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  1. 832 @phikyl, yeah i just never put myself through trying to eat spicy stuff so that i got used to it. Always avoided it. everyone in the fanily can handle some sort of spiciness. Except me. hahaha Sorry i couldnt help with the numbers, it was sleep time in Australia. hehe. Seems to have stabilized now though.
  2. 822 @triplem hehehe YEP!!!!
  3. 820 @Dhakra hahah, valid point also to which i do most of the time...avoid spicy food with the word 'fragile' plastered over my face. hahahha
  4. 816
  5. 812 @phikyl , yeah i should. starting small....going to take me years and years . @Dhakra, everytime i have a spicy incident, there is no milk available....LOL. worst timings. i need to plan it better. hahaha @lynne22 , doco version has sooo much meaning behind it....them feels.
  6. 798 @phikyl , i try to. i watch them korean shows and see the spicy food and im gonna try spicy stuff this time....gonna be korean and all... i have one dead.....LOOOOOOOOOOL. #fragile
  7. 794 @phikyl , but it taste like pain and burning.
  8. 788 eat the noms to enjoy the taste of the noms....not the burrnnnnn..... hahahaha
  9. 784 @phikyl omo , the screen in the background is on my post about the left over french fries @triplem , just noticed your pic of the Maccas spicy burger......nahh mann not fun to eat something so spicy..cant enjoy it...i dunno how other people do. LOL. probably stick to the 'Original' burgers aye
  10. 784 ahhaha @triplem alll good mate
  11. 780 (what it should be) waiting for that day to become like those spare French Fries.
  12. 738 @phikyl whoaaaa, back to night shift...thats hella crazy. must be hard to get things done that require to BE dont during business hours.
  13. 734 @bedifferent ahhh da nuuuuudoooollllll AHAHAHAHHAHA @phikyl your job sounds unforgiving with the whacky hours. must hella ruin your sleeping patterns.
  14. 732 @phikyl hahaha, fueled by caffeineineinienienienienienienineine. its funny though, like if i stay awake up all nite aka all niter, and have soft drinks at the crack of dawn, its feels for me as OK. but if ive just woken up and i have soft drinks, thats like a massive no no and im going to hell sort of feeling. LOL. @bedifferent, mmmmm what did you haveeee???