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  1. Please anyone know where can I watch this drama online via live streaming? I website that I used was not working yesterday.
  2. I've seen the ending but please can someone explain did yun xi really die? Then what's with the husband embracing her? Illusion?
  3. How many epsiode for this drama, It's not indicated in the first page?
  4. what I am really curious about whether Eun Tae and YH's ex, personally know each other?
  5. Any idea how many episode for this drama? I can't first the info in the first page.
  6. If ET was really the sperm donor... Hope this will help ET sister accept YH .
  7. I think... Moon Sik will counterattack by also moving in with Park Hyo Seob (same room with Jae Hyung) will try to amok within the family.
  8. Do anyone know if there's gonna be an extension for this drama or only at 16 episode?
  9. Me too, my usual site also not showing... anyone kindly also pm me the link.
  10. Anyone know the song played in ep. 24 while JH and ET hugging outside JH house?
  11. I also think, since beginning that its's better for everyone that "Hyun Chul" should just died at the end for everyone peace of mind and closure.
  12. It finally ends... I feel I wasted my time watching this drama, only watch this because of han hye jin. I don't like the husband totally weak character, I rather han hye jin ends with the doctor. I also don't like the writer, I will definitely avoid this writer in the future.
  13. Also don't get it, is it the memory or 2 soul occupying 1 body? One soul is in sleep mode, only now start to awaken?
  14. wink

    [Drama 2018] Live 살다

    Can someone please PM the link where I can watch this live online streaming. The website I used during Goblin days is not working anymore.