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  1. Didn't really catch what Donghoon shouted to Jian at the end of ep 10 preview. I think it's about pretending to know (or not knowing) something. I only understand what he said after that: "What happened in the past.. doesn't matter." Will post more after I watch ep 9 with subs! For now I gotta sleep. Thanks a lot for sharing guys!
  2. YES! I relate so much to Gwangil at that time, he couldn't really explain what's going on between Jian and Donghoon, but there is something between them. Jian already said she likes Donghoon, and even DJY stated that Donghoon only eats and have drinks with someone he likes. What DJY said actually reminds me of something my cousin said about guys. He said guys wouldn't bother doing things like buying food for girls they don't like. This is of course not meant as a generalization for all guys out there, each person has different perspective on how to show their feelings, but it's just funny to think of it.
  3. We can finally see Jian and Donghoon smile! I feel so happy for them, and I keep replaying that scene! Anyways, can someone confirm whether Donghoon really describes Jian as pretty to the bartender? Or am I just hearing things??
  4. Can I join you guys in this shipper island? Seems like fun! I'm gonna bring kimbap then On that happy note, I've been thinking about how the PD has been portraying the relationship between DH and JA so far. This is only based on my perception of the show though, if you guys have different opinions, it's also fine~ After all we're all different people with unique point of views, and that's the beauty of it. Anyways, for me, I always see some sensuality in the way DH and JA are portrayed when they're together. DH and JA don't talk much, but when they're in a scene together, they use human senses to show their deep connection, like sharing deep looks and the sound of their breaths mingling together. It's all very sensual and it managed to convey the ambiguity, the awkward tension between them that makes me, as a viewer, wondering about the true nature of their relationship. 'What are they exactly? What is this awkward but delicious tension? There's gotta be something right?' Even from the beginning, DH and JA have shared some long, curious looks. Then we have their train rides, where they mostly don't talk but there's always something there between them, something unsaid. One of the most telling is of course when DH tried to shield JA from the other passengers. See how DH braced himself on the pole for stopping people AND also himself from bumping into her? Then the camera panned to a close up shot of DH's hand clutching the pole tightly. This shot gotta be deliberately made by the director, to show us DH's uneasiness being in that situation. There's also the forced kiss scene. We saw close up shots of both JA and DH, and they looked so affected by it. Well, JA less so, probably because I can't really read her expression well. But DH was clearly affected. When you see each frame of that scene, you can tell all these different emotions warring inside DH (awesome performance by Lee Sun Kyun, btw). He's shocked, confused, and seriously tempted, but he's such a decent guy so he stopped JA. The game changer from JA's side is definitely when she ran to him. The falling snow, the sound of DH's breath, the melancholy tune slowed, and then JA broke into a run with this beautiful piano tune as a background. This whole scene is such a feast for my eyes and ears! I'm so looking forward to tonight's episode and see more awkward dinner dates of them!
  5. It's upsetting to see this beautiful show gets a lot of backlash from some insensitive people who only think about what they want or not want to see in a show. I know we can't please everyone, and there's bound to be a group of people who doesn't like a particular trope, in this drama's case, huge age gap between the main characters. Some people find it disturbing, and it's within their rights to convey their thoughts, but I really can't stand people who attack the actors and/or the production team just for doing their jobs. I really hope the whole My Mister team can still go ahead with their planned story, and just focus on the positive feedback from fans who really enjoy the show. Now, I do admit that I actually want Donghoon and Jian to be together in the end, because that's the impression I get from watching it since ep 1. They are portrayed as two lonely souls whose worlds are so bleak and gloomy and they can't help but be drawn to each other. It's like they recognize their counterpart, their kindred in each other. Both Donghoon and Jian may find each other's presence crippling at first as each found out the other's weaknesses and saw them in their most vulnerable state, but I think they're starting to trust each other. They both seem more emotive in regards to each other, like Jian who slapped that deputy for badmouthing Donghoon, or Donghoon who show his concern because Jian wore short socks during winter. It's like they bring colors back to each other's worlds and it's so beautiful to see. They are becoming, let's say.. a better version of themselves ever since they met. Jian shows more emotion and concern for people (well, only with her ajusshi lol) other than her grandmother, and Donghoon starts to stand up for himself. It would be weird for me to see if they go on separate ways at the end. So far, the PD team managed to portray their relationship in a beautifully nuanced way, the chemistry is so palpable (i mean did you see that train scene?? i could cut the tension like a hot knife through butter lol) it would be a waste if Jian doesn't end up with her ajusshi.
  6. Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I was active on soompi, now I'm back thanks to this very different and intriguing drama. I love IU's portrayal of her character, it's rare to see this kind of heroine (or should I say anti-heroine?) in a kdrama. Lee Sun-kyun too, he shines even though his character is rather gloomy. Definitely one of my favorite kdrama characters! I'm so looking forward to watch this week's episodes. I found a translation of that scene on youtube, here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGBKjW6IEJY Credit goes to Narae Lee for the translation.
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