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  1. That 1st exhibition its a collab of two fansites they will probably do like gallery exhibition with goodies, something like that just my guess. example like an event for Bomi and Eunji, (refer pics below)
  2. 180117 issamkazim Instagram

    LISA & ROSÉ spotted filming BLACKPINK House at Hongdae
  4. Racing star game, it somehow looks like running man show to me loool
  5. ---- Article: Son Naeun sells out leggings and lands a model contract Source: Newsen via Nate 1. [+215, -19] It took longer than I thought for Adidas to pick her up as a model. It's been so long since she sold out their leggings. It's good that they cast her now since hearing her name immediately makes me think of Adidas. 2. [+169, -16] Not sure if this was what she was going for all along but at least she finally landed the contract ㅋㅋㅋ I'm sure Adidas thought she was a great fit too (Other comments contents negative, so read at your own risk lol)