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  1. Its the same with the Moonlight shippers ....they have a lot to post against Encounter
  2. KBS weekend drama pattern second half storylines take a bad turn. it s so nerve wrecking I paused and stopped watching.
  3. Its getting out of hand drama. I dont like How the Emperor slept with Sunny right after the evil mistress. (STD) How Sunny gets dumped in the river. (Bad male lead)
  4. I can not stand how each week the "great revelation" keeps getting delayed. The greedy stepmom needs to lose everything and go to jail. How could the grandma leave inheritance to them? She should donate everything unless real granddaughter found clause in her will.
  5. I love watching this. PBG and SHK are such goodlooking actors. I love the supporting cast too. I read comments about how this drama is so predictable boring. Am I watching the same drama? Did those commentors actually watch the episodes? Given all kdramas have a pattern and lag at some point. I skipped parts of SITR that was so popular. That had too much drama for me. I have watched every minute of these 4 episodes and I like the flow.
  6. I dislike the storyline of MY getting sick and potential ex scam . Guess theres no other ideas to fill up the remaining episodes. 44 episodes come down to a depressing family drama.
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