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  1. I know that Yoojung is able to create chemistry with her male costars, but I'm hoping that she veers away from romance on her next project. May we now see a dramatic actress YJ. Though that is quite hard as most film roles for their age groups are quite scarce, especially for actresses. And even if there are, most are offered to Kim Hyang Gi (as she has already proven her strong presence in films-performance and box office) or relatively rookie actresses. And most tv series are romantic ones, or those serious theme would almost always have an ensemble casts and get newer actress if the roles are YJ''s age.
  2. Super happy with the ratings and also the breakdown. And for a Rom-Com and a youthful one at that, and them getting the shares of those in their 40s, that is already an achievement. Hope it would soar in the coming episodes, and that the cast continue to have fun filming coz I that happiness transcends the screens.
  3. She's so easy-going and just so adorable. NO pretensions whatsoever.
  4. With this update about a photoshoot, it means she is gearing up for the drama promotion, as the release of this magazine photoshoot will coincide with the airing in November. But they will really be doing close to a liveshoot from hereon as they barely have 2 months left.
  5. Glad that she's slowly easing her way into the spotlight. And we can still see that bright smile and eyes, despite the illness. I think she's still not 100% recovered, but hopefully she'll be able to balance out her thyroid function levels in the months to come. And us, her international fans, hope we can help out by creating buzz for her upcoming drama!!!!! Fighting!!!!!!
  6. She really handled the ice bucket challenge quite well. The donating option was not as publicized as the more entertaining ice bucket, hence her choosing that option put an equal spotlight to both the donating and the ice bucket. Win-win for the cause.
  7. With this male lead casting news confirmation, I'll give the drama a chance as: 1. I am a big fan of KYJ and she's been through a lot this past few years, 2. The production team/JTBC opting to wait for YJ is just something that I appreciate from them. But just like what was mentioned here, the production would need to tone down the romantic scenes and make it a sweeter version (a bit like Moonlight), more because I'd hate it if initial aversion of the audience to the wide-age gap would overshadow the production and acting. I hope they can sell the romance in a way that is acceptable, given the disparity. I really hope YKS would be able to convince the viewingpublic. Let's wait for the initial stills and the initial episodes. P.S. Good that YKS didn't accept immediately, as personally, it gave me a few days to vent out.
  8. Since I'm not sure if these IG posts are gonna be related to the drama, hence on spoiler. But new hair cut seems to point towards one thing, so I'm gonna assume its a go. http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=469&aid=0000304559
  9. I'm not too sure about the context of the magazine (?) or what not, but I'm just happy that despite her limited Japanese media interaction, she's still manage to be on the list. And the only actress at that, amidst the expected "hot" oppas blazing through any fan favorite survey. She didn't have a single media interview during her fanmeet or even the drama promo (a sore subject for me ), hence its nice to see this appreciation.
  10. @Jillia @Dramanoona @stroppyse @jughead2000 My two cents on the various topics of discussion: Secret Door: I honestly thought that Secret Door's premise with KYJ-LJH was more of her helping him and with no romance whatsoever. Since they have HSK and LJH, hence it will be like Tree with deep roots. But few episodes in, it seems that they were injecting a bit of romance with the 2, and I was like...NO, it doesn't work. KYJ looks young, and her character (she's the bubbly, bouncing around type) will not really add years to her. And add to the fact that this was LJH's post-army comeback, army adds "visual maturity" to an already mature LJH, so that's the SD fiasco. Moonlight: KYJ, amongst the 3 Kims, have the bubbly + bright + adorable (she seems smaller and on the cute side than chic/elegant), hence she seems younger visually. Even in Moonlight, from the Eunuch to the dancer look + Rebel look, she looks boyish to pretty but young to just young. But the romance did work coz PBG is just 6 years older and he has the boyish appeal, hence he looks younger than the 6 year age difference. And it helps that the other cast members (KDY, CSB, JY and JHS) are real-age young and visually young, hence KYJ's age wouldn't really stand out. Clean: Unlike in Moonlight, most of the other actors here (except for Dohee), are more than real-age and visually older, hence it might highlight how young YJ looks. I haven't seen YJ in maybe >6 months, but I don't think 6 months will be enough to add 5 years to her visually, just to accommodate the possible male lead in order to make the romance heart fluttering. And its not right coz previous choice made it seem as if they accommodated these. Anyways, just like what @Jillia said, I'm in this despite everything....
  11. If we go with the translated article posted by maknaecloud, I'm thinking that YKS is a done deal. It's written there that YKS through his agency has a plan to comeback this year after a long break due to injuries, and since this is the last leg of drama castings hence Clean might be his only chance for a drama comeback this year. I'm trying to accept it, so let's see.
  12. Welcome to the club!!!! I think the immediate and knee-jerk reaction is still understandable due to the unexpected casting news and for those who knew of the Secret Door fiasco, wouldn't want the same scenario here, it would be detrimental on Yoojung's career especially at this stage. But I know the once emotion has settled in, then maybe we can get use to it, then positivity and support will then sprout. And thanks for starting the optimistic outlook, I'm not yet there since I'm still hoping for a turn around.
  13. @chocofantasies I respect your opinion with regards to YKS's suitability, though I'm still very much on the fence with regards to that. The styling won't really help bridge the visual age gap just because of the written webtoon characters. The male lead here is most of the time dress in suits, while the female lead is in trainers and sneakers. I've seen YJ look her age or older, when she's really dressed up in coats, gowns and all, which she won't be able to do unless they go away with the authenticity just to make her appear older. If you look at her Fila ads (which could be her character attire), she appears younger than her age. And YKS, may appear cuddly coz of his real-life personality, but his chic character + CEO suits +height + built, would just highlight his real-life age. @liemkopi My theory, staff and actors were not sure of the resumption of the shooting, hence some of them accepted other works with the possibility (with different level of probability) of them rejoining. And AHS, is a rookie who needs to have all the media exposure that he can get. And the offer was with a public broadcast with a relatively IT actress. But like you, I still stand by my reservation with this now "likely" pairing after AHS dropping out. I'll support this drama irrespective of the male lead, though I'm just blowing off steam for now.
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