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  1. Jackson Browne in the background at the bar he and his friend were talking. Oppressively sad at times but like someone else said such a realistic depiction of relationships. Nevertheless hard show to watch and will never rewatch this.
  2. He has donated over 12 million US dollars so far..... very generous. Really so few stars donate without fanfare. This guy is truly remarkable. I have so much respect for him.
  3. I am so worried since there are 24 episodes in this drama some noble idiocy or other thing is going to part these two. I cannot bear that.
  4. In "Our Gab Soon" Choi Dae Chul had a very interesting love line with the older sister. That drama was a train wreck but that part of the story kept me watching until some silliness kept them apart too. Overall I believe he is a very versatile actor.
  5. I don't blame him for being mad. Her bonus was more important than the people dying. There was no way she could have revealed the real reason and she looks thoroughly mercenary in her demands . Tomorrow she will be going to work for him....fireworks. The youngest twin is so annoying I want to stuff her face into a dustbin.
  6. Lee Sang Woo so adorable even at that age he already looked like he knew how to work the camera.
  7. The thing I always found odd is that even in the daily dramas if it involves a mistress they show them half naked and in a few saucy scenes but the leads never get any saucy stuff.
  8. So happy about the progress in the relationship.
  9. I love Uee she has matured so much as an actress . I have seen a lot of her dramas starting with You're Beautiful and recently saw Hogu's Love. She is gradually becoming really good.
  10. I don't understand why the sister could not have revealed she was getting no alimony and they are even threatening to make her pay a penalty if people the husband knew finds out she is looking for a job. They take away the possibility of paying her an alimony and child support and force her to sign an agreement to pay a penalty. Why do these dramas make my blood boil huh? The young boyfriend of the oldest sister lied to his mother or was he serious about using the older sister for her connections. I think he did it to head off his mother and stop her from interfering and causing trouble at the office. My goodness what values they impart. So all the opposition fade as long as she has rich in laws who can buy apartments. This greediness makes me sick. So now the twin son is going work for that jerk . Well all weekend dramas do start with a lot of conflicts so not surprised. I guess Mi Yeon is having second thoughts about turning them out and forcing the payment of the loans. I have to check my blood pressure every time I watch one of these dramas.
  11. I loved that she slapped him in front of the sister. I really hope they keep her strong character and not dilute her by the time the drama draws to a close.
  12. I want the MY and HS to get their misunderstandings sorted out and the family hijinks to start
  13. Hmm what's going to happen when she wants to go back? Lots of angst coming. I do love how SJ quickly told him how she felt. She was not shy or holding on to her pride she quickly admitted it and told him and remained resolute. The reason she wants to stay though is something she has not revealed although Jak Doo does not believe her I think about her reasons for coming. It was obvious something scared her enough that she gave up her dreams of doing the job and to run away and hide in the countryside. You have to be blind not to see that. Her plaintive wail out on the station platform was heartbreaking. He knows nobody cares about her and her loneliness and isolation from her rotten family is something he is aware of too. No one can hold fast against that cry .
  14. I agree with the others here they really need to change this title.
  15. If you're angry at someone and not close to them their loss will not affect you as much and the anger will supersede the sadness so the loss is less acute. It does work but it is an immensely cruel thing to do to the daughter.