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  1. Thank you Jillia for today"s cancellation. The reason will eventually be revealed. I will look for the new ep tomorrow.
  2. Where is today's episode? The plot is better than most daytime dramas and I look forward to it every weekday morning. What is KBS doing today: politics, olympics, soccer, etc? I guess it's time I learned to read Korean.
  3. There is no episode on any of the streaming sites yet. Will we have episode 40 today? Thankx
  4. dramaninja, Thankx. Jung Hye In is acting well. I see her as a unique blond pseudo-American after living in New York for 5/6 years. Her character, name I don't know yet, will keep Se Na stressed out, hopefully, until the end.
  5. JE's mom is not quite as evil as previous female villains which makes it easier to watch. The mom actress emotes many sides of passion. Also the potholes are resolved quickly, not dragged out for a month.
  6. Who is the actress with the blond hair, friend of SeNa?