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  1. poor DH, all people around her busy acting, singing, FM, CF but her choice right. let her be -NO REGRET. Seems like she is not a jealous type anymore-all men are the same
  2. Wookie you still looks the best during Kangkook story and Hotel King.
  3. But the sad thing there are people who encouraging her to fight the public using a very very poor marketing up to trading her image ( Life Bar case- why after 5 months preparing the script, INNOCENT was used as image rebound.) Who teach her that Korean would buy that adjective. Why nobody teach her excessive INDIRECT ADVERTISEMENTS are not allowed on TV. There are lots of female celebrities with issues but none digging their own grave by fighting the public. To me this is not multi lingual DH.
  4. So Wookie seems interested in medical drama. The only high buzz upcoming medical drama is the one offered to Ha Ji Won. Looks like She still wants to carry it, but at least try smart marketing or sponsor her own project.
  5. I believe all TV channels hv no problem giving her platform for her career, but how abt agent or sponsor who will finance the cost of advertisements, props, salary, etc. Of course they need good investment but with the tag she is carrying and she is so proud displaying it pretending not knowing what her society perceive it. ,- that her biggest issue now, and of course Kent industry not that stupid to understand this very easy story. Whatever it's what I respect until now she not succumb to very common casting couch in Ent industry.
  6. Looking at GHD theme now only revolves around student life, now I know why some in DC said KBS is considering DH as a lead, but they also said so far no articles published and some said they don't believe and don't like it. To me just grab it DHshii eventhough the role not glamour at all, but who knows if some hidden talent still in you. Joo You Rin in MY Girl is supposed to be lame or just cute character, but you nailed it like no others. Plus we know already how nice KBS is with you, and as one of us also noticed only KBS sent a flower to someone agency in year 2015.
  7. Back to clear sky after rainfall. Well Wookieshii, no one ever doubt you can get any girl if you wants her, but if she is untouchable with families and friends involvement plus chaebol background- then the lyric of Spring Days " I hate us" very suitable in telling us something. And when you said you are upfront person and not beating around the bush, that why we take note on what you said during HK shooting period seriously - the girl who made your heart thump thump aka DHshii.
  8. In real she already said loud and clear-OBEDIENT man. She hates strict principal Remember she said abt Wookie in Happy Camp- Wookie loves rebuked what she said and done. Hahaha But on screen, yes hard melo with Wookie is her choice, but to me they are playing the drama now, complete with Alzheimer scene, a true essence of Korean drama.
  9. Yes-right job for her in the future-giving good example to stubborn students and hopeless romantic like us. giloke
  10. TQ, chinggus,but actual destination is Jeju island, -backpack trip hahaha and just heard some rumors in DC, KBS is searching female lead for drama School 2017-and DH's name is mentioned. You know KBS and DH are BFF now.
  11. so smexy Wookie, do you know any good massage/beauy saloon place in Seoul as I want to visit you country again. I think minions know where it is.
  12. But you looked so healthy in HK Wookieshii, - Interview with the media, Singapore FM
  13. Their history that cannot be demolished and buried in the new modern fast SNS world bc millions are not INNOCENT type.