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  1. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    I read in dc-koo that many people are attending Koo's exhibition. Right now is a vacation time for young people. Many groups of JH students visited Koo's and they had tons of questions and showed a lot of interest in Director Koo. DC fan who was there felt good too see that. She also pointed out how innovative and clever that Koo thought of showing her short film in a museum. She saw many people watch the film over and over again at their lerisure--sometimes sitting down and sometimes sitting down. Brilliant idea... (I would imagine short film is like reading a poetyr...sometimes reading once is not enought...to be given that comfortable time to watch it over and over gain must be just amazing!! I also heard that AJH-nim is credited in making of the film.)
  2. Ahn Jae Hyun 안재현

    I heard from one of the people who saw Mystery Pink short film by GHS that Ahn-nim is credited as one of the people who helped in making the film. What a guy!!
  3. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    Sorry...I cannot translate each IG..but so far nothing has been in any way negative. Anybody who had left a comment says the exhibiton is great and one person says it is healing for her. Someoneone also commneted that she likes the color and items and the way everything is arranged in the room. Another one felt that the film has so many layers of meanings. A well done movie.,,, Credit to @ZamZam for few of his finds...due to my laziness, I am just going to post my translations: Thanks ZamZam for finding the goodies. YG sent a plant pot to congratulate Koo for the exhibtion. Very nice of them. An overseas fan went to the Mystery Pink: 안녕하세요?어제 봤고 재현씨 실물이 정말 잘생겠어요.2016년 11욀15일 상해에서 한번 만났어요.혜선 언니가 세상에서 젤 예뻐요.혜선 인니에게 정말 잘해 주시네요.언니의 어머니도 엄청 예뻐신예요.정말 착한 사랑이예요.어머니에게 너무너무 고마워요.안구부부는 최고이예요.꼭 오래오래 건강하고 행복하세요.영원히 사랑하는 안구부부를 응원할께요.정말정말 사랑 해요.@kookoo900 @aagbanjh Hello. I saw JaeHyun see yesterday and he is really good looking. I saw him on Nov 15 2016 in Shanghai as well. HS is the prettiest in the world. YOu are so good to HS. HS's mom is also really pretty. She is so kind. I am so grateful to her mom. AhnGoo couple is the best. Please be healthy and happy really really long time. I love AhnGoo couple forever and will always cheer for you. Love you. 구혜선 작품전시회 우연히 보게된 구혜선씨 작품들 속으로 혹시 구혜선 볼수있는건가? 했는데 입구에서 정말 수수한옷차림에 왕방울만한 눈을가진 인형같은 사람이 정말 잘생기고 훤칠한 아이돌같은 남자와 함께 걸어 들어오는게 아닌가...이게 왠일!! 사진이라도 찍고싶었지만 초등학생 딸래미들이 말려서 참고 눈만 호강하고 왔네.. #구혜선개인전 #안재현 #구혜선안재현 #가람미술관 I accidentally got to see GHS-ssi's exhibition. I wondered if I may run into them? Then suddenly, I saw her at the entrance. She was wearing any ordinary clothes yet with her big eyes, she is like a doll. Next to her was a totally good looking and tall and idol-like man..walking together. OMG! I really wanted to take a picture of them, but my two little ones would not let me. Only my eyes have been entertained.
  4. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    hi @Tsg Sorry to get back to you late. Koo says about her husband: My husband cannot be objective about me. He says unconditionally that I am doing well and that everything I do is very good. She adds that she feels that it maybe awkward for him to be objective about me. She also added about her husband (you might have read my translation above) that she finds him very attractive and that to her he is the pink. She also thought about love a lot while sick for a long time at the hospital and she was reminded of the usual color associated with it and came to write Mystery Pink. But she also feels that pink has many shades and edges just as yellow does for her.
  5. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    IG Chungchun wrote that she took a day off to go to Mystery Pink Exhibition. She did not share anything except to go to Art Center home page to go and see the exhibition. IG bbluiris wrote 핑크색문, 핑크색구두. 구님의 이번 영화에서 반복적으로 등장하는 소재들이다. 문은 주인공의 내면세계, 지나온날들을 상징한다. 하이힐은 주인공(주인)에게 연인(인호)이 부여했던 구속의 굴레를 상징한다. 주인공을 있는그대로의 모습으로 바라보고 사랑해주기보다는, 자신이 제시한 틀 또는 규격에 맞추기를 원했던 인호. 주인역시 사람이고 다양한 모습을 지녔다. 그러나 인호는 자신이 바라는 아름답고 젊은 모습 외에는 알고싶어하지도, 보고싶어하지도 않았다. 전시장내부의 문은 관람객들이 실제로 만지고 열어볼수 있다. 들락날락하는 재미가있었는지 어린이 관객들이 아주 좋아했다. 문은 예쁜데 역광이라 조금 아쉬웠다. #구님#미스테리미스테리#미스터리핑크#핑크#문pinkdoor#pink#hotpink#exhibition#전시회#예술의전당#한가람미술관#구혜선#구혜선전시회#구감독#구작가#하이힐#구두#문#구혜선영화#날봐#트루럽#사랑#페미니즘---A pink door, a pair of pink high heels. These items repeatedly appear in Koo-nim's current movie. The door represents the female lead's inner world and her past. HIgh heels represent the bridle of restrictions that her lover INHO bestowed on her. Rather than loving her as is, Inho wants her to fit into his idea of frame and specifications. Female lead character has various forms. However, Inho only wants her to be young and beautiful and was not interested in anything else about her. There was a door inside the exhibition and people can actually toucha and open it. Children thoroughly enjoyed opening and closing it multiple times. The door is pretty but it is regrettable that ??lighting was poor??(not sure what 역광 means.) I believe this IG is the flower shop Purely Young Flowers who made and delivered the flower basket for Koo today. That is one of our gift to Koo for her opening day of Mystery Pink. Pretty. right? DC-KOO also mentioned that clay doll figures of Koo's roles as actress will be delivered to her new agency in few days. Along with the acting-Koo dolls, a box of Korean rice cakes will be delivered to all the family memebers of the Partners Park. It was a last minute decision and will be carried out in few days also. It is Korean tradition to share ttuk (Korean rice cakes) with new neighbors when one moves into a new neighborhood. DC-Koo fans thought of it!! Real lovely and thoughful idea!! Just as Ahn-nim offered roses to all the reporters to have consideration for his wife, dc-Koo fans also offered traditional ttuks to Koo's new angecy family memebers in consideraton of Koo. IG bbluiris again wrote: 촬영현장에서 찍힌 사진들도 전시물의 일부였다. 카메라를 의식하지 않은 상태에서 찍힌 사진들이 대게 편안해보이기 마련인데, 구혜선씨역시 예외는 아닌듯했다. 예전에도 예뻤지만 지금이 더 예뻐보이는 건 기분탓인가. 방송매체를 통해 자주 비추어졌던 쾌활한 모습이 익숙한데, 촬영현장에서의 차분한 모습이 내게는 더 긍정적으로 다가왔다. 자연스럽고 편해 보여서 좋다. #미스터리핑크#미스테리핑크#전시회#예술의전당#구감독#영화스타그램#한가람미술관#구혜선#구님#구혜선전시회 GHS also exhibited many photographs taken during the making of the film. When photos are taken without their knowledge, people look very comfortable and GHS-ssi was no exception. She was pretty before, but she looks even prettier now. Could it be just me? I was more used to her cheerful appearance through media, but her calm and serious sides as appeared in photos made me think more positively of her. She looked very comfortable and natural. IG y_log writes: #mysterypink 가장 인상 깊었던 두 마디. -내가 누군지 궁금하지 않아? -우린 항상 곁에 있었는데. Two most impressive lines: --Aren't you curious about who I am?--We were always together.-- IG bblueirs again writes: 완성된 영화가 있다면, 결과물이 나오기까지의 과정역시 존재한다. 제작과정에서 만들어진 구상물들 역시 전시물로써의 가치를 지녔고, 그래서 근 몇년간 픽사 및 지브리등의 유명한회사들은 관련된 전시회를 개최했었다. 사람들은 좋아하는 작품이 '어떻게' 만들어졌는지 궁금해했기 때문이다. 구혜선씨역시 이번전시회에서 영화제작 과정에서 나온 구상물들을 보여주었다. 나도 주변관객들도 재미있게 보았다. 텍스트나 이미지의 매력이 그렇지. 유심히 보게 된다는 것. 첫 번째 단계에서는 등장인물들의 말.행동을 글로 옮기고, 두 번째 단계에서는 장면으로의 재현을 위해 그림으로 표현해본다. 단순한데 묘하게 보는 재미가 있는 그림이었다. #구혜선#구님#전시회#구혜선전시회#예술의전당#한가람미술관#제작과정#구감독#미스터리핑크#핑크#미스터리#유잼 A finished movie means means there was a process of making the film. There could be many creative materials made for the movie. Tha t is why famous companies like Pixar and ?GiBri? used to have exhibitions about their products for the movies. Reason is that people are curious about how such things are made. GHS-ssi also displayed many creations made for her movie. Not only me but all the spectators showed much curiosity and interest. Texts and images. You cannot help but to really look. She also displayed the scenarios from the first part of the movie..what the characters said and did. She also displayed the second scenarios in pictures. The pictures were really curious and interesting. (Wow!! I wondered what Koo would display at the exhibition besides the movie. Sounds really interesting. After the exhibition ends, I hope the rest of us can get a glimpse of the exhibition and the Mystery Pink. Koo said somewhere else that just as yellow as various edges and irony to the color, for her, pink also has that simiilar edges and irony about the feeling it emotes. It is pretty and yet ?mysterious as well.) IG HJHanynag book store- 얼짱, 배우, 시나리오 작가 그리고 영화배우 다방면으로 재능을 보이는 구혜선이 시나리오집 <마리 이야기 & 미스터리 핑크>가 출간되었습니다 25살에 쓴 <마리 이야기>는 인간과 공생하는 뱀파이어의 이야기로 그당시 그녀의 순수한 감정을 엿볼수 있는 시나리오입니다 35살 현재에 쓴 <미스터리 핑크>는 올해 개봉을 앞두고 있으며 호러와 멜로, 스릴러가 복합적인 장르물로 영화 다우더 이후 4년만에 선보이는 단편영화의 시나리오입니다 단평 영화 <미스터리 핑크>의 개봉과 함께 예술 영화가 제작되는 과정을 담은 전시도 함께 선보인다고 합니다 오늘부터 2월 5일까지 예술의 전당에서 무료로 진행된다고하니 주말 나들이는 예술의 전당으로 책은 화정 한양문고에서 찾아주세요 : Koo's new book : collection of her 2 scenarios are released. I hope I can find it in G-market again!! It contains 2 scenarios. Marie's Story and Mystery Pink. GHS wrote Marie's story when she was 25. It is a story of a vampire and human living together. One can sense the innocent and pure side GHS at that age. Then you are also exposed to Mystery Pink written when she is 35. It is a mixture of horror, mellow, thriller. It has been 4 years since the release of her last movie, DAUDER. Please visit our store as well as the exhibition at ARt Center. (DC-Koo fans were able to buy her scenario at the art center. some bought it at the book store too. ) Thanks again to @kooswan!!
  6. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    I saw the Distictive Class with Koo as a guest today. The lecturer is an architect named 조정구=Jo JungGu. He specializes in Han-Ok homes which are traditional style homes which have been destroyed a great deal in Korea, replaced by tall buildings. He emphazised how destroying neighbors not only destroy our history but also make the people disappear. He emphasized people and their contributions and needs far above the need of the big buildings just bulldozing in. History and people are forgotten in the process.He is into community organizing and development and hoping for economical changes where people are given tax benefits to refurbish their current homes and neighborhoods and to do it slowly so that they can continue to live there while rebuilding and beautifying the place. He spoke in a style that is so engaging, gentl and moving. Koo also has similar feelings about space and living. She even brought her own designs for small place with an open space for activies and family. I get the feeling that she knows the architect well and actually came to the program to meet and listen to Jung JungGu. She says listening to him made her feel happy and she even gifted him with fog flower seeds--she says that this flower may not look good alone but that when the whole field is covered, it is a beautiful flower bed. She wishes him to thrive and spread his dreams. She says that she may work in Seoul but that she does not really like Seoul that much. However, agreeing with the architect, she really loves the style of Han-Ok homes and that is the kind of home that she wants to design. Very nice to see her and very nice to hear her talk with such respect and clarity. Long time ago, there was a blogger who is an architect talking about meeting Koo to talk about building a space to work...I thought it was not true....I wonder if it was this guy?? I am not sure if Koo really means to build a house or work studio. I read in another interview that she does not feel that she need s separate space to work...if she spreads a newspaper on the flower, it becomes a space for her to draw. If she opens up her laptop, it becomes her editing space for movies and writings. But I know that she had been very interested in building a small house for a very long time...she talked about it during the press conference for Angel Eyes.The architect has said that he consults people by listening to their idea for thier living space. Koo is not extremely lovey-dovey when it comes to talking about her husband in public. But, today is the first time she was a lot more soft talking about her husband. it is just who she is.
  7. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    WOW!! Ton of gratitude to @kooswan for bringing all the wonderful pix and translations and video cuts. Ahn-nim brought a giagantic box of individually wrapped, roses to be given out to all the media personnel who would be writing about and videotaping and taking phototos of his wife and her work today. Koo looks really good in that pants suit!! Let me just translate above article: So, today, Jan 10th was just a press conference to tell people about her Mystery Pink exhibition. 구혜선이 1월 11일부터 2월 5일까지 서울 서초구 예술의 전당 한가람 미술관 7전시실에서 서 두 번째 개인전 '미스터리 핑크(MYSTERY PINK)'를 개최한다. '미스터리 핑크'는 구혜선이 꾸준히 진행중인 컬러 프로젝트의 일환으로 구혜선은 지난 1월 '순수와 공포, 자유'를 주제로한 미술 전시 '다크 옐로우(dark Yellow)'를 개최한 바 있다. The exhibition opens officially on Jan11th until Feb 5th at the Art Center in Suh-cho-gu of Seoul in Rm 7. Mystery Pink is part of her color project. Last year in January, she had an exhibition of Dark Yellow representing for her feelings of innocence, fear, and freedom. '미스터리 핑크'는 극장 스크린이 아닌 전시를 목표로 제작된 단편영화다. '파괴적인 미스터리함'과 '그것은 당신의 자화상' 이라는 콘셉트의 약 10분짜리 실험작으로 호러와 멜로, 스릴러가 섞인 복합 장르물이다. 양동근, 서현진, 윤다경, 현승민, 박정숙 등이 출연한다. Mystery Pink is a 10min experimental short film with concepts of "destructive mysteriousness" and "that is your portrait". It is a thriller, horror, mellow all mixed in one. Movie features Yang DongGeun, SuhHyunJin, Yoon DaGyung, Hyun SeungMin and Park JungSook and more. 본격적인 전시에 앞서 구혜선은 10일 오후 진행된 '미스터리 핑크' 미디어데이를 갖고 전시회에 대한 이야기와 그간의 근황을 전했다. 이날 구혜선은 이번 단편 영화 전시회에서 '핑크'라는 색깔은 메인으로 선정한 이유에 대해 "작년에 '다크 옐로우' 전시회를 할 때는 '다크 옐로우'라는 색에 꽂혀 있었다. 옐로우가 동심과 공포가 섞인 아이러니한 색깔이라고 생각했다. 옐로우 이후로 어떤 색을 고를까 생각하다가 어떻게 보면 보편적으로 사랑을 표현할 때 사용하는 핑크를 떠올렸다. 그래서 이런 '미스터리 핑크'라는 소재를 갖게 됐다"고 설명했다. GHS planned a Mystery Pink Media Day (press conference) to introduce the exhibition. She also talked about her reason for choosing the color pink. "Last year, I was stuck on the color dark yellow. I felt that it is an ironical color that gave off feelings of both fear and ?? 동심. I thought about the next color to choose and pink came up while thinking about love". 이어 단편영화 '미스터리 핑크'를 영화관이나 유튜브 등 다른 매체가 아닌 전시회로 선보이는 이유에 대해 "영화제 여러 번 영화 출품을 해봤고 다른 방향들도 생각을 해봤는데 전시는 제가 경험을 해봤 던거라 조금 더 쉽게 접근하게 됐다. 많은 분들이 전시회장에 계실 때 마음이 편하시다는 느낌을 받았다. 전시회로 좀 편안하게 무료로 보시면 단편영화에 대한 편견이나 영화는 평가에 대상에서 벗어나는 거라는 기대가 있었다"고 설명했다. She also talked about why she chose to showcase her film through an exhibtion rather than through theatre/youtube/ etc. Koo says that, she experieced many different ways of experiencing art projects and felt that people seemed most relaxed and comfortable at exhibiton halls. She wanted the audience to come to the exhibiiton room and view it comfortably for free. She wants people to view the movie without prejudice and with open mind. 그는 "양동근 씨 같은 경우에는 작업을 처음 해봤는데, 서현진 씨 같은 경우 오랜 시간 함께 작업을 했었다. 서현진 배우는 제가 굉장히 신뢰하는 배우라서 또 한번 작업하게 됐다. 양동근 배우는 제가 평소에도 존경하는 배우라서 함께 작업을 하게 됐다"고 했다. It was my first time working wth actor Yang dongGeun, but I have always respected him as an actor and that is how we got to work together. I have worked many times with Suh HyunJIn and she is an actres whom I trust and that is how we worked together again. 알레리기성 쇼크인 아나필락시스로 MBC 주말극 '당신은 너무합니다'에서 중도 하차해 팬들의 안타까움을 산 바 있는 구혜선은 이번 기자간담회에서 건강에 대해 이야기 하기도 했다. 그는 이번 작품 역시 아팠을 때 감정이 묻어나온 글로 시작이 된거라며 "많이 아팠을 때 글을 썼다. '미스터리 핑크'도 이번에 썼던 글이다. 오랜시간 동안 병원에서 앞으로의 미래에 대해서 생각을 많이 했다. 그런 것들을 극복하기 위해 글을 썼다. 그때 나온 감정을 글로 썼다"고 말했다. 이어 "건강은 회복했다. 사실 저는 누구나 아플 수 있고 아파질 수도 있다고 생각한다. 계속 관리하고 건강해지려고 긍정적으로 다짐하고 있다. 그런 면에서는 많이 건강해졌다고 생각한다"고 덧붙였다. Koo also talked about her health status. She always felt bad that she could not complete her part in the drama YRTM. Koo states that she wrote the scenario Mystery Pink while hospitalized. The urge to write came out while sick in the hospital. While staying a long time at the hospital, she thought hard about her future. She wanted to overcome it and that is why she wrote. The emotions that came out at that time was put into writing. I am recovered. I always knew that anybody can get sick and we can become sick. I am continually trying to take care of myself and get healthier and to think positively. In that way, I am so much healthier. 남편 안재현에 대한 이야기도 빼놓지 않았다. 이날 안재현은 기자간담회에 앞서 취재진을 위한 꽃다발을 준비해 눈길을 끌었다. 구혜선은 남편으로부터 영감을 받기도 하냐는 질문에 "저는 이성적으로 영감을 받지 않는다고 생각하는데 아마 저도 모르게 받는게 있지 않을까 싶다. 저는 제가 사랑하는 존재로부터 영감을 받는다. 사랑하는 것들 가족들에서 받는다. 그(안재현)도 그 세계에 들어왔기 때문에 영감을 주는 것 가다"고 말했다. She also talked about her husband. That day, AJH brought flowers for all the reporters. Koo was asked if she also gets inspiration from her husband. "Rationally I think that I am not being influenced by my husband..but now I think that I am influenced unconsiously by him. I feel that the beings that I love influence me, my family and he has now entered that world and that is why I think he does." 이어 연출작에 남편을 주연으로 캐스팅할 의향은 없냐는 질문에 "야유를 받을 수 도 있지만 좋은 마스크를 가지고 있는 사람이라고 생각한다. 굉장히 잘생겼다고 생각한다. 그런데 그가 같이 하고 싶을지 모르겠다. 남편은 핑크 같은 사람이다"고 말해 눈길을 끌었다. Koo was asked if she would consider using her husband as the lead in her movies...she says she may receive ?야유? but she considers her husband very handsome. But she is not sure if he wants to work with her. Koo says her husband is like pink...which gathered more curiosity and attention. 이어 '미스터리 핑크'를 감상한 남편의 감상평에 대해서는 "남편은 제게 객관적일 수 없다. 무조건 잘한다. 잘하고 있다고 잘한다. 저한테 객관적으로 소감을 이야기하기가 난감할거라 생각한다"고 말했다. Koo was asked what her husband thought of her movie. She says her husband cannot be objective when it comes to me. He says I am doing great no matter what. I would think it would be hard for him to be objective about me. 최근 14년간 몸 담았던 YG엔터테인먼트를 떠나 새로운 소속사인 파트너즈파크와 전속계약한 구혜선. 그는 "처음 소속사를 옮겼는데 별다른 의미는 없다. 그냥 저는 저일 뿐이다. 그냥 저는 제 길을 가는 것이고 내 인생은 내가 만들어나가는 것이라는 생각을 근래에 많이 하게 됐다"고 말했다. Koo also talked about leaving YG after 14 years and joining Partners Park. Koo says:"It is my first time changing an agency, but there is no special reason or meaning. I just thought about me. I felt that I am just walking my path and I have thought a lot that life is what I make of it. 한편, 구혜선의 두 번째 전시회 '미스터리 핑크'는 예술의 전당 한가람 미술관 제7전시실에서 1월 11일부터 2월 6일까지 열린다 For those who are visting Korea, Mystery Pink exhibition lasts from Jan 11 to FEb 6th. Fighting KOO!!!
  8. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    Thanks @kooswanfor bringing all the goodies for all to see. I read in her IG next to samples of Koo in TLT, few have asked the TLT production if it is possible to see Koo's version. But I don't think they heard any response. I would have loved to seen Koo in TLT. Such a loss for me, at least. Anyway, I hear dc-Koo are getting ready for tomorrow. All the flowers, letters and the doll-figures are ready!! Fans in Korea will be seeing her not only at the museum, but also through her interviews starting at 2 pm and later that same evening, Koo will appear in the Distinctive Clss or Different Class at JTBC at 9:30 PM. Here is a pix of her credit to dc-Koo: http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=guhyesun&no=140029&page=1 (these days, I am finding it difficult to translate long passages....she already has one long interview out...let me see if I can make some time...)
  9. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    I read in dc-Koo that Koo will appear in a JTBC talk program called 차이나는 클라스, maybe translated as distictive class(??). It is a cultural program and has pretty high rating in terms of viewership. It airs Wednesdays at 9:30PM. I saw one article about it. it sounds like a teaching and discussion type of program. A professor gives a lecture and the participants asks questions and make comments. Some of the participants include Hong Jingyung and DinDin. http://movie.daum.net/tv/main?tvProgramId=79245 Supposedly, Koo will appear on Jan 10th program where the lecture is by an architect on the changing/gentrifying neighborhoods and disappearing natives around Korea.
  10. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    Koo's 2nd publication by The Difference, Scenarios, is released Jan. 10. It contains her 2 scenarios. Marie's Story is a scenario that she wrote at age 25. Mytery Pink is a scenario she wrote at 35. Cannot wait. Thanks @kooswan (@kooswan, would you mind re-posting the 2 sites where her books are sold for international fans? I forgot to store it after buying her Music Scores. Thanks in advance.)
  11. Ahn Jae Hyun 안재현

    Please do NOT bring over the pix or even spread to sns. Reason is that I think Koo erased the pix from her IG. Let us respect them. Just go and see. http://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=anjaehyun&no=1383&page=1 Such a feel-good couple.....just to look at them together. Happy New Year!!!
  12. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    If I am corrrect, I think Koo removed the photo of herself hooked up to IV. That must have been when she was in the hospital. Koo looks so much better and healthier now. May great health continue for KOO and for all of us. Take amazing good care---only one health in one lifetime!!! Wow!! it is the first morning of 2018--for me here! Happy New Year!!! PS: Please do NOT bring over the pix or even spread to sns. Reason is that I think Koo erased the pix from her IG. Let us respect them. Just go and see. http://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=anjaehyun&no=1383&page=1 Such a feel-good couple.....just to look at them together. Happy New Year!!!
  13. Ahn Jae Hyun 안재현

    Hello to all the AJH fans and supporters. I wish AJH and all his fans great health, happiness and even greater prosperity for the New Year. FIGHTING!!!!!! I have been watching AJH in Kang Restaurant. He may not talk that much, but action speaks louder than words. He is also a do-er like his significant-other. He practices again and again to perfect his mission. He supports and consoles his tired coworkers and even mobilizes them to action when all are too tired to move. He never looks tired!!! He appears calm and carries on and we hardly see him lose his temper. Once he got overwhelmed and forgot to put the egg over the rice...kekeke People speak of his omlet-rice as restaurant quality. The famous and great chef Baek of Korea praised AJH for the way he makes the rice-omlet. Even the great Chef Baek says that he can learn from AJH. So, AJH asks Chef Baek to also write a letter of praise for his omlet to post in the restaurant. keke That is the spirit, AJH-nim!!! Fighting!!!
  14. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    To all Sunnies, Thanks for sticking around to support Koo. May new year be healthier, happier, and even more prosperous for all of you. Fighting!!!! Did you see Koo's new IG updates? She makes me very curious. I pray that wonderful, good news always follow Koo and Sunnies!!!
  15. Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    A great big favor. DC does NOT want us to upload pictures of the clay doll figures so that it will be a REAL SURPRISE for KOO when she does receive the gift from all of her fans. If you can, ALERT the uploaders to take them down. PLEASE. DC Koo fans' message: (by evergreen): Overseas fans: please do not upload clay doll photos to SNS.Because we have not delivered the present to Koo yet.Please understand.Thank you.