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  1. Silent lurker here, thanks for all the comments; love reading it rather than watching. I don't want my blood pressure to rise. Looks like this drama will have a total of 108 episodes, and for sure will watch the final episode. Hopefully, it will have a good ending. I really can't stand Sena, Emily, JH Mom and HK's Dad that's why I stop watching. I know it's a daily drama and the writer seem to thrive on torturing the viewers. Grateful to all who are contributing to this thread. Have a wonderful weekend. Peace to all!!!
  2. Love reading comments/post, my curiosity brought me to this thread and better understanding about this drama. Thanks to all. I am currently watching it and enjoying the ride.
  3. Whoa??? they are filming in Cuba rather than Spain. Cost effective, cause it is more cheaper in Cuba compare to EU countries. Anyway , I like both of them, but: I am not sure how K citizens will perceive the pairing when they see them on screen. My guess is the skinship on this drama will be probably limited or nil. Still, I will check it out and good luck to then entire team. Just my mere opinion and to the followers PBG and SHK "peace"
  4. @chasen8888, thanks for all your hard work in recapping this drama. I enjoyed reading all the comments posted in this thread. Love the happy ending for our OTP and HS/MY. Till next time and have a wonderful week to all.
  5. @chasen8888, thanks for your recap; really appreciate your hard work. Hopefully, MY's illness will be be under controlled with the help of medications. We know in reality dementia has no cure for now, but; we are in the K-drama world and writers can slow down the progression of illness. I detest MY ex husband trying to collude with former CEO Yang.
  6. @chasen8888, again; grateful for your hard work in doing recap. To all the Chingu's in this thread my thanks as well. Not happy with the writer about MY illness and that no good ex-husband coming into the picture planning to scam her with the help of MY's ex friend/CEO.
  7. @chasen8888, sorry cut your post; It’s likely that in the next episode MY’s illness may be revealed to the Parks, I am not sure if ET is bound by confidentiality as he is not MY’s doctor, how is he going to approach it. Really sad that writernim decided to go through the illness phase. I am hoping that HS will find out about MY illness and hoping that former CEO Yang and her ex-husband will fail in whatever they are plotting to scam sweet MY. ET/YH and DY/JH, not sure how long they can keep their family relationship from JJH/CK.
  8. @chasen8888KBS is taking their sweet time to upload preview for Ep 40:)
  9. @chasen8888, always grateful for your recap and amazing insight. Again, thanks!! CSW is total as*****e and should not be forgiven for his actions. My hope is that ES will be healthy and happy at the end. Really love MY and despise JJH and her husband. Have a wonderful week to all!!
  10. @chasen8888and @hyall, totally agree with your comments/per peeve when it comes to Kdrama suitcase and etc/product placement. Through the years of watching Kdrama I learned to just ignore it or I will go nuts. Regarding ET leaving for Africa, ES may get sick again (hopefully not) that he will come back for sure and maybe he will realize that he is in love with YH and can't live without her. I am hoping that MY/HS will get married soon.
  11. @chasen8888 , thanks for your hard work in recapping this drama, really help me in understanding the nuances. To all the Chingu's on this thread my thanks as well. I would love if writer nim will not prolong the dating scenario for HS/MY I think it will be better if they are together/married going against CHK/Haea Corp and that Bro in-law of ET. Considering that this is k-drama, their is possibility that ET could be ES bio's Dad it. From my side of the world, have a wonderful week!!
  12. Hello Chingus on this thread!!! Silent lurker here and love reading all the comments. I love the progression of the drama as ET's start to realize that he feels differently when HY is in front of him. Happy for HS/MY, I am just hoping that her son will not be the hindrance for their happiness cause of greed. ET's bro in-law is a piece of work, opportunist as it's best. Anyway, to all the Mommies on this thread, Happy Mother's Day