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  1. Seems like still under the influence of that FACE CEO. Very easy to get Cmedia coverage than Korean coverage esp Olympic currently in your own country and furthermore upcoming drama. Yes upcoming Korean drama and already promoting next Beijing Winter Olympic. I just read few days ago she asked the Korean " please look at her fondly", now...strange marketing indeed. But not a surprise at all bc as my Korean friend said, that "palli palli" really eating them slowly-do it first, regardless what, regret later. Well today, this is what happens, at least still many Korean are not into this group. https://sports.yahoo.com/korean-skaters-leave-teammate-tears-accused-bullying-shaming-133929513.html Reminds me similar situation few yrs ago.. Never care about own public do and don't, only "on screen regret" after public backlash.
  2. @constantly4ever RECONCILE FIRST OR SETTLE UNFINISHED BUSINESS 이다해 lee da hae‏Verified account @cherry4eva84 27 Jul 2014 호텔킹 차모커플 마지막 셀카.. 슬프고도 행복한 모습입니다 여러분 그동안 사랑해 주셔서 감사합니다! 동욱오빠 너무 고마웠어 오빤 최고의 배우였고 오빠와 함께해서 행복했어 우리 십년후에 또 만나서 또 사랑합시다! Hotel King Chamomo Couple The last self .. It is a sad and happy appearance. Thank you for loving you all the time! Thank you so much for Dong-wook. You were the best actor and I was happy to be with you. Let's meet and love again in 10 years So, current respective partners of DONGHEY, enjoy while you can , who knows if BOTH OF THEM really wants to meet and LOVE AGAIN. They have done that before and had their own past partners during MY GIRL to HOTEL KING duration, ...future wise....? So just wait and see how good their respective partners, families, clans, loyalist fans, and anti DONGHEY SHIPPERS CONTROLLING DONGHEY from even bumping or seeing each other faces or even pictures. Point is no HARM just BEING FRIENDS RIGHT-Both are 30s already.
  3. in the mood of throwing old pic, bc Wookie's recent handsomeness and DH reactivated fan service still wonder where the glow gone.
  4. yes, who can beat this looks, his physical build-since MY GIRL days until now. and where is this cheerfulness, glowingness face gone
  5. Old gem https://ahjummamshies.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/grumpy-flashback-my-girl/ After reviewing two consecutive dramas with heavy underlying messages, I wanted to write about a lighter one this week. It’s honestly a tough pick because my list of K-drama favorites are endless, but this show is definitely a standout! Not to mention it starred two of my lovable oppas, Lee Dong-wook and Lee Joon-gi. Let us start off this throwback Thursday on a happy note by remembering the classic romantic comedy, My Girl. This gem remains to be one of my favorite rom-coms despite having all the K-drama cliches (which exist until this day). The poor girl-meets-rich-guy-with-bestfriend premise has been overused in the drama world, but it feels good to look back at shows like this which still makes us feel giddy.
  6. With his looks, he makes a right choice as an actor-if office worker, cause lots of commotion at working place, hahahah
  7. Happy Chinese New Year too,esp to my Chinese office colleagues who love reading this thread. Old DH as Onion in Chuno, while her beauty at her peak.
  8. Hahaha, actually I was laughing non stop yesterday, well after the Wembley Kidnapping master player, ... Chinggus, still remember how minions sending messages to us that "there are people" out there so angry with this thread until they hacked some IG accounts. This thread also causing someone from idolkingdomness non stop trying to create a scandal... This thread and the current issue ..yes @dolley idols and their whatever kind of love they are having in secret is very interesting when they decided to pour it to public. What similarities when idols going berserk with shipping propaganda. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.my/2018/02/should-yook-jidam-apologize-for-her.html?m=1 Luckily not goes to media, I couldn't handle so much popularity.
  9. 3 yrs ago only study yearly marketing grid, honeymoon periodic calendar, now started study for acting. Raw talent is not applicable for weak script and old fashion genre, technical talent is a must for that kind of genre and script, and it needs 10000x full commitment. Just hope "daddy 0% curse" is not on her. Reminds me Love Actually, but at least Joe Cheng killer gaze and his chemistry with DH, make it so sweet. I still remember Mister X frustration when she chose Love Actually and not fighting for movie Lemon. I don't know if history repeated again Money Flower vs Nice Witch. I hope I'm wrong.
  10. I just want to think, ..."still learning the real world".... Actually don't know what to rumble after seeing Nice WITCH teasers. Trying to digest everything.
  11. Yes how she interprets other people perception on narcissist compared to her belief or what she being thought of Innocent people that she worship and adore to death.
  12. Hahahha seems like the writer, Korean media are reading diligently our thread. We have been talking about narcissism quite a lot, even put the University research on men with selfie article in here bc we couldn't wait how DH interprets or faking hating that narcissist on screen. Now for the first time they are using that "exact" word. https://www.soompi.com/2018/02/12/lee-da-hae-and-ryu-soo-young-create-an-impactful-start-on-first-script-reading-for-nice-witch/ And regarding DH Bipolar characters, the writer sure has DH in mind since the beginning.
  13. Just friendly reminder, Don't charge your fans more than your VALUE, and don't KIDNAP other fans to act as your fans. hehehe, Btw, our Wookie, so far so good with his fans