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  1. The questions on that fan site questionnaire were embarrassing. Like "your first time". The type of woman he likes and so on so he thought better of his answers.
  2. I loved that she told him that others cannot respect her if he does not.
  3. Agreed very funny episode and that scene in particular. That young guy cannot recall his name was really enjoying Nam Chi Won dressing those old men down. That friend of Yoon Yi that looked like a boy, initially I thought it was her younger brother and then I later realised it was a girl . She's quite a character, I loved how Yoon Yi's mum was talking to her.
  4. Choi Jae Sung when Ji An came said he was an outsider too and knew how she felt. From there you can deduce it was a love marriage otherwise how did an outsider get in. So their marriage was a love marriage which was confirmed by the nasty grandfather in the last episode. That's why I think the loss of Eun Sang drew them apart. No Myung Hee was being followed though must go see that episode again ,I don't remember who the sister said was having her followed. I thought it was the husband but now I'm not sure. Choi Jae Sung must want the chairman's position very much and it is his own greed that keeps him in line. He also stayed married or probably even married her for the money. May be he never loved No Myung Hee . He seems to hate her. Edit I rewatched the parts of the accident and earlier loss of Eun Sang. I was right it was Choi Jae Sung having her followed or so the sister says. I think the sister lied. Episode 6 see 11.42, the sister, she says Hyeong Bu that is brother in law is having her followed. The husband was trying to ruin her reputation ....don't understand this bit at all why would he do that, that is probably a lie ? At 12.28 you can see the kidnapper bringing the child back so I totally cannot see where the grandfather planned the kidnapping as a possible scenario at all. That was them trying to steal the diamonds on the hairpin and putting the child back. She took her because the child woke up and may have cried so she took her before she cried. I suppose thieves can recognize diamonds at a glance
  5. Yes lol he finally saw the benefits of using a pencil over a pen in case your office floods . All that ink must have run off and ruined their documents, better to use a pencil for corrections. He was beginning to notice her cheering the workers and keeping their spirits up. The social media is so irresponsible with their allegations which just condemn people without giving them any way to fight back short of suing the people who posted that. I just wish her bad reputation as the mistress was something that got explained. I hate these dramas where the wives attack innocent people and never get reprimanded for their mistakes .They just basically destroy some poor girl's reputation and never have to say 'sorry', I really hate that.
  6. Just wondered about the actual kidnappers story. In their own flashbacks the kidnapping was a theft gone wrong. I am confused how you all came up with the grandfathers involvement in the actual kidnapping if the kidnappers themselves in their own flashbacks make it quite clear they acted on their own.
  7. I am enjoying this drama it is actually quite funny. That scene with the hanbok men was really hilarious I agree.
  8. That was not the impression I got when she had the meeting with Ji An when she slapped her. She was railing about Ji An greedily going to the Choi. She seemed angry that her adoptive parents had chosen to send Ji An to the Choi's house to reap the benefits instead of her because they love Ji An more. So that is why my remark seemed apt. While it is true that Ji Soo did not want to go and could not care less about the chaebol connection but nevertheless she was angry that Ji An was sent in her place. So now she has got the position that Ji An had taken away from her and tried to keep her from finding out. She never really listened when Ji An was trying to explain so her impression was that of one who was robbed. Little did she know the viper's pit she was spared from and now she has realised it.
  9. I think after everything she has done Mama Seo is convinced Ji An will never speak to her again. She is concerned , I suppose everyone has forgotten how she followed her daughter and watched her after Ji An left the police station for her assault on her friend. She did not look like a mother who does not care for her daughter. She may love Ji Soo more but parents are often guilty of that.
  10. That is just it So Ra does not seem jealous. She seemed more like a person curious about Do Kyung being unable to affirm his relationship with Ji An. She went to Ji An to check how she feels. She prods her with borderline boastful remarks about possession being nine tenths and then admits you cannot force the heart. That does not sound like someone who is trying to gloat but someone who is trying bait and force Ji An to take a step. She even sets up the stage with the lamp delivery. With regards to Ji Tae he is very like my uncle. I mentioned before being the eldest of 12 he was forced to sacrifice a lot that lead to a very bitter outlook. Then he got married very late and some other bad things happened to him including losing his youngest daughter to bone cancer. Children like that never even get to really enjoy their childhood because they are constantly told that they are the oldest and must look after the younger ones and in huge families it is worse. I don't think people really understand what it means to be so responsible and have to shoulder so much as an eldest child. Bitterness and often a resentment builds up as in my mother's case of being the eldest daughter and those days they stopped the schooling of the oldest daughter to stay at home and cook for the rest. She genuinely hated my grandmother for this. Looking at it from the point of view from what I have seen, they are not being selfish when they want a little peace when they get older. Ji Tae is not acting out he is trying to help his father and he cannot just ignore his father as his wife suggests either, you cannot change years of care overnight. Tae Soo is a man who created a family that was very loving to each other and it was a good family but when the secret came out everything went to hell. Then his wife says she cannot rely on him and he watches his son agonize over the weight of poverty he lives under. His daughter is suicidal because she is so upset that she cannot get ahead even when she does well. Him wanting to leave is not unusual. I think he will have to go away and then may be he can feel the love for the family again. He might have a stomach ulcer from the vomiting after eating or worse which I certainly hope not. Oddly enough Do Kyung is not the efficient drama lead where you see them be like superman being able to comfort their family and still pay attention/stalk the female lead. Instead he actually failed to look after Ji Soo even after being asked to by Ji An and he is not a very good brother to SH either. He's more human than the usual drama leads.
  11. Jang So Ra could not really be helping right ? She knows that Do Kyung has not actually confirmed a relationship with Ji An and he is so hung up one her. Is she trying to break them apart by making Ji An aware of how weak her position is or is she just nudging Ji An to act. OTH why would she do that though? Yes probably not I am just being crazy thinking that. Ji Soo runs to her old home and cries for her mum in her prison. What a life. At this point does she realise what hell Ji An was in and will she continue to begrudge the opportunity she lost by not being sent there from the very beginning. Be careful of what you wish for. @goldenstyle just read what you wrote you seem to think the same thing as I do.
  12. Oh yes I recall how the lead guy was in Shining Inheritance. He did quite awful things and that scene where she tells him how he made her lose the opportunity ....the last time.... you know what opportunity....because of the kabang, his expression when he realised what he had done. I really disliked that fellow but the writer redeemed him.
  13. It is true the episodes really flew by. I cannot believe we are at 29th already. Really good drama and I am really glad I started watching it.