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  1. I hope all is well. I really don't understand Korean knets....@!&*?!!! I hear he is now in Hong Kong. Work is at times the best medicine to deal with stress. Take care AJH!!!
  2. Wow, I am so sad. I have heard Koo mention that she has allergies and that is why she keeps her pets hair very short and that she is also careful with detergents as well. If she has an anaphylactic shock, I just read in internet that it is a very serious and potentially life-threatening if not treated as soon as possible. I also read that the shock can also return. OMG. I pray that she will be all right.
  3. @gayu312 Yes, I just read it. Her health has deteriorated and her doctor has announced that she must rest and recover. Some type of allergy shock!! I don;t know what is happening. I pray for her health and quick recovery. It does not seem like she can recover in few days??? I think I saw anaphylaxic shock...potentially life threatening??? [마이데일리 = 이승록 기자] 배우 구혜선의 MBC 주말드라마 '당신은 너무 합니다' 하차와 관련 소속사 YG엔터테인먼트가 24일 "걱정 끼쳐드린 점 사과 말씀 드린다"고 했다. YG made an announcement.YG엔터네인먼트는 "병원 검진 결과 '구혜선 씨는 심각한 알러지성 소화기능장애가 발생한 탓에 절대 안정이 시급하고 장기간 치료가 필요하다'는 주치의 소견에 따라 현재 입원 중"이라고 밝혔다. YG: Hospital diagnosis result: GHS has developed a evere allergic dysfunction and the doctor has prescribed an urgent long-term treatment to be able to recover. 이하 공식 입장 전문.안녕하십니까. YG엔터테인먼트입니다. Hello, this is YG Ent. 먼저 시청자 분들과 팬분들께 걱정을 끼쳐드린 점 사과 말씀 드립니다. First, we apologize to all the viewers for causing worries.구혜선 씨가 건강 악화로 MBC 드라마 '당신은 너무합니다' 출연을 지속할 수 없게 됐습니다. Due to health deterioration, she is unable to continue appearing in the drama, YTM.구혜선씨는 최근 촬영 도중 어지럼증과 간헐적 호흡곤란 증세를 보여 병원 응급실로 긴급 후송된 바 있습니다. Recently, while filming, she became dizzy and experienced intermittent breathing difficulty. That is why she was taken to the hospital emergency room.병원 검진 결과 "구혜선 씨는 심각한 알러지성 소화기능장애가 발생한 탓에 절대 안정이 시급하고 장기간 치료가 필요하다"는 주치의 소견에 따라 현재 입원 중입니다. The hospital examined her and stated that: GHS has developed a severe allergy reaction dysfuntion and she urgently need long term recovery and treatment and she is hospitalized. 이러한 상황에서 소속사 및 제작진은 의료진과 상의 끝에 배우의 건강 회복이 최우선이라는 판단 아래 드라마 하차를 어렵게 결정하게 됐습니다. After hearing the hospital's advice, the Agency and the Production company has decided that her health comes first. 구혜선 씨의 쾌유를 빌며 양해해주신 MBC와 모든 분께 감사 드립니다. We pray for GHS's fast recovery and we thank everybody in MBC for their undersatnding. 소속사는 구혜선 씨가 건강한 모습으로 다시 찾아 뵐 수 있도록 최선을 다하겠습니다. Agency will work hard to help GHS to return healthy. [사진 = 마이데일리 사진DB](이승록 기자 I pray for her health and speedy recovery and I pray for her husband and her family. Wow, What a shock!! (I could not believe K-nets putting her down even with the news. Lost faith in humanity!!)
  4. A big News... GHS is leaving the drama due to health issue. Another actress will take over---Jang Hee Jin.
  5. I read in his dc-gal that he has a schedule abroad on 25th and that he is leaving today or tomorrow??...nobody knows where he is going and someone mentioned that it is AIDS related. Does anyone know?
  6. Thanks. '당너무' 구혜선X정겨운 vs 구혜선X강태오, '입덕'을 부르는 설렘 유발자들 basically the title says that these pairs of stars, GHSxJung GyuWoon vs GHSxKang TaeOh are inducing excitement for YTM. YTM enthusiasts are drawn in by the chemistry of these pairs--some stand firmly by one pair over the other..few others like both pairs and cannot make up their minds and wants the writer to write it out well. Jubis Diet consultants are offering consultaions if viewers prove that they watched YTM during its air time. Viewers basically have to take a photo of a YTM scene of that week and post in their sns with hashtage of YTM and Jubis Diet Consulting, etc. I think it is not that useful for overseas viewers...but Jubis is one of the sponsors for YTM. Thanks everyone for all the posts!!!
  7. I think it is a credit to the drama and to the actors that we are all thinking and discussing the characters like this. Bravo!!! Thanks for making the YTM thread very lively!!! Well... to be fair to LGS and HD and her youngest sister, HaeSu..let me add my 2 cents......I don't think LGS was running his cafe like a businessman since he met HD and hired her sister part-time. HD said that there is no boss like him...he pays for her(HaeSu's) contnuing education and allows HaeSu to go out easily for interviews and school. Of course HD fills in when she can and she even bring them lunch. But, often we would hear GS rejecting customers because he does not have an ongoing full-time staff person. It is a drama but he may have to close up shop if he does not do something!! So, it is good in that he decided to fire HaeSu and decides to hire full time staff who can work the entire cafe hours. Don't you think? But, HaeSu said that he also gave her 6 months of salary in advance when he laid her off. That is not so bad with all the other benefits that she received so far. HD did go and ask GS point blank, why did you fire HaeSu, did she do something wrong? So, she did ask. And GS told her the entire truth slowly. And their feelings or---at least the beginning of it-- for each other came out in this encounter. GS said HaeSu did not do anything wrong...for his sake, he needs a full-time staff who can be present throughout the open hours. GS then told HD that HD also should not come anymore as HaeSu is laid off. So, HD asks why? She asks if it is too hard for him to wait for her? Remember, GS said that what he hates most is waiting for someone as he did for his was suffocating experience for him. That is why HD gave GS her number and stored it as #1 on his phone. Remember? But, GS said that is not either. At this time, HD does not know that GS heard her conversation with her father. Remember the conversation? GS said that he found something else that he hates more than waiting for someone. He said that HD always find activities and things to do for GS, but he realized that he cannot do anything for her. HD interrrupts and says that only thing that she asks of him is to always be there and not to disappear on her. (This sounds so little in terms of expectation, but WOW, it is loaded!!!) Then, he reveals more. He never even thought of himself as a man and what a man needs. He was saying that he has feelings for HD as a man, and not to be able to do anything for the person he considers precious is very hard to accept. That is why he was letting her go and he wants her to have a happy, normal life. Of course, we cannot forget that he heard the conversation and I am sure he is horribly hurt by what HD said. Now, at this time, we are not sure exactly what HD feels towards GS. Maybe she could not say anymore because he was pretty firm and adamant about wanting her to leave. He even raised his voice. GS thought about how he will say goodbye from the night before, but HD was faced with it that moment. We all need time to process traumatic news like that. In Korean dramas, we expect drinking to oblivion and doing what HD did...calling him and not saying anything??? keke But, it is also an indication that HD has a lot of feelings for GS. But, HD is the one who initiated going beyond just boss and employee's sister relationshiop from the start and made GS feel things that he said he did not want to...because he wants to live a quiet life without burdening anybody. Why did HD do it? Was she trying to get a guy who would never leave her? GS, being a blind person, is a plus. keke He cannot "see" other women as SungTek did....keke,,,am I getting too cruel here? HD even told GS that they should become friends who can do many things that his volunteer helpers do not do with him. She also danced with him, encouraging skinship, etc. In some ways,,,if HD had no feelings for GS, it was not right what she did. Right?? But, they were getting very close and we cannot say she has no feelings for GS. What else is going on inside HD remains to be seen. But, we saw how HD lighted up when she realized that GS called her late at night and that she was thinking about callling him too...they were very much moving towards more than just friendship. If it was not for overhearing of the conversation bet HD and her father....If HD did not have feelings for GS as a woman, she at least really needed him. They were each other's warm and comfortable container/embrace...sort of. I do think that initailly they both started to help each other out of pity for each other...he is blind and needed some help and she was crying when he first met her.... keke..too much again. sorry that drama lines are mixed in with my thoughts...I am sure you all can pull it apart. Well Sat is still far away. Oh well.
  8. I like the fact that YTM does not seem like an one-dimensional story. It is a drama that has many mature issues--one being that life does not always go the way we want and we do the best that we can---(YJN said that) There is something human about everything that is going on in the story and it is really hard for me at least to make decisions about any of the characters at this point. I feel like they are going to find out for themselves and slowly reveal themselves to us. Even if they appear so bad on the outside, like YJN, there is something about her that is so human that I can kind of understand why she did what she did. If she did stay with her son, she probably never made it big and Haedang would not have known her. She also sacrificed a lot to get there and later she kind of had to scrimmage what she can to feed herself some human kindness and comfort, again at the expense of sacrificing another person--namely HD who meant so much to her as did her son!!! At times we do repeat things that we don't want to do!! Tragedy!! But, there is something gutsy about her---she doesnot just want anybody, she wants the best...and she saw something really good in HD and trusts her judgment that she fell for SungTek who of course made the fatal and unforgivable~. (At HD's house, her first sister struggle with this issue--she wants to be a professor so she really has to focus on herself and her work that she hardly has time for her son nor for her husband,etc. They see her as selfish too. But, she does have support of her mother-in-law and siter-in-law and husband which YJN did not have.) I love Haedang because she really loves her family...after her mother died, she took over, partly out of guilt but mostly becaue her family's welfare and happiness mean everthing to her...that is her priority. That is why she put her own happiness in the back burner--like she did with SungTek---she felt he was her and she was him and that is why she treated herself and him as a second class citizens. Her saving grace was Yoo JA---her music and her success were something she can live vicariously through...maybe?--being an impersonator might have helped her to at least deal with what she had to give up and what she felt inside about having failed at an attempt to be a singer?? I am also assuming many things here...just wondering out loud. She also tasted a big failure when her album lost all the family money and it could be scary to try again...when she has a big family to was a mature decision to work as an imitation singer even if in a dark and unsavory nightclubs where being hit with garbages and leud remarks are the norm at her workplace. It is a drama but, in reality, it is a hard life. But she still upholds her values and she has enormous pride that she is not going to accept charity or the easy-way-out. I also love that about HaeDang. She really made the best compromise for herself and for her family under the circumstance. Also, maybe, HD was able to put her needs behind her desires because she experienced such love from her mother and father...who took a risk on the family money becaus she believed in her daughter and loved her? Maybe, the writer's message is that only if we experience such love, we can genuinely think of others before ours? ?? I think she was falling for LGS...perhaps because she saw SungTek in LGS? and I think she saw herself in LGS too....SungTek was also abandoned at early age and never knew his parents and both LGS and HD were finding many common things about each other...perfect soulmates and friends and suppport for each other in a difficult world. Comfort that she gave to LGS, she probably was giving to herself. She is considered well by her family but she cannot let out or talk about her stress at home--even with her sisters. HD could not or would not assert her feelings for LGS to her father because HD's priority is her family and she does not want to worry her father.she is the breadearner of the family...sadly HD was doing it again, at least in my mind, what she did with Sungtek...she put him/her happiness in the backburner. She is like Yoo in that way...she also repeats the tragic history....!! What father would want their daugher to marry a blind person? Her father prefers PHJ who is handsome, physically normal and drives a fancy car, and comes from a good background...her father is adorable, regular father who wants her hard-working daughter to have a normal life too----He wants HD to have the normal, good and safe life. HD had not stood up for her own happiness yet, even if her family may not like it...I would imagine her family would not have approved of SungTek either who did not have a steady job or comes from a good family either. so, we will see how it all unfolds. I am not sure what exactly is moving PHJ towards it her or is it his desperate desire for father's love? He is acting out and rebelling but nobody at his family, especially his father, hears him..but he experienced HD's father's simple and genuine kindness. Right now, I do not see any feelings for him from HD. Their interaction makes me laught---it is a dessert in the storyline for me. Well,,,, I hope that the writer contine to make her story a human story as she promised it to be--- but I hope the writer gives us a lot to laugh about as well and let us know that we are all doing our very best with what we have. Sorry for being TOO MUCH. kekeke
  9. Fighting Sunnies!!
  10. She just went up there and by luck the owner of the house was there and she got to tour the inside of the house. She says she cannot believe that she was inside and she feels good. She got to wear the shoes and thought about GHS...(keke) Good for her. @gayu312~~I know, I know.. One of these days,,,maybe it will get translated professionally. Or,,,I cannot promise anything at this time....but I am hoping to...
  11. I think there is an interview in the magazine. It says he opened up about his deep thoughts... must be a small excerpt from the interview for the April issue of InStyle. 안재현, "소소한 일상의 연속이 행복이라고 생각" AJH:" repetition of everyday small things is happiness" 20대와 30대의 가장 큰 차이점으로 "당연하다고 여기는 것들로부터 멀어짐에 대해 생각하며, 좋아하는 일만 하고 살 수는 없다는 것을 생각한다. 그래서 매 순간 순간이 너무도 소중하고 감사하다"며 소년 같은 외모와 달리 성숙하고 속 깊은 남자의 면모를 내 비췄다. Difference between 20's and 30's--I feel distant from things that I used to think of as natural and normal. I now think that we cannot live only doing what we like to do. That is why, every moment is precious and thankful." Writer says AJH is mature and deep.또한 "사람과 사람 사이에서 따뜻한 교감을 주고 받을 때 감사함을 느낀다"며 "평상시에 길을 걷다 마주친 이웃과 인사를 나누거나, 다같이 음식을 나눠 먹는 일처럼 소소한 일상의 연속이 행복으로 다가온다"는 말로 소탈한 행복의 기준을 밝혔다. I also feel grateful for sympathy that is shared between people--such as when I bump into a neigbor and say hello or share food together...such are everyday small events that are repeated and feel like happiness.
  12. I hope that we can still spare a little prayer for Koo when we enter soompi so that she can successfully complete thie drama one week at a time. I also pray for all her Korean fans who work hard to capture harsh comments and either delete them or have the ID sent to the YG. On a good note: [★밤TV플러스]'당신은' 구혜선의 매력 대잔치(ft.강태오·정겨운)=A big party of GHS's charms (ft Kang TH and Jung GW) The article praises GHS for being able to produce different type of charms (why don't they say her acting!!!!)between two actors in YATM. In quick summary, the article is saying that GHS is able to be mellow and dramatic with Kang and is able to be funny with Jung. Her "chemi" with two different male actors are creating more interest in the drama. Thanks Sunnies!!!!