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  1. Park sung woong was recently on Knowing Brothers. And he talked about Jung Kyung Ho
  2. I think thats her parents memorial? I think i've seen her go there in one of the earlier eps. Need confirmatiom about that. I didnt go and rewatch hahahaha @Kasmic that lesson learnt pic is hilarious!
  3. There's an urn? Really? I havent seen that. Good luck to all for the final ep. Hopefully it meets your expectations and if it doesnt, hopefully it meets half way. If all expectations are not met..just forget this drama and move on to the next. Hahahaha Listing the dramas i currently watch, in case any of you are interested to watch too: 1. The Last Empress 2. Sky Castle 3. Liver or Die I dont necessarily mind ratings, but coincidentally all three dramas above have high ratings . All three are different and interesting in their own ways~
  4. Congrats sky castle! Despite the script leak, they still manage to achieve 20++% ratings! Amazing!
  5. Hyuk remains my bias in TLE. My new found fascination for SSR, knows no bounds haha. I'm going on vacation. So i wont be checking my inbox that often ehehe. But i will pop in to see spoilers. I am that hooked. I have downloaded Liar Game (for SSR of course!) to watch in my flight that is if i'm not sleeping. LOL
  6. @supergal99 nice campaign going on! Anyways, SSR is not the main lead. So no worries yaaalll..he wont end up with sunny Since i'm on no ship, and i'm mostly in for Hyuk and his antics... What i do want him to end up with is: 1) feel guilty and remorse for his wrongdoings 2) beg for forgiveness from all he did wrong to 3) repent and get punished 4) don't die before all of the above Thats all. I realllyy want Hyuk to turn a new leaf and change for the better. Please writernim..don't make him evil till the end sobs
  7. I cant visit here as often since i will be busy starting tomorrow. Just leaving a Hyuk pic here..cause why not? Lol. That stiff grin. That turtle neck. Most importantly that coat! I love long coats~ I do wonder is it Hyuk i like or actually SSR plays a bigger factor. Hahaha
  8. Awww..i wanted Emma to be master villain. Not her being a bug exterminator or pest control Anyways...will this knetz comment happen? I wonder~ 4. [+236,-15] After the game resets, Jin Woo will be the only one with those memories and they will go back to the past again. It will end with him pressing the bell and asking, "Is there a room available?" and smiling when he meets Park Shin Hye. It would be like ep 1's preview, Jin Woo's the only one smiling and Hee Joo looking puzzled Source: melohwa
  9. But he's already the boss. If he keeps eliminating key people, it would be hard for the company to sustain. Jone stocks will for sure plummet with news of Papa Cha's death in JW's hotel room to boot!
  10. Ohh. This is plausible indeed. He stabs emma next. Unless they are planning to reset everything when emma/virus/glitch is gone... I too dont know how papa cha's murder is going to be resolved and how JW won't be a prime suspect. Even if there are cctvs in the house, the right thing to do when you see an unconcious person is to call an ambulance. Not go away and stare at your gf's house
  11. Maybe he plans to marry Emma to end all of this? Hahahaha Luckily i didnt throw anything since i was laying down lol @Kasmic the emma twist was not really a twist i would say. Because i did expect her to be evil before. Haha. But the key became a dagger was a great twist. And she stabbed him in the heart. No mercy shown. JW is near immortal in this game. He gets attacked in all directions but still survive. He even survived a stab to the chest. Hua3