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  1. I also think kpop idol actors have more fans translating their video. Ji min with her friend couple her comment, I used google translate to translate in English, it translated 'I'll be good as soon as I am'. Cr : Ig
  2. Cr : IG always_hanjimin There is one part I hear Ji min said sth like gong yoo or do I hear wrong. It will be good if anyone here can translate what Ji min said. Great to see her bright and cheery talk.
  3. Is Ji min at tokyo! Cr :
  4. Hello to all, how is GY fan meeting charity bazaar, I like the concept is unique showing his kindness to donate in needs, so far any update? GY attended Lee Dong Wook's fan meeting as special guest , I will love to see LDW attend his charity bazaar, best bromance ever
  5. After considering , Ji min and agency decline Be Careful of this Woman offer and I also think better to decline it. I find the storyline not that interesting and the character of judicial trainee and former taekwondo athlete not appealing seem awkward with taekwondo scene. Let's unnie rest a while after ending Miss Beak and wait for a decent script and offer hopefully pre production drama. I do miss Ji min in drama , wish she will be back to dramaland with better script and character.
  6. Hi all, haven't share my thought for a while. Though her next project haven't confirmed yet but it's good to know she get continuous offer. Firstly I agree that she turned down Tomorrow with you drama, it rating is poor although has many kiss scenes. It's understandable that why some top stars think a lot picky in choosing the script they're interested coz in hope their drama rating do well enough to put effort with tight filming schedule 3-4 months. Seems like Ji min still filming Miss Baek. She also got offered for another movie which has LBH as cast beside this drama with JCW . Both will start to film around the same time. So she will probably have to decide between this two. Which one do you chingu here want to see? Haha the movie has the veteran actor LBH while for drama she haven't came back to dramaland for over 2 years. I really miss her in drama ,I guess she will consider this drama script carefully if the screen writing is not poor I wish she will accept this drama. Reading brefing 'Be Careful of this Woman' synopsis I don't get much idea , it say romantic comedy , I remember the screenwriter wrote Protect the Boss, if this one is like Protect the Boss vibe or style then it seems pretty fun.
  7. I like her appearance on Jtbc 'This is my home' , can feel Ji min is bright , down-to-earth and generous. I think it's good she decided to appear on this show coz seeing that there still ppl with trouble or in needs would probably make understand abt life and overcome obstacle, realize she's lucky making a happy life. I try to find the full video of this show the episode JM as guest but cannot find, does anyone find full video with eng sub. Cr : Jtbc Entertainment
  8. February Film Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed On February 18, the Korea Business Research Institute revealed their brand reputation rankings for film actors based on their findings from 72,745,586 pieces of data gathered from January 16 to February 17. The full rankings can be seen below: 1. Gong Yoo 2. Jo In Sung 3. Yoo Hae Jin 4. Kim Soo Hyun 5. Jun Ji Hyun 6. Jung Woo Sung 7. Ha Jung Woo 8. Kang Dong Won 9. Lee Byung Hun 10. Hwang Jung Min 11. Yoo Ah In 12. Han Hyo Joo 13. Sol Kyung Gu 14. Kim Hye Soo 15. Lee Jung Jae 16. Son Ye Jin 17. Song Kang Ho 18. Han Ji Min 19. Cha Seung Won 20. Lee Beom Soo 21. Jeon Do Yeon 22. Choi Min Sik 23. Ryu Seung Ryong 24. Kim Yoon Suk 25. Yoo Ji Tae Source :Soompi Ji Min is in the list although her last film was last years, hopefully her rank would increase when her upcoming movie release. Can't wait to watch this show Cr : uploader From Ji Min's IG, new Hanskin Ads making
  9. Happy lunar new year. Happy looks like my new year wish come true with many good news of Ji min on upcoming movie and jtbc show. After some break, she is going to focus on acting this year. The movie Ji min decided to appear ' Miss Baek' although it's not a blockbuster film type, if blockbuster will probably is action film with many leads sharing screen time and usually male lead, glad she chose this movie coz from reading the brief story it's a interesting storyline based on true story abt ex convict where she take the lead character, so she can show her versatile acting. After last drama, I think she wants to show more of her acting and throu this movie I believe will see her outstanding work. And can't wait to see her in new Jtbc show, from the teaser the concept of building house sounds fun, and she looks natural,bright and cheerful enjoying to help creating house in the program. Cr : to uploader Ji Min's Ig update Seems like she enjoys doing dumpling in lunar new year. Unnie your face with little makeup or bare is still very beautiful.
  10. In recent Ji min's ig, she is with her nephew teasing the GY's goblin. Ji min and GY have a friendly relationship, he invited her to his movie premiere a few times, he treats her like a sis , they even joke GY treats her like little bro. Haha I am also goblin's fan.
  11. For most beautiful korean actress poll , chinggu can vote for Ji min. Link to vote :
  12. December Film Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed C. Hong December 31, 2016 After announcing brand reputation rankings for drama actors earlier this month, the Korean Business Research Institute announced the rankings for film actors. From November 30 to December 30, the institute gathered over 72 million pieces of data to evaluate film actors in the areas of branding, media, communication, and community. Gong Yoo, who starred in the hit film “Train to Busan” and is currently appearing in tvN drama “Goblin,” topped the list with a score of 7,705,239. Second and third were Kang Dong Won (7,472,214) and Lee Byung Hun (6,871,074). The full list of rankings is below: 1. Gong Yoo 2. Kang Dong Won 3. Lee Byung Hun 4. Han Hyo Joo 5. Yoo Hae Jin 6. Kim Yoon Suk 7. Jung Woo Sung 8. Kim Soo Hyun 9. Hwang Jung Min 10. Han Ji Min 11. Song Kang Ho 12. Jun Ji Hyun 13. Ha Jung Woo 14. Son Ye Jin 15. Cha Seung Won 16. Oh Dal Soo 17. Kim Hye Soo 18. Lee Beom Soo Source : Soompi
  13. I understand we fans want to see her comeback to dramaland soon. I guess now she would be probably conscious choosing her work after HJMe. It wasn't too long break gap in between project for me as in 2016 she did a movie secret agent. I am fine with all her choice as long as she is happy and satisfy, maybe she probably enjoy herself in early 2017. I wish she will comeback to dramaland in mid 2017 hopefully a decent writer , script and pre production or half pre production. Live shooting has high pressure whereas pre production seem to have better quality. Happy New Year to all chinggu may 2017 onwards a brighter year for us and Ji min unnie. Uri sweet Ji min Cr to owner When Soeul and Daeul met Ji min unnie Cr : kbs world
  14. I am binmin shipper from the beginning of this thread, for 2 whole years, when I saw the news it is like i was heart broken and got dumped , shipping for two year, register soompi just to join this thread. At first i don’t wanna post anymore but I feel like i have to express what i feel. I hope chinggu don’t mind if my post is long ,i think i wouldn’t be posting this long again as the ship sunk alr . At first I am more familiar with HB , after sometimes I read and observe Ji min, I appreciate, and become a big fan of her not only her drama but her personality as a person as well. HB has known her since he discharged , and worked for two consecutive works together like they knew each other for around 3 years but seem like nothing happen or he doesn’t try to work out. Working together for almost 2 years 2 projects even if they are not dating at least should have a good friendship relationship as friend, i remember after Hyde Jeylle Me drama, Ji min give interview to foreign magazine that she is proud of him, for me this word means a lot for a woman to tell to one man. But from HB side I didn’t see much anything or friendship , it’s a pity he didn’t attend her movie premier, or support movie throu video clip or mention what he impress about her after the HJM drama ends whereas the two went through up and down together since the fatal encounter movie and HJMe, and this upset me. When the TFE movie got some critic, I had read from this thread that Ji min gather positive feedback part from fans or articles and send through kakoa talk group chat to support director, main casts and staffs (how sweet she is). And in HJMe, some bash Ji min for the drama flopped, but tbh it is not her fault at all, it is the script writing that is the problem and those who watch this drama will realize. Since 2013 interview that HB said he want to try on like bipolar DID split character and decided to chose this drama. I believe JM chose HJMe coz of HB more than the drama plot script itself knowing HJMe focus on the male protagonist and written by new writer which is more risky. She almost always choose the drama or movie consciously looking at the script except HJMe, many of her works before HJMe were quite decent one with good writing, characters that let her act and shine more, good rating or relatively positive feedback. She does careful about choosing work, in 2008 , we know lee jun ki said Ji min is somehow like his ideal type and always show interest to work with her. She was given offer to work with LJK for Hero but she turned down, fan said likely as the script was not that interesting. She also turned down offer for Angel eyes or recently high aniticipated Tomorrow with You which far likely better screen writing than HJMe. Tbh, if other actress played that role in HJMe instead of Ji min the feedback will still be the same or even worse since the flaw problem is the drama writing. I don’t say that it is the his fault for that news coz it is his personal choice but as a shipper I just want to share why I feel upset or disappoint , don’t mean to blame anyone but maybe I ship them a lot and got misunderstand and expect a lot in the end get upset and disappointed. i try to think from positive side to comfort myself after the his dating news come out, maybe they have different habit and attitude, to me I see him as a serious type, kind of less flexible, and introvert whereas Ji min is out-going, extrovert, bubbly, cheerful and carefree so it might be hard for Ji min to get along with. HB is a private type we don’t know much about his family, or niece or nephews, or see him guest on variety show like 2 days 1 night or running man but strangely he’d open dating few times. On the contrary, Ji min is very outgoing like guesting on running man, open more about her family and nephews, but just keep quite about her love life, and she doesn’t act like she is a top star. So it might be hard for Ji min to get along with if they are couple. Another point is, if he intent to be with her he can do easily since he had good opportunities to work closely with her for 2 continuous projects over 2 years, but he just let it pass , so I better don’t waste further time shipping. Sometime cannot deny also why I used to ship them bcoz some chinggu who join or read this forum from the beginning would know when they were together there is chemistry and intimacy. Especially during the fatal encounter promotion time he mentioned in magazine interview that he is sorry that he could not talk to her much coz they were playing rival role. And he seemed to approach to her during the fatal encounter stage greeting from fan cam can see the way he interact with her or look after her make me misunderstand that he like or interested in her. He answers Ji min is the prettiest actress and work with her again in drama HJMe, and like some chinggu here try to observe the bts, he was like hot and cold to her and in the bts how he whispers, plays or flirts with her make me misunderstand as if he is interested in her or court her and I wish these won’t make her misunderstand too. Seems like he tried to approach her during TFE period and when he get to close to her after HJMe, no more effort further. For a actors they can move on to another relationship easily, they can easily date person who 10 years younger and public still congratulate but for actresses I doubt the response might not be the same. But now, since he alr found his new love, I am on opposite position now, unlike shipping them to be together, now I hope or wish he didn’t court, show interest to make her misunderstand and interest or like him back, give hope, used to go out or date her coz it might hurt her , imagine if he showed interest or dated her knowing her over two years but never make a claim or declare anything but now when dating for two weeks he makes a claim and huge opening to the public. If that is like that, for actresses, although how strong or cheerful they look but there are still feminine and have feeling. Just see Song ji hyo, media share when the news that when she knew the RM show removes her suddenly she was wounded very deeply, she cuts off all communication with everyone and just shut herself in and cried herself out. Ji min and Ji hyo are my forever two bias. I don’t want these two to be sad, why 2016 is a tough year for my JM and JH. I wish from 2017 onwards is a brighter years for Ji min and Ji hyo, the two are such a lovely lady. Ji min is among the rare top k actress that are down-to-earth, we can see her doing charity and fundraising for almost 10 years even after she becomes popular, I appreciate her even during in winter walking in the street for fundraising with removing hand glove one hand just to shake with fans and donors. She has passed through some hard time, in 2006, she starred the drama Wolf with Eric but there was an accident on filming scene where she and Eric got injured, after she injured at hospital she probably wanted support from boyfriend that time but he dumped break up her it was hard for her. She also suffered from vertigo cause dizziness where she took break from her work in around 2010, and she has recovered from it as she told during Plan Man promotion around 2013. During Plan Man promotion interview, she was single again if I don’t mis remember the guy also leave her first where Jung Jaeyeon tease her that how can it be why compatible lady like her is still single. I am a female, but Ji min is my bias after shipping her and reading her articles and updating her news, I find she is beautiful inside out, kind, sincere and friendly not only to workmate but to her fans too, it is very rare of k top actress to be friendly and down-to-earth with fans. She is in her thirty so I hope and pray she will find her true love soon From the interview to Ji Min in 2012, What was your dream as a kid? “Since both of my parents worked, I was brought up by my grandparents. My grandmother’s older sister, who was a musician, said it’d be great if I became a doctor. After that, my dream job was to become a doctor. I studied a lot to become a doctor, not knowing how difficult it was because I wanted to make my grandparents happy and though 'I have to become a doctor’. Until middle school, the dream job of a doctor felt like it was written for me. Truthfully, my heart grew bigger for me sick grandmother who I wanted to treat.” - However, when you entered university, you chose social work over acting. “Since I really like kids, I wanted to major in child education. Since I lived with my grandparents, I also had an interest in the problems seniors faced. Since social work is a subject about the welfare of children, seniors and the disabled, I ended up choosing it.” She was alr in the show biz when entering university , instead of choosing acting major for her actress career like most other, but she chose social welfare major which shows her sincere to do social work. - I remember seeing a picture of you holding a fund-raising container. You have the title of honorary ambassador for the Korean division of JTS (Join Together Society), part of the UN International Relief Organization. It seems like you do a lot of service work. “Seeing as my major was social work, while living the student life, there was many opportunities to do service work. Inside of JTS, there was a gathering for cultured citizens to do service work called 'Traveling Companion’. Twice a year we did a fun-raising campaign for starving children, and after doing it a long time, I’m seen as the honorary ambassador. To tell the truth, my acting seniors do more difficult and hard work than I do. Seeing these people working hard while being active makes me work harder.” Han Ji Min, who not only has a good-natured image, but rolls up both sleeves to help her neighbors, is often a candidate for various organizations or agencies. A couple hours before this interview, she told me she would be on her way after finishing her appointment as the goodwill ambassador for UNEP Korea. When her name comes up in a situation where she’s not doing any activities, I don’t think there’s any (special) meaning to it. In 2009, Han Ji Min found and went to a village called Allawon in a remote area in the Phillipines that couldn’t receive any education. She spent four nights and five days studying and playing with the kids and published the experience into a book. She donated all of the royalties and profits of the book’s sales. - After coming back from Allawon and writing a book, there seems to have been something special there. “Before going there, I thought the kids were sad and pitiful. They were a people who didn’t have anything, and only lived eating sweet potatoes. These kids who lived deep in the mountains, didn’t even receive any help from the Phillipine government and couldn’t receive education, but they lived happier than us. They didn’t have any greed. Usually if people have one thing, they plan on getting another thing, but those friends only gave themselves to me. It was a shock to me. 'There’s no end to a person’s greed’. That was the starting point of vastly changing my idea of happiness.” (Ji Min Love Special at Philippine ) (When Ji Min travelled to Zambia as part of the "Rain" project for World Vision. The goal was to help villages find suitable locations with a clean water supply to dig wells. The project was successful! , Dojun of Beast also joined it , no wonder he tell Ji Min is a real angel ). (continue from magazine interview 2012) Recently on a portal site’s bulletin board, Han Ji Min’s middle and high school alumni put up a topic titled 'The Truth About Han Ji Min’ and it’s gaining attention. They said “During her school days, Han Ji Min was the model student’s model. Her grades were in the upper rank and received kindness from the teachers” and “Because of her looks, there were a lot of envious female students.” There was a student that was mentally retarded that everyone avoided, but everyone remembered Han Ji Min as the 'angel’ that would always greet that friend first. In June, there was a topic on an online community posted with the title 'Another Shocking Truth About Han Ji Min’ and it was about her good deeds. It was written by an older sister of a supporting actor in the 2008 drama Yi San. She wrote “While filming Yi San, my younger sister was burned on her face. While the other staff members were only worried, Han Ji Min was different as she personally looked around for a hospital and gave all of the money she had on her for the taxi fare”, praising Han Ji Min’s warm heart and spending the money for her sister. To people, Han Ji Min is an actress with the courage to readily hold out her hand for others. Source: Actually she didn’t need to do that , it is not her duty to looked around for the hospital for supporting actors who got burned on her faced as she already busy filming, the staffs will handle it but she intended to give help, money and personally look for the hospital. She is truly angel since high school, where all student in the class avoided the mentally retarded classmate but Ji min would always greet that friend first. She had pass through some hard time. And I am impressed by how she is kind and her good deed, she deserve to meet her true love, a good person. I hope she will find her true love soon.I pray she will meet her trustful man soon who always care her, treat her well, consistent , understanding and make her happy, probably a man like Ahn Jae Hyun haha i like the way he treat GHS or like Kim Taeyoung who also treat and take care well of his daughter and wife Eugene. I have many though and feeling that cannot hide and it is a relief to share here, there was a happy and enjoying moment as well and thank you for all chinggu here we have been here together over 2 years.
  15. We know many costars praise Ji min. But I doubt if she steal the heart of her co stars , why doesn't she end up dating any of them.