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  1. Hey guys! Long time lurker and I've decided to delurk because OMG this episode is amazing! I was able to watch the live episode and I was literally holding my breath the entire time while Bong-soon was tied up! Poor girl! And my muse decided to be a pain in my behind since she just bulldozed through my sanity and made me write this Missing Scene in Episode 14 because we all need that kiss scene when they were at the couch dangnabbit! hahaha anyway I hope you guys enjoy this little fanfic I made as much as I enjoyed writing it. I cannot believe my muse hid from me for 3 years and decided to ruin my schedule and made me stay up late at 3 am just to type up a little delusional scene of mine haha I still have 24hours duty at my hospital later. Yikes! Love love you guys who's always been doing translating and live recaps! Thank you so much! If only RL wasn't so busy, I really want to be more active in this thread! The story is just beneath the spoiler tag, it's R-15 so I hope I'm not violating anything here haha well it is a kiss scene