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  1. I didn't know there was such a wide range of skincare products for men. Their products are also available on Amazon.
  2. Am I the only one wary of the writer? Dr. Stranger was one of the dramas I really wanted to drop but managed to finish (sort of) for Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin. Thank goodness it is a remake and he already has a clear direction.
  3. The instagram owner is Kim Hyun Joon, the actor playing Kwang Dong Shik (the guy whose wife was cheating. I think he is the noodle part).
  4. It would definitely happen if it were a daily drama. Let's hope it is not the case with this one. Until now angst and misunderstandings haven't last.
  5. @Latte_Anyday I also thought that HJ has a crush on her friend but I have the feeling that she thinks he is not into girls, which led to their living arrangements, while he is. When he was looking at the "white shirt" guy, she was looking at him as if she thought he liked the guy, but I am not sure he did.
  6. That escalated quickly from "I don't like her character" to "I don't like the actress". I like Jung Ryeo Won since My Name is Kim Sam Soon, where she was actually the second lead, and I've watched most of her dramas. I even made the effort of watching a saeguk - which I rarely do. Nevertheless, while I like the actress, I haven't liked all her roles. I found her character frustrating in Bubblegum, and, as @kamkrna was saying, her character frustrating in WoL, is also frustrating but I loved her character in King of Dramas, Witch's Court, Ja Myung Go and more. I also think that, given the way her character was written, she is also doing a good job in WoL. @jhjsw I am not saying you also have to like her. I was thinking about her character being written as somehow childish, as @fiesty8001 pointed out, and I was wondering if that is not in order to hide the 9 years age gap between her and Jun Ho. Or she has the tendency to write her female characters are more childish. I have also felt it in Pasta, Miss Korea and Jealousy Incarnate. Or... rather than childish, should I say immature? Or was she trying too hard to depict the way sheltered rich women are? I was thinking that SW's mother is even worse than her. @monalisa to show LSM's acting skills? To cover for her otherwise lack of screen time? We can only guess but, as @Shosi_for_9 said, we cannot know how the negotiations went.
  7. Doesn't this one sound very similar to the special drama You Drive Me Crazy!, staring Kim Sun Ho and Lee Yoo Young? I know, the webtoon was before You Drive me Crazy!, but nevertheless, they sound really similar.
  8. Hannahmiriam

    [Drama 2018] Sketch 스케치

    I have just realized that it is his second time being cast in the same drama as Rain/Bi, the first one being Sang Doo, Let's Go to School.
  9. @jongski, have you noticed that the subs are out for the first episode?
  10. I really appreciated the way JJH talked to ES in the beginning of episode 33. She was angry with ET's reaction, but when she realized ES was there she just apologized for not having time to eat with them and told her to enjoy her meal with ET and her mother. I really like her for that. I feel that this somehow reflects the difference between her and CHK. And ET already has a child seat in his car...
  11. Does anyone else remember CHK saying something about CSW admiring ET's father? I guess he wanted a child "of the same blood". Maybe we should just assume that there's nothing money can't buy and the coincidence is that YH and ET met in that context and liked each other or that he was in the country right then, because having him donate his blood to ES is not such a coincidence, as they share a rare blood type and they were desperately looking for a donor. @hushhh I think ET was no longer a student when ES was "conceived", as CSW knew that he had been living abroad. Is it obvious that I am trying hard to find explanations for absurd Kdrama coincidences?
  12. Hannahmiriam

    [Drama 2018] Sketch 스케치

    I suppose the other crime drama with a second season you are thinking of is Voice or Mrs. Cop (EDIT: l almost forgot about Bad Guys. It also had a 2nd season). Cheo Yong also had a second season, but I doubt you were thinking about that one, as I could also remember only that there was a drama with "Ch..." and "Yo..." in the title (it wasn't really impressive). But is there a second season for Forest of Secrets? Why haven't I heard of it? When? What about the cast?
  13. Hannahmiriam

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me 이리와 안아줘

    Am I the only one who thinks that big brother will die protecting a member of the family? That's feeling I got while watching him looking at his sister and his mother.
  14. Hannahmiriam

    [Drama 2018] Sketch 스케치

    They are negotiating on where to have the scar. Rain proposes his chest, while all the others are saying that it would be weird.
  15. After talking as if she was going to forgive him and giving him the rest of the toy she thanked him for everything and asked for a "real" breakup.