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  1. Hi namjiho, the writer/s should have stuck to the original no. of episodes... How can we expect Jang Nara & Choi Jin Hyuk to have happy ending in the drama? I had hope to see their love to prosper. Why shouldn't they keep it at 48EP? There were extended dramas where it loses the steam & it became draggy. I hope that they didn't extend it. CJH screen time was already not much considering being a lead in the drama ...sigh... Even in EPs47-48 he didn't have much of a roll in. What kind of ending that the drama will have without the male lead? Where is the ending gonna go there then....???? I somewhat lose interest anymore to continue watching..... but, I'm curious to see the ending, though. Will this be a sad ending without him? What's the point to extend the episode if the lead actor could not appear? It sounds as if it’s going to be an ending no one will enjoy. Awww man .... As I've mentioned above in my post that I was happy to watch this drama because CJH was in it. Did they not know his schedule before they decided to extend it? So, why even do the extended episodes if he’s not going to appear in them? I'm sad of this news..... I'm really disappointed. Does that mean they’re killing him off? Ahhh.........no please ... I wonder if ratings would decline or increase because of this new development.
  2. Rain once again appeared in "The Knowing Brothers" and Lee Bum-soo to join hands in the classroom This time, Rain will be bullied by everyone. Just see the hilarious video below. This Saturday's "Knowing Brothers" (EP. 167) will welcome two extraordinary transfer students. Actors RAIN and Lee Bum-soo, both of whom are successful actors and are active in large and small screens. They have an upcoming movie "Bicycle King Uhmbok-dong". "Knowing Brothers" is a program that Kang Ho-dong is one of the hosts. Rain had recorded as one of the guests just recently. Watch the video below : This film is also the first time that Lee Bum-soo challenged himself here as the producer and an actor at the same time. He mentioned that the story is based on 1919. In the moment, Rain was puzzled (I thought I was the actor!), and it made the members to laugh. RAIN humbly asked: "Can I talk now?" Everyone does not let him talk. During this scene, he was bullied very badly. Rain's hit songs are quite a lot, where the host also enthusiastically imitated, making him quite shy. If you want to see more of this program episode, remember to tune in. The broadcast will be on the evening of February 16 at 9:00! (Photo from: JTBC Entertainment) credit : Korea Star Daily https://www.koreastardaily.com/tc/news/113969 _________________________________________________________________________ 【最新預告】Rain再次出演《認識的哥哥》與李凡秀攜手大鬧教室啦~! 這次鄭智薰(Rain)又會被大家如何欺負呢~!?XD光看預告就覺得爆笑啦! 本週六《認識的哥哥》(ep. 167)將迎來兩位不平凡的轉學生,「天生演員」李凡秀和「天生緣分」鄭智薰,兩人都是活躍於大小螢幕的成功演員, 宣傳新電影《自行車王嚴福童》。 *註:《天生緣分》是姜鎬童曾主持過的節目,Rain在當時也是高人氣嘉賓。 ▼完整預告: 而這部電影也是李凡秀首次挑戰製作人兼演員的身份,他提到故事是以1919年為背景,所以試鏡選角時…特別選了較為「平凡、普通」的臉孔!在一旁的Rain瞬間感到疑惑(心想我可是男主角耶!?XD),也引發認哥成員們爆笑。 姜鎬童面對久違的弟弟智薰,劈頭就嗆聲說:「鄭智薰!你要活得像個人啊~!都不覺得丟人嗎?」智薰謙虛地反問:「我現在可以說話了嗎?」結果大家都不讓他說話~XDD,現場被欺負地很慘啊~! Rain的熱門曲也是相當多,主持人們也熱情地模仿,讓他相當害羞,想看更多這一期的節目內容,記得鎖定2月16日晚間九點的播出喔! (圖自:JTBC Entertainment)
  3. Cast of "Bicycle King Uhmbok-dong" in SBS "Cultwo" radio show cr : SBS Radio100
  4. RAIN in JTBC "Knowing Brothers" on February 16 at 9pm KST credit: @jtbcbros
  5. hnfragile, this will be at 8pm KST in Samsung-Dong Megabox (COEX).
  6. willenette

    Rain _ 비 _ Bi , Official Thread

    hnfragile, oh really in SIN? Thanks for this info - Ye, it's elegant indeed! Ye, ssireum - a Korean wrestling. That was year 2017 when he appeared in the show where he had a wrestling match with Janghoon & Lee Sugeun.
  7. Hi booha, thanks for sharing this. Like you, we just have to wait & see what will happen to his character in the story. I really don't dig long drama EPs but since CJH is in it, I have no choice but to watch this drama.
  8. willenette

    Rain _ 비 _ Bi , Official Thread

    Hi hnfragile, hahaha - so, that black thing is his mobile phone. I thought all along that was part of the box. Oh.... that's Laderach Chocolate. This is the best chocolate in the world for me! I've tried this in Switzerland & absolutely the best chocolate you will ever taste! They have locations scattered in the place. Every time I go to US, I'm always looking for this brand but can't find it. My Korean BF also loves this. Their dark chocolate with hazelnuts or almonds is the best. It's super delicious. They offer different kinds of chocolate: milk, dark, or white. I also love the raspberry in white chocolate. Their assorted gift packs are a huge hit. Just seeing & talking about it makes me crave for it! They have a shop outside of the airport terminal in Zurich. Preparation of chocolates is demonstrated live within the store by skillful staff. A wide range of chocolates on sale with the option to sample a few prior to purchase. This is a bit pricey but worth the outlay!
  9. *** According to Nielsen Korea nationwide, the drama "The Last Empress" rated 11.0% and 13.9% on the 13th, which was last night. The numbers dropped slightly but still came in first.
  10. February 14, 2019 Kim Beom, Oh Yeon-seo have split After dating for nearly 10 months, actors Kim Beom and Oh Yeon-seo have officially called it quits. According to local news outlet News1, the couple, who started dating last March, decided to go their separate ways at the end of 2018. Their agencies refused to explain the reason for their break-up. Their relationship was made public in March 2018, after the actors’ agencies revealed the two were first introduced to one another through mutual friends. They began dating after Oh finished filming the tvN series “A Korean Odyssey” (2017-18). The two continued dating even though Kim started his military service in April, working as a public service officer. By Yeo Ye-rim credit : JoongAngDaily
  11. Kim Bum and Oh Yeon-seo Break Up After 10 Months Kim Bum and Oh Yeon-seo ended their romantic relationship after 10 months of being together. Kim Bum's agency King Kong By Starship and Oh Yeon-seo's agency Celltrion Entertainment officially admitted that they broke up and the reason remains private. Previously, Kim Bum and Oh Yeon-seo, who is two years older than him, made their relationship official in March of last year. They apparently met through friends after "A Korean Odyssey" and developed a relationship. They also made their relationship official fifteen minutes after word got out. Their relationship hit the news again a month later when Kim Bum had to join the army. However, due to a genetic illness, he served in public service and not active service. There didn't seem to be a problem between them even after he enlisted. However, the couple came to an end at the end of last year while the news only just came out. Meanwhile, Kim Bum debuted in 2006 and starred in several dramas such as "High Kick!", "Boys over Flowers", "That Winter, the Wind Blows", "Mrs. Cop 2", and more. His most recent work is "Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead". Oh Yeon-seo debuted as a singer in 2002 and became an actress who starred in "My Husband Got a Family", "Oh Ja-ryeong is Coming", "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!" and "A Korean Odyssey". Source : biz.heraldcorp.com/vi... Translation : Hancinema
  12. Joo Jin Mo, Han Ye Seul, And More Show Passion At Script Reading Of “Big Issue” SBS’s upcoming drama “Big Issue” has shared some photos from their script reading! The reading took place on December 17, 2018 with the full cast including Joo Jin Mo, Han Ye Seul, Shin So Yul, Choi Song Hyun, Song Kyung Chul, and Oh Kwang Rok, as well as director Lee Dong Hoon and writer Jang Hyuk Rin. “Big Issue” will tell the story about a man who turns his life around from being an alcoholic homeless person to an elite photo journalist to find the cure for his sick daughter, and a heartless chief editor who uses her connections to reveal all sorts of celebrity scandals. Joo Jin Mo was previously confirmed to take on the role of the photo journalist Han Seok Jo, and Han Ye Seul will play Ji Soo Hyun, the cold-hearted editor-in-chief at Sunday Report. At the script reading, Joo Jin Mo was able to portray the extreme life-or-death situation his character goes through with his perfectly-controlled facial expressions. On the other hand, Han Ye Seul exuded much charisma as a chic, professional career woman and left people at the script reading in awe. Joining the main actors is Shin So Yul. As the actress is returning to SBS for the first time in a year, she showed her determination and readiness to fully transform into her character as a journalist at Han Ye Seul’s news company, Sunday Report. Choi Song Hyun, who will be making her first drama return in three years, will take on the role of Bae Min Jung. She is the wife of Han Seok Joo (Joo Jin Mo) who ruthlessly asks for a divorce once her husband faces a crisis due to an unfortunate incident. On the other hand, Song Kyung Chul will act as Doo Chul, the leader of the neighborhood alley in Seoul Station. Last but not least, Oh Kwang Rok will appear as a homeless man who calls himself a doctor. The production team said, “‘Big Issue’ plans to showcase the exciting work of paparazzi that will remind [viewers] of spies at war. Please look forward to seeing a new and exciting genre that conveys the style of caper films.” Check out a video of their script reading below! “Big Issue” will premiere on March 6, and it will also be available on Viki! Source (1) / soompi news
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    Ju Jihun 주지훈

    Joo Ji-hoon, Bae Doona and Ryu Seung-ryong's "Kingdom - Season 2" Begins Filming "Kingdom - Season 2" has begun filming. "Kingdom - Season 2" is a Joseon historical drama about zombies. When the king awakes from his illness, Prince Lee Chang (Joo Ji-hoon) is called a traitor. He heads far south to find the source of what made the king ill, but the number of people catching the illness and becoming monsters (zombies) grows exponentially. Prior to filming, director Kim Seong-hun, writer Kim Eun-hee-I, Joo Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong, Bae Doona and the other cast members as well as new comers Park Byung-eun and Kim Tae-hoon gathered for the script reading and the ceremonial event. Everyone was passionate and enthusiastic during the reading and everyone wished for all the best during the ceremonial event. "Kingdom - Season 2" was released worldwide on Netflix and it brought about a zombie wave in Korea while it caused a K-Zombie and 'gat' syndrome overseas. The whole world is looking forward to the second season of "Kingdom - Season 2". "Kingdom" season 1 can be seen on Netflix now. Source : /news.nate.com/view/2... Translation : Hancinema
  14. *** I've been looking forward for this movie of Seojoon. *********************************************************************** Park Seo Joon, Woo Do Hwan, And Ahn Sung Ki’s New Movie Wraps Up Filming Park Seo Joon, Woo Do Hwan, and Ahn Sung Ki’s new movie is coming up soon! “The Divine Fury” tells the story of champion fighter Yong Hoo (played by Park Seo Joon) who becomes filled with distrust and resentment for the world after losing his father to an unfortunate accident at a young age. He meets Father Ahn (played by Ahn Sung Ki) and joins him in battling the evil forces in the world. Woo Do Hwan will play Ji Shin, a mysterious character that can skillfully find others’ weaknesses and use them to his advantage. The film is directed by Kim Joo Hwan, who previously also worked with Park Seo Joon through “Midnight Runners.” After beginning to film in August, the cast and staff went through 82 sessions of filming and wrapped up the whole process on December 31, 2018. Director Kim Joo Hwan said, “The filming was arduous due to the hot and cold weather, but we were able to wrap up filming well thanks to the actors and staff. I will do my best to create a good film that is fitting to everyone’s hard work.” Park Seo Joon also shared his thoughts with the words, “We poured in a year of effort from pre-production to wrapping up filming. It will be a movie with a fresh theme, so please look forward to it,” and Woo Do Hwan stated, “Everyone did their best to make this film. I hope you will spend 2019 with ‘The Divine Fury.'” Lastly, Ahn Sung Ki said, “‘The Divine Fury’ will be a good source of energy for future film productions. I hope many of you will watch the movie.” “The Divine Fury” is at the postproduction stage and is set for release in 2019. (skipped unrelated.....) Source (1)