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  1. Coming back from asian film awards. She will be busy again for her new drama
  2. Kim hye ja and friends. Can't wait how they will end this drama this drama has been both funny and touching. Ancient times lol
  3. Credit to @chickfactor of the dazzling thread: As the 25-year-old Hye-Ja, Han Ji-Min again proved that she is worthy of being considered one of the top actors. The reason she drew the viewer's eye was her ability to successfully show us a performance of the same one person as Kim Hye-Ja, transcending time itself, not missing any small detail or emotion. She said that through 'Dazzling," she could move people, provide laughter, and was happy to make even a small contribution to this meaningful project. She said this project, as much as she received great love, the more unforgettable it will be. She is grateful to everyone who laughed and cried for Hye-Ja. She cheers everyone on that every moment of their lives will be dazzling. Everyone is intensely curious to know what the young Hye-Ja's story will be, the one who emerged with tears in her eyes as Hye-Ja's secret was revealed. Han Ji-Min says, "How long will Hye-Ja's dazzling moment last? Please watch until the end to see how her tangled past is explained." Can't wait for tonight
  4. Rather than a time travel drama, i prefer the twist more. That was really unexpected. I just hope they tie everything nicely. And this will be one of my all time favorite dramas. Han ji min might not have a lot of scenes but those limited scenes are unforgettable. Working with sunbae kim hye ja is a great honor. Lesson learned: enjoy our dazzling days since today is a gift and tomorrow is never a promise
  5. Ji min is gorgeous i like it that she can speak in english and i can understand it. It maybe short but atleast she is comfortable with it. They look good but enough of noona pairings lol
  6. A once in a lifetime role. To play the young kim hye ja is really a great honor
  7. Ji min is just so adorable with kids. I hope she will have one of her own very soon
  8. Those memories which sustains her until now will be shown in the last 2 episodes. Those might be both sweet and very tragic. So the car accident really happened to her son which causes to lose his leg. The writer/s are very clever and very creative. This is i think the biggest and most beautiful plot twist that i have watched in my entire kdrama watching. I have been frustrated in the last 2 episodes but all of that has been erased because of episode 10. Funny, poignant then the last 10 minutes has been really shocking, never see that coming. Everything explains it. I hope the last 2 episodes will give them their highest rating. This is the beauty of pre produced drama The cast and crew should be rewarded for a drama well done.
  9. Ji min will attend the 13th Asian Film Awards. So excited. Fighting ji min. Just being nominated and being able to walk the red carpet is already a big honor. But ofcourse i wish and i hope she will win
  10. Ji min is just so funny. If there's one aspect of her acting that has improved a lot, it is her comedic timing. Love her more
  11. If there's one project that is embarrasing in ji min's entire career, that would be hjme. I am a fan but it is really hard to watch. The writing and directing of that drama is just so bad but i managed to finish it just for her. I am sure that when ji min mentions that there are projects that she is embarrased about, i am sure that hjme is one of them lol. I have not watched all of her dramas yet but i can say it is only hjme that is really bad. And i am sure she learned the hard way about it. She has chosen 2 good projects after that mess and her last 2 dramas are really written and acted well. And she has a movie now that she can call her own and won best actress award in almost all of the award giving bodies in korea. I also want her to have a drama that is female centered and i am sure it will come. I trust ji min's judgment in choosing her projects so finger crossed, i am really looking forward to spring night. The PD is good so i have so much faith in that project too. @unknown12 i liked rooftop prince. It was the first drama i have watched and i loved han ji min in it. It actually introduced me to han ji min so that drama will always have a special place in my heart i even have a copy of it and am planning to watch again from time to time.
  12. @tok-soompi that is my wish too. I hope i will be surprised one day of her dating or marriage news. That's my ultimate wish for her
  13. I really did not see that twist coming. Now i know why ji min accepted this project. She might not have a lot of scenes but her scenes was very memorable. What a drama. Episode 10 redeems the past episodes that i have felt to be so dark. Can't wait for next week on how they are going to tie this up. I hope they will end the drama nicely. I can't say that this drama is the best project of han ji min since i am looking forward to a drama that is centered around her character, i know it is in a distant future Will ji min attend the asian film awards?
  14. I can't still wrap everything in my head after watching episode 10. Actually episode 10 redeems the past slow episodes. Scenes with the oldies rescuing lee joon ha were hilarious lol. Then baam what a twist. I can't get it over it still. I am sure when i watch it later with my mom she will ask me a lot of questions lol
  15. From soompi. Omo the annoying mother from SITR is also here. I hope her role is different oh please lol. Han Ji Min And Jung Hae In’s Upcoming Drama Adds More Actors To Its Supporting Cast Mar 11, 2019 by Y. Shin Several actors have joined the cast lineup of Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In’s new MBC drama! On March 11, it was announced that Kim Chang Wan, Gil Hae Yeon, Oh Man Seok, and Seo Jeong Yeon will be starring in “Spring Night” (literal title). “Spring Night” is a drama centered around a longtime couple and the story of how they come to realize the new feelings of love that arise as they begin to look back on their relationship following their discussion of marriage. Producing director Ahn Pan Seok and writer Kim Eun from “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” will collaborate once again for this drama. Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In were previously confirmed for the lead roles. MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Spring Night” is set to premiere in May as the follow-up project to “Spring Turns to Spring” and “The Banker
  16. Aigoo, so cute. Episode 9 tonight
  17. I hope the last 4 episodes will be much better and all those questions will be answered. May the writer tie all the loose ends nicely. Last 2 episodes were too slow in tems of story development. Hoping for the best 4 episodes
  18. I am getting excited. It is her melodrama for some time now. I believe her last was Padam Padam which i love. Please be good writer
  19. @tok-soompi the photo or video has been removed. I wonder why? This month is the asian film awards right? Will han ji min attend? I would like to see her walk the red carpet but not sure if it is a glamorous awards night since i have not seen one lol. But just to be nominated is already such an honor
  20. @movall I like the scene you posted. It is sad and at the same time reminiscing of their very short past. I hope the writer can tie up all nicely. Please be good last 4 episodes
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