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  1. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    It is sad but it is how the story would logically be as she had made the wish. I too feel it is very sad but it seems to make sense but I don't deny that it is truly sad to see him living alone . Well immortal does not mean invincible so he can be killed. He has to figure out a way to die I guess.
  2. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    How could you all not have expected this? Didn't HR/BY wish for him to live forever so it was clear she got her wish. It is consistent the story and kinda reminds me of Highlander.
  3. Noh Myung Hee only knows how to buy things. She does not grasp the concept that 'money cannot buy love'. She looked so baffled when Ji Soo rejected her and said she was not her mother. Ji Soo was very loved by the Seos especially Yang Mi Jung. I am so happy because this is a very good lesson for Noh Myung Hee that waving money everywhere isn't going to solve all your problems. While most people are greedy the people you really want will not be swayed by money. I was hoping all along that Ji Soo would reject her real family because of their values with the exception of her father it is clear her mother and grandfather do not love her and consider her as even less of an asset than they did Ji An....what a farce. She simply couldn't grasp it even though Ji Soo explained the fact that she did not use the credit card. Her immediate response was ''the card does not have a limit'', seriously that is your reply that the card should have been used because it has no limit. When she tried to backtrack on all her despicable actions of trying to force Ji Soo abroad to make her more cultured, accomplished and acceptable to Haesung and that monster grandfather , Ji Soo said something very simple and final "It's too late". That is right instead of trying to mould her into your perfect acceptable daughter you Madam Noh should have been trying to build a relationship with her. You deserve it lady and may you rot all by yourself in that money. I truly need to see Do Kyung realise that his mother has something up her sleeve and not to subject the woman he loves and the woman who tried to commit suicide as a result of the events that unfolded to those people again.
  4. You heard wrong she was asking if he removed the kidnapper from the house she had them in.The name she used was the female kidnapper's name not Eun Seok. That was what the subs say. Throughout that conversation she was more interested in the fact that JS had taken the kidnapper away rather than the fact that Eun Sung would have died because of the heavy rain and the bridge being washed away. The bridge was where Eun Sang had been left to die basically. Noh Myung Hee's priorities are really screwed up . I always wondered how the kidnapper knew where to find Eun Sung years later and that question was answered because they saw her in Tae Soo's car hours later. The female kidnapper also recognized Tae Soo from a lecture she attended so that has been neatly explained. Little Eun Sung even smiled at her, poor girl not even realising they had thrown her away like garbage. Clever chakka. I enjoyed how JS outwitted the kidnappers and their attempts to lie about watching Eun Sung being rescued when in fact they had just left her there and drove off. He totally caught them in their lies. One other point I noticed was how grateful JS is to the Seos because after he confirmed the story that Tae Soo told about the location Eun Sung was found by sending someone to that area he also got further confirmation from the kidnappers themselves describing the bridge and where they had left her. JS knew exactly what danger his daughter was in and his reaction was very apparent when he tells Myung Hee to return the restaurant to Mi Jung. Noh Myung Hee accused JS of knowing all along that she was Haesung group's chairman's daughter. She thinks he sought her out because he knew she was from a wealthy family and he did not deny this. I wonder whether the chairman beat JS too. He might have after he found out they had gotten married against his wishes. 30 over years living in a marriage like this for what exactly ...money, position...truly miserable their relationship
  5. I think the relationship was before she got married.I saw her recognizing the scars on his arm while she was watching the tapes. So they were probably lovers before she got married. He does make some moves on her in the present too. He might be a womaniser. Only seen one episode so far so I'm not sure.
  6. When Yang Mi Jung got hit the old man was a little flustered and said he did not mean to hit her ...sure he saved all that power in the hit for Tae Soo and it went to waste on a female. In his little misogynistic heart women are very low on the totem pole. I think he did not expect her to jump to the defence of her husband. Honestly this family is not fit for Ji An or Ji Soo . The mother, her sister and the grandfather are rotten. I really want something horrible to happen to that old man , a stroke that leaves him paralysed but completely alert, aware and unable to speak would be too good, still it would be a start.
  7. HJ calls YE ajumma ...what's the age difference ?
  8. Tae Soo getting slapped was hard to watch. Difficult episode to watch. He hit him so hard that his hand hurt. the sisters reunion though.
  9. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    How is Baek Hee going to explain to the great, great grandson how she managed to burn the prayer? That keeps bothering me and I was thinking how careless she was to allow Sharon anywhere close to those items. It also makes no sense for Sharon to wait for her husband to be reborn again as what she did in the past will always come back to haunt her attempts.