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  1. I am filled with alot of emotions after watching the episode. I need to recollect my thoughts before I post anything regarding the episode. By the way, does anyone knows what is the song that Tee sings to Mork over the phone when he was playing the guitar? Can give me the song title and artist in Thai? Thank you!
  2. Another new clip to promote Tee x Mork on GMMTV youtube channel. Tee-Mork challenge!!! I like the fact that their promotion videos are more targetted to youngsters. The behind-the-scene clip is done in the nature of a selfie mode/shot using phone camera style. This one is doing the typical challenge video, where youtubers these days are famous for.
  3. Frank has tweeted the behind-the-scene to Tee x Mork episode on his twitter account. Frank and Drake too posted another short clip behind-the-scene to Tee x Mork episode on their IG accounts. Longer clip on GMMTV Facebook/Official Youtube channel.
  4. Woo. That's interesting to know. I wonder if the scriptwriter of the episode has drawn references from the actors' real life experience for the Tee x Mork episode. I mean, they throw in a reference to Slam Dance, Tee's LINE pseudonym Nook-nik sounds remotely similar to Drake's pet name - Dook-Dik. 2 more days till the episode.
  5. Reaction video to Tee x Mork episode trailer from the 4 couples (including Pluem x Chimon). Hopefully someone will translate it, would love to know what they said.
  6. Side Track: So Pick x Rome/Off x Gun got an original music video for the episode theme song covered by Fiat. How nice... I hope Tee x Mork/Frank x Drake will get one too. But if Inn x Sun only got one with just a montage of the clips from the episode. I think Tee x Mork will at most get a similar one.
  7. Another new post from GMMTV on Tee x Mork episode on "Our Skyy". This time round, they have posted a trivial on what happened to the boys within the 3 years. 1. Tee studies Economics, Mork studies Dentistry. 2. Tee stays in external dorm, Mork stays in internal dorm, but they can walk to each other's place easily. 3. Tee is allergic to shrimps, Mork is soft because of Tee. 4. TeeMork's first kiss is in the Snow Town. 5. TeeMork have been a couple for 2 years and 11 months, and their 3rd year anniversary will be this week. [Translation taken from Cause You're My Boy International Facebook page, credit: Trọng Đào ] Interesting that Mork took on Dentistry and not Medicine as sort of hinted in the main series. Now that this one-off episode took place 3 years after the main series, I wonder how will the actual sequel to the novel be written. Althought it's not like GMMTV will follow up with a new series after the sequel to the novel is completed, but it will be interesting to know what the writer has in mind for the sequel and whether the writer has been consulted for this one-off episode.
  8. YES!! Another new post from GMMTV on Tee x Mork episode on "Our Skyy". Finally, the promotion is coming bit by bit. All the sweet kisses compiled. Added new gif!
  9. Side track: GMMTV has dropped a special music video to Inn x Sun's episode. The whole episode is like a music-driven episode. From the trailer which contains the amazing Palmy song, to the episode where Inn and Sun express their true feelings by singing the songs with hidden meanings to each other and to this music video that features a song that rings very true to Inn x Sun's relationship. It feels like GMMTV/LINE TV have put so much effort into this episode. Very well-done. This leads to me wondering if they will do a music video anthology featuring the 5 "Our Skyy" couples featuring 5 songs (each pair taking the lead for each music video) that interconnect with each other. That would be super awesome.
  10. GMMTV has started doing some promotion for Tee x Mork episode. They have just posted some pictures of the episode on their social platforms.
  11. Thanks! I also notice the similarity between Inn x Sun and Tee x Mork storylines. A seemingly third party to "spice" things up. Where the former is on a more serious note, the latter is more fluffy. I love the contrast and I am not surprised at the similarity since it's by the same director. Side Note: GMMTV has released a "music video" for Inn x Sun episode. I am thoroughly surprised that GMMTV has gone all out for Inn x Sun episode. I heard the episode trended at no. 1 in Thailand last night. I am really happy for Pluem x Chimon. But at the same time, I am also jealous because I doubt GMMTV will do that for Tee x Mork / Frank x Drake. But I am hanging on to my knickers to see what kind of promotion they have planned for Tee x Mork / Frank x Drake next week. Frank is noticeably absent. Same as Earth. I wonder why both of them who are involved in the fan party are not involved in this.
  12. I mean let's be honest, the first 2 episodes of Our Skyy aren't exactly original isn't it? I mean soul-swapping storyline for Pick x Rome has been done like a million of times in so many different languages/countries. And the 3rd party for Inn x Sun, that is like old tripe. So for Tee x Mork's storyline, I am not expecting amazing/all-original storyline for them given they are the least promoted/popular pair out of the lot. I am just glad they are being involved in the show, another chance to redeem the series (it's not the boys' fault I must add), It is supposed to be a light-hearted episode, the comedic sound effects won't affect much to me. I just want to see under the new director/production, how different it will be. From what I can see, it's definitely an improvement and alot of the comments on the youtube trailer have been generally positive about the change and notice the improvement. So far, the trailer stands at 132k after 18 hours of being online. Looks like the viewing rate is pretty good. I have it on repeat almost every other hour because I just love it.
  13. By the way, the English subtitles are up on the official youtube link! Currently the views have hit 69K on youtube after it has been online for close to 6 hours. Inn x Sun's trailer now currently stands at 465K after being uploaded for a week and Pick x Rome's trailer has hit 583K after being uploaded for 2 weeks. If the views keep on increasing consistently, it would likely match up with the 2 couples. Do kindly repost/retweet the link to help the boys get the support they need and deserve. I have also made a small set of gifs:
  14. So GMMTV has just posted the announcement to the Tee x Mork episode trailer on their social platforms. I am going to see if they will be doing the same timeframe to Pete x Kao and Kongpob x Arthit episode trailers. And I shall see what kind of promotion will there be for the upcoming week to promote Tee x Mork episode. It's going to be a long wait for me.
  15. YAY!! The trailer is out!! Seems like they are going to be a lighthearted episode. And instead of Mork being jealous of Tee having a girl (ie. Bambie), now it's the other way round. Hehehe. And appearances by Gord x Morn. Can't wait!! #justiceforteemork #justiceforfrankdrake.
  16. It's Inn x Sun episode today on "Our Skyy", so this would technically mean we will be getting a preview of Tee x Mork's episode next week. Please note: GMMTV posted on 15 Nov on their social platforms to reveal that the trailer for Pick x Rome's episode will be aired. They did the same on 22 Nov for Inn x Sun's episode trailer. Announcement for both episodes trailers were announced 1 week in advance of the actual episodes. But nothing has been done for Tee x Mork's episode trailer so far. Not sure why GMMTV seems to have decided not to do any promotion about Tee x Mork's episode, which is seriously very disappointing. Edit: Interestingly, Drake actually posted the trailer announcement today on his IG! Get that PROMO!!! Edit 2: Frank also posted the trailer announcement too. GMMTV is seriously lacking when it comes to promoting Tee x Mork episode. It feels like they have given up on them. So far still nothing.
  17. Line app has released a stickers set featuring Our Skyy cast. Here is the preview I have extracted from the app: Not trying to nitpick, but Frank x Drake couple only got 2 stickers together but the other 4 pairs got 3 stickers each. And also, just to share, Pluem x Chimon, who have been noticeably absent during the previous rounds of promotion, have their own dedicated slot of promotion today. They have/will be on various media outlets promoting their episode/show. I am very happy that they are being involved in the promotion. But there is a nagging part of me that I wish Frank x Drake will have similar treatment next week when their episode is due. I mean although they have been involved in the promotions for "Y I Love You Fan Party 2019" and "Our Skyy" but they were unfortunately not given much focus as you have the more famous couples/counterparts in them. I would have loved to see them promote their episode/show on their own. To be honest, they are actually the least popular pair out of the 5, and I hope the agency can help to push them more. I know they started late in the game, but they have so much potential together as seen if given the right direction (ie. first half of the series). I know with Drake being in another part of Thailand, it is not easy to have both of them together. But since their episode is due next week, and if the agency can do something for Pleum x Chimon (where Pleum is also based in Chiangmai and studying), they should do it for Frank x Drake. The boys need the support and visibility.
  18. Just have to post it here. I am replaying this trailer over and over again. Because this is my next anticipated episode (as I really like Pleum). And the song that is used in the trailer, gosh, it matches their backstory so much. And just want to say again, just the clip itself just p|$$es over the half of "Cause You're My Boy" series. I just can't imagine what the director can do with the Tee x Mork's episode. God, please let it be good!! The show needs some redemption and the boys (ie. Drake x Frank) need the exposure. They are like the least talked about couple between the 5 and I hope their episode will garner more interest in the boys.
  19. This person has edited the opening credits to "Our Skyy" featuring Tee x Mork! You can see the edits for the other couples in the channel. Drake x Frank just look so natural together. You can't forge this chemistry. A new teaser clip with scenes of Tee x Mork's storyline. I seriously can't wait. Looks like their episode isn't that dramatic or comedic. More like the troubles of teenage love. Can't wait. Some behind-the-scenes clips/short interviews from Kazz magazine on the recent cover story photoshoot.
  20. Just saw the trailer for Inn x Sun's episode! Gosh, the production value looks great. And since Tee x Mork's storyline shares the same director as Inn x Sun's episode, this makes me so excited for Tee x Mork's storyline.
  21. Promo interviews Frank x Drake did (together with Off x Gun and Tay) for Our Skyy. Starts at 1:26:40. They are on GMMTV Facebook Live now. Edit: With video Edit: GMM News Edit: It's so interesting to look at the GMMTV Facebook "Live" video, you can see how "touchy" Frank x Drake were at certain times. And Frank x Drake even exchanged their jackets in the Dara Daily interview.
  22. Frank x Drake's shot in the upcoming Kazz Magazine that features Our Skyy cast on the cover. Available for sale on 25th Nov. Can't wait.
  23. Drake and Frank's interactions yesterday! So cute!!! Can't wait for Teen Girl and Our Skyy episode!