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  1. Maybe she genuinely happy bc her way of thinking, and desire are unlike any others. The last I saw her 2 weeks ago she was so happy planning another honeymoon cycle. She got what she wants.
  2. Yes she is lucky, but DH got free bxxt joke from K-net today. and as always those will called us black heart if we mocking back that bxxt joke made by Knet bc how they respect and highly gloried this circle of friends. All the jokes are OK, bc they said DH allows it. Imagine what kind of comments later-PHB married and pregnant, DH got all the jokes, That fellow appeared on the news, DH got the jokes also. SO AS I SAID, DH IS NOT AN ORDINARY WOMAN. But the most funny comment I saw, -12 years oral contraceptive is the best.
  3. To be correct, also married already. Congratulation to her, I used to talk about her when she was the first female who followed DH in Twitter, and invited DH to her Movie VIP Screening, coming with PHB 's ex-boyfriend now her new boyfriend. Her circle of friends.
  4. Just saw few videos lately, and this makes me remember one quote, why buy a cow if you can get/google milk free.
  5. DH and her omma-both Diamond lovers DONGHEY SHIPPER IN HONG KONG MEDIA and event part sponsored by Wookie's fans and Donghey shipper few years ago But not sure if they are still a shipper now hahaha
  6. There is another news on WITCH, but for supporting role for male. Don't want to put in here yet-bc DH still not confirmed. Throwback
  7. I love the photographer and the model. Wookie undeniable one of the best model in K-ent http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=1022391 Lee Dong-wook "It is a tremendous power that someone who likes me" [pictorial] [TV리포트=김가영 기자] 배우 이동욱이 남성 잡지 ‘에스콰이어’ 한국판 12월호 표지 모델로 등장했다. 이동욱은 경기도 제부도에서 패션 브랜드 벨루티와 화보 촬영을 진행했다. 촬영 현장은 황사와 강풍이 불었지만 이동욱은 내내 프로페셔널하고 신사적인 면모로 촬영을 진행했다. 화보와 함께 소개되는 인터뷰에서도 이동욱은 최선을 다했다. 그는 데뷔 18년을 맞아 연예인이 된 계기, 슬럼프, 슬럼프를 극복한 비결, 매사에 적극적인 이유, 콤플렉스 등등 여러 가지 주제에 대해 자신이 평소 하던 생각을 솔직히 들려줬다. 이동욱은 한결같이 최선을 다하는 사람이었다. 그는 새로운 작품을 할 때는 어렵고 힘들지만 자신이 뭔가 해야 이 불안이 끝난다는 걸 알게 됐다고. “내가 어떤 행동을 하면 좋아하는 사람이 있다는 건 정말 어마어마한 힘”이라는 말로 팬들에게 감사했다. 관객이나 시청자에게 ‘이동욱이 나오면 볼만하다’는 느낌을 주고 싶어서 오늘도 노력하는 배우 이동욱이다. 이동욱의 화보와 인터뷰를 볼 수 있는 ‘에스콰이어’ 12월호는 전국의 서점에서 만날 수 있다. Lee Dongwook photographed the fashion brand Belutty and pictured at Jibu Island in Gyeonggi Province. Although the shooting scene was filled with dust and strong winds, Dong-Wook was shooting professional and gentlemanly all the time. Lee Dong-wook did his best in the interview that was presented with the picture. He honestly shared his thoughts about various topics such as the occasion of his 18 years of debut, the occasion of becoming a entertainer, the slump, the secret of overcoming the slump, the aggressive reason for everything, the complex and so on. Lee was the one who did his best. He said it was difficult and difficult to create new works, but he knew that his anxiety had to end. "I appreciate the fans for saying that there is a person who likes what I do." It is an actor Lee Dong-wook who wants to give the impression to the audience or viewers that "it is worth watching if the Lee Dong-wook comes out".
  8. Back to individual career. Apart from what we know behind the scenes and Korean perception and hard to forgive on military scandal, this time I think why the Witches news put on hold bc DH contract with JS Picture. Compared to FNC and her past 4 agencies, JS is the most unsupportive agent towards DH's career and her lover. Usually DH only stayed 2 years with same person or agencies, so most likely they are negotiating the new contract or waiting who wants to buy DH so they can terminate the contract with good term. Furthermore, I saw YG current show facing very low rating and growing comments on their celebrities personal lifestyle, making it hard to get support for DH too Her best friend Philip, one of YG stronghold, is busy with WINNERS and new YG project in Jeju, so the helps put on hold. Only smartboy a bit free but he also trying to help DH's boyfriend which we will see this coming Saturday. So this SUNDAY gets ready for DH juicy news. The same flower is back on the table, so just like GHD shooting, we know DH and her mom busy preparing the food for SBS crew, and we saw DH's mom favorite drink posted recently.
  9. During Wookie FM in Hong Kong, when we elaborated the MY GIRL scene which we old shippers knew one of Wookie favorite lines bc he himself said it on National TV, 11 years ago- one of the gang (she applauding in the comments section in that IG too) attacked us. Looks like she non stop doing it until now. Got new supporters also. They still cannot move on from admiring us right. The funny thing, why Wookie always feeding us with all thing only old shippers knew so well. He knew so well about Donghey shippers local and international bc DH herself informed him about all the accounts, and he even smile brightly with admin of Hong Kong Donghey shippers and shown to the Hong Kong media yrs ago.
  10. From the comments, so obvious few other shippers or someone somewhere crying in DM accusing us making up a sad break up story, so the admin who already has a grudge at us bc we don't want to move and making oppa a sad person in cyberspace, - so the bossy # appeared. I understand they believe they are the gate keeper of Wookie's heart. So oppa Wookie, whatever you presented to us, we are free to elaborate, when you sad, we put and elaborate sad story, when you happy we put and elaborate happy story. Any objections?
  11. Is she still laughing at us, bc we were excited for the witches that was released on specific date. From that video, wonder why she laughing so much. Hennessey is good for their winter laugh.
  12. The gut of Donghey shipper, BRAVE @fyenn-JUST A SWEATER GUY, you willing to hurt your own follower. Actually I know who their "main" target. I want to add, if only DH and Wookie can be like Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng. Ariel is married, but Joe still cares so much about her.
  13. Congratulation to BTS for making Kpop history. I'm not a fan of their songs, totally not, but I like the way how they and their agency make them to this far. How much they love their fans, and the fans actually helping them a lot for their career advancement. So far I never read they love went to club like Red Velvet in LA for American advancement. So for other celebrities out there who think fans are noisy, burdensome, if you love your career, think about it OK. Well unless career is nothing and man is more important than anything, so that theory can be kicked out. i remember many supported DH advancement to Hollywood 5 years ago, but many don't mind at all when she returned back empty handed, esp so many Harvey in there. Video of the day, for inspiration to other Kpop idols or actors/actresses who still dreaming to go there.
  14. That the funny thing, we just shipping based on 10 yrs history btwn Donghey-that considered crime to them, hahahaha, and yes only with DH, so far we never make Wookie owns a HAREM, with so many shipping with that girl that girl.