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  1. Han Ji Min 한지민

    Same, no like button too.
  2. Han Ji Min 한지민

    Just like many fans I want to see Ji min back to dramaland. But I can understand why she decline as seem from the storyline of Two crops it's more male lead centric where the male lead have swifting soul plot more character to play. As least, Ji min does movies and lively variety shows . I has always wanted to see her in 3MAD and it comes true, can see that she and past costars LSJ and Eric get along well. Hope she will be offered with nice script drama soon.
  3. Han Ji Min 한지민

    Kim go Eun joins bh ent , the label is full with popular natural beauty actresses. Love Ji min's look at Jecheon International music and film festival press conference Actress Kim Hye Soo accepted the 'Firefighter Go' challenge passed on to by Ji min. Cr: claribel05
  4. Han Ji Min 한지민

    From Ji min's instagram
  5. Han Ji Min 한지민

    Ji min at the campaign Cr : to uploaders Many of the k goddes actresses around her age got married or getting married. I hope to hear Ji min 's one soon. Although I want to watch her drama comeback I want to get her wedding news even more.
  6. Han Ji Min 한지민

    It is good to know she is friend with senior actresses like Kim Hye Soo and Chae Jung an. Not only senior friends but also shows support to her junior coworker Park Jung min who recently works with in her upcoming movie it's only my world. I want to see her in drama soon. There is still no update about Two cops drama offer, I try to guess maybe the drama production delays or haven't fixed on air schedule yet that's why this drama takes time to confirm casts.
  7. Han Ji Min 한지민

    Congratulations to Ji min Cr : IG neih212
  8. Han Ji Min 한지민

    I wonder any update about the drama offer Ji min is considering. I know she has to choose carefully.
  9. Han Ji Min 한지민

    Some article said Ji min accepted Two cops while most articles said still considering positively. The drama seems like male accentric, wish the female lead character will stand out. I really want to see Ji min in new drama soon , if the drama script is good hope she will accept it, especially with Jo Jung suk it will be fun and plus the two are good friends. JJS has versatile acting esp with comedy.
  10. Han Ji Min 한지민

    Cr : to uploaders
  11. Han Ji Min 한지민

    So Ji min is into the movie. The movie seems great with several veteran top actors. After filming this movie, I also wish Ji min to be back to dramaland with a good drama script. It will be a dream for me if she can cast in Kim Eun Sook's new drama. I know it's not easy, every top k actors actresses fight to cast in her drama. Look like KES is determined if she has someone in her mind she will get that person to play esp for male leads but for female leads seems like casted according to the character. I would love to see Ji min to costar in drama with Gong Yoo too, or Jo in sung , Lee dong Wok , Kim So Hyun or Song Jong ki.
  12. Han Ji Min 한지민

    Han Ji Min poses effortlessly with 'Pandora' jewelry in 'InStyle'! Actress Han Ji Min recently posed for 'InStyle's latest June issue featuring jewelry brand Pandora. The actress said about her upcoming film 'Miss Baek', set for release in the latter half of 2017, "I hope that through this film many will reflect on those suffering in society." She continued, "As a public figure if I stand up boldly with responsibility for a certain cause, I think that many will eventually listen. The important thing is, I'm not in this alone. It's because of many people who have come together to voice their opinions as well, which allows me to make it this far." Meanwhile, fans can look into more on Han Ji Min's courageous stand in 'InStyle.' Cr : allkpop
  13. Han Ji Min 한지민

    Cr : Celltrion Skincure channel
  14. Han Ji Min 한지민

    At the wedding of Yoon so yi , Ji min 's close friend. When is Ji min time to ring the bell? I'll be happy if it happen soon. Cr : to Ji min's IG
  15. Han Ji Min 한지민

    I appreciate how despite leg injury Ji min still walking around the street for jts event. @tok-soompiyes Ji min and the costars from the age of shadow, Gong Yoo and Shin sung rok form a close bond , can see her supportive friendship like posting abt their movie ticket on IG. Ji min does a lot of charity work esp for children, beautiful inside out she is a true goddess. @meheaven @liemkopi I also desire to see her marrying soon she deserves to have happy married life, I hope it will be soon. I don't mind a celebrity or non celebrity as long as a compatible person who she loves and loves her more. Dating a celebrity sometimes too much spotlight and if in case end up not marrying then i find it just disadvantage on actresses' image. Maybe she can be like some k actresses who married non celebrity and having happy family like Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Hee sun or Han Chae young. Cr IG : to uploaders