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  1. We can all dream about Soel Hee getting another guy but I think this break up will devastate her and she is not going to move on that easily. She will have to be strong and try her best to pick herself up and work to get on with her life. I want some happiness for her but I also want JM to come crawling back.... weird how I want him be gone and go back to her too perhaps it is because of how much she has invested. Time invested is not the way to gauge or treasure a relationship but it sure seems wasteful don't you think ?
  2. Okay thank you for the heads up I shall observe this for a bit by reading the comments here before I make the time commitment. Time is actually the most valuable commodity I have as a housewife and contrary to what people believe housewives do all day my day is quite full . I appreciate what you cautioned and thanks again.
  3. I cannot vote for that couple thing since I like both of those couples.
  4. Yes pretty good drama. I was very shocked to see the villain in Giant play the mentally handicapped father. The best part was when they were children.
  5. Thank you for clarifying @40somethingahjumma I do not mind a dark part or even quite sad parts as long as there is happiness ahead. If this is something like "Journey of the Flower" too much sadness for me to handle.
  6. That Asian drama moment shot is from "Can you Hear my Heart" right ?
  7. Is this series being translated well and not going to be suddenly stopped I hope. I started watching memory lost but for some reason they stopped translating it. Do you think i should watch it now or wait for it to be finished?
  8. Seol Hee and Joo Man have an intimate relationship. They do sleep together what the hell is he going to sleep over with another girl for. How can you even say it was a mistake? She's right he knows full well it is not a mistake. Did he really sleep with that intern ? That intern was smart she put it on her social media so that Seol Hee will see it. Even if Joo Man did nothing his goose is cooked. To be honest how many women want to be in a relationship where you have to constantly do surveillance on your boyfriend and worry about where they are and what they are doing. If this is happening get out of the relationship for heaven's sake. Seol hee jaebal get out.
  9. This looks like an interesting drama. Almost through with Ten miles of Peach Blossoms so was wondering what to pick for watching next.
  10. I am so upset I don't want this drama to end am at episode 44 . How can I ever find another drama this good. My god loved the visuals ,the story, the acting and I could go on all day.
  11. I need Seol Hee to leave not him to dump her. That would be best for her. To leave to go and find and respect herself more. He loves her but like so many people pointed out she has become a burden to him and he is guilty and that is very unhealthy in a relationship. Once a person begins to feel you're a burden even if they love you they want out. I also want her to continue working in that company but bettering herself I'm however afraid of what that awful intern might do with her rich influence on the company manager. Even if she stays her life will be miserable but I want her to stay to show him she can better herself and then to walk away confidently. Who am I kidding she will take him back later . Is it possible she might meet someone else....is there a chance this is a 20 episode drama right ?
  12. Joo Man, Joo man I knew it !! What is he doing after the awesome way he told everyone than this. Okay not going to jump to any conclusions but WEI !!!
  13. It's the picture of the father and the friend whose identity he stole. They were in the same Judo club.