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  1. Hahaha, when they got their freedom...basically all of them are the they handle it and their greed that make a difference. Hopefully DH love reading, and not relying on others input.
  2. Not familiar with this hotel. Last week I was at Sheraton, opposite Terminal 21. Wookie PC
  3. I always laughing reading the caption abt Wookie physical.
  4. Wonder which hotel they booked for Wookie in Bangkok. Last September minions said there is one hotel served very good mojito. Someone non stop flaunted all the wines every night during one week. Wookishii, that place is DH's heaven and her most favorite place.
  5. For my memory and still considered Chuno/Slave Hunter as the best drama Korea ever produced. and DH at the peak of her beauty.
  6. My Girl makes me a fan of Wookie, and Donghey. But Green Rose makes me fan of DH. I choose talent actually, and that's what makes me so disappointed when DH markets her image like few months ago. Hope she realized what her industry and society view how celebrities selling themselves.
  7. Gong Yoo is male version of DH in terms of he managed to make Wookie so comfortable and of course the teasing and naughty part during BTS. My favorite couple
  8. Thanks to minions too for informing the truth about Donghey behind the scenes complete with months and places. That's the only thing that good abt them.
  9. Playing in reel and real= the only Donghey.
  10. smiles DH smiles TQ @dolley for the link, only now I can view it with my lappy -and realize DH is not smiling I mean he trademark smiles
  11. Testing public perception during their first public appearance outing together Nov 2006 2nd appearance
  12. young Donghey DH giving a ghost selfie during Arang Promotion week 2006 Donghey kind of friendliness during the break
  13. Maybe hiding behind the ahjumma. In a way, I just hope hospital story is not a cover up for holidays in Japan or somewhere else. _____ My first theory is correct. Hiding behind ahjumma. In one video there is one girl with white dress and blue dress ahjuma.
  14. one of my fav comment-learn something in hard way "will be good for his/her career in the future because from now he/she will have to live with his/her true ability." The problem of him is that he probably knows too well that he's at the age which he couldn't and shouldn't live base on crazy fans anymore but he still try to milk from it as much as possible. I think he himself is trapped within his old idol fame. This current boycott might not be a bad thing. It might affect his incomes and fame at first but will be good for his career in the future because from now he will have to live with his true ability.