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  1. sheelatpsfm

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    Finally watched until ep40 (subbed)..... I feel sad as they had to sacrifice themselves for the humankind. It looks like SW knew that he was going to die earlier itself, like he planned it. ZYL looks like he was thinking of becoming the lamp wick when he asked the man who was possessing his dad as he told him to take over his body if anything happen to him.
  2. sheelatpsfm

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    I'm at ep35... Are you saying ZYL is in eternal suffering. Why?
  3. Yes cos I watched Voice last year... Jang Hyuk acted in the first Voice..
  4. I have watched ep16 and even though he decided to go back to 1988, he is more happier there than in 2018.. Overall I can say its a nice ending.. Applause for the director, stars and staff...
  5. I have finally watched ep15.. I'm hoping he does not jump.. Its a shocking that four of them died on duty.. What??? He didn't go back to the past but he dreamed it while he was in coma. But what he dreamed was important that he was able to solve the case finally when he woke up.
  6. If you read the ep14,15 and 16 UK version, quite different from the Korean storyline. I am hoping still that TJ will be able to move on... I am scared to watch the finale.. I cannot believe next week no more Life on Mars.. So fast this drama has come to its end.
  7. Actually he got shot in April. If you noticed in the beginning of 1st episode, TJ got mention the date that he was recording of his findings. And also they showed the calendar in his apartment when his mother called to say his father's prayers coming soon.
  8. I'm hoping for a happy ending.. From the preview of ep15, is the characters in 1988 will appear in 2018?
  9. sheelatpsfm

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    You should watch Bai Yu's Memory Lost.. When I first watched it, I was like ah, both of them are soo annoying. But then i continued watching the series and I can't help smiling their childishness attacking each other. Don't read the plot, you have watch at least 2/3 episodes to know you want to continue watching or not. I think Bai Yu's character in Fated General one of the main characters. But not the hero.
  10. sheelatpsfm

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    Actually that is what I thought too. I was thinking Zhao sacrificed himself as he knew Shen Wei is dead and dont' want to live no more. He might as well sacrificed himself.
  11. AT the end of ep14, he woke up.. This week will be the finale... Will he go and solve the 2018 murders? I was like arrrgh.. no preview.. What????
  12. sheelatpsfm

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    Actually I read somewhere that Bai Yu's Suddenly, this summer was filmed after he filmed Guardian... End of July to Oct 2017...
  13. sheelatpsfm

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    someone shared just now in FB.. got sub already
  14. I was wondering will TJ wake up? I didn't expect Chief Kim to be killed.. The question is who really killed him? The Director Ahn who came to investigate is the surgeon who is going to do op on TJj? Cannot wait for ep14..
  15. sheelatpsfm

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Guardian 镇魂

    I have watched Memory Lost. Luckily someone had a blog and subbed the drama. At first I have watched 2/3 episodes and had to wait 2/3 months when luckily i found the blog and continued from season 1 till season 3. Bai Yu looked nice and handsome. But after starting to watch Guardian, in my opinion he looked younger and more good looking with mustache. In other words, look more adorable. .. cute...