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  1. In the preview WOW! MY confront her ex-husband, as she is curious what he will do as he knows that she is suffering from dementia MY: Even though how ill, am I.....I am still Yi Mi Yeon
  2. Strange to see this idiom "誠信為本" translate "Honesty is the basal rule"
  3. gerrytan8063

    [Drama 2018] Investigation Couple 검법남녀

    Oh Man Seok....guest appearance?
  4. Episode 26 The Park really have self confidence & will not be trample Truth serum when they are in drunken stupor SH tells JS's mother that there will have established separate houshold (move out) after marriage ET gets a slap from YH for his "cold treatment" . ET whisper ES in her when the dandelion wind disperse (usually in June), he will return HS return MY the title deed to their house.....the condition/compensation that MS gave to HS to leave his mother. MY asked HS to tell her the true colours of her son MS to her
  5. GY: It seems you have no knowledge, that today, this event is done on my behalf ONR: What?..What are you saying.....What is she trying to say there HJA: Do you want me to tell you then.... ONR: What? HJA slaps ONR ONR: Hui Jang Nim? HJA: Why....Let me come & introduce.....my daughter....the person that you had make her died in an accident.....my DAUGHTER!!!! I thought they could have done a better job.....like everyone taking their turns to "slap" at ONR since they were all standing in a line
  6. Preview to Episode 121 JS: There is a guest outside (HJA?) JS Mother: No matter what, I am deliberating what we need to reprimand (teach the lesson) that wench (ONR) JS: How about having lunch? ONR: What is happening here....JS makes the first move to invite me for a meal HJA: In comparison to showing my intend (feelings), I will definitely show you what trepidation is JS: I will slowly have a change of heart towards you HJA: Finally.....now I have really enter into the social league JS: Goya?...Goya! Most likely she is fixing breakfast
  7. Return of time with Il Divo's O Holy Night
  8. Preview to Episode 121 GY: it is because of this reason that I left JS brother: Is it not Jesu-si, this time? Jesu (제수) is for a male address for the wife of his younger brother GY Aunt: Do you know who came to our shop? Grandmother Jang: It is because of a person's obstrution that had preventing the both of you to meet ONR: You are not only just my "meal ticket" you are also my saving grace HJN: Go & find out every single details for me JS: Now that person is no longer our family JS Mother: Then who is that person JS: Let us do this together
  9. Episode 120 Go Ya sprain her ankle (phew!) & went to the hospital for treatment & through the medical records, located her Ha Jin Ah is informed that Goya is her daughter Preview Finding Go Ya. Ji Suk locates Go Ya
  10. Preview Episode 120 My medical prognosis from watching k-drama all these years, is Go Ya going to suffer from osteosarcoma.....judging that she suffering weakness around her knee
  11. Great Episode today Yoo Ha is Eun Soo biological mother & did Donor Insemination through IVF or IUI with the approval of her "divorce" husband who had legally sign the document of consent, so the argument of the "extra-martial" affairs is void. Yoo Ha also lodge a counter-suit against Haea Eun Soo also stand to inherit Haea's fortune through the Chairman's will, which Yoo Ha had told Chae Hee Kyeong that she is willing & gladly accept on her daughter's behalf Chae Hee Kyeong had really "stir up the hornet's nest"
  12. @angelwingssf "did you discuss those beautiful mountains with the pink flowers in "King in Love"?" You mean the azaleas in Ganghwa-do Island's Goryeosan mountain Episode 118 Just to note that JS mother asked Go Ya not to registered their marriage, to wait for a year, even asked Go Ya to go on contraceptive
  13. Episode 118 Goya had gone for one year
  14. @lclarakl " I was interested in where she went. Do you know what type of province it is? In other words, is it farming? I was trying to think of how she will make a living. " A town that have train station accessibility Judeok-eup (주덕읍,周德邑) is a sizeable town with a population of 5,400 people You may notice that they 'smudge" the train station signage
  15. For those who are interested Go Ya went to Judeok (주덕), Cheongju in Chuncheongbuk-do province It is about an hour train ride from Seoul