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  1. It's been awhile since I came by here, but I couldn't miss dropping by. We're gonna have a big party here on 20th Oct and I'm so giddy. P.S. Been missing you guys a lot, my fellow stargazers. <3
  2. It's cute how he's trying to be subtle putting other's photos up front, but with photos of JE's truck are 3 out of 5, he literally failed to hide his adoration toward her or he didn't even try to hide it. kekeke~ Uri OTP is daebak and full of . Crumbs are healthy for our .
  3. OMG guys. I knew that he's gonna do this to us today. PLEASE CLICK FOR NEXT PHOTO!!! so happy~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIEUN-IE~
  4. Goshhh look at the way he was trying to pan the camera to the monitor at the back, showing SoSoo. >//< He tried to be subtle, but it's so obvious! Last year, April was so mean to us and perhaps to JoonU as well, but this year, April has been filled with friendship, ...love? (kekeke) and LOADS OF CRUMBS!!!
  5. omggggg I just can't believe. I saw on IG and thought it was a prank account at first. I am soooooo happy that it actually happened. *smiles with happy tears* Now we can expect food truck from JE at JG's set soon!!! Group hug and enjoy the cake everyone. ♡
  6. drop by to enjoy the big crumbs!!! OMG out of all the songs in this wide whole world, he chose JE's remake. obvious much? kekeke~ P.S. miss all of you here.
  7. It's been quite a while since the last time I dropped by and posted something in this thread. And surprisingly, today we got our lil yummy crumbs. hehe ~ cheers to New Balance couple!!! How lovely that JG starts wearing ones when JE became a presenter. Hope we get to see more them in NB.