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  1. i also wondering if this guy (Seo yohan) could be a culprit? cause he seems so suspicious appearing all of a sudden in that tunnel
  2. AlexandraReid

    THE OFFICIAL EXO "엑소" THREAD ll #LoveShot

    190218 #SUHO departed for Rome, Italy on the 18th of February to attend the BVLGARI anniversary event mentioned in "[Photo] Suho, completed the charisma with a leather jacket!" -----
  3. im so glad that Kim Bora had another reunion project with JungJaewon (One), as before this, both of them has been starred in a romance movie last year
  4. AlexandraReid

    THE OFFICIAL EXO "엑소" THREAD ll #LoveShot

    [NAVER] EXO CHANYEOL TO APPEAR ON 'LIFE BAR' [NAVER] EXO Chanyeol, Park Hoon, Han Boreum & Lee Siwon will be appearing on 'Life Bar'.. 'Alhambra' special episode [+687; -3] Heol Chanyeolie is going to be on the show!! [+482; -2] Heol Chanyeol ah ㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ Our Sejoo ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ We get to see our Yeolmae drink...? Oh my god [+399; -2] Oh my god i get to see EXO Chanyeol having small talks over drinks ㅠㅠㅠㅠ [+273; -2] Heol Chanyeol's character in Alhambra made my heart ached. The Alhambra family is going on the show together ㅠ [+229; -1] Sejoo ya ♥♥ [+35; -2] Chanyeol acted really well in Alhambra ㅠㅠㅠ I'm looking forward to this ㅠㅠ Please share more stories Sejoo ya ㅠㅠ [+23; -0] SM has gone mad ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I mean, i love this a lot, but.... Ah no no, thank you SM, please continue it like this going forward ♥ [+18; -1] Sejoo grew up and joined EXO. Now i get to see him on Life Bar? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ [+13; -0] Chanyeol is going on the show ㅠㅠㅠ Sejoo can drink now, he is all grown up ㅠㅠ [+11; -0] Sejoo... He is no longer a minor...? Have a drink with me too.... netzonexo ------- calvinklein Instagram Update with #SEHUN ------------ 190216 EXO #SEHUN Putting His Apron On “YunHo Told Me To Do Well”
  5. so cute pdnim updates bts
  6. [The Crowned Clown] Ep 11 spoilers, Yeo Jin Goo x Lee Se Young Ratings ep11: 9.3% Article: Naver 'The Clowned Clown' "Live for me" Yeo Jin Goo gets shot by an arrow after stopping Lee Se Young from jumping off the cliff 1. [+1108,-17] Now that he has made the queen change her mind, please start acting like a king. I'm always anxious while watching. And Dal Rae, please, can't you just do nothing? 2. [+719,-34] Today's episode is a legend. The romance and politics, all broke my heart. And I was so immersed. I hope this drama gets more popular. 3. [+550,-16] Yeo Jin Goo's acting was daebak when he cried. I had goosebumps when Lee Hun died. Ha Sun broke my heart when he cried. His acting is really good. 4. [+322,-19] Everyone is cheering for Ha Sun becoming a good king. I think next week's episode is going to be sad. 5. [+271,-6] Now I'll have to wait till Monday..... 6. [+163,-1] Eunuch Jo ㅋㅋㅋ He was really funny. He's cute. 7. [+153,-2] I've been watching this drama since the first episode. Every episode is interesting. The politics, romance, they all have appropriate amount of screentimes. The acting, directing, music, video, everything is perfect. As a viewer, this is satisfying in many ways. It's been a while since I've watched a good drama, I like it! The ending for today's episode is the best too. 8. [+118,-3] Lee Se Young's acting is really good too.... She has the aura of an idol, but her acting skills feel like she's a respectable actor. She's pretty and her emotional acting is good. As expected, there has to be no acting holes in a drama~ Article: Naver 'The Crowned Clown' Yeo Jin Goo saves Lee Se Young who wanted to kill herself and gets shot... 'honest talk with each other' 1. [+387,-4] Knowing that today's Tuesday made me sadder. 2. [+224,-10] Ah, it's so fun.. It's been a while since I've watched a sageuk masterpiece. 3. [+154,-1] The ending is insane... A masterpiece that made me unable to differentiate Mondays and Tuesdays. 4. [+125,-6] How do I wait till next week? 5. [+94,-1] This drama is always ending with characters getting into dangerous situations and making viewers anxious.. That's how amazing this is~ It's so difficult to wait another week... 6. [+35,-0] An unavoidable development if he really wants to become the king. I think they will show us something new next week. Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Se Young, their acting skills are so good that they make this worth watching. In the middle of that, the royal chief secretary is working hard. 7. [+25,-0] They have filmed another legendary episode today. They are so good in endings!! I'm so curious what's going to happen next week. But on the other hand, this drama is going to end soon... It's a pity... The situation between Ha Sun and So Woon broke my heart. I hope they'll be happy. 8. [+17,-0] The queen's "King!" at the end!!! That's right... So Woon's king is Ha Sun. cr
  7. Ratings: EP3-4:: 6.4% | 6.9% ----- Article: Naver 'Haechi' Go Ara X Kwon Yool, realizes Jung Il Woo's real identity, "The prince of this country" 1. [+111,-3] Park Moon Soo ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ When he realized who the Prince of Yeoning is, he collapsed. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Adorable. His acting is one of a kind. 2. [+96,-2] The chemistry between Jung Il Woo and Kwon Yool is budding. I thought that the cast is fresh at first, but as expected, it's because they can act. 3. [+49,-1] Kwon Yool and Jung Il Woo have so many funny scenes together. 4. [+44,-2] I'm watching it now. "Why are you blowing into my ear?" Cute. 5. [+22,-2] Haechi's real-time ratings today are higher than yesterday's. I think Haechi is going to rank first among the other dramas, including tvN's and JTBC's. 6. [+19,-0] Going to watch Haechi on Mondays and Tuesdays. 7. [+12,-0] It's really fun. 8. [+12,-1] Honestly, this is going to hit 20% ratings... This is a hundred times better than a totally unrealistic drama which doesn't make sense. 9. [+11,-1] Ohhhhh I've fallen for this drama right at the beginning of it. Park Moon Soo's character is charismatic. Article: Naver 'Haechi' Jung Il Woo-Go Ara confront each other to capture the 'murderer' Prince Mil Poong 1. [+53,-2] Haechi is getting more interesting. Moon Soo almost collapsing from shock when he realized Lee Geum is a prince was so funny. He's cute. 2. [+31,-1] Lee Pil Mo's voice matches sageuk so well~ 3. [+26,-1] I didn't had expectations when I started watching this, but the dramas airing on SBS are good. Haechi, The Last Empress, Fiery Priest. I'm going to keep watching SBS for now. 4. [+23,-1] I was worried that I won't have anything to watch on Mondays and Tuesdays. But Haechi is interesting. The colors are similar to the movies. The male actors' visuals are nice too. 5. [+9,-0] I wanted to watch Han Ji Min, but I didn't like the male lead. I wanted to watch Ju Ji Hoon, but didn't like the female lead. Then there is Haechi, which has no acting holes. 6. [+6,-0] Wow. I did the right thing watching Haechi. It's really interesting. 7. [+6,-0] Haechi is fixed on my Mondays and Tuesdays now. Go Ara's acting as a damo is good. She's cool. 8. [+6,-1] Alright, let's go for 15% ratings.. 9. [+5,-0] Kwon Yool's good at roles like this one too. As expected, actors have to be good at all kinds of acting. He's handsome too. cr
  8. AlexandraReid

    THE OFFICIAL EXO "엑소" THREAD ll #LoveShot

    [NAVER] EXO LAY AT THE 2019 GRAMMY AWARDS [NAVER] EXO Lay at the Grammy Awards red carpet as the Promotion Ambassador for the Grammy Festival China [+261; -6] Zhang Yixing realizing his dreams one after another, so cool!! [+167; -2] Congratulations Yixing, you make us proud ㅠㅠㅠ [+156; -5] King of China [+127; -0] I'm proud to see Xing-ie realizing his dreams one by one, he is cool. Congratulations for the Grammys. Xing ah, do well and come back ♥♥ [+117; -1] Lay is so cool, hwaiting! [+30; -1] Xing ah i am so proud of you. The image of you walking closer to your dream one step at a time is so cool. I'll always be by your side cheering and loving you!! [+22; -0] Lay set his goals and achieved them. The process and the outcome (of his effort) is cool. [+14; -0] Congratulations Yixing, also hwaiting ㅠㅠ _____________ [NAVER] EXO Lay who attended the 2019 Grammy Awards, eyes that are sparkling with anticipation [+97; -5] Our Xing-ie makes me so proud!! [+86; -5] Congratulations for being invited as a country's representative, Zhang Yixing is the best [+71; -2] Our Xing-ie makes me so proud. He has been consistently showcasing his abilities and has now achieved such results! I'm looking forward to the days ahead, i'm always cheering for you [+61; -2] I'm proud of Xing-ie who always works hard ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'll cheer for you [+11; -1] Oh Lay attending the Grammys alone?? Impressive [+8; -1] Xing-ie who is always working hard makes me proud cr.x
  9. AlexandraReid

    Soompi love feast

    1. share what you have loved/learned/enjoyed about hanging out here in the soompi community. it can be a drama, ship, a kpop group, actor or just the different discussions you had with chingus here. i mostly spazz in soompi for dramas that i watched; example like The Last Empress, The Crowned Clown, Touch Your Heart, Haechi and lots more. and talk bout kpop groups, im more into EXO & Blackpink; ....BTS? Im not really an army but some of their songs such as "Fire, Not Today, Idol, Fake love, DNA & MIC Drop"; those type of songs (included rap) is really my jam anyways its grateful to see them at the Grammys
  10. AlexandraReid

    THE OFFICIAL EXO "엑소" THREAD ll #LoveShot

    190212 [add Celebrity Fashion] Interview with EXO leader Suho: Miu Miu’s limited edition lover incarnate sends love ----------