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  1. Don't you guys just love this art something I truly loved in 1% of anything too. Seeing his house that looked like he was just existing not living there was very sad. He is so lonely my heart cries for him.
  2. I think the book that she was reading is actually about cooking I think not about bondage and stuff.
  3. You guys saw the big durian ? I really cannot understand this obsession with fruits that are not native. I remember in weekend drama 5 children the grandmother was getting the maid to buy to mangosteens for her grandkids. I guess rich people do eat different. If it was her first time he would have noticed that and that is probably why if he gets over the hurt to his ego about what she said he would realise she is lying. I can understand how horrible it must have been for her in school when her school mates found out but her mother supported her with that profession. It is not something the mother has to be ashamed of because she supported both her daughter and herself. What I think was the problem is the mother may have openly admitted it, which she needn't have done but these things would have found a way to be discovered by others so her mother's open attitude to her past makes sense. I think Yoo Mi has to stop feeling ashamed of her mother too now that she is an adult.
  4. Yes his brother said he was older and he said yes but by a few minutes on the phone after he sold the ring.
  5. I just wanted to reply to this point since I agree about the rest but the aunt actually also babysits and I have seen her with a small child and she does this as a side job to help with expenses. It is a bit unfair to describe her as a leech yes she was stealing the food from the restaurant but her mother in law was assisting her in doing that and she works when she is at the restaurant. I don't think you can describe her working at the restaurant as nothing because she is alone Papa Byun is away. She deserves to be paid but from what I recalled from her conversation they were not paying her fair wages being family and all, hence the food stealing was supplementary. She does say 'no need to pay me' but you should pay normal wages even if she is family.
  6. I don't think Mama Byun liked him giving the bags to Papa Byun to carry. That was rude of him he treats people like they are his lackeys. He has this bad habit cannot say why he is like that but this is not how you treat people, he is arrogant and I'm glad now he will know that the family does not really care about his fame and I hope they kick his arrogance and send it to another place altogether. OTOH when I see him feel small next to the other actor or getting upset about his secondary status I feel bad and sorry for him. He is a very complex character to play though all vulnerable and arrogance rolled in one hunk of a guy.
  7. I fall a lot too since I am clumsy but now that I'm old falling and osteoporosis go together like crackers and a hammer.
  8. I have not resorted to using the fast forward button at all in this drama(in Our Gab Soon I skipped more than I watched in that one until I lost all interest in that drama and decided to just read the comments at kissasian) because I really don't mind any of it. I think even the slightly conniving sister in law makes me laugh and I loved how the old lady ran away and was sad no one noticed she had left the house and she was easily persuaded to come home by the grandson. The drama does not spend that much time on them and she is not that mean spirited and their snide comments when she collected money for dinner (which I felt was rather extreme to collect money from your relatives) was funny.
  9. I don't mind her becoming the sister in law if she honestly and sincerely apologizes for what she did to MY in school and not hide behind the nonsense about trying to help her. I feel bad for Mi Yeong because she knows that Joong Hee is seeking punishment and she cannot really tell her family that. I am truly sad about father Byun, that his kids are going to look at their father with disappointment and disillusionment when he does not deserve that. This drama has moved at an amazing speed and every time I think they are going to drag a plot line it manages to surprise me over and over again. Bravo! Keep going at this pace I love it.
  10. Ahh Memories of Murder thank you. I am not very well versed with so many names of dramas although I have been watching for years and years and have watched older dramas but drama names still stump me. Old lady genes are sabotaging me it seems.