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  1. I saw that ranking show briefly. Koo really wanted to be a singer or musician in the beginning. As she said once long ago in a variety show, she had no interest in acting in the beginning. She went through various agencies: SM. DSP, and it sounded like she was a trainee in two different big talent agencies and even was part of a group that did not get to make a debut... Finally, as we all know, she turned to acting, with the advice of Yang. But she did not give up on music and writing. She also said that in Newlywed diary...that she cannot give up/let go. Both relaxes and stimulates her, a real part of her being.
  2. dc-ajh credit----posted few "B-cuts" pix. Nice pix. supposedly, Ahn-nim's agency released them as B-cuts, meaning left overs that were not used.. Sorry...don't know how to bring over. few dc people thought it would be nice if Cha Minjoon had a different hair style so that he is not look so much like with his character in C4K. keke. Definitely, Cha is a different man/character...I did not think of that at all. keke. Plz, continue to make Cha MJ shine, Ahn-nim. Fighting!!!!!
  3. Sorry Drama fans...I did not mean "Cha", I meant "Sung", the main male lead, died with everybody thinking that he is the murderer of the boy in the art room. Sorry about that!!!! I made the correction above. That is how his younger brother came work for the loan shark and his grandmother died 3 years ago and we have to see what happened to rest of his sibs. The female lead had to incur a lot of debt, even from the loan sharks, in order to pay for the grandmother's hospital bill. Female lead also needed some psychiatric care after Sung died as murderer.
  4. I read ---it may not be true----Cha's father might be the night driver who hit Sung, the main male lead. But that looked like an accident. What is worse is that Cha (my bad!!! It is NOT Cha, it is SUNG--sorry!!!!)------SUNG died with his town people and maybe his own family thinking that he murdered the kid in the art room. Cha's character melts into you gently--he is such a good friend. He may have given up on Paris, but I feel like he owns that decision as his own. He does not ask her on dates or for meals. He is a man with good sense. I like this character so far. That is why Jungwon had hard life after Sung's death...blaming herself for what happened...she does not feel she deserves love---she calls herslef "unlucky"---she even isolated herself from her own friends, except for the female friend who pushes her to Cha.
  5. dc set up a minor gallery to talk about the drama, Reunilited Life. they posted that on July 20th, it was the most searched for drama--#1. Also I hear that he went to Japan today for a fan meeting for C4K!!!
  6. Of course, I could not wait. Just watched all the episodes--I iked that it is divided into halves per episode. I liked it!! Time flew by so quickly...Did you guys watch??? (sorry..perhaps you are waiting for sub...sorry.) Very interesting storyline and all the acting is good. Before I watched it, I read a few put downs, but they watched with bias already in their minds. I saw what kind of man Cha Min Soo is. Ahn-nim plays him really well. I cannot describe him well...Cha's sweetness is not overbearing or overly sweet or burdensome to Lee's character...he is like a gentle knight without a sword...keke. I like the way Ahn plays him--Cha is not the type of boss who is totally protective of his lady---he does see that she is not that good in the kitchen, but he will not let go of her either. keke. Anyway...4 episodes (2 full episoes) of wonderful distraction. It did somewhat remind me of Koo's drama Angel Eyes...I wonder if it is the same director or same writer.... Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the drama, Reunited Life. People complained that it is boring...OMG,,,,Biased way of watching is scary and cruel!!! Enjoy well!!!
  7. I did not get to see the drama,,,gettting so busy that I may actually wait until it is over to watch it all together. Otherwise i might be wanting to talk about it. keke Hope you guys are enjoying the drama and Ahn-nim. Always Best of Luck!!!
  8. Thanks @Rain Song I will summarize: Re Tablo and the movie August Rush: He said that he decided to appear in the film August Rush because he knew the assistant director of that movie. Long ago, Tablo went to America with Koo and they both appeared in the film. (So, today was the press conference for the drama Reunited Life which her husband AJH will appear!!) "아내 구혜선이 이연희와 초등학생 때부터 알고 지냈다고 하더라. 그 친구 너무 좋은 친구라며 잘 하라고 하더라. 여진구, 이연희, 정채연과 함께 있는 모습이 좋을 것 같고 자기도 보고 싶은 드라마가 될 것 같다고 말했다"="My wife GHS and LYH have known each other since elementary school. She told me that Lee is a really good person and for me to be good. She felt that all the cast looked good together and that it is a kind of drama that she will enjoy watching." "이제 응원해주는 사람이 옆에 있어서 더욱 집중할 수 있어서 신나게 촬영하고 있다"="Because now I have someone who will support and cheer me, I can concentrate even better and I am currently filming enthusiastically." (WOW!!!! Ahn-nim's drama starts tomorrow!!! FIGHTING!!!!!)
  9. Thanks SOOOO much @shanzay01 for finding the article and bringing over for us. That is a good article about him. Is there a translation already available? I am not sure when I can get around to it. keke...we were wondering where they live and, in this exact moment, the article answered it...keke. That is funny.
  10. I dont know if you can see,,,but heard about it through ajh-dc-gal. it is a making-film for Reunited World.
  11. yes!! I believe that was their goal---to meet half way so as not to neglect each other's needs...Koo's a bit of a country and Ahn is a bit of a city...keke Of couse, they may not live in Yong-In---the theatre happens to be there. They may live in a lesser populated area of the same province---with a better view of the mountains. Reporters keep on reporting that AhnGoo couple live in GeumHo-dong which is their previous home. these reporters??!!!
  12. all I can find is above you say @Rain Song, Yong-In is part of Gyung-gi-do and it is the outskirts of Seoul. I see some of the towns as pictured in the above page and one can see the mountains. And, I remember, AJH saying that they moved to an areas where they can see the mountains. keke Thanks!!
  13. Thanks for all the updates and px!!! I recognize that hat and shirt!! keke 그와중에 우리 옆에 앉아있던 인형같이 잘생긴 하얀 총각이 #안재현 이였다니!!!! #대박 #동네주민 이였네 #구님은어디가고=This lady took her child to see Spiderman Returns for her 12yo birthday to DongBek CGV. She realized that, right next to them, sat a white young man, extremely handsome like a doll. It's Ahn JaeHyun!!! Daebok. He must live in my neighborhood. But, where is Goo-nim? Of course, Ahn can go to a theater that is not in his neighborhood so that he can see the movie....but I wonder what city DongBek Theatre is??? keke Being nosy... Thank you @shanzay01 for the information about the collection for the rice wreath for the press conference. Just sent it in. July 18th is the Press Conference day!! Next week!! Praying for DAEBOK!! Sending all the best wishes for Ahn JH and for his new drama!!!
  14. Koo looks so cool and relaxed and even more healthy since last time!! DAEBOK!!! Thanks Sunnies for all the pix and clips. I saw few more where Koo has her hands in her pocket and talking with some pople. dc (not her thread) people were talking about her....mostly postive this time. Thank God!!! Thank God again!!! Some wondered where to get her hat. keke. Another responded it is very cheaply acqured in various places...keke Koo is the same. Keep on getting healthier Koo and I hope you find that source of shock if possible very soon. Thanks again Sunnies!!
  15. Thanks again for all the updates and pix. Translations are good too. sorry...gettting really busy again...tough summer. The IG person is actually a hair stylist in real life too. keke