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  1. Mr Kang's new lawyer? Do Ran sunbaenim and mentor hopefully. Would hope WDR and DR battle through to the end.
  2. I'm starting to feel the same @jechoi1 I need to see some sort of character development in KDR. It's just dragging and dragging. We just keep going aropund in circles, Daya stirs the pot, then there's chaos, DR cries and apologies for ocmething or the other, it gets semi-resolved, there's calm, Daya gets annoyed so she digs and stirs the pot again, rinse, repeat. It's time delusion Daya get's hers. All now she still thinks she can be a madam married to the 2nd son. Hope can't wait for hubby to leave her richard simmons, mind he's kind of an idiot too so kinda feel they deserve each other to some degree. I hope prison friend has sense and realise the kinda of stigma prison brings in their society and keeps it zipped.
  3. Wow I said it before and I'll say it again HSJ for me is worse that KJY. We know coach Kim is crazy (surely nobody doubt that now after the unhinged laughter watching the video). HSJ on the other hand has a conscience and feels empathy but still chooses to be an evil manipulative cow. The gall of the woman to go visit WJ. The way she tried making Ye Bin feel bad for telling the truth and asking if she didn't think about her dad's feeling. The way she uses her husbands part in HN's death to push his buttons and emotionally corner him, I mean yeh he guilty but the reasons for her mentioning it is just straight out her being a conniving richard simmons. How can she still keep going down that path with what she just witnessed between her husband and MIL, plus what he said to her. More importantly how can she continue seeing the turmoil Yesuh is in. She straight up having a mentally breakdown in front her eyes, the look on Yesuh's when asking am I really going be ok screamed save me mum but instead she talk about making it through one more semester. She must think med school is gonna be a breeze... How could she walk away seeing her in the study cell tearing up the paper. Instead of running to batshit Crazy Kim she should've been engulfing Yesuh in the biggest hug ever and having a book burn party whilst cheersing with some banana milk. Her only redemption now would be if she takes them papers batshit Crazy Kim gave her and puts it with the other pool of evidence and use it help stop her and bring her down. If not Writernim better rain down some sort of fire and brimstone on her as well as crazy Kim. So glad the dad's seeing the light costly as it is. The best lines that sums up some what to me is the heart of the social commentary this drama: You groomed and trimmed me, don't you think you've had enough applause. Then when he told his wife Yesuh's life is different to yours. Acting and writing on point! How can Prof Cha be so smart and so thick, she gave him nuff signs she was tired of his antics. Loving the turn around in the Cha family. Mamma bear ain't playing no more she going protect cubs. His delusions of grandeur gonna cost him dearly. Her letter to him was perfect loved it. Uuurrggh why we have to wait a whole week....
  4. Big bro needs to run away from the lot of 'em. Leave them to it and go find a nice quiet ri to live out in the provinces for a month or two and sort himself out, bunch of ungrateful bastards.
  5. That would still be classed as abuse, they neglected to properly care for her that includes getting her proper treatment when ill. She doesn't deserve another chance. She still shows her nasty side with her comments to WK. She all nice now with Eun Seo but I be worried she makes some off her off comments and screws with her head as she gets older. AH man EH got screwed to the end so heartbreaking his story. His bro fed his rage instead of helping him properly deal with it. Used to the end the poor soul. He dies but mum gets a chance of redemption. Grrr... but alas such in life.... I really enjoyed this drama, fantastic work by all involved. Loved lurking and read all you comments. Till the next drama take care guys.
  6. Ok I see what you mean. Still considering how he fought to be with her would be nice for her to do the same. She needs start seeing him as her family. Plus the all grown....
  7. I really hope they do. This season was great. Such a shame it had to end.
  8. This would be a crappy development. Why is DR always so quick to disregard WDR? She disappoints me at times when it comes to him.
  9. Unfortunately I think you right. At the very least he'll have a breakdown of some sorts I feel.
  10. Wow, just wow. So aint bad enough that HyeNa is dead but now they gone after WJ. We know Coach Kim is a psycho so her actions aren't surprising but HSJ is some next level evil, she aint no better. What she doesn't realise while she still obsessing with Yesu getting into uni she has already lost both her daughters. Yesu has no respect for her and once she finds out about her colluding to frame WJ she's gonnna leave. Ye Bin still had a small shred of respect for her, but now with the Hye Na revalation and once her colusion covering her death is reavealed she'll cut ties too, young as she is Ye Bin ain't no fool. Looking forward to seeing her get hers. Can't wait for next week hope the revaltion about HyeNa being his child and that he has her blood on his hands also will drive Dr Kang crazy the bastard. I saw some people early talking about the Hwang's being "perfect" family..etc but I've never seen them that way. I see them as a family that has weathered the storm. They've had problems but they've dealt with it and come out the other end scarred but stronger together. Coach Kim has picked the wrong family. They won't quit on each other they will fight to the end. I think because of Lee Soo Im Coach Kim has started making even bolder moves and this will be her undoing cause look now even the secretary is uncomfortable, he'll sell her out eventually and now Soo Im will be straight up gunning for her. She shouldn't have messed with WJ. Also Dr Hwang had no options, where would he get the staff and the room to operate on Hye Na even if he wanted to. Power hungry Kang already said no and none of the staff would go against him. Plus as the only Dr available he couldn' not operate on th boy even if he was pissed, morally and ethically he wouldn't do that. He's gonna end up raising hell in that hospital once WJ is sorted ON a lighter note I laughed so much when the twins lifted up their dad to kick him out. I knew she'd end up kicking him out good on her. She gave him enough leeway but she's reached her limit when it comes to her kids. Love how her kids are able to speak their minds when they've reached theirs and not just cower away, all because of her nuturing while deluded hubby thought she was being useless. Not long left.... what and how will things be revealled? Can't wait!
  11. You know what Da Ya keep it up. Keep stirring the pot you little wench. With every little conniving move you make you making a bed of thorns for yourself. Hope when times comes for her to lie in it she won't be blaming anyone else the cow. She doesn't realising she is showing her father in law and mother in law what a snake she is and that she can't be trusted. Won't be long now before it'll come back to bite her in the richard simmons. WRITERNIM BETTER MAKE IT GLORIOUS, MAKE IT EVEN BETTER THAN HAVING GRANNY SNATCH HER HAIR!
  12. Yes! I don't trust her. There's a story there. I feel she probably has a tattoo too.
  13. Gggrr come on man you're a shrink too. You telling even now you can't see your fake face mum is manipulating you. From the very beginning we could see the way she spoke to her belittling her was off. I know I know we're usually blind or be in denial when it comes to ourselves but dang man it's frustrating me. Didn't like her from day one so I want her mask off already!
  14. Lol all of this. I feel sorry for him because his parents really did a number on him.