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  1. ^our ji min is a very dedicated actress. I think the first day of filming njh is talking about is the scene where hye ja hit her with her slipper, bts showed that she was there, talk about being so responsible. And ji min does not have anything to film but she was there to support them. I think she will be mostly involve in spring night. This is her first drama where she is the most senior and she will need to carry the drama. Talk about pressure. But i trust her choice. The director is a seasoned director who worked with the likes of yoo ah in, kim hee ae, son ye jin. Looking forward to her new project. I hope her enthusiasm with the drama dazzling is the same with spring night or even more. This drama is not pre produced so it will be hard for her. Good luck ji min and i hope she can join the reward vacation for dazzling. It is i think her first drama with a reward vacation. Congrats
  2. ^their script readingi feel both excited and nervous lol. Han ji min just had 2 back to back dramas that are well received. Please make this one good too drama gods. Please be good writer. I am reading from some that this is like SITR/PNWBMF part 2. Most of the cast there are also here. I hope it would be totally different. I trust ji min's choice
  3. This drama of hers will linger with me in a long time
  4. Another drama of hers that is for keeps This scene made me cry buckets
  5. Han ji min made me cry again what a beautiful portrayal of the young kim hye ja. The scene when she sees joon ha in the police station is just amazing. Best actress indeed
  6. Last episode of the light in your eyes tonight. Ji min was so funny last night but i am sure tonight will be heart breaking. So proud of her doing this role even if she is mostly in the first 2 and last 2 episodes. Ending tonight. Don't miss it
  7. 1st half was so funny but the 2nd half is heart breaking again. I wonder what is in store for hye ja tonight. That mission to kiss was lol. Can't wait to watch the final episode. I hope they will hit double digit ratings tonight. Fighting
  8. Coming back from asian film awards. She will be busy again for her new drama
  9. Kim hye ja and friends. Can't wait how they will end this drama this drama has been both funny and touching. Ancient times lol
  10. Credit to @chickfactor of the dazzling thread: As the 25-year-old Hye-Ja, Han Ji-Min again proved that she is worthy of being considered one of the top actors. The reason she drew the viewer's eye was her ability to successfully show us a performance of the same one person as Kim Hye-Ja, transcending time itself, not missing any small detail or emotion. She said that through 'Dazzling," she could move people, provide laughter, and was happy to make even a small contribution to this meaningful project. She said this project, as much as she received great love, the more unforgettable it will be. She is grateful to everyone who laughed and cried for Hye-Ja. She cheers everyone on that every moment of their lives will be dazzling. Everyone is intensely curious to know what the young Hye-Ja's story will be, the one who emerged with tears in her eyes as Hye-Ja's secret was revealed. Han Ji-Min says, "How long will Hye-Ja's dazzling moment last? Please watch until the end to see how her tangled past is explained." Can't wait for tonight
  11. Rather than a time travel drama, i prefer the twist more. That was really unexpected. I just hope they tie everything nicely. And this will be one of my all time favorite dramas. Han ji min might not have a lot of scenes but those limited scenes are unforgettable. Working with sunbae kim hye ja is a great honor. Lesson learned: enjoy our dazzling days since today is a gift and tomorrow is never a promise
  12. Ji min is gorgeous i like it that she can speak in english and i can understand it. It maybe short but atleast she is comfortable with it. They look good but enough of noona pairings lol
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