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  1. Yes, many questioning the authenticity of his true love especially knowing he only can click and communicate well with early 20s girls. If we ask a kiddo, they sure very proud of this mentality. If you asked men at his age, they always will give you a wink and a smile(depending on their social circle), and if you asked women his age, you can get Dohee's smile. But we also aware, many middle age men just want simplicity,- smart, intelligent women always scare them away during first phase of that #somehormoneactivity#. For DH, after GW, I'm not sure if other PD still interested in her bc of her non stop marketing on ice cream parlor. Some men also very good in making women their own slave of emotion, making them couldn't see other real things, just like a cult brainwashing program. At the moment, I'm happy with her performance or acting, and at the same time low interest from Korean bc that ice cream parlor won't get free flavors from her hard effort. I don't want that #somebody# getting free in everything. And yes, that "personal account" story sealed my own #kpopforensicstudy# on Donghey relationship. My biggest gift after spending years making awareness program about them. It speaks for itself. Reading macadamia nut rage family also open many questions on rich people in Korea. Their anger management is in different levels.
  3. Man eater Do Hee Hopefully after GW ended, DH not run away to oversea again and makes comeback after 4 years. You don't simply put your hand on somebody tight right esp if under the blanket.
  4. Throwback on DH's birthday-in year 2015, at least one fan club generous enough to post Donghey pic on 19th April, and they still post Donghey news from TV section even after DH's announcement. Well they knew her since MY GIRL days, and Wookie also very close with them in real life. Still a mysterious move, why they deleted the news about Wookie's #some# instant relationship after few hours they put in in their IG-Wookie's direction? Having a "couple" emojis from Wookie's official fan club is an honour for Donghae shipper-at least no one was delusional in the past. Watching DH applying make up is Wookie fav BTS.
  5. No cake for DH, but avocado, two eggs and salmon are good for DH for coming summer
  6. in every relationship, the most important thing is communication, not sexual appeal, youth, or asking the other half to listen to you most of the time. Beauty and sexual appeal don't last long. ----------------- Expecting something sensual post for DH's birthday similar to last year-what kind of "respect' someone giving to her by posing like that on her birthday last year-well this year seems like quite the same also, and seems she loves that kind of respect, so let her be with it for the rest of her life. Anyway I beginning to feel jealous at Park Ha Sun since 2 months ago...at least her husband can make DH very happy on screen and makes her smiles brightly off screen. They can be beautiful partner in dancing. I'm a bit curious if Wookie is the actual driver during the speeding and accelerating in this CF bc he always afraid of anything... but the CF is so good. Remind me of Dahae KIA's cf.
  7. Laughing to the bank again?, so the BMW visit -because of this? Your name is included in other post. If in China he simply can get 300000USD just to appear on that show.
  8. Right place to put this video, Congratulations Wookie.
  9. In Real, Wookie has red Sport car (brand unknown), and DH has Bentley
  10. @dolley at last, they revealed it, or they saw we talking a lot about that since last Friday in here. Actually when I browsed that guy IG account again, I'm 80% sure he was not bluffing, bc he is sort of successful businessman, which I know rarely these type of people want to bluff if they encountered a celebrity, and the way he replied back to his friend, 99% confirming it. and now more info surfacing on SNS. Wookie watched Midnight in Paris in a cafe on 15/04/18-as mentioned in this acc eu_genie_k# Lee Dong Wook accepted thrilled # 15 April DongWook Section # Lee Dong Wook had gone to find the movie Midnight in Paris from a cafe in Paris Surprisingly, Lee Dong Wook! with me @eovvelyWe were excited and we were in a hurry, but Dong - wook even greeted us first and told us to have a pleasant trip. I do not have any more in Paris now. wish .... And at the end of the day, in the French language, I said that Chanté should be healthy. Please syangtte lifelong please to think that the best photos are pictures of Lee Dong Wook to leave a lingering greater Paris Fashion Week - ------------------------ DH and Wookie when they were 17 years old of age. Wookie on his debut, and DH when she won Miss Chungyang beauty pageant,
  11. DH biggest competitor in acting not Jang Hyuk, but this kid hehehe,
  12. And I just read, that guy said he will send Wookie pic through kalkatox, to one of his friend who asked for it. So 99% he is in Paris now.