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  1. SJ looks like she is beyond redemption and this is only halfway through the drama. They fiddled with the brakes shouldn't these people be behind bars by now. It never ceases to amaze me how people just do nasty things while acting righteous as they do them.
  2. What a bitter sweet moment . He tells her he loves her but instead of feeling elated she is looking miserable. Next weekend I will miss this series when I am off on my holiday starting Monday. Wifi to keep in touch with the threads of the dramas I'm following.
  3. Since Dramas in China are pre-produced and they need to be so they can be vetted by the government body in charge of the content allowable I doubt this company can extend or change things midway. The progress of the story must have been decided and the ending decided well before we ever got a chance to influence the storyline.
  4. I was reading up about this tale and it has various endings. I sincerely hope they go for the happier one.
  5. From that clip JW seems to have told DJ he is not his son's birth dad. That it's SJ's former lover's. Wow little does she know who the lover is ? This is why daily dramas are so delicious. He says he truly loved SJ and it was not for money that he married her and that he never considered him as anything but his son. I love him as a character such a good person and I'm happy he is now with DJ.
  6. I have not much time to devote to dramas so I try to be selective and I don't mind open endings if the main drama had more romance I can take that but if there is mainly conflict and then an open ending I tend to not want to invest in it at all. I used to watch Chinese shows in Malaysia since young with Malay subtitles but they were mainly from Taiwan and Hong Kong. I know some really old Taiwanese actors from the 60's and 70's but I stopped watching them as I grew up. I have always been a huge fan of Japanese anime so when I started watching Korean dramas it also rekindled my Chinese drama urge but Mainland Chinese is a new craze for me. Japanese manga used to be a wonderful source for them but I had not even read any Korean manhwa and Chinese Manhua but I am saddened by how poor the translations are and I think so much of the beauty and nuance is lost. It's a little unfair that Korean stuff get such good translations and the Chinese ones well it's rare to find good ones but I am happy to even get any at all so no complaints since beggars cannot be choosers. I am not being critical of the subbling but it's noticeable when there are very well subbed dramas you get to actually appreciate the beauty of the dialogue.
  7. I am going away on holidays won't be able to watch the show and by the time I return it will be over so this thread will be my lifeline
  8. Thanks I will avoid this then thank you for telling me that.
  9. I have not watched this yet and was waiting to find out how it ended first. I did not read the thread just a few posts here and there and I am guessing ending was sad ?
  10. These daily dramas are exciting . So many things happening.
  11. Wow that is pretty selfish of Hye Young. Does she know the father was wrongly convicted and that he was innocent ?
  12. Family dramas due to their length have so many more scenes they can show and they have increased significance because of the investment of time you have made watching the larger number of episodes making the flashback scenes that JH recalled full of impact and much more meaningful. I think this is one of the reasons I like watching family dramas because you become like a member of the family and they become dear to you as you have invited them into your computer room every week for a lot of weeks. I also liked how they showed Hye Young today with her subdued make up indicating a washed out appearance to match her worried state of mind. I also liked how in this drama there were so few scenes that were over the top or where the acting was not spot on. These directors are really good with how they capture the angles and are such pros one must doff one's hat to their expertise . Last scene between MY and JH is an excellent example of this.