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  1. Thanks for posting these articles/interviews from Taiwan! It's extra great cuz I can understand them I love that Hyungsik rewatched the show after it was done and the scene that he wants to redo is the beach kiss scene!! Hehehe... Even though he hastily explained that it's because he wants to redraw his side of the heart on the sand. (He's never gonna live down his lopsided heart drawing skills). Anyways, it's cute how truly enamored he seems, from describing a "little hearts aura" around PBY to naming the "please love me" confession scene as one of his favorites because it was so real and to admitting that "every scene moved my heart."
  2. Thus expresses how I feel so well! After a terrible break up in my life half a year ago, I'm so glad for this happy, hopeful drama. Despite the show's imperfections, I also didn't just fall in love with the characters' chemistry/love story, but "fall in love with love itself again". Does anyone else know what I mean?
  3. I love the scenes they chose as "most memorable"! That "first step" scene, and the first kiss scene (where they echoed the first step scene by both taking a step towards one another)... I will remember these scenes for a very very long time! Seriously so romantic and sweet. Hilarious that for the actors it's too embarrassing to watch and the only part they can speak to is their argument over how to draw hearts. It's really cute that Boyoung kind of hid behind the wall and would peek in a little bit, and at the end Hyungsik had to go tell her she can come out cuz they ended the scene xD
  4. Ah~ I'm starting to watching the event here: Lol.. "Do you think Hyungsik is handsome?" PBY:"Yes!" (what kind of question is that hahaha) and "Is there any scene that you remember specifically?" Fans: "KISS SCENE! KISS SCENE!" (PBY covers her ears) haha
  5. Sigh~ the start of another weekend without our beloved Bongsoon and her Minhyuk... T^T (Thankful for the bts/ng clips, however short they are!) To tide us over, here's a music box arrangement of You Are My Garden! It's so sweet! And it's too bad the OST doesnt include all the beautiful background music (cuz I totally want it wuah!!) but here's the orchestral Heartbeat~ It almost made me cry, heh I don't want to move on from this show!! Maybe I will write some fanfics while my heart is still here in this universe
  6. Yeah! It's in this clip JS is answering which character he would like to become (in real life I think) and PHS suggests that he can be like AMH too @4:23. And then PBY side convo says "he can't" and PHS's like, "no?" It's cute how they talk with their eyes hehe. And all three are cute together~
  7. Because I need it too, allow me to propose... the SWDBS Withdrawal Kit: 200 boxes of tissues for tears 10 wholesale bags of walnuts 2 glasses of fresh hand-squeezed apple juice 3 laptop backgrounds of CEO Ahn making hearts and winking 1 Korean flag-on-a-chopstick 10 hoodie jackets (iconic light pink hoodie included) 1 powerful talisman, use with caution 1 spoon/chopstick bracelet 5 sets of dentures 8 boxes of product placement chocolates 2 sticks conveniently within reach on the beach for drawing hearts in the sand 1 misused piano 2 punching bags (not in good repair) Call now to place your order!!!! (Just kidding :P)
  8. Some of my favorite parts of ep 14~ * Dad's heartfelt convo with Bonggi and Mom's convo with Bongsoon * God bless that couch. Haha. I keep thinking about their lines cuz it was so romantic!!! (“Please look at me” … “I am” “Would you love me?” … “I do” “I don’t think I’m in your heart” … “You are” ... “I love you”) I think I will remember this for a long time~ * PHS's new OST track in the background when he was making apple juice for DBS... I had to pause the show, squeak and squeal for a little bit, and then continue! * BS and MH looking at each other and saying at the same time that the game character looks like secretary gong (so cute) * that planning/development leader's random english! * Secretary Gong wanting to help BS with moving those boxes of paper... (he's so sweet and unassuming now I hope he will be okay and recover quickly in next episode) * BS finding out they're the same age cuz AMH starts blaming Gookdu for revealing his info!! We totally called it. Knew this was gonna happen, but still so giddy hehe. I love how he wants to be oppa but then loves her speaking casually too hahaha * AMH saying that he "wanted another one" after the chocolately kiss~ * PHS basically poking fun at himself by saying he's the "expert" of drawing hearts when he fixes the cute lunch box peas!! * Gookdu & Minhyuk working as a team to catch the evil kidnapper!!! * when the lights turned off at ainsoft... and the dark/green lighting started--super intense!!! * PHS's tousled, sweaty, smexy hair as he was fighting to get to BS (such intense dramatic scene with crying and what did I focus on?!! Sigh, I'm terrible. But I can't be the only one!) * Kim Janghyun discovering his actual life calling - professional party planner!!! Those spectacular fireworks!!! (There are definitely more, hehe) @ above Instagram pic... will this be their daughter??!