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  1. I'm so happy that this thread is alive. They are the only second KDrama couple I shipped and the first one was 8 years ago. Im just a new OYS stan but Im LSG's fan since 2012's King2Hearts and I see them lovely together and i find it unfair for KNetz to be hating on OYS
  2. Im a fan of LSG since King2Hearts and I agree that he does that with his X. What's fishy though is that he's a bit shy considering the are supposed to be same aged friends. Im also a OYS fan since Come Back Mister (watching Jang Bo Ri is here now to catchup and its good) and weirdly enough she is usually playful with her costars like a tomboy. Especially her and Rain's BTS that is so funny. Even her male costars treat her like a guy and her female costars are clingy of her (like Seyoung and Lee El now) so its weird like TVN or the production or them is protecting something. I know that maybe if maybe they are dating, OYS would want it to be secret since she was betrayed once before in the dating scandal and if LSG really is dating her maybe he wants to protect her eventhough he is such an open book with his feelings. I see their chemistry so much to ship them irl and see that they are nice people to stan. They are the second ship I stanned and the first one was 8 years ago. Secret Garden. In which Im also a fan of the leading characters before I shipped them in a drama together. Oh no, history is repeating itself. Please let them be together. lol
  3. This is what I'm thinking. Since normally LSG or OYS usually goofs around with theit main co-actors at the wrap up party. Something is fishy indeed
  4. You should watch King2Hearts for me that is the first time I ever saw him serious
  5. Okay, after much of a desre for physical contact between SOG and JSM at the end. When I searched the original JTTW plot SOG's character went to the gates of hell to look for the book of life? And since JSM has a demon/diety part within her now it means SOG can put her status up to being an immortal. I just hope we saw that though. Sigh By the way, no photos for OYS and LSG together in wrap up party? Weird! Usually she takes photos with her costars....so suspicious indeed
  6. Just a special is all I need. I mean how about her prediction in her sec's daughter wedding? I just hope to see Oh Gong create havoc in the land of the dead that they will make Seon Mi an immortal so he wont go to the land of the dead again. I would love to see that. The only consolation is that they didn't go the reincarnation route
  7. I DEMAND AN EPILOGUE she deserves to be a diety with all the sacrifices she made and the things she did for Oh Gong to know the true meaning of sacrifice and love and the only way for me to forgive the ending is to see a special
  8. WTF really? Thats the ending? REALLY? OMG WHY
  9. Maybr he blocked his own memories to not feel the pain of losing his love
  10. Scarlet heart Ryeo traumatized me. OMO OYS! Wrap up party...it feels all too real that it's ending :'(
  11. Exactly. Most of her male costars treat her as a guy and her female costars are clingy of her. Like Lee El now and Seyoung (Bu Ja). So its so weird for Seung Gi and her to be so unbelievingly civil? With all that chemistry? Maybe TVN is helping them? LOLOLOLOOL
  12. Reincarnation route would make all the past amazing episodes dwindle. I hate it. Like I said before, I still trust it since the preview most of the time throws us off.