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  1. I certainly hope that this writer is able to redeem MS and make me root for him.
  2. MS is not a boy he is an adult. He is not liked because of his behaviour. What did he do when he first met HH, have you all forgotten how boorish he was. He was quite bad and you cannot blame that on not growing up well. He was living with his step mother and not abandoned and starving . He is totally responsible for his own happiness and is holding a good job and what does he do. He uses that position to bully HH and he is only worried about himself. He is selfish because he is not at all thinking about MY's life and her happiness. He is not a child any more and should not be excused for his behaviour. Further why should I feel sorry for someone who is deliberately setting out to hurt other people. He could have behaved in a totally different manner (yes I know drama) . He chose to scheme, lie and manipulate his way around others. That is not behaviour I condone. Furthermore he knows very well what HS is like and uses this to hurt him all to satisfy his own greedy needs. I certainly hope he is being set up for redemption but I cannot stand him as a character but for the drama it works but in real life this type of person is someone I will avoid at all costs. He seems to feel that MY is abandoning him, he is not 7 or 8 or whatever age it was when he first met MY. I can understand a child's fear of abandonment but to give him a pass because of what he feels is wrong, he should talk to MY instead he lies to her face about how he wanted her to find someone . He is planning to bail out his no good dad and bring him back into MY's life. The man who probably treated MY poorly. This just shows that he will go to whatever lengths he deems fit even if he hurts MY in the end. As a drama character he brings a certain aspect that is actually common in many dramas to cause tension and problems in a relationship. I can understand people rooting for him to get redeemed or those who like characters like him but trying to convince people that he is misunderstood and is justified in how he behaves is not a path I'm comfortable with.
  3. I think she already found out he bought the property that HS and his family is living in. She must have also spoken to JH and I hope he was honest. Gosh what an awful discovery for MY. I don't know how HS and MY can get married now especially when Moon Shik has gone completely overboard in his attempts to get rid of HS. What about the shares he has sold to bail out his dad. That father of his sounds like a total jerk. I guess for added drama he will make an appearance soon. Loved EunTae's return and her reaction. I loved how that Eun Soo kept track of the days.
  4. I love her pony tail...swish ..swish as she walks. She's gorgeous. She looks really good in her outfits and she's whip-smart. He is so cute with his arrogance and everything he is doing to try and date her is making me squeal in delight I love the whiplash dialogue I am loving this drama.
  5. I really do not like Moon Shik he is very devious. He is up to something. He is trying to wreck everything using half truths and reading HS's character and using it against him. JH is no match for him. I find it very difficult to forgive KS's mother but she is definitely trying and she is beginning to appreciate SH a lot more now that she has let herself get to know her better. She touched SH's tender heart with the Sikhye she made for her. The woman is smart. ET really left and from the preview he is in Africa. I wonder what will make him come back because I mean he has to. Eun Su was simply amazing I loved that little girl so much how could he leave with that little girl looking at him with her heart in her eyes and the thing she said about her father not coming back ,she blames herself for not asking her father to promise her that he would return. Poor thing she really thinks it's her fault. MS is interested in DY it's already quite clear but she is not interested in him...great another source of anger against JH for him to act on.
  6. My pet peeve too .Every show they say they are going overseas with tiny hand luggage . Drives me potty. Suitcase manufacturers obviously never sponsor these shows. For heaven's sake even if I am going for 2 weeks I am carrying a large suitcase full of items. Anyway this is one aspect of Korean drama I have glossed over since there is no point in talking about it. I wonder how far Eun Tae will get before he turns back.
  7. MS seems more afraid of losing MY than he is worried about the money or fortune. He seems to think that if she marries HS he will be cast aside as she devotes herself to her new family. Lots of insecurity there and I wonder why he is the reason MY divorced his father.....story there no idea yet. I loved how YH used the uncle to bring that stupid woman to her senses...loved that scene of her begging. Replayed it several times. Finally oh my poor ES her crying made me tear up too.
  8. The company is into medical equipment so I suppose having a son with a medical degree is a plus but how come he studied in South Korea don't these chaebols send their children overseas (biggu) without fail.
  9. Loved Saikou No Rikon Eita was great in it, hope this will be good too.
  10. Yes Family Honour was a good drama. I hope ET and ES become a family just not with this shenanigans in the story is all.
  11. Please don't even go there writer having ET as ES's dad is a unbelievable plot line given he was in Africa I think working for awhile. People coming from countries that have infectious diseases have all sort of screenings before they can donate. I know this is a Korean drama but let's not make this crazy leap please. I don't know the timeline between him being in Korea and him going to Africa but I think the story will be greatly diminished by a stupid story line if the writer decides to do that.
  12. The actress who plays Chae Hee Kyung is indeed a good actress. I loved those shots with that adorable Eun Soo. Whenever you play a character and people hate your character that means you have succeeded in your portrayal of that character. I loved the 'let's eat together till I go bit' too. Who are you trying to kid ? You're are never going anywhere except may be with Yun Ha.
  13. No that is not it. She wasn't angry with him at all. She does not want him to be with her because her family will forever be a burden and one that will impose on him and use Jak Do. She was afraid that he would like her father be hurt or die saving her like her dad as a result of loving her and trying to be with her. She says as much in one conversation with her pals that she never wants another person to be hurt because of her. So she tried to be as cold and angry to turn him away .It was with dismay she realised he had made that deal with Eric because of the imminent charges against the brother. So her family will forever intrude and destroy their happiness. She was never angry with Jak Do although she felt that her family had forced him to become Oh Hyuk something she never wanted to be responsible for and tried hard to prevent but in the end she was through her family the instrument that exposed him to that part of himself he had sought for 15 years to avoid. The reason this stupid part dragged so much was because of the length of the drama. From 18 onwards it gets so much better. I enjoyed the last few episodes.
  14. You know I'm also watching Wang's Family drama too, so seeing that awful sister in law here and in that drama as the chaebol who decides to go after a married man is making it real hard to ever like this actress in any role she plays in the future. Me too Pm me too.