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  1. Silent lurker here @jimb love reading your recaps and grateful for all your hard work! Agree with comments about GH, but; we already know in K-drama daily that at one point separation is inevitable for OTP. Writers love to torture viewers.and I still watch it . Anyway, have a nice weekend and keep safe you all
  2. Lee Dong Gun x Jo Yoon Hee (Jin Sil Couple)

    Totally love this couple, true; they look good together!
  3. @angelwingssf, @andy78, @Jackie1048 and all others who are on this thread; Silent lurker here, thanks for all the comments; love reading it and grateful to all of you. We know one way or the other that writer nim will find a way to keep YJN in that house. I am just hoping that KS will remember all the good deeds that HJ/HS Mom did for him and not turn into a total "A**le" pardon me for saying. Really don't how this will end, but; I am hoping that JYN will be kick out of that house/family she has no shame at all. Again, thanks and have a nice week!!!
  4. Silent lurker here, my head is spinning watching Madam Sa, the gall of this woman is totally out of this world.
  5. @chasen8888, thanks for the recap and to all the Chingu's on this thread, I am really frustrated with this drama, but; I am still reading all the comments to check what's going. My blood pressure can't take CRazy's antics along side with YS and OHW. Now, the DR is being a stalker and can't stand SC. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend everyone
  6. Congratulations and best wishes to my fave couple !!!and good luck to the baby news
  7. Lee Dong Gun x Jo Yoon Hee (Jin Sil Couple)

    Really happy to read this report!!!! CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO OUR LOVING COUPLE. Good luck on the baby news WHEW!!! Lighting speed it is
  8. Silent lurker, Chingu's thanks for your comments/insights, seems like most if not all, K-drama daily are frustrating I thought that this will be a bit different. I am not sure if I will keep watching it, I will wait till the last episode to check it out.
  9. @chasen8888, thanks for your patience/commitment in recapping this drama and to all the Chingu's I am grafeful. Even do I am not watching it on a daily basis the comments keeps me going, my blood pressure can't handle CRazy/YS/OHW. Hopefully, it will get better soon, Again, thanks to all of you and have a wonderful week
  10. Kim Young-ae, an amazing actress indeed. Deepest sympathy and condolences to her family, RIP KYA!!
  11. Wondering how much will it cost to order Director's Cut package any idea? Thanks!!!
  12. @sava2sava, love reading your comments on every thread that I've seen and always enjoy it. I totally agreed with you a hot mess it is!!! not really sure how writer nim will tie all the loose ends. I am glad that at least K-writers don't venture into incest relationship (pardon me) I guess they ARE on the conservative side, yet; why do kids always end up in the orphanage ?(oh please don't shoot me and hopefully, I will not be in trouble) and all the birth secrets. Anyway, thanks Chingu's for all the comments. Have a great weekend
  13. @chasen8888, as always thanks for the recap and to all the Chingu's! Reading the comments is enough for me, don't want to watch this drama, it may cause my blood pressure to rise. OHW/YS/CRazy pure evil. Will keep reading comments and will watch it when my heart can take it Have a wonderful weekend to ALL!!! Finally, we are getting sunny days and warmer weather at my neck of the woods
  14. @baduy, thanks for the explanation, really hard when I don't understand the language.
  15. Silent lurker here, thanks to all the Chingu's on this thread I really love/appreciate all the comments. Yup, K-drama can make my blood boil, but; I still check/watch it on and off. I loathe MH and Mdm Kim, hoping, that GO will not be separated from HJ's family, that is really cruel( please writer nim enough of that anxiety to the poor child). @janp, I guess only in K-drama that a prisoner take a sick leave and not stay in the hospital, totally unrealistic!!!