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    this song sounds sad tbvh, its like longing for someone we love dearly LOL

    ==== CR talked bout Master key, they (CR & Taem) seems not talk much i guess.. .....or she probably need to lies 'due to stupid sasaengs' LOL
  3. Mad Dog: Episode 11 (RECAPS) The Mad Dog team has been slow to warm to Min-joon and they finally seem ready to accept him into the fold, but is he ready? Caring about people is risky and it can cloud one’s judgment, which may be something our good guys can’t afford. Faced with a cold and calculating pack, our team has an uphill battle ahead, but if they can count on one thing, it’s that their opponents can’t decide who’s in charge. EPISODE 11: “Help me” Hyun-gi offers to take down the dogs that have been plaguing Chairman Cha and he allows it over Hong-joo’s objections. When Chairman Cha leaves them alone, Hyun-gi asks Hong-joo to help him. Min-joon looks as if he regrets his offer to treat the team to a meal when Soon-jung orders lots of meat. Ha-ri offers to pay the bill, but Min-joon reminds her about the overdue rent. Ha-ri tells Min-joon to deduct the rent from their deposit. When he calls them beggar dogs, the team shares a fist bump and yells out, “That’s why we’re Mad Dog,” and then they sweetly wait for Min-joon to join in. Min-joon worries when Ha-ri fills a large glass with soju and asks, “What if she dies?” The question troubles Noo-ri and Kang-woo notices the change in his mood. Kang-woo follows Noo-ri to a nearby convenience store to find out what’s bothering him. Noo-ri admits, “My father is about to make a move.” At closing time, Soon-jung manages to stagger off and leaves Ha-ri alone to help a very drunk Min-joon to his apartment. Once inside, Ha-ri explains to Min-joon that he can get some sleep now that he’s home. In his alcohol-induced fog, Min-joon asks, “Are we sleeping together?” but Ha-ri makes it clear that he’ll sleep alone. Min-joon falls down on the floor and pulls Ha-ri down with him. When Ha-ri complains that she’s hurt, Min-joon groggily insists, “I can’t let you get hurt.” Min-joon repeats her name until he falls asleep holding her hand, and Ha-ri looks unnerved by his closeness. The morning sun rouses Min-joon, who is startled to find someone in his bed, covered by a blanket. Min-joon remembers asking Ha-ri if they were going to sleep together but notes that he’s fully clothed. He slowly pulls down the blanket… to discover Soon-jung in his bed instead. He yells in German, horrified, and tries to kick him off. Later when they arrive at Mad Dog together, Ha-ri asks if they had fun. Soon-jung asks after Noo-ri and learns that he’s taking time off for family reasons. It’s news to Soon-jung that Noo-ri has family but everyone’s distracted when Min-joon gets an alert. ===Read more: http://www.dramabean...dog-episode-11/ COMMENTS The entire episode lays the groundwork for that heartbreaking cliffhanger. Min-joon finally takes a baby step into Mad Dog’s circle only to have his heart crushed by fear and guilt, a terrible thing for anyone, but especially for someone with abandonment issues. Min-joon is so ill-equipped to handle another loss, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Noo-ri will survive to call Min-joon “Hyung” another day. I have to recognize Woo Do-hwan’s incredible skill in that final scene, it was so well done. He conveyed the panic and fear that consumed Min-joon in that moment with such intensity, a far cry from his typically cool and mocking persona. That final scene makes it hard to remember Min-joon’s emotional distance, and effectively strikes a tragic contrast to his happier emotions as he found himself treated like one of the Mad Dog team. Min-joon and Ha-ri continue to keep each other at arm’s length, even as their thoughts and hearts are focused on each other more and more. Min-joon worries about Ha-ri constantly, which seems like a foreign concept for him because he doesn’t know how to manage it.

    yeah im sure our couple has some time (perhaps not in long time) to spend together.. talk bout having matching brand clothes together, talk bout everything.... before they got separated.. like usually busy couple like them may meet up like once/twice in a 3 months? arent its pity? well for me yeah since im kinda clingy person so..cant be separate too long with my boyfie HAHA

    it seems like taem off to Japan for his tour off-sick right? he looks all black tho

    well im sure we able to watch subs at Kshow123 ------