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  1. @baduy, thanks for the explanation, really hard when I don't understand the language.
  2. Silent lurker here, thanks to all the Chingu's on this thread I really love/appreciate all the comments. Yup, K-drama can make my blood boil, but; I still check/watch it on and off. I loathe MH and Mdm Kim, hoping, that GO will not be separated from HJ's family, that is really cruel( please writer nim enough of that anxiety to the poor child). @janp, I guess only in K-drama that a prisoner take a sick leave and not stay in the hospital, totally unrealistic!!!
  3. @chasen8888, thanks for the recap and to Chingu's on this thread! @euraka, I am also in love with Mama Tiger and hopefully, OHW will realize that BW MIL will not tolerate her. I also think that Leech will come into conclusion that BW is the daughter of YS's ex lover/husband.
  4. r@chasen8888, thanks for your recap and to all the Chingu's on this thread; loving the comments. I think the NY trip will be cancelled and hopefully, MIL will come into BW defense and be a Tiger Mom. Happy weekend to ALL
  5. Chingu's on this thread, not surprised by the reaction of K-net citizens(K-pop idol supporters) about LDG-JYH relationship, I think they thrive on bullying actors/actress and love putting them down. I am hoping that LDG-JYH can stand the haters right now and be strong about their commitment to each other's happiness.
  6. @peggygordon, sorry to cut your post. My hope is same as yours, wishing them all the best/happiness @hibiscus23, count me in to be part of the international fan. I need to start saving!
  7. Silent lurker here, writer nim; please don't prolong the agony of GO he is being toss around like a stone and been abused, this cruelty at it's best. I could care less about the adults if they fight and try to kill each other.
  8. The earring belongs to CRazy, I am not sure if SC mention it to WH. I hope that WH will start to think that SC is hiding something from him cause of what he said in the preview. Can't wait for the Leech to start hounding YS.
  9. @hibiscus23, I am in total agreement with your comment, right age to get married and have beautiful children. They look good together.
  10. @pinkdicentra, thanks for starting this thread. Wishing them happiness and all the best in their relationship.
  11. @pimsucre, sorry for cutting your post! To All the Chingu's, warmest thanks and grateful to all of you, really love this drama and all the comments. I will surely miss our OTP, kudos to KBS and to the management/producers/writer/cast and staff who made this drama possible. Good health to ALL and have a wonderful week!!!
  12. @sava2sava, i am totally with you that WH Mom should be ashamed of herself once the secret of the heart donor comes out in the open that the widow's husband and BY's Dad save his precious son. Also, I am hoping that BW MIL will support BW on her fight for happiness and will not be intimidated by WH Mom if they meet. YS will have a rude awakening that the person she is trying to destroy is her own flesh and bloo.d, unless she has no conscience at all Writer nim let's not have the envelope with money on the table, BW can't be bought!!!
  13. @chasen8888, thanks for the recap, @bebebisous33, @sava2sava, @eakeeper @euraka, @mjmartinez, @whome, @shana0127@shamrockmom, @finebyme, @Mailelei, @Jackie1048, @0ly40 To all the Chingu's on this thread I am still on board with this drama and reading comments (pardon me if I can't remember all of you by name, senior moment ) All of us agreed that CRazy will create havoc/anxieties between our OTP, I am hoping that they will face it together and their will be no separation. BUT, we are looking at 120 episodes and the writer will have scenarios that will make my (our) blood boils. One of the scene that I don't want to see is CR trapping WH into an arranged engagement cause of his Mom, I don't think it will happen but in K-dramaland writer can throw anything. On today's episode I am glad that WH told her Mom that she should stop having CRazy in the house cause he has no feelings for her and it will not change. BW SIL is really rude, I am not sure what DM saw in her. YS she is really under the thumb of Leech. I can't wait until BW meet Leech and realize that she is YS/Eun Jang Ho's daughter. Of course, we know that in BW mind she is her Mother (another post) Hopefully, Leech will not use it against the OTP, but; rather help them. (My wishful thinking) Again, thanks to ALL and let's enjoy the ride
  14. @hibiscus23, checking this drama; I know it will end this coming weekend yet looks promising will ditch/escape the daily that's giving me headache for now. See you in the other thread,
  15. @sava2sava,same here I ,am going coco with the daily that I am watching. I just started to check on this and it's giving me more headache. urgh!!! bad, falling for your Brother. I know that they are not blood related but please!!!!