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  1. @lara2018if we have a phenomenal drama, then your post is phenomenal too so beautifully written. Thank you for this very insightful post. I hope we can get to see more of this post like yours, so enlightening So it will be wj's memories that will remind her of their precious moments together. It is their destiny. In whatever timelines, they are meant to love each other. This writer is always phenomenal too
  2. richelle

    Han Ji Min 한지민

    Thank you as always chinggu. I look forward to episode 7 tomorrow
  3. For sure it will not easy to go back. It will still be too early to go back, he should agonize seeing jong hoo and woo jin first lol. His bff jong hoo will also be heart broken, see he has changed a lot due to the what if that he has chosen. Looking forward to wed. It has been a fun and heart warming to watch so far i hope the writer has a lot on her sleeves. We still have 10 episodes to go.
  4. So many good points that i can read here. Really nice and you will learn a lot kind of posts Sometimes when we are angry and so many things already have piled up, we tend to do things impulsively and not really deliberately. I want to believe this is what happened to joo hyuk. But sad to say, it was kind of destiny to see woo jin again and he is falling in love with her again which is his ultimate punishment in what he has done. Seeing woo jin with jong hoo who is his friend makes it more painful. It is only woo jin for now, once he starts realizing that he also lost their children, it will be more heart wrenching. Woo jin needs to have those memories so she can also reflect on her mistakes. They both contributed to the state of marriage they are in but joo hyuk has contributed more of why woo jin turned out that way. Episode 7 pali pali
  5. @fans123that was funny lol. I think he already knows what he wants and what he have lost but sad to say it is already too late. He needs to suffer the consequences of what he has done. I am sure even if woo jin is drawn to him, she will not dare to involve herself with a married man. So she will be giving jong hoo a chance. But as someone mentioned, her dreams and memories of him will play a big part. Wednesday pali pali
  6. richelle

    Han Ji Min 한지민

    @tok-soompican you post the article written by koala for han ji min here and the pictures too chinggu? It was beautifully written and the pictures are just so beautiful She is so gorgeous on the bts pics for the teaser trailer of familiar wife. She has definitely redeemed herself. Her slaying as seo woo jin is just the best in the drama
  7. bts is cute as always come on tvn, only 1 bts per 2 episodes. Can you be more generous lol. also, i hope they will release ost mv's. I'm looking forward to roy kim's you're no longer mine ost, they only played a little bit but it sounds so beautiful. It seems forever to wait for wed
  8. @Blue Skyit's roma emo since she is the aunt of roma and also roha, her 2 nephews I am sure hye won will compete with woo jin. Ofcourse seeing her husband and woo jin, and remembering the pin woo jin left in the car, im sure she will piece the puzzle together. That will be one reason why woo jin will give jong hoo a chance. Poor joo hyuk I also want to hear the whole ost part 3 by roy kim, no longer mine. Very fitting to joo hyuk's feelings to woo jin
  9. richelle

    Han Ji Min 한지민

    So cute i am sure ji min is happy with the ratings and good feedback of her role seo woo jin in familiar wife. So many are appreciating her. They have seen her differently and they can acknowledge her acting chops now. Very good drama
  10. Based on the teaser, woo jin will give jong hoo a chance. I think seeing joo hyuk with his wife hye won will wake woo jin up that he is already married and they can't be together. She was even called as sister in law by sang shik lol. Woo jin has feelings for joo hyuk but it is much of a torture for him. Seeing his wife who he let go and he is still inlove with and being with another man. So much hard to bear for him so he would want to go back. The thing is it will not be easy to go back. It is too late for his regret.
  11. That ratings, keep beating it's old record. Casts is really doing a great job. I like the new ost's too, roy kim's part 3 ost is nice. Can't complain except for the waiting part lol. This drama is just so so good to watch I don't know but for me, i can definitely understand joo hyuk. His memories with woo jin is slowly coming back and based on his perspective we can see why he loved her in the first place. Who will not love woo jin? As we can see joo hyuk is always first to her even to herself. When she brings the umbrella, all she thinks is its raining and joo hyuk has no umbrella, no wonder his heart fluttered for her the 1st time. He is starting to realize what kind of woman he has lost. They have a long long history together. And she has memories of woo jin and not hye won. While he may be married, all that he has is his time with woo jin. He slowly realizes what are the things he have missed while they are still together. He is jealous because he very much still loved his wife. His actions are understandable. But it is also part of his punishment. I bet the man in the subway has the same fate of that what if's. That is why he said just wish her happiness since he might have suffered the same. On what he should do to change that what if is all depends on him. But i am loving each character, i trust this writer so much
  12. Subs is out. Time to watch first Jong hoo was one lucky guy lol. That imaginations alone are sure to stress joo hyuk. We need to remember he and woo jin has 12 solid years together. Their problems might have temporarily cause to forget their love but it will always be there. So i am not surprised that love for woo jin will be rekindled and joo hyuk will be going crazy to stop jong hoo from pursuing woo jin. Joo hyuk is married, that alone with make woo jin stay away from him. The characters are flawed so it makes them more human. It will be much torture to wait for the next episode lol
  13. I am really glad people can get to see what ji min can do as an actress. She was really bashed in her last drama so it was nice that it is really a good drama that she has picked this time. Drama or comedy she can do well. In her 3 years absence from dramaland, i feel like she evolved a lot. She is giving life to woo jin Looking forward to episode 6 tonight Bwahahahaha there is an article where joo hyuk will gate crash the night hiking date of woo jin and jong hoo. This will be fun lol
  14. Both hye won and joo hyuk are threading the same waters. While it is not intentional for joo hyuk to be with woo jin since they are working together in the bank and some circumstances led them to be together at times(police station), it was not deliberate and i am sure woo jin even if she is drawn to joo hyuk will put a wall between them. He is clearly married and off the market. He lied at times since he knew hye won might misunderstood it. Different case with hye won and the college student. College student has been pursuing her since he knew of her wealth and being the only daughter of a conglomerate. He has seen something in her that makes him pursue her. Hye won is needing a lot of attention. If joo hyuk will not give it to her, there's no wonder she might have an affair with the college student oh oh:(
  15. We can see how joo hyuk's heart fluttered for the first time for woo jin and it is happening all over again whether he likes it or not. It's ironic that in the old timeline, joo hyuk is the one mentioning about divorce through his friends but now, hye won is the one whose very vocal on divorcing him if he will get mad again lol. Very bluntly, he can't get mad at her again or else, she will divorce him. That only shows how shallow hye won's love to joo hyuk is. She always has their wealth and status as shield. I will get what i want and if you can't keep with that, let's divorce lol.