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  1. This cracked me up.. but I too don't want LCY to force himself on XF. But the moment made me fangirling over the OTP and just want him to do the bad things already (pic cr. to owner)
  2. Glad to see you here. I just started watching this drama as well but still way behind, just finished ep.5. Just like you, beautiful & handsome leads boosted my C-drama watching spirit Plot sounds great too.
  3. Hello everyone.. found this on twitter about the weibo awards.. no Ethan though And am rooting for Chen Kun and Yang Mi doing a drama together too
  4. I think @lovecarnation likes Deng Lun ever since Ashes of Love I'm glad you liked the drama. What are you watching now? I'm kinda switching both Kdramas and Cdramas. It's tough Happy December guys.. tis the season to be jolly falalalalalala
  5. Happy birthday to our beloved Wuji.. err.. Ethan Many happy returns. (Pic cr.to weibo)
  6. I think so too. I don't really mind with noona-dongsaeng pairing as the OTP. As long as he's cute then I'm good Besides Deng Lun's acting is alright and Yang Mi can pull off being younger than her actual age imo.
  7. @mrsj3n yay you've dropped by. Am currently watching Korean dramas as well
  8. Thanks @Di~ for the info. I find this interesting as I don't have weibo and don't know how fans in China cast their votes. If I have the opportunity to vote then I'll definitely will do so regardless the awards are crappy or not. It's just my way to say thank you for the wonderful performance. I miss you guys on this forum. Got loads of things to do at work I seriously need a break.
  9. Is the lost you forever a novel? Where i can read that novel? I would love to read the novel too
  10. Sending wuji's hug to you.. hope you have great days ahead.. and to the rest too.
  11. Just have to share this pics.. from Ethan's weibo must be from his new drama because Bambi's there.
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