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  1. Aziraphale

    What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    Started Strawberry Night.
  2. Just came to say I'm pretty disappointed it's looking like it's gonna end with Ok-nam and Kim Geum. There's just something irritating about Kim Geum that I can't shake off, so I don't want him to end up with Ok-nam, husband or not. I prefer Prof Jung with Ok-nam, they were so cute together. Oh well.
  3. Just dropped by to say Chun Jung-myung is adorable! I love his smile.
  4. Oh, I like this. Maybe the story will turn out this way and she'll get a chance to be with Professor Jung in the end.
  5. Haha, I liked that scene, it was funny and cute! Maybe Kim Geum was a deity or something previously, so that's why he could understand Jeom Soon. Cuz the woodcutter is human, right? So maybe Professor still has a chance! Well, we'll just have to stay positive about it!
  6. Eh? So Ok-nam will end up with Kim Geum? Aaww, I thought she was going to be with Professor! I thought Kim Geum was cuter with Jeom Soon-yi.
  7. Aziraphale

    Last Japanese movie you watched?

    Tabineko Ripoto - Fukushi Sota, Takahata Mitsuki (voice of cat) 7.5/10 for Nana-chan
  8. Aziraphale

    What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    Started watching Suits and Legal High.
  9. Aziraphale

    What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    BORDER is awesome and Oguri Shun rocked his role. I hope you're enjoying it!
  10. Who is the actress playing that goth girl who likes KMY? She looks like she's playing truant from school instead of being creepy. What's with her seeing Yoo Jae-myung?
  11. Ep 4. Couldn't be further from the truth. It does kick in in ep 4. KMY really talks a lot. It's like you can't get him to shut up. And he's sulky like a five-year-old when JK doesn't pay attention to him. The burn scene is also pretty disappointing.
  12. Obviously didn't understand Yuka's character. Or any of the other female characters in the original, for that matter.
  13. No worries about the article, I didn't know until I read the comments and I'm sure you wouldn't have posted it if you knew. As for what Ryo said: