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  1. Innocent Steps, Dasepo Girl, Baby&Me, Strongest Chil Woo Name: 김별 / Kim Byul Real name: 김미선 / Kim Mi Seon Profession: Actress and model Birthdate: 1986-Dec-02 Height: 160cm Weight: 40kg Star sign: Sagittarius Talent agency: Star Made Entertainment (http://www.star-made.com/) TV Series Strongest Chil Woo (KBS2, 2008) MBC Best Theater "Taerung National Village" (MBC, 2005-Oct-29 to 2005-Nov-19) Sang Doo, Let's Go To School (KBS2, 2003) Movies Emergency (2009) Baby & Me / Baby & I (2008) Dasepo Girl (2006) Innocent Steps (2005)
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