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  1. Hannahmiriam

    [Drama 2018] Devilish Joy, 마성의 기쁨

    I was talking about Choi Jin Hyuk's next work, with Jang Na Ra. I just hope that he is more of a badass in that one.The background is a fictional monarchy in present times and it airs in December. I don't really watch saeguks (I think I've seen 2 in my 11 years of Kdramas), and cruelty is one of the reasons why I avoid them.
  2. Hannahmiriam

    [Drama 2018] Devilish Joy, 마성의 기쁨

    I am pretty sure this is not the answer you were waiting for, but it is JUST a combination of their names: Maseongeui Kibeum. I have been waiting for him to be more ... devilish but I guess for that I should go look for Seo In Guk´s drama. What are the chances for Choi Jin Hyuk to be more devilish in Empress´s Dignity?
  3. Didn't they show his body at the morgue? Right after his `spirit` gets out, he walks to the NFS office, and we see a covered unidentified body (they only show as one toe) being taken out from the examination room as Da Il is standing in the hallway looking.
  4. Hannahmiriam

    [Drama 2018] Lovely Horribly, 러블리 호러블리

    @bebebisous33 It seems like the assistant realized that the script was "fulfilling" and that is why she warned Philip. What she was doing that, Philip's friend (I don't remember his name, that's why I never write his name) tried to kill her because she realized that the script was coming true (What I didn't figure out, is how he knew that she knew. Maybe she had already told KEY). When he met her in KEY's house she intended to also talk to KEY about the script, but the killer was already there. While she was trying to run away from him, KEY came home, so the poor woman gained some hope only to have KEY tell the guy to kill her, as she found out about their connection (right then). As the reason for killing Philip, I don't think that was her intention from the beginning. If I remember correctly, she met him in order to convince him to star in her drama. I think, rather than the KEY, Philip's friend was the one who wanted to kill Philip. I might be mistaken about that, though...
  5. Hannahmiriam

    [Drama 2018] Lovely Horribly, 러블리 호러블리

    @bebebisous33 If I understood correctly, the assistant found out about the connection between her and Philip's former friend/stalker/killer. I have the same question concerning Philip, though...
  6. @bugfany The subs are not perfect, but one can understand. You can find it subbed on the usual websites.
  7. @darr I was as angry as you are regarding other's lack of knowledge (or you could call it ignorance) in what it concerns smaller European countries, especially the East-European ones. I am from Romania, and the only thing that rings a bell when people think about my country is "Dracula"... And honestly, we don't know about him ourselves, as it is a novel written by a guy who wasn't even Romanian. In the same time, I ask myself why people don't know that Romania is on par with the US, China and Russia when it comes to gymnastics, for example, or how can people say that the capital of the country is Budapest (Hungary), instead of Bucharest (Romania). That was before I realized that I didn't know much about Tahiti before I befriended people from Tahiti, and I didn't know that much about America, Asia, or Africa, even though I learned about all of them in school. It is normal to be more familiar with the places found in our proximity, and not about some faraway country we only heard about. And, at the end of the day, Budapest and Bucharest do sound quite similar, at least in English. @chasen8888 stereotypes are also a form of knowledge. In fact, without even realizing it, we have stereotypes about most of the things we are not familiar with. Our stereotypes fade away when we start knowing a certain culture, or certain people. I've only met Colombians in international conferences, so I think that Colombians are dark-skinned and don't speak English. Are all of them like that? Are most of them like that? I don't know, as today I met one who had quite fair skin and, to some degree, spoke English. Nevertheless, psychologists say it is normal to have stereotypes and is part of developing our worldview and they only become destructive when we have proof of the opposite right in front of us, but we deny its existence/validity because we choose to keep those stereotypes. Don't get me wrong, I still think that one cannot talk about a continent as if it is a small village, and that scriptwriters should do their homework, but it is normal for people to not be familiar with what we consider to be "common knowledge", as we are not familiar with their "common knowledge" either.
  8. @newyee I really hate it when they talk about Africa. Africa is a whole continent, not a small country. I guess it is easier than to speak about a specific country that some people would not be able to localize. Nevertheless, African countries are diverse and realities are different, sometimes even within the same country. A few years back, while in Ethiopia, I met a physician (I think he was a surgeon) working (volunteering) in an Ethiopian hospital in the highlands. He was there with his wife, his grown-up daughter and his then 8 yo son, who is now a teenager. His wife was working at an orphanage affiliated to the hospital, so his child was playing everyday with the children in the orphanage. I think they stayed there for about 3 to 4 years before heading back to the US. As a side note, I remember his wife donating blood every 3 months because they didn't have enough blood for emergencies - she was literally the universal donor. And this is not the only case I've heard of. I know many (now) adults who grew up in various African countries, and they grew up just fine, in fact, just two weeks ago I met a guy whose daughters, now 12 and 6 yo, spent most of their past years in Namibia. On the other hand, it is true that we are more sensitive to things to which they developed a certain resistance. I remember being sick two or three times (although I was not a child). It had never happened before and if hasn't happened since to have those symptoms, but the third time I already knew what to do and I didn't even visit the hospital. After your noted that Africa is a dangerous place for children, I thought about it and I didn't find an answer for Africa, but I have one for Ethiopia. I think one doesn't have to be crazy to take their children in Ethiopia. The same could be true for Kenya, Egypt etc. I haven't traveled all over Africa, so I cannot generalize, but I probably wouldn't take children to Eritrea, Sudan, Libya and the list can continue. But volunteers do not live in the same conditions as the general population. If they are not pioneers in a certain area (those are most of the time missionaries, not physicians, and they first go there alone, not with their families), they live in decent conditions. I lived in the campus of a school in Eastern Ethiopia and I thought it was alright "for Africa", but when some volunteers from a hospital 30 km from where I lived visited our place, they felt sorry for us. I still think we enjoyed decent accommodations...
  9. I came back to admit that I was wrong (I didn't have the time to do it sooner). I hoped Hye Joo misunderstood Chul Soo, but I guess that would have been another drama. I am really happy for Yeon Joon Seok's screen time. I've been liking him ever since Cheer Up. Mr. Kim!, and feared that he would be just a part-timer in this one. I am glad I was, again, wrong.
  10. I didn't know there was such a wide range of skincare products for men. Their products are also available on Amazon.
  11. Am I the only one wary of the writer? Dr. Stranger was one of the dramas I really wanted to drop but managed to finish (sort of) for Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin. Thank goodness it is a remake and he already has a clear direction.
  12. The instagram owner is Kim Hyun Joon, the actor playing Kwang Dong Shik (the guy whose wife was cheating. I think he is the noodle part).
  13. It would definitely happen if it were a daily drama. Let's hope it is not the case with this one. Until now angst and misunderstandings haven't last.