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  1. 686 @USAFarmgirl , thats right im quick to correct at times. i dont leave it to sit for ages . But hey, it rarely happens for me to get wrong . LOLJKZ
  2. 686 **Yawnnn**, the working week beings now....sigghh...gettin ready for work.... 6.30am here... @lynne22 , enough of that, time for me to crawl back n hide during the working week .LOL @Lmangla a bogan is like a redneck sorta. someone who is a bum, spends heaps of time drinking beer, narrow minded and whom does not give a care in the world for anything. yes its a slang. LOL @Dhakra , there we go. the Oppa talks beggiinnnnnn hahahaha OMG @USAFarmgirl , that picture is trippy. hahahahahha
  4. 726 @USAFarmgirl , you guys need to start talking about your Oppas again, so then i can blend in with the background. hahahahaha
  5. 726 @triplem HAHAHAHAHA, let me crawl back into my shell pleaseeeeee. ahhahahaha
  6. 722 @Lmangla , mini diagram. 'Lip' is short way of saying Outer Rim and 'Barrel' is short way of saying Inner Rim. then here is the 'Lip' better shown. Top row = Barrel Middle Row = Center Bottom row = Lip 2 cups is the nuts and bolts to hold them together like 30%, the other 70% holding is done by silicon/sikaflex. when put together u get. ( used a different pic, make and model the same, just different finish and sizing. ) annnyyywaaayyyyyyy..... hahahahaha
  7. 724 @kokodus , no no no i wasnt taking a jab at you ya bummskiii. haha. This is a fair call. 2 line max for me. HAHAHAHA sshhhhhhhhhhhhh @Lmangla, not necessarily. BUT, getting into the topic of custom but 2piece or 3 piece wheels is pretty big. LOL. this can only be done to 'multi-piece wheels'. So one piece is a no no as its...well once piece, cant pull apart. (btw while im saying this, there is no tire involved here, just the rim) the 3 parts are the center (spokes and design of the wheel face), the lip ( the bit that protrudes and point outer the wheel) and the barrel ( the inside/behind the rim ). Of course theres the silicon that holds the lip and barrel together and then the bolts that hold the center to the lip n barrel. LOL. I think to sue up for you parts modifying is expensive. and slightly confusing. dont htink its good to dive into this topic just incase. LOOOOOOL @USAFarmgirl ....... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no it was a quick topic visit. car talk isnt that just makes you realize how much money you dont have to spend on the car....AHAHAHAHAHA
  8. 732 @kokodus, nah only for another post or 2 and you guys can get back to the Oppa talk and stuff. LOL yeah @Lmangla, and then i got onto 3 piece wheels, where you can pull them apart ( 3 pieces ) and modify existing sizes of the rim width and re-finish the costly, but worth it, especially on a wheel that were only a limited edition run, it makes it even more rarer. Mine ended up like this....( yes i drove like that.....the police loved me....getting fined and car being taken off the road numerous times. hahaha )
  9. 734 @Lmangla , main thing would just be the wheels aspect of it. The genuine Japanese ones that have high grade materials used and special processes tomake the wheels. They end up costing like $3500AUD, then factor in shipping and tyres after that. Prices hike further when you find 2nd hand ones, but are limited edition and discontinued. Why? because it looks nice.....and the knowledge of the brand and model makes it so much more cooooooooler. haha. But aside that, i changed suspension setups a few times, same as audio components, biggest one would be maintenance and repairs because i brake things alot with my silly antics. hahaha. But hey, im growing up and cutting down on that. Where i dont grow up is when i watch, listen and learn kpop dances to songs....HAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. 734 LMFAO, naah im not that extreme. im still on my first car after 10.5 years. doesnt even look anything fancy or is fast....i just like finding rare and expensive parts to put on it. i hope i dont go too far and become one of those hobbyist.....couldnt afford supporting multiple cars in modifying ... hahaha
  11. 734 OMGAHHAHAHA @Lmangla . Carpets....HAHHAHAHA, nah your are correct afterwards, i meant Car Parts aka motorize vehicle accessories. LOL. yes you can say its aussie slang, but not really, just slang in general maybe? hahaha tooo funnyyyyyy yes cutting down on going out and eating out at fancy places....bcoz its yummy and a different experience......but always have room for Maccas (McDonalds) LOL!
  12. 734 @lynne22 , yup, needed to do something some what "smart" with my money as so my parents kept telling me. hahaha
  13. 730 hahahahaha, thanks guys. nah no celebration dance here. that is specifically for a Team Addition win only. hahaha The house is nice and cosy, of course not for me, but to rent out for people. so planning for my future. im still a bum and live at home. could have moved out, but living alone would mean i would have to stop on the silly spending on carparts, outings, and fancy foods. hahahaha ... besides i have ZERO idea on how to cook. LOL
  14. 726 Great to see you all keeping the numbers in line.....mostly anyway ive been to lazy and busy at the same time...if thats even possible.... thought id buy a house as a property investment.....actually managed to land one this weekend after only lightly looking for a few weeks. Im hella surprised. Was expecting it to take several months tbh.