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  1. @Sophia Dreith and @crackaddict Oh, so you mean to say, MRF never gets outed in the end of the story? Wow! Strange... but similar to King of Blaze.
  2. OMG! So many things happening and our two MC's haven't met up again. I have a bad feeling about DF doctor guy.... I don't like that he's always smirking. I can't wait for the episode where CY and HBQ meet again. Thanks for the spoilers!! I know I shouldn't but I can't help read them...hahaha!
  3. @gerrytan8063 @Jillia Thanks for the info. The cinematography and scenes of most sageuks are really great!
  4. Yes, I love this drama more than the others that came out. Loved it from the start and love the fact that it feels more modern than the others. I'm looking forward to cohabitation hijinks...LOL!
  5. This drama yanked me back from my CDrama side trip back to KDramas. Love Binnie so much and, although,I am not a fan of PSH (she often plays weepy characters!!), I wish the MC's would spend more time together. Can't wait for the finale!!
  6. This is so out of topic but... in episode 2, where the Queen bids goodbye to her father is... Lee Min Ho's tree!! Hehehe...well, not technically his tree but the tree that was in Faith, and the drama about the girl who pretended to be a robot who fell in love with her owner and a lot of other KDrama's.
  7. Gosh yes, saw the drama and I'm loving it so much...finally got the subs out! Thanks so much subbers!!! Loved Vin since his Love O2O days...so cute!
  8. Yay! I hope the subs come out soon...I've been starting and dropping CDramas recently and I really want to watch another period drama. So far, trailers are okay. Thanks in advance to subbers for helping those who don't understand much of the language.
  9. I'm worried about their age gap in the show....but if you guys say it works out soon, then I won't mind.
  10. I actually want to watch it but I'm a bit wary of the age gap between the MCs. (Are they the OTP?) hehehe...sorry to ask for spoilers but really don't want to be right about it. I know that she could just look like a child but really be closer to his age but even the size difference is daunting.
  11. Thanks...I've run out of period/historical/costume drama that piqued my interest and I was looking forward to this. I like the interesting premise.
  12. Wait...so this is actually a BL series? I'm confused. Or does the wind God eventually become a girl? Is the wind god actually a girl and reincarnated as a guy in the Tang Dynasty? I saw the raws are out but I don't want to start without actually knowing the background.
  13. Glad to see this thread up and running ...I still watch specific episodes for a fix now and then. Love their chemistry!
  14. Just started watching and I love it! I love the female lead and her character. The male lead hasn't grown on me yet. I can't get over him as a villain in PA. Hopefully, he'll grow on me. Love the story so far, and I am definitely understanding the nuances and the connections so it's clear from the beginning and not confusing. Happy watching everyone!