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  1. richelle

    Han Ji Min 한지민

    @tok-soompiit's a good idea but the drama is pre produced so we know that they are already done. Not even sure if there is a cameo appearance in this drama. I really would love to see ji min with lee seo jin again. As much as possible i want her to work with her sunbaes than her dongsaengs lol. I agree with Mary, many will think the drama is just like those time travel dramas but there is a lot more to it. It is a slice of life drama that many can relate to. I have been reading good comments and i hope many people can appreciate this gem of a drama Only one more day for episode 3. I really hate watching live but no choice for ji min dramas lol
  2. ^i loved go back couple too. And i agree, if hye ja's parents will be awesome as we go on, they might steal the best drama parent trophy. The mother and father tandem is just so balanced that hye ja is so lucky to have parents like theirs. Especially her oppa, he has been living off with his parents and i can totally relate since here in our country, it is very usual for parents to take care of their children even if they are so old enough to take care of themselves. Episode 3 please be good tomorrow
  3. richelle

    Han Ji Min 한지민

    So true. Ji min has great chemistry with all of the cast Han Ji Min Shows Dazzling Chemistry With The Cast Of “Radiant” In Behind-The-Scenes Photos Feb 16, 2019 by L. Kim JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Radiant” revealed behind-the-scene stills of the cast. “Radiant” tells the story of a woman named Kim Hye Ja, who loses all the time she’s been given before she can use it (Kim Hye Ja, Han Ji Min), and a young man named Lee Joon Ha, who throws away the brightest days of his life by living a listless life (Nam Joo Hyuk). On February 16, photos of Han Ji Min, Nam Joo Hyuk, Ahn Nae Sang, and Kim Young Ok looking like a close, warm family were released. The film set was full of warmth and brightness with the cast getting along. Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk brightens up the atmosphere of the set with their big smiles. They also take a photo with Kim Young Ok who helped their characters become one step closer to each other. The photos prove Han Ji Min has unbeatable chemistry with all of the actors. Ahn Nae Sang and Han Ji Min give off real father-and-daughter vibes as they laugh brightly together. Nam Joo Hyuk also shows affection for his on-screen grandmother Kim Young Ok by smiling sweetly at her despite the fake blood running down his head. The behind-the-scenes cuts alone gives us a sense of their unique affection for each other as well as their solid teamwork. In the previous episode, the 25-year-old Hye Ja who turned the clock upside down to save her father disappeared, and only Kim Hye Ja in her 70s is left. Lee Joon Ha lost his grandmother and experienced emptiness and greed. The viewers are looking forward to what other events these two characters will experience in the future. “Radiant” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. KST.
  4. This drama is funny, warm and full of life's hard realizations. How good it is to live in a stone age when no one is judged if you are successful at work or not. Having an average family is a breath of fresh air too. I hope it keeps improving and many people will discover this gem of a drama. I will watch the episodes again this weekend. That is how good it is Can't wait for episodes 3 and 4 next week. I believe it will set the tone of how this drama is so hopefully succeeding episodes will be good.
  5. richelle

    Han Ji Min 한지민

    ^So good that ji min can rest and have fun with her friends. She will be very busy again once she starts with her new project with MBC. She is really amazing again in her new drama. I still laugh while thinking of those funny scenes lol. I hope it will keep getting better. Will watch the 2 episodes again this weekend Have a nice weekend everyone
  6. richelle

    Han Ji Min 한지민

    Ji min is so cute here
  7. @Jayan i think we are not allowed to post the site since i think it is illegal lol. I will just PM you instead
  8. richelle

    Han Ji Min 한지민

    ^another group date lol. Ji min i hope you will surprise us one day that you are finally dating. That would be the most awesome news Happy hearts day everyone and enjoy Can't wait for episode 3. The torture of waiting. I really hope it will maintain it's story, it's warmth and how funny it is
  9. ^i have too much faith in this show too. Director, writer and the brilliant cast. I hope it will continue to be dazzling until the end. You can do it show, please be good
  10. richelle

    Han Ji Min 한지민

    Good to know that ji min and her co actors is close to meet up even after the drama is done shooting Happy hearts day everyone. I wonder if ji min has a date today lol. I do think she is single at the moment lol
  11. richelle

    Han Ji Min 한지민

    @unknown12yeah one take only. That is one of the scenes that I super like. I still smile while thinking of that scene lol. This drama has a different feel, maybe because the cast fits every role. Even hye ja's friends are hilarious. And i think it is maybe because han ji min is acting her character real good that the scenes and feel is like i am watching a movie. That accident scene is thumbs up. Really appreciate that the drama is pre produced. Han ji min once again picked a nice project. She might not be the main star but she has showcased once again what she is capable of as an actress. That is telling me to not worry of her next project choice lol. I really hope she has chosen a good story with that project with mbc. I am so advance lol
  12. I love that sunbae confession scene, so funny. Bts shows the cast and crew are getting along so well. No wonder they produce a well crafted drama. Scenes that still make me laugh while thinking of it lol- sunbae confession scene, erotic film dubbing and that debt pronunciation and she is so boastful saying the word lol. It is really a good thing that this drama is pre produced Episode 2 might be a bit sad but i do think the hijinks of hye ja being trapped in an old body will start next week. This is like ms granny but the opposite. I don't remember watching any of kim hye ja's past dramas so i have no clue if she will be funny or what. But the first 2 episodes was good. I will watch it again this weekend. I don't watch dramas while they are airing but have no choice if it is a han ji min drama. She is the only exception
  13. richelle

    Han Ji Min 한지민

    The ratings is just steady. While i always tell myself to not mind about the ratings, i am still hoping it will improve. 3% is not high nor low just decent ratings. May it increase more
  14. The accident scene is well filmed. I think that is the beauty of pre produced dramas. Will joon ha ever recognize hye ja in her current state? Waiting for the next episode is the hardest
  15. The writer and director tandem has always only produce 12 episode dramas. It is okay as long as the pacing of the story is good. But it is just too short if the drama is good Hye ja's friends are hilarious too especially the musician friend. That audition clip is funny. It is a fun watch. I hope the succeeding episodes will be good too Looking forward to episode 2.