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  1. More fans on Hotel King, Wookie success in Goblin meaning a success on some of his old projects. Wookie in his last vlive so happy when his fan said Hotel King and about his handsomeness, whereby DH totally avoiding it bc her brain already fixed to promote another name.
  2. Sometimes they want to get rid of their inner anger through exercises. Off topic-Reading Park Yoo Chun and his heiress fiance true love story morry right now.....bc I realized some similarities in the script published by media. If people surrounding her really care about her career and image-TRY TO MINIMIZE THE IMPACT..not inviting public to think what she's doing at this that location.
  3. And have wonderful body like Wookie. Perfect combo in terms of physical build and temperament.
  4. Right after MY Girl and with DH, Wookie always spotted with long hair. Maybe that's DH's fav taste at that time, and my fav too.
  5. Yes, they have clear rules on that, and I think they imposed on something very serious case bc I saw YEH managed to stay a bit longer despite her fashion show case. Btw our 2 Khans esp my Shah Rukh Khan suffering a slump bc of Amir Khan wrestling daughters. At least Salman still has good track record, but SRK is just like our DH when comes to project choice. Too much depending on commercial genre. And I'm glad when I read some news Kajol still in good terms with SRK, and even said her husband only can be casual friend with him, no more than that..they can never be best friends despite how close she is with SRK. One main reason her name always connected to SRK more than her own husband. Hahaha, seems like I can imagine the same scenario, . well for how long DH and Wookie want to ignore each other..maybe/wishing they started contacting each other in secret asking each other condition. In year 2010, DH in one of her interview she herself said "we started texting each other again" after a year and half separation.
  6. Maybe she read Rania girl IG comments and beginning to understand certain thing about the word "fan". Then the Super Junior case which shows International Fans have no power to determine your status in Korean Entertainment. You give them middle finger, millions in your own country will be showing the middle finger too. This is something THAT FACE has done to her career in Korea 4-5 years ago. Now another # tagging to her name, making more difficult. Now I realized why her L'Oreal advertisement was cut short suddenly, whereby she just shoot the pic for the advertisement. The timing of all her CFs after Hotel King were cut short accurately matched the date of that # connection. At that time I was innocently thought someone sabotaged her. And maybe now she realized the heart of 10 000 fans that she adores and respect so much love another cute songbird, not the cute chicken anymore. Her loving 2 sisters who loves staying in her IG and calling her sister in years 2016 also nowhere to be seen and having their own "money rumors" issues.
  7. In a way I like her first and last #healing" and #정신차려야지"come to oneself(=one's senses) respectively. Are you thinking acting again Dahaeshii? Back to your senses and reliaze staying at home playing with toys most of the time is very very boring life. I know who is Maggie and her connection in Ent industry-hopefully we can hear some good news in your acting career..
  8. @elizabeth, based on online translation, those shown in blue is roughly the English translation. -------- and I saw many asking about DH's whereabout- and she is using idiom, makes many thought she is in IRAN, well I have been to IRAN, and a girl like her and boyfriend to be there and behaving (as reported in Allkpoop) like in Paris-no comments. Actually what she said is Currently/Now she is travelling for healing time (well Dahaeshii Paris not healing enough?), etc etc 여행이란,,#healing #girlcrush #food#wine 지금이란,,#일해야지#운동해야지#정신차려야지 지금의 present View 2 more meanings : present 지금쯤 by now View 2 more meanings : by now 지금도 even now
  9. off topic due to latest news today, I think 7 out of 10 couple among K-celeb getting married after preggy first. No wonder some couple went to honeymoon non stop or slept around esp for guys pre-marriage-to check fertility? and caught this comment-usually only woman career affected -so very important to them to choose either one love or career. Only certain celebrities can have both-love and career.- celebrities who are strong enough to stand on their own and respect their fans and themselves. 9. [+45, -2] Understandable why Soyul is suffering from postpartum depression. If not for the pregnancy, she could've delayed the wedding. And it's sad to see fellow friends and peers on TV while she's stuck at home. Moon Hee Jun doesn't even seem to help with the baby or household chores ㅋ even so, it was her decision to have the baby in the end We know many faking their happiness, but only through their best friends we know they worried on lots of many things, esp#money#
  10. Out of courtesy, why don't u invite your once a true "friend" DHshii to ur live show Wookieshii. Before Hotel King I said about your reunion and you fullfilled our dream. No harm saying it again right. Furthermore DH already said she already found " No Regrets Innocent Guy," so both of you can resume your deep friend comfortably, right. Just call her like you used to do before.
  11. Directed to DH in case she wants to do another VS or drama, and using unwanted PPL. Don't want to see another negative news on her show again especially when she in hiatus mode. And to Wookie too, in case he doesn't know that. 4. Brands Although product brands are often promoted TV shows, broadcasting stations will censor any brand names and logos of brands who aren’t officially associated with their shows. Whether its to prevent lawsuits or to stop free advertisement (or both!), shows will go all out to hide brand logos from showing up on screen. --------------------- sooooo cute