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  1. i had something to ask, has anyone here already watched ep.14 with subs? if y'all already seen it, kindly pm me the link thanks!
  2. shes indeed lying.. no doubt that lol, all she said is a 'NO', without looking into his eyes. shes probably hold it back cause of Seung-ah. Im pretty sure that she has fallen for him, especially in the preview when shes appear in front of those thugs while they still attacking him, her action proves that she loves him. even tho she's scared to admit that 3 magic words.
  3. [Devilish Joy] Ep 13 Choi Jin Hyuk melts at Song Ha Yoon's whisper, "I love you" Article: Naver 'Devilish Joy' Song Ha Yoon, "I love you" Choi Jin Hyuk melts at her whisper (this part will be aired on ep 14) 1.[+37,-0] The best drama that causes explosions of sadness and heart flutters at the same time this autumn. ♡ 2. [+32,-0] My top star, Choi Jin Hyuk!~ 3. [+24,-2] I love you~ a whisper.. Going to die of heart flutters again!! 4. [+19,-1] It feels so sweet just by reading the article~~~ Going to be a first broadcast killer today too~~ 5. [+13,-0] Is Choi Jin Hyuk's character going to die? Please make it a happy ending... 6. [+5,-0] I really like this drama, it's so sweet~ The kiss scenes are really daebak. Been a while since I felt excited kiss scenes~ It feels like I went back to my 20s where I had passionate relationships. My vitamin-like drama~ I'll be a first broadcast killer today too. Let's go for 3% viewer ratings^^ 7. [+4,-0] Ah, I hope the two will meet each other on public channels again. No, date in real life. Is their chemistry real? 8. [+4,-0] Gong Ma Sung ♡♡♡ 9. [+3,-0] I believe in Choi Jin Hyuk and his work. What does he lack? ♡ Going to be a first broadcast killer for Devilish Joy at 11pm~ Article: Naver 'Devilish Joy' Choi Jin Hyuk, "I like my aunt" … Jeon Su Kyung, "I hate you" 1. [+55,-0] Ah, this scene was so sad. ㅜㅜ 2. [+20,-1] It was so sad. ㅠㅠ Gong Ma Sung ㅠㅠ 3. [+15,-0] My heart hurts. 4. [+5,-0] My heart hurts so much. Gong Jin Yang, the terrible things you did will hurt Ki Joon in the end. 5. [+5,-0] The scene where Ma Sung is pitiful. ㅠㅠ 6. [+4,-1] Pitiful Ma Sung. But he has Gi Bbeum by his side, I hope he overcomes his illness. Let's go for a happy end. 7. [+3,-0] My heart broke~ ===== [Devilish Joy] Ep 14 Choi Jin Hyuk cried his heart out after his aunt admits her attempt to kill him Article: Naver 'Devilish Joy' Choi Jin Hyuk questions the incident from 3 years ago, "Why did he lie?" 1. [+180,-4] He's sick, but his heart broke too. The feeling of betrayal is painful. I feel bad for him, Gong Ma Sung. 2. [+138,-1] Ah. Seriously, please don't do this. ㅠㅠ Where is the happy ending? It's not right to make them lovey-dovey and then end it with a sad ending!!!!!!!! No one is sick of happy endings!!!!!!!! 3. [+100,-1] Ah.. Why.. How is the scriptwriter going to end this.. ㅠㅠ You kept writing as if there isn't much time left.. This isn't going to be a sad ending right? 4. [+98,-1] The situation around the male lead is really sad. Is the aunt still a human? And the doctor.. 5. [+84,-1] Please save Ma Sung. 6. [+22,-0] I feel so bad for Gong Ma Sung. What should I do? My heart hurts so much for him!! The aunt and the doctor are really mean!! It's just a drama, but they are too much. Please make it a happy ending~~ I hope Mabbeum get to walk the flowery path~~ ♡♡ 7. [+21,-0] It's only not that Choi Jin Hyuk's sweet gaze is good, but he makes me sad because of his sad expressions too. 8. [+21,-1] I cried along with Ma Sung. I think he's a god in acting. It felt so real. Article: Naver 'Devilish Joy' Choi Jin Hyuk's tear ducts has failed him, bursting into tears.. viewers cried along with him 1. [+83,-0] Ma Sung-ssi~ Don't cry anymore and walk the flowery path as Mabbeum. 2. [+65,-1] Choi Jin Hyuk's sad acting when he cry is great~!! His acting was great in Tunnel too... But he's better in Devilish Joy... I'm supporting you~~!! 3. [+41,-0] Gong Ma Sung is the god of acting! I'm still tearing up now. It was so sad. The acting is so good that my heart hurts just by watching. Please give us a happy ending~~ 4. [+34,-0] It's not a sad ending... right? ㅠㅡㅠ 5. [+25,-0] My tears flowed down too. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ cr
  4. [The Guest] Ep 12 Did Park Il Do possess Kim Dong Wook or Ahn Nae Sang? Article: Naver 'The Guest' Park Il Do = Kim Dong Wook or Ahn Nae Sang? … Mystery ↑ 1. [+312,-3] I had goosebumps when the cross was upside down. 2. [+173,-4] I think it's Ahn Nae Sang. 3. [+170,-2] The scriptwriter is Park Il Do. Kill everyone. (lol at this comment ) 4. [+213,-111] Jung Eun Chae is not going to improve her acting? Park Hong Joo did so well that I had goosebumps. 5. [+94,-13] Whenever she sees a suspect, she runs without hesitation and fights. There isn't a female character like her where she saves the male lead and hits him. I think that's why Jung Eun Chae's acting is awkward.. To be honest, there are countless of police characters who have a bad temper. But most of them are rough-looking male police officers. Jung Eun Chae is a white and gentle woman. I think because of the stereotype, it looks like Jung Eun Chae can't act. 6. [+67,-1] I think it's Ahn Nae Sang. Yoon Hwa Pyung is the only person who can defeat Park Il Do. That's why he is playing with Yoon Hwa Pyung. 7. [+37,-0] Because of The Guest, I've been waiting for Wednesdays and Thursdays. 8. [+32,-2] Park Il Do cannot possess just anyone. In the end, they will find out that Park Il Do has to possess someone to get him. So Hwa Pyung gets possessed by him and they will perform exorcism on him. 9. [+35,-3] "I'm Park Il Do, 35 years old. These days, I've been a little busy~ This week, I'll be going to Dong In Cheon with my girlfriend to have cold noodles. Please go there~!" cr
  5. [Smile Has Left Your Eyes] Ep 6 Seo In Guk gets beat up by a group of unknown people on his birthday Article: Naver 'Smile Has Left Your Eyes' Park Sung Woong sees Seo In Guk's burn scar... begins to be suspicious of his identity 1. [+310,-8] I watched without realizing how much time had passed.. ㅋ 2. [+188,-4] I've watched the original, but it's hard to grasp what's happening next. The production team is amazing~ 3. [+162,-6] Moo Young getting hit on his birthday felt very real. My heart broke. ㅠㅠ 4. [+116,-2] Fun. They did the remake well. 5. [+63,-2] Jung So Min's acting is good and she's pretty. She matches the character Jin Kang well too. A warm and decisive female lead. 6. [+49,-0] Kim Moo Young makes people think, "what's with this man?" 7. [+50,-1] Seo Eun Soo's acting and her character are frustrating. If only she stops appearing.. (p/s: i bet that accident scene will make them feel relief if shes endup dead lol) 8. [+53,-5] Jung So Min and Seo In Guk have great chemistry together. Every time the leads are together, I get so absorbed in the show~ Please show more parts of them being together. It's most heart fluttering and interesting~~~ cr
  6. it seems like the writer could possibly try to get rid of some character with having some tragic accident, whether woosang or seungah, we have to wait patiently for the next week episode.
  7. [The Guest] Ep 11 Kim Dong Wook's possessed father stabbed his grandfather and killed himself Article: Naver 'The Guest' Kim Dong Wook's desperate cries... even fans just watching the TV would cry 1. [+234,-1] When the father heard the sound of the ring falling out, he got to his senses. I felt so bad for the heartrending desperate struggle he went through.. It was a pity and they are so cruel to the leads. 2. [+144,-2] Feels like I've heard the name Park Il Do a hundred times on broadcast. 3. [+143,-3] His acting is really good, it's not too much, neither is it too lacking. It's perfect. I'm looking at Kim Dong Wook in a new light. Even if Park Il Do is Hwa Pyung, it doesn't seem unreasonable too. His family members were killed, how can he get through it? 4. [+77,-3] ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I cried. Ah, I feel bad for Hwa Pyung. Can't the three be happy? 5. [+62,-1] Seems like he's talented in acting. 6. [+22,-0] Kim Dong Wook-nim acts really well.. It's not strange if you cry after being filled with sadness.. Please stop trying to keep it in. My heart hurts. I'm really enjoying this. I'm always supporting you. 7. [+22,-1] I thought about why they named him Park Il Do.. chinilpa [t/n: Pro-Japanese] = Park Il Do = Japanese Island. [t/n: Il = Japan, Do = Island] It was a good one. 8. [+16,-0] The lead is Paaaaaaaaarkkkkkk Illlll Dooooooooo. 9. [+13,-0] Ah, Kim Dong Wook's emotional acting is really good. cr
  8. can someone enlighten what happens during the end of the episode? is that means mooyoung could be the suspect killer? Im legit confused. lol -------
  9. [Smile Has Left Your Eyes] Ep 5 Seo In Guk asks Jung So Min to date him, "I don't love Seo Eun Soo" Article: Naver 'Smile Has Left Your Eyes' Seo In Guk confesses to Jung So Min, "Let's date" 1. [+178,-34] The supporting female actress Seo Eun Soo is a miscast. Her acting is bad, she's not pretty, she's too tall that she doesn't have chemistry with male actors. 2. [+151,-20] The leads have good chemistry, if only the supporting female character doesn't come out, it'd be fun. 3. [+110,-12] The immersion is really the best... Tomorrow should come quickly. And I hope the ratings go up more... 4. [+87,-15] Please reduce Seo Eun Soo's screen time. Her acting, her looks, her character, are all frustrating. 5. [+56,-7] Looks like the ads are there for us to breathe for a while. 6. [+37,-2] The actress acting as the rich woman, Seo Eun Soo? Her acting is bad. She should do some practice. Her expression where she opens her eyes big and leaves her mouth open is bothering me. Her pronunciation is bad. 7. [+33,-5] Why is Jung So Min so pretty? 8. [+20,-5] Seo In Guk and Jung So Min have good chemistry. Whenever both Moo Yeon and Jin Kang appear together, it's heart fluttering and interesting. Park Sung Woong's confrontation with Go Min Si was interesting too. Jang Young Nam, Kwon Soo Hyun, and Do Sang Woo are all good at acting. 9. [+28,-15] Seo In Guk and Jung So Min have good chemistry~♡ 10. [+16,-6] Park Sung Woong and Seo In Guk have really good chemistry.. Article: Naver 'Smile Has Left Your Eyes' Seo In Guk seizes the black box evidence of the crime... "I don't love Seo Eun Soo" 1. [+332,-20] Wow, seriously. Time flies. 2. [+200,+15] The ads are there for us to breathe. 3. [+155,-27] Seo Eun Soo's acting when she cry is bad... Do some practice. 4. [+84,-15] When will the supporting female character stop coming out? I get less immersed whenever I see her. 5. [+50,-6] Jung So Min is pretty, her acting is good too. 6. [+44,-13] I totally watched it without breathing. It's getting more and more interesting. 7. [+33,-5] Seo Eun Soo's acting in this is the same as in My Golden Life though?? 8. [+31,-3] Seo Eun Soo's acting has been bad ever since Duel. Not sure why she keeps getting casted. cr