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  1. who said Wookie doesn't know how to be hopeless romantic-Those love emojis in his own weibo.
  2. Unbeatable My Girl and the rest of old classic drama Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook pulled off the story of a poor Jeju Island girl meeting a filthy rich guy in the most entertaining way in "My Girl." This K-drama doesn't only offer a comedic and one of a kind storyline; its iconic soundtracks have successfully rendered Joo Yoo Rin's crazy adventure to escape from the baddies and bad lucks she'd been dealing her whole life. 6. My Girl The TV series 'My Girl' aired in 2005 and while it is only 12 years old, it became a classic staple of Korean drama. The story line involves Joo Yoo Rin, a Jeju Island girl, trying to live life alongside her troublesome father who is sadly addicted to gambling. Her father runs away in an attempt to avoid debt collectors and leaves Joo Yoo Rin cleaning up his mess - luckily for her she meets a wealthy heir along the way. As expected, the lead actors Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Joon Ki became widely recognized stars alongside the Hallyu Wave.
  3. Yes, Wookie is telling us too Pretending that we’re just friends,acting like we’re lovers, don’t do that always pretending as friends, but acting like lover friends don't play like putting her small finger to your fingers hahahha
  4. @bogs, that song so 1000% fits Donghey past and future. looking back what Wookie said to DH-what he said in last HK message is really sincere from him.
  5. @bogs_0712 bc we know Wookie loves that song.
  6. But in that rumor-they mentioned young idol for Wookie, not YIN. To me, nothing new in K-ent world,I heard more absurd, delusional, some even true, some just choding account, etc. The point is they are human and healthy, living in the world with no boundaries esp on sex and feeling, so up to them to hv quick fix of their desire. There are no love in their heart but they do hv their desire on that thing. The point that I hate, when the couple love showing off their private sexual life, proud of it and like mocking the fans. ----------------- Anyway, when I read the other thread, I remember during our time when Yi Feng spilled the bean he just broke up with Korean actress in July 2014. Donghey shipper that time well...., not saying I'm proud to admit it-i do feel guilty rejoicing it at that time, but as an observer I do find it entertaining as well-just being honest here. Just saying they are very easy to love and dump their partner as well. ---- If not true, i feel sorry for Gong Yoo and Wookie as well.
  7. I read the rumor in Wookie's naver too. Some even said, why suspect Gong Yoo only, how abt Wookie.
  8. Wookie #Happiness# trademark in his IG, with 1 M achievement yesterday was celebrated by other as well. Hmmmm Complete with singing indicator.
  9. The funny thing it was written in English, soo childish in every aspect, making us feel so big actually bc they do care abt us to that degree.
  10. DHshii, actually you are more daring when describing your open secret love life.
  11. The thing is DH always sent a message to us, non stop actually-all we need is to use one organ brain in our head-THINK.
  12. Today we got a very big fish heh.What a retaliation. Anyway we are always #happy#, right? Kkkkk
  13. Yes this tall and lanky 1 million club as the Director-no objection at all 7 years to go