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  1. [Doctor Prisoner] PILOT Eps 1 & 2 spoilers, Nam Goong Min vs Park Eun Seok & Kim Jung Nan Article: Naver 'Doctor Prisoner' Nam Goong Min vs Park Eun Seok... begin their ill-fate.. 1. [+1044,-14] To think a good quality drama would come out of KBS. ㅋㅋㅋ Nam Goong Min is insane. His acting is so good. ㅋㅋ 2. [+452,-5] The Nam Goong Min, Kim Byung Chul, Choi Won Young combination. I really like it. 3. [+321,-11] Nam Goong Min! This is interesting. I think this will rank first among Wednesdays and Thursdays dramas. 4. [+227,-2] Ah, that villain character is really off-putting. 5. [+102,-9] The best drama that Nam Goong Min has done is? - [+271,-1] Chief Kim! - [+174,-1] Remember. - [+169,-1] Can You Hear My Heart? 6. [+76,-1] The hearing impaired couple is so pitiful. I hope they keep up with the tension and how interesting it is till the end~~ It's so fun. 7. [+69,-1] That villain who looks like Seol Min Seok is really good at acting. He did well as an off-putting person. I get so angry every time I see him! 8. [+65,-1] Nam Goong Min and Park Eun Seok's acting skills are insane. They only appeared for a bit, but Choi Won Young and Kim Byung Chul's charisma ㅎㄷㄷ I didn't have expectations when I watched it but it's interesting. 9. [+62,-0] The drama is daebak. I was turning the channel and saw Kim Jung Nan so I kept watching... Nam Goong Min's acting is really good. The immersion is good too. 10. [+52,-1] Actor Park Eun Seok did well as an off-putting character with his acting. I know that he's acting, but I just kept cursing whenever I see him. Article: Naver 'Doctor Prisoner' Kim Jung Nan gets released from prison through Nam Goong Min's help 1. [+120,-0] As expected, Kim Jung Nan's acting skills are the best. 2. [+36,-2] The immersion is the best. As expected of believing and watching Nam Goong Min's work. 3. [+26,-0] I like that I get to see Kim Jung Nan-ssi here. 4. [+6,-1] It's fun, but it's too dark and heavy. 5. [+4,-0] I hope Kim Jung Nan appears for a long time this time. 6. [+4,-0] Everyone's so good at acting! This is so interesting^^ 7. [+3,-0] Kim Jung Nan-nim's acting skills are good. I hope she survives till the end in this drama. [Doctor Prisoner] Eps 3 & 4 spoilers, Nam Goong Min vs Kim Byung Chul Article: Naver 'Doctor Prisoner' "The new king in this territory is" Nam Goong Min vs Kim Byung Chul, close confrontation 1. [+682,-16] Nam Goong Min vs Kim Byung Chul, intense psychological fights, close confrontations.. Can they be this interesting? This is so interesting. There's nothing Na Yi Je doesn't know. He's like a genius. 2. [+568,-11] To think a drama like this is produced by KBS. How surprising. This is fun. 3. [+464,-13] Nam Goong Min is good too, but Pa Gook-ssi/Kim Byung Chul changes his face according to his characters. He's a real actor... When he's not acting, he looks innocent, but when someone shouts "Cue~", he changes immediately. That kind of actor. 4. [+364,-6] Is this really done by KBS? The development is thrilling... It has the same feel as the drama Ji Sung appeared in before... Anyway, it's interesting. 5. [+201,-8] SKY Prisoner is so fun. 6. [+139,-4] Everyone~ Kim Jung Nan saved this drama from the first episode. 7. [+105,-8] It feels like a movie... The opening goddess Kim Jung Nan opened the doors really well. I'll believe in Nam Goong Min, Kim Byung Chul and Choi Won Young. And the rookie(?) Park Eun Seok's acting is good. I look forward to the next episode. 8. [+81,-2] Is Kim Jung Nan not appearing anymore? Is she leaving after giving viewers a deep impression on the first episode like SKY Castle? I hope she keeps coming out~~ 9. [+74,-5] This is why acting should be done by actors... The immersion is the best. 10. [+69,-1] Professor Cha failed to send his twins to medical school, so he went there himself.. cr
  2. 190318 #XIUMIN “I Get Energized Just by Thinking of Fans Who Cherish EXO” ================= 190318 #SUHO “My Life’s Center, Never Changing EXO”
  3. [NAVER] EXO CHANYEOL FOR W KOREA [NAVER] EXO Chanyeol expressing "refreshing feeling" through bold poses [+401; -36] Wow really f*king handsome. Personally i think Chanyeol is the most handsome among idols [+271; -31] He is a perfect match for perfume pictorials, Chanyeol's face is the best [+181; -22] I like his eyes... ㅜㅜ [+123; -16] Chanyeol [+108; -16] Park Chanyeol is f*king cool!! ^^ With Eri's and the members, let's love forever~!! [+28; -8] I really like the atmosphere. Acqua Di Parma and Chanyeol the muse matches each other perfectly [+25; -8] Chanyeol's face can rescue countries and bring world peace [+22; -6] Wow as expected of Chanyeol the master of pictorials [+19; -4] As expected Chanyeol is perfect as a perfume model too cr.x --------------------- [STORY KPOP] SM ENTERTAINMENT DENIED NEWS OF EXO D.O TO NOT RENEWING CONTRACT SM Entertainment denied news of EXO D.O to not renewing contract.Original link : NaverNetizen comments :(+204,-2) Please sue the person who spread this rumors SM.(+39,-1) The reporters who write that article better came out ㅋㅋ(+36,-1) I'm glad.(+25,-1) Let's go sue the person who spread the rumors~(+7,-1) Please give him a solo album. How come he doesn't even have one in 7 years ?https://story-kpop.b...exo-do.html?m=1
  4. isit possible priest/Seo Yo-Han able to beat that sociopath? sighhh. . i kinda hope SYH would survive till the end.
  5. lol are we going to talk bout it here? i mean has anyone created thread for "Voice 3" yet
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