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  1. I wish there were more sightings of Koo, Ahn, their pets... Miss them all~ I actually wish Koo would write more--I enjoyed her writings. She said that she was composing and painting because those are activities that she can do by herself..without involving others. Well,,,,writing is also something she can do by herself. While resting at home to improve her heatlh...I hope she at least think about it. what happened to her vampire story? her couple story? she also wanted to do children's books.... She has so many anti's __ __ ....she can also use a pen name--although that would be bad for me..since I would not know what her pen name is.... keke. Anyway....just posting a thought while missing Koo and praying for her healthy return. I hear Anaphylaxis is a disease of the immune system....that our body's defense system is not functioning properly. __ __ take care Koo!!! ==== ps: I am waiting for Journey 2 West --4 (to air sometime in June, if everything works out!)---maybe, just maybe, we can hear more about Koo through AJH at that time. Fighting!!!!
  2. THANKS SOOOO MUCH TO @ZamZam who found it: (Like you all, I miss Koo so much too!!!) ( technical-challenge prevents me from bringing the SNS post that @ZamZam gave me.) translating: I saw GHS~ at the eMart. (What is an eMart? do you know?) She was right next to me and I even made an eye contact but still did not recognize her. Around me were young girls who were talking quietly among themselves about a woman and a man wearing masks. So, I thought to myself, did they do plastic surgery or something? (I guess the poster thought that because the couple was wearing masks.) I just thought that and still had no She is so skinny and her face is a size of a fist and she is tall..pretty~^^ (keke...the man with a mask must be AJH?? keke) (So good to get such reports of tells us that she is doing better!!!) FIGHTING SUNNIES and to KOO and HER FAMILY TOO!!!!
  3. Thanks @gayu312 I did hear that Nah PD went to the next location to check and to make sure all is well before the entire team make the trip in early May. But they are not going to say where or when they are going until the appropriate time. Hope you can see them..and tell us all about it. Also, I might have read it wrong...but I read somewhere that this might be the last trip for the J2W. But, I am not sure. Fighting!!!
  4. Praying daily for Koo and her family for her speedy and FULL recovery to HEALTH!!! Sunnies to all our HEALTH too!!!
  5. I heard in DC-AJH that Journey2W will start filming in early May in India!!! All the best to AJH and to J2W-team!!! Fighting!!!!
  6. @shadia71, Thanks. Yes, That is an old video clip, made to send congratulatory remarks by celebrities to SuhGang University students' OT (?) But it is a full video clip by Koo...telling the students to have fun, make a lot of good memories and then to return to study hard. Hope to see smiling and cheeful and very healthy Koo very soon. Fighting!!!
  7. More B-cuts from 8Seconds~ courtesy of dc-Koo Beautiful Koo~ Get better and stronger and more resilient!! See you soon Koo!!!
  8. Thanks @MaseYMD 사랑한다면 #구혜선 #안재현 처럼... 방귀한번에 뽀뽀한번....신나는 .혼인생활 그게바로 .신혼 모든게 서툴지만 행복하지. 때론 내가 삐뚤빼뚤해도 너는 날 사랑해줄꺼지? . . . . . #구혜선안재현 #그냥부럽다 #신혼일기 . . . . . #마이시티 #MYCT #신혼일기#새댁스타그램 #새댁일기 #커플 #커플아이템 #TVN If you are going to love, love like GHS and AJH...For every fart, we must kiss (This was AJH's rule from the last episode)...PD asked what Newly Wed means to them...AJH took the each word and expanded to: Exciting Married life....Newlywed means that everything feels clumsy, but we are happy (I forget if Koo or Ahn said this)...At times, I may go crooked and bad, but you will still love me. Right?....(hashtags: GHS, AJH, they are just enviable...Newly wed diary....Mycity...Newlywed..New bride stargram,,,couple item..TVN)
  9. Found it at dc-ghs, who found it at MYCT IG. 현대몰에 있대. MYCT라는 브랜드로 MYCT brand at Hyun Dai Mall in Korea.
  10. Believe me @MaseYMD! I would love to translate NWD. But, I think it will take all the way to end of the year for me to do it...that is the problem. When I translated the YTM, I just summarized it and really did not pay attnetion to details, etc...keke I did put more effrot on scenes with ghs...but I probably would like to be more detailed with,,,do not get your hopes high. Before that maybe someone else will translate. Whenever I can, I will do a little by little. sorry.
  11. Thanks @shanzay01. AJH is part of the celebrities who are promoting the film that you posted above. The First Day That I Gave a Dog a Name. I found this link in dc-AJH thread: I will just translate the part for AJH: "Watching the film made me feel really sad. It gave me an opportunity to reflect again on raising dogs and cats. I feel that, as you watch the film, it is good to give some time to think about what it means to raise cats and dogs as pets."
  12. sorry...erased the post. Still praying that Koo will fully recover and that we will see her again soon. Fighting everyone!!
  13. Thank you @chaellyn!! I happened to find few BLOOD clips of Rita and JiSang, returning home. They made me laugh so much that I had to make sure I did not look crazy in the bus. keke Rita is a memorable character for me, and her chemi. with JiSang!! muah!!!
  14. Thanks @MaseYMD I hear it is the making film for the MV. 노리플라이 X 안재현 '집을 향하던 길에' MV Making - 블러드 출연 당시부터 노리플라이의 음악을 즐겨 들으셨다던 안재현님. 저희 뮤직비디오 출연 요청에 흔쾌히 응해주셔서 다시한번 감사드려요! . AJH told noreply that he enjoyed listening to noreplay music since he was filming BLOOD drama. We are very thankful again that AJH-nim gladly agreed to appear in our music video! (ke..."since BLOOD"..does it mean Koo is also a fan of noreply? It is her style of music too.)
  15. Can you believe this? Hurtful posts and articles are restarting against dc is still capturing and sending to her agency. I did bring over the article translated above...but dc is still asking not to click on any articles as of yet. I happen to see some tweets in a news portal, comparing koo down for the drama that she had to leave. What a sad world!!