Cha. JW will have her memories with HS, lifted guilt and her friends whom she shunned fo 12 years out of guilt. The writer never really dealt with the common issue for all three main characters...step-family and divorce and abandonment issues....I guess we are left to just accept that it happens,,,it is part of some people's lives and it is up to the individuals not to let awful past affect his current and future life??? keke That is it for today. Fighting AJH-nim!!!! Thank all for your posts and clips and stills and more.
  12. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    I hear the voting pole will close in 2 days. Please Vote Sunnies. Thanks very much. I think Soompi is still going through rehab.
  13. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=guhyesun&no=139721 Because it applies to BLOOD~ PD Lee JaeHoon of BLOOD drama posted on DC saying Thank you for the gift from all of us. He has been treasuring it. WOW!!!! He shared it with good friends at his home.
  14. Ahn Jae Hyun 안재현

    http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=guhyesun&no=139721 Because it applies to BLOOD~ PD Lee JaeHoon of BLOOD drama posted on DC saying Thank you for the gift from all of us. He has been treasuring it. WOW!!!! He shared it with good friends at his home.
  15. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    Another DC poll: http://dcinside.mycelebs.com/new/vote_view.php?tidx=425 Which celerity showed a good example of a small wedding? (in order--Click on one celeb) Goo HyeSun Kim NaYoung Kim TaeHee NaReuSha Sung Yuri Yoon JinSuh Lee NaYoung Lee HyoRi Ji SoYun (Your Reason for the vote~ in order---Click on one reason) Lovely Sensible Smart Wise Free Cool [sUBMIT]---(press this button) Once a day VOTE. I could not decide between Wise and Free, so I am going to alternate per day. keke Have a Good Day Sunnies!!!