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  1. Hahaha, when I saw this article, I still remember one of my anti, talked about me in Wookie's thread. Within minutes she got supporters. One minion even informed me, Wookie's Japanese fans hate me so much for brought up that name in Wookie's life. Not counting my antis from Tran Siberia Continent.. In my heart I say, just wait and see....yup yup, Youngji herself openly proposed to Wookie to marry her..well past is past. What interesting in the articles below is not the rumor mill, but how celebrities using charities out of random, e.g UNICEF..ehem ehem. Yes, some of them very easy to read their movement, vision and objectives. http://kpopkfans.blogspot.com/2018/12/blind-item-behind-breakup-of-jun-hyun.html?m=1
  2. If I'm not mistaken, the location of the Christmas party just nearby DH's house. Yes, near to her house. https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/844124729/-platoon-kunsthalle-seoul/
  3. My favorite drama at the moment. Who said middle 30s actresses don't have a chance to meet genius writer. I like the drama bc I'm very familiar with all the actresses, and one of them used to be DH's best friend since Green Rose. Another factor, seems like the writer is telling a true story about how rich demanding mother raised her child as fake princess, lack if empathy, full of insecurity. Reminds me of someone. https://ddoboja.blogspot.com/2018/12/spoilerssky-castle-roundup-episode-5-6.html?m=1
  4. Something triggers.... I don't know this act is considered sensitive in kpoop world. Got scolded for asking a help to deliver gift. https://onehallyu.com/topic/749312-【-akp-】-wanna-ones-yoon-ji-sung-fan-under-fire-for-ordering-looΠΔhyunjin-to-deliver-a-gift-thrown-on-stage-to-yoon-ji-sung/page-2#entry29242536 I remember for nearly 2 years, one desperate soul sent 2 paid minions to give love affair awareness program in DH's IG. We pretended not aware of it. In DM even classic, information complete with messages, time, days, months of cohabitation ..also need to be delivered to fans. At least during Lie Bar, DH herself admitted she so happy with the announcement, after 2 years of awareness program. She even told the public, her mother is the major strength hold for her. But I still giving them, big blow kiss, bc through them we know Donghey was real, bc they spied on him.
  5. Wookie mentioned about small Christmas tree on his latest interview. DHshii, just concentrate on one only OK. Since DH just practicing nonstop honeymoon but no marriage at her age, I wonder if she really looking to have a kid at late 30s. Contradicted to Wookie who always said he really wants a kid and marriage. For sure he is going to get a young wifey later on, or once he satisfied with his career.
  6. Donghey sure knows how to strike a pose as wedding couple. Saw this Remember this
  7. with Go Soo-Green Rose, my 2nd fav drama after Chuno (Slave Hunter). Thank you for putting this short video. Classic Korean drama-Good story, good chemistry and VERY VERY GOOD OST.
  8. random pic when Hyun Bin rushing to her 21st Birthday-she used to have many male friends before, but now only with the clan male species.
  9. and of course the SWEETEST COUPLE ON MNET. During this time, DH helped him with his movie project. Recently, Wookie also promoting his upcoming drama via Award show.
  10. MAMA aka formerly known as MNET is approaching. Before EOE fiasco, DH and Mnet were BFF, she used to have hat trick either as MC or presenter, even as guest singer. She can challenge any idols if she wants too, but she just want to stick to once a while as an actress.
  11. Not many know the organizer belongs to that desperado. Shell agency or company is always used as shield. I'm just happy what we know all this while proven VALID. So clear.
  12. @dolley You are so right, "daddy" helps with the award. Poor C-fans, their money goes to that..
  13. Yes, they are using the stupidity, arrogant, ignorant souls for money scamming. Some thought they are untouchable, that's why they are enjoying doing it. Some in the comments, I think they knew it already, that's why they said, companies like that are snake and leeches. Well, look at what happens to some celebrities, if the karma didn't go to them, few years later, their kids will face the music. Even 1 cent, you take from other without their consent, is considered scam.
  14. Why need to buy the vote? It will lead to scam. I wonder why ... I saw this activities twice this year. Did EXO and Yoona's fans knew who behind that.. For us, we only know the location of the cafe...hehehe. As many said, everything is FAKE in kpop lately.