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  1. Really, coz I think I read it somewhere on instagram, they have finished shooting the episode for Mork x Tee. Unless they meant finished shooting for the day. Or maybe the director is meeting with difficulty for Sun x Inn's episode? Coz the director is doing 2 episodes right? Edit: Frank mentioned on his twitter on 15-Oct that he is done shooting. So I assumed he meant he has finished shooting for the episode. And the director posted a tweet subsequently (just now) and mentioned Inn x Sun. So I believe he is currently shooting for the episode for Inn x Sun, and Mork x Tee's episode has already been completed.
  2. I have read that the boys have finished filming their episode for "Our Skyy", which explains the lack of Drake and Frank's interactions on IG.
  3. Something I have compiled to check on how the viewership for the show is (inspired by the post in "Love by Chance" thread(. The show lost its steam/viewership from episode 7 onwards, which is where the flaws of the storylines start to show. But look at the first half of the series, you can see there was a lot of buzz and popularity for the show. Such a pity that it didn't live up to its full potential. I have done an eyeball check, "Cause You're My Boy" is considered the top viewed GMMTV series on its youtube channel in recent months. But on LINETV, GMMTV shows that were shown on the same/close to period like "Mint To Be" and "The Gifted" seem to do better. Guess the show is more popular on an international viewing platform. And compared to "Love by Chance", "Love by Chance" also seems to fare better on the viewership on both LINETV and Youtube (considering the youtube videos were only uploaded very recently).
  4. midnightbottle

    [On Going] Love by Chance Series บังเอิญรัก

    The youtube views look pretty impressive to me considering the videos are barely uploaded for 3 weeks. I mean if you compare them to the recent GMMTV series (with Eng subtitles) that were uploaded on their youtube, LBC did much better. Cause You're My Boy (which is technically the most popular recent series for GMMTV on youtube, consistently hitting over 100k for each part) didn't even do as well particularly for the last few episodes.
  5. So the cast of "Our Skyy" the series got the cover story. Nice!!! Pleum x Chimon were photoshopped in.
  6. midnightbottle

    [Up Coming BL THAI Series 2018-2019] My Dream The Series

    Just watch the first episode. Production value is on par with Love by Chance, which is a good start. Acting skills wise to be determined as there is not much going on in episode 1. But I do sense a little awkwardness during the scene where Nai went to pick Way up at his school unannounced. The way they carried the conversation seemed a little forced, like they are just reading the lines off the script. Will definitely keep following the show and see how it progresses.
  7. Drake and Frank's interview with Dek-D after Our Skyy/Y I Love You Fan Party 2019 press conference.
  8. Skip to 52:40 Some of the various interviews Frank and Drake did for "Y I Love U Party 2019".
  9. Drake x Frank will be on KAZZ magazine with the other 4 BL couples from "Our Skyy" series (Chimon x Pluem did their shoot on a separate day, likely they may get photoshopped in). Not sure if they will get a cover or just interview coverage, I think it should be a cover. Hopefully, we will see 6 editions, where each couple will have their own cover and one with the 5 couples. Drake x Frank x Phuwin x Neo will be involved in School Rangers' Schoolympics with many others. This is going to be interesting.
  10. I do not have the information on the TV ratngs. I am basing off the social/news media and from the press conference. I do understand that it's not fair to do a comparison because Drake x Frank are still a new pairing and understand the circumstance/restrictions may not be in favour of them. But I am surprised that SOTUS S underperformed in Thailand but from what I presumed, on an international basis, it paints the impression it is doing better given the number of fan events they have in Asia.
  11. At the bold part, if that is the case, there is no competition, Singto x Krist episode will sure get the highest ratings due to the immense popularity of Kongpob x Arthit. But anyway, I am pretty sure SOTUS will get a third season regardless. The couple is GMMTV's cash cow, I would be surprised if it does not get a third season. As for Cause You're My Boy, at this point, it's kinda hard to say if there will be a next installment to the series as the situation is kinda tricky. If they want to stick to the novel, then I can't see the next installment being done in next year due to the sequel/prequel of the novels have yet to start/in the process of writing. But I wouldn't mind if GMMTV just use the premise of the storyline and develop their own since the pairing is rather popular. On a side note, it does seem Drake x Frank's pairing's popularity seems pale in comparison to Singto x Krist, Tay x New and Off x Gun pairings though those 3 couples have 2 series to boost their popularity. And all the other actors are physically in the same city, which makes it hard for Drake x Frank to continue their pairing presence as they cannot meet up with each other off work as frequent as the other pairs. And I also seem to notice that Cause You're My Boy series' popularity did dip because of the latter part of the series and this is based off my observations on the youtube comments where a number of the viewers blamed the shoddy post-production and confusing/messy storyline have ruined the experience for them. I am not so confident that Cause You're My Boy will get a renewal next year, but I am sure Frank and Drake will definitely get more projects going forward (separately I am afraid) due to the new found popularity of both actors and the push from GMMTV to put them on "Our Skyy" project.
  12. I was happy too when I saw this news posted on the inter FB page. The director's works have been impressive. I enjoy Gay OK Bangkok alot, and if he did My Dear Loser : Edge of 17, then I think we fans are in for a ride. I am sure he will be able to get the most of Drake. Frank can also take this opportunity to improve his acting chops. Too bad it's only 1 episode. I hope the length of the episode will be of movie length (ie. 60-90 mins). I have said this on the inter FB page, I got a feeling GMMTV did not expect Cause You're My Boy to explode in terms of popularity. I believe they have made the decision to hire an inexpensive team to produce the series given the main cast is a group of newbies. I don't think GMMTV would have spent to hire an top notch team to produce a series fronted by relative unknowns, which to me is a pity. Had they got a great team behind the series, I am sure the post-production issues will not be so obvious and the storytelling would have been tighter. Here's hoping that since Drake X Frank are given the opportunity to star in "Our Skyy", one indication is that GMMTV has faith in them and potentially could have planned a sequel/prelude to the series in the future once the writer has completed writing both the prelude and sequels to the novel.
  13. Quoting from "Cause You're My Boy International" FB fan page, this following spoiler will describe the storylines for each couple: And also, promotional poster for the "Y I Love You Fan Party 2019".
  14. LOL! I am sure the product placement will be shoved right into our face one way or another. I don't mind if that's what they did, a mini scene at the end of each episode. I am seriously intrigued. I heard that they did talk about what is the storyline for each couple about in new series. Out of the 5 couples, I am more interested to know about Mork x Tee and Inn x Sun (as I have a thing for Pluem). And too bad, they chose Pete x Kao (from Kiss the Series), where I feel Wai x Apo (from Waterboyy the Series) requires a continuation more because I stan Earth!!