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  1. What is the evidence that implicated the crooks at the trial?
  2. Can't believe Ms Park Won Sook looks better now than she did in All About Eve. She's nearly 70 but who knew?
  3. When CWB was being chased by Lee Hyuk's men with Ma's body in the car, his face was definitely exposed. So how come they didn't seem to know he was driving the Ma guy's car? Also, I think the man who saved Na Wang Sik could have trained Lee Hyuk in martial arts as Lee Hyuk said CWB's fighting style is familiar.
  4. I read about the negative and vicious comments Lee Elijah received for her role in this drama. I feel sorry for her that as an actress, she has to defend herself for playing a role! Yea, I didn't like the role she played in "Return of Hwang Geum Bok". However, after watching her on an episode of Running Man, my impression of her is that of a very sweet and cheerful person.
  5. What about the old man's missing son? Is Mal koo the son?
  6. Ma ji won and Ms Ma are identical twin sisters and they had no idea about each other previously? Or, did Ms Ma run off to that location knowing that her twin sister was there? I do not follow every episode of this drama so I get confused. Thanks in advance to anyone for the clarification.
  7. That scene where BJS mocked the staff on their grammar and their reactions was funny.
  8. Quite sure even if DY is resurrected, he will have amnesia till the last few episodes. Sena will likely have a mental breakdown as punishment for her evil doings.
  9. I don't like today's episode! I'm so mad at YR's stupidity! By going head-on at the man who had a knife in his hand, she put herself, her colleague and the other bystanders in danger. She should have stood a distance away and tried to calm the man down while waiting for the security. I think she was the one that caused herself to be stabbed and wasn't even reprimanded.
  10. I believe In woo will redeem himself by saving SY at the end of this drama. I don't think he hates SY or does he wants to harm him. Has it been revealed who blabbed about YR leaving SY's apartment?
  11. I like Hong ji-min but can't help thinking her acting in this drama is a little over-dramatic. I'm impressed that she managed to lose so much weight.
  12. As Ji eun is now JH's daughter-in-law so she shouldn't feel threatened by Sujeong/Hanui.
  13. Thanks for your explanation, jayakris. In my country, unless its a government hospital, we have to pay a 5 figure deposit before admission. That's why I am surprised to see how easy it is for 'someone' in Korean dramas to get admitted just for a minor complaint.
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